Backstage Access during London Fashion Week.


Hi guys! So I’m back home in L.A after two weeks of being away; amazing but so tiring! I got home from rainy London a day ago and miss it terribly! It was my first time visiting the city but also attending a few shows and backstage for London Fashion Week. I was there with the amazing TONI&GUY Hair Meet Wardrobe team who worked on a couple of the most exciting shows during LFW.

On Sunday, September 15, the team and I headed to our first backstage of the day: Vivienne Westwood Red Label. It was one of the most exciting and out of the box hair & makeup looks I’ve seen all season! It was refreshing to see a look that’s so different; the hair and makeup was taken to another level. It almost felt as though it was a theatrical show for entertainment rather than a runway show- which I thought was cool. I was ecstatic to be backstage at a big show like Vivienne Westwood and capture priceless moments with hair + makeup. The inspiration behind this seasons hair was animalistic…voluminous waves that was wild & free to help complement the collection.

Mark Hampton, the Global Ambassador for TONI&GUY Hair Meet Wardrobe, was the lead stylist for the hair. He used the Glamour Volume Plumping Whip on the roots and lengths of the hair to create imposing volume and add texture! Although, the hair was much inspired by the wild life, the style was very much Glamour.

Take a look at some of my favorite backstage photos I shot for the Vivienne Westwood Red Label followed by backstage photos of Matthew Williamson:viviennebackstage5viviennebackstage6 viviennebackstage1 viviennebackstage2 viviennebackstage3 viviennebackstage7 viviennebackstage4

The final look of the VW Red Label show: so fierce!! As Mark Hampton said: ” For Vivienne Westwood Red Label this season, the look was wild and animal-like. We wanted hair with tons of volume, pinned up abstractly to create the look of a ferocious forest creature”

For my second backstage access; we headed to Matthew Williamson. Another show I was highly anticipating! The hair for this show was 70’s inspired jet-setter hair, super glamour! It was simple, elegant and glossy which I loved because I can totally see myself wearing this hair style in my everyday life!

Mark Hampton created a very soft, but voluminous look, with a gently teased crown and side parted hair that was glossy! So pretty! It definitely had a natural, effortless look which I can definitely appreciate because it’s an everyday look everyone can achieve.

Two main products that were used to achieve this look was the Glamour Volume Plumping Whip used on the roots then blow dried with a barrel brush. Mark then took sections of the hair and curled the ends of the hair with the Glamour Curling Iron . Then he followed up with a side parting to the center of the crown and teased the hair at the top of the crown for volume. He then finished off the look with the Glamour Firm Hold Hairspray to hold the style.

Take a peek at the backstage photos I shot for Matthew Williamson; the models were so pretty!

matthewwilliamsonbackstage6 londongfashionweek matthewwilliamsonbackstage1 matthewwilliamsonbackstage8 matthewwilliamsonbackstage7 matthewwilliamsonbackstage4 matthewwilliamsonbackstage5

Ta-da! The final look for the Matthew Williamson show! So glamorously pretty!! The hair definitely complemented the 70’s vibe Matthew Williamson tried to bring back!

Here are some photos I shot from the actual runway I got to attend; every piece was impeccably styled; from head to toe!

matthewwilliamson6 matthewwillimson matthewwilliamson3 matthewwilliamson4 matthewwilliamson5 matthewwilliamson1 matthewwilliamson9

Got a quick shot of the always chic Olivia Palermo! She had the coolest hair style which I think I might recreate..sorry you can’t really see the back, but it was a pony tail with two layers! She paired the pony tail with a super sleek all black outfit that looked elegant yet casual/classic for a hair meet wardrobe look!

Huge thank you to the TONI&GUY Hair Meet Wardrobe team for letting me be a part of this amazing experience with them!

This post is sponsored by TONI&GUY Hair Meet Wardrobe, a product by Unilever

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  1. Cory Scott Comment #1

    Very impressive! It’s almost Halloween already, with a chic a fashionable twist, A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!
    Xoxo! Cory

  2. Quyen Comment #2

    I love the combination of the messy curls with the sleek straight hair. Both looks amazing! Loved the ‘behind the scenes’ pictures.

  3. Camille Comment #3

    Very interesting pictures

  4. Laura Comment #4

    Amazing pics !
    Love from Paris

  5. M.S.M Comment #5

    Thanks for letting us know how it is behind the scenes!

    Explosive MIX, CORAL and GREEN:::


  6. Gracie Comment #6

    Love the hair crimping! Bring that trend back! Great pictures! What a fun backstage atmosphere!

  7. Q Comment #7

    Ok soooo I have loved Vivenne Westwood since she went to meet the Queen in a see-through dress and no panties on!!… ( true story!)…her talent surpasses most…. and I have more than a few pieces of her items in my closet….however this make-up is just wrong….. its not that i dont ‘get it’…… its just not a good look… P.s just so you know the Queen just ignored the fact that Viv was wearing zero panties! LoL!!!….

