Hair Meet Wardrobe


My hair has always been a big part of me; from the cut, to color to the way I style it, it’s been my best accessory. Growing up, I played around with different hairstyles, but always kept it cool by doing fun braids or pony tails. As I got older and started high school, I was into dying my hair. During college, I was always in search for the “right” hair products. Fast forward 10 years to now, I’m into all equally the same. It’s so important for me to have the right cut, color and to be able to style it according to what I’m currently into and wearing, especially.

For me, hair is just as important as what I wear and how it makes me feel. It’s definitely a part of my getting ready process that never gets overlooked because when I think of wardrobe and what I want to wear, I think of the whole package: head-to-toe; from hair down to my shoes.

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So, I’m super excited that there’s a new hair care line that will merge the two and make it easy for us to style and bring the fashion to real life hair, our hair.

Meet TONI&GUY Hair Meet Wardrobe. This new brilliant concept in haircare will make life easier when getting ready. A concept that takes your hair and wardrobe and lets you express your personal style while tackling both.

Their four style collections; Classic, Creative, Glamour and Casual were developed around fashion themes to make getting dressed with hair in mind that much easier! I’m definitely a mixture of all three combined so I will be using the products from each style to execute my hair looks to help complement my outfit choices.

The line is finally arriving in the US Target stores and also will be available online at Target.comWith all this hair talk, it’s getting me really thrilled to see some cool runway looks with products used from TONI&GUYHair Meet Wardrobe line during London Fashion Week!


Once NYFW is over, I’ll be heading to London Fashion Week with TONI&GUY and I’m beyond excited to be partnering up with such an iconic hair care brand on something that’s so “me”… hair & fashion.

*I used the Toni&GuyHair Meet Wardrobe Sea Salt Texurizing Spray to give me beachy looking waves! I finished off my waves with the Toni&Guy Hair Meet Wardobe Medium Hold Hairspray to keep them in place!

How do you combine the two? (Hair & Wardrobe) Do tell!

Stay tuned for our journey in London and follow TONI&GUY Hair Meet Wardrobe on Facebook , Instagram  &  Twitter  and of course with the #hairmeetwardrobe hashtag! Xo

This post was sponsored by TONI&GUY Hair Meet Wardrobe, a product line by Unilever.

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  1. M.S.M Comment #1

    Nice hair!
    Check my style out, today i´m a REALLY CLASSY SKATER GIRL>>>>

    XO, from Spain

  2. pretty little things Comment #3

    great review — thanks for sharing this! xo

  3. Paulynagore Comment #4

    The concept is brillant ! I take care of my hair since few times only, but i love having it a little wavy or beachy ^^ I just use Morrocan Oil and i don’t use anything else, it’s perfect !

  4. TERESA Comment #5

    It’s interesting the attention you pay to you hair! I really like the current colour!


  5. Quyen Comment #6

    I think it is a great idea! Now if they can have something that will keep my hair looking good after a full day of traveling, I would get that in an instant! My hair usually goes up in a ponytail after a long day.

  6. Nicole Aguinaldo Comment #7
  7. Nelya Comment #8

    I always wear my hair down..

  8. Erica Comment #9

    I’ve always loved your hair :)

  9. Leather & Ice Cream Comment #10

    You have a lovely hair!

    Interesting products 😀


  10. Terra Comment #11

    gorgeous! lovely hair

  11. Paige Comment #12

    I love your hair, I want to grow mine out so badly, but it’s taking forever!


  12. kelsey Comment #13

    this is lovely! i adore your hair, so i can see how it’d be a great accessory to you. i feel the same about mine.
    kw ladies in navy
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  13. Melissa Comment #14

    Thank you for making it crystal clear that this post is sponsored content. As long as you use the products, and believe in their worth, than your endorsement is truly authentic.

    I have very straight hair and use non-permanent hair dye to achieve my black locks. I would love to find products that allow my hair to look professional, e.g. smooth and not so frizzy around the crown, without having to comb my hair so much (my hair tends to break). Recommendations are appreciated.

  14. Gracie Comment #15

    So fun! What a great collaboration! Can’t wait to hear more about it! :)

  15. shaun wolchinsky Comment #16

    My mom is working with TIGI Nick Irwin for NYFW. Karen Angel is her name. If you see Sacha Mascolo or Anthony say hi. You will love the product.

  16. June Comment #17
  17. Mafalda Comment #18

    Gorgeous hair!
    Mafalda ❤

  18. Jessica Comment #19

    Love your hair! Thanks for sharing :)


  19. The Fashion Fraction Comment #20

    I LOVE your hair darling. always so natural but always perfect

  20. Idalia Comment #21

    You have SUCH gorgeous hair! love!


  21. Kate Comment #22

    Oh wow Jules you’re coming to London! I would love to meet you, you & Lily are such an inspiration to me! Let me know if you are doing any kind of meets or greets or if you wanna meet for coffee in a non-stalker way x

  22. The fashion Panda Comment #23
  23. Nesrin Comment #24

    Beautiful products.


  24. Elisa Comment #25

    Toni & Guy products are the best!!!

    xx Elisa
    My Fantabulous World

  25. Karolina Comment #26

    Great review, lovin your hair!

    xx Karolina

  26. LOLA Comment #27
  27. stephanie Comment #28

    i like that ring with a heart! where is it from?
    xx Stephanie (

  28. Julie Comment #29

    Perfect hair!!

  29. Pepa Vallejos Comment #31

    Great post! Thanks for your tips!

  30. Sandrine V Comment #32

    These products looks incredible!

    Sandrine xx

  31. natalie Comment #33

    i love tony & guy products!
    great post

  32. State beauty Comment #34

    You look so pretty!!!


  33. Naaj Rona Comment #35

    Hair plays an important role in my daily life. They can spoil my day if it is not correct so it does affect me.

    Love the Casual, Classic and Glamour styles, especially the Faking Shy style. Want t try the reconstruction mask. Great to hear that you will be in London, is there any chance of meet and greet while you will be in the UK?

    Naaj Ronas Lifestyle

  34. Nikki Comment #36

    it’s at target?! how cool. def have to try some of these products out.


  35. Michelle Lee Comment #37
  36. Saša Comment #38

    I’m still on a hunt for a perfect hair product, have to try this, when and if it comes to our country! Your hair is always so gorgeous!

  37. Camille Comment #39
  38. Maddy Comment #40

    Love your hair, it always looks so perfect! x

    Maddy from UNSTITCHEDD 

  39. zidelou Comment #41

    Nice rings!

  40. Cristina Monti Comment #42

    I’m enormously picky when it comes to my hair as well and I love to switch up my hair colour seasonal, check it out here:
    With Love,

  41. blue eyed monkey Comment #43

    I have also bought Tony&Guy Sea Salt spray and I have to say it really works! It is sticky a little, but that’s OK. And it smells amazing.. and even tastes salty :) I recommend it for adding volume..
    Hello from your huge fan in Slovakia! 😉

  42. Dewi Comment #44

    Just wondering what curler you use to style your hair…

  43. sex prostitutes Comment #45

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