  8. Iva Comment #8

    These girls are like works of art ! That looks CRAZY !

  9. Monica Comment #9

    So many talented artists and stylists at Fashion Week. It’s unbelievable. I love the VW hair and the Matthew Williamson show looks so feminine and glam. Olivia Palermo is a fashion queen.

  10. monkeyshines Comment #10

    fantastic capture!


  11. Agathe Charis Comment #11

    So cooool thank you for the pictures !!! The make up is awesome

  12. KAITLYN MCCALL Comment #12

    LOVE this post Jules! I’ve been following your blog from the start and it gets better every day.

    I’d love for you to visit mine!


  13. mfashionfreak Comment #13

    wow this is so amazing


  14. cecylia Comment #14

    Loving the sleek tresses at Toni & Guy! Thank you for sharing! And yes OP is such a darling!

  15. Dark Blue Stripes Comment #15

    Love the Vivienne Westwood make up looks. So dramatic. Gorgeous blue hues too in the Matthew Williamson collection.

    Christie x

  16. Idalia Comment #16

    i think i would faint if I saw Olivia Palermo so upclose. Holy canoly! you sure are one lucky gal!


  17. Linda Comment #17

    Wow, it’s so amazing that you got to see what’s going on backstage at the fashion shows, I would love to work there someday, or at least sit in the front row of shows haha! One day, one day..

    Loved the pictures you took, amazing <3

    Love from Finland !

  18. Bluechicberry Comment #18
  19. Dorothee Comment #19

    Being a Make-up Artist @ MAC it’s great to see the Backstage of such a show like Westwood ! The Makeup is absolutely crazy and so artistic I totally love it, it’s been since 2007 that’s she executes this kind of trash Make-up and gives to the Make up artists to think outside the “conventional with an edge” make-up loyal to the traditional Fashion weeks. Nice one !
    P.S: Olivia is so cute !

  20. Helen Comment #20

    Amazing photos!! Olivia is looking fantastic!!

  21. ChamaFashion Comment #21

    Awesome photos!

  22. yudresscode Comment #22

    So nice that you got the chance to meet Olivia Palermo…completely agree with you…so chic :-)

  23. natalie Comment #23

    wow the hair and make-up is amazing!!!!

  24. Sandrine V Comment #24

    It’s nice to know how they prep for the shows!

    Sandrine xx

  25. Mariska Comment #25

    Nice post and awesome photos!

  26. Michelle Lee Comment #26
  27. Dragana Comment #27

    Thanks for photos, behind backstage 😉

  28. Maddy Comment #28

    Love the MW hair, so chic! x

    Maddy from UNSTITCHEDD 

  29. Anna Comment #29

    Wow, the make-up is incredible, thanks for sharing!

  30. Donna Louise Comment #30

    Cool pics Jules! It looks like you had a great time in London…I got caught in the rain running from the shows too, nightmare!

  31. Laëti Comment #31

    Great !

    À bientôt, Laëti

  32. Nikki Comment #32

    love all the crimped hair! and the florals on all the dresses/jackets are beautiful


  33. Maud Schellekens Comment #33

    Looks so cool!

    XOXO Maud


  34. Naaj Rona Comment #34

    Dramatic eyes and Voluminous & messy hair for Vivienne Westwood. Love the Matthew Williamson collection, especially the daisy dress and the black & white see through dress.

    Naaj xx
    Naaj Ronas Lifestyle

  35. Julie Comment #35

    Thanks for these pictures!


  36. patricia Comment #36
  37. Emma Comment #37

    Shows look great! Nice blog and photos (and reading those articles is perfect to improve my English ;)) x

  38. sara Comment #38

    A woman can not handsome, but we must live a beautiful, wonderful live~

  39. Caroline Comment #39

    Beautiful pictures!! You’re so lucky, that looked like an incredible experience :) x

  40. MARJOLEIN Comment #40

    WOW, that’s some scary make-up at the VW Red Label show! Fierce, but scary 😉


  41. kelsey Comment #41

    beautiful backstage!
    kw ladies in navy

  42. Ángela Comment #42

    You are very fortunate.


  43. Fashion Snag Comment #43
  44. Carly Anne Comment #44

    OBSESSED with the Vivienne Westwood makeup! Amazing and so different then anything in fashion week!

  45. Melissa Comment #45

    The Matthew Williamson show looked amazing! I’m especially jealous you got to see Olivia Palermo.

  46. Coralie de Made In SisterS Comment #46

    i like this post, the pics is amazing!

  47. State beauty Comment #47

    Amazing hair and make up!!!

  48. Nadine Comment #48

    Freaky friday for the theme i guess? :) loving the bubble eye shades though! 😛

  49. Milana Comment #49

    Lucky you ! Those outfits by Matthew Williamson are fabulous. Love them. I’d wear them until the rest of my life . I also very like products by TONI&GUY.

  50. Diana Comment #50

    Awesome photos!!

    xoxo, Diana

  51. topsposa Comment #52

    These girls are like works of art ! That looks CRAZY !