I’ve always struggled to find the “right” pants that fit and that are flattering, so I never really cared to wear them or even search for the perfect pair. I always thought they had to be black or gray, unflattering and boring! Being in an industry where I can pretty much wear anything, it’s been really easy for me to get by without having to wear pants. However, I was excited to hear all the new minor but very important adjustments LOFT made to their pants this season for their Fall 2013 Pant Collection when they approached me.

What I think is really important when it comes to brands is when they actually listen to their customers in order to improve their product and Loft did just that, listen.. I was particularly fascinated when Loft gave me the run down of what they had to do in order to get the “right” fit for their pants! They spoke to 10,000 women that tried on over 400 pairs of pants in hundreds of styles in order to help design the perfect fit. They nailed it! I fell in love with the ‘Marisa’ fit in a plaid print, which is their most popular fit since it fits most figures.

I style the pants two ways- to show that pants can in fact be fun and so versatile! Especially when it comes in a cool plaid print like these. Plus, now it’ll be easy for you to pick a pair that fits since Loft redesigned their pants to 45 different options in fits, lengths, fabrics, colors, prints and legs shapes to help suit different needs and styles! Brillant.


I love pairing contrasting colors and prints- keeps thinks fresh and young. I wanted this look to be something I’d wear to a meeting. The strappy heels give enough sexyness to the look while the tee tones down the pants for a more effortless touch. The added zebra was a little detail to add the right amount of quirkiness!


Wearing: LOFT pants c/o |  Zara tee  |  Isabel Marant heels


This is my cool-downtown girl look. It’s super fun, young and eclectic! Wanted to spice things up and add a few different prints to the plaid. A mix of camo, plaid and leopard always seems to work for me!

loftgirl7 loftgirl8loftgirl10 loftgirl12

[do action=”rstyle-post-links”]Pants: LOFT
Tee: Civilianaire
Camo jacket: Civilianaire
Heels: Madewell
Sunglasses: Karen Walker[/do]

Also on September 7, for every pair of pants sold in LOFT stores nationwide, LOFT will donate a pair of pants or other clothing item to Fashion Delivers.  Fashion Delivers is a non-profit organization that collects excess inventory from manufacturers and retailers and distributes it through a network of community charities to millions of people in need each year.


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  1. M.S.M Comment #1

    PERFECT!!!!! You ensembled everything so good! You´re an absolut inpiration

    NOT BLUE, YES SHOPPING DAY MOOD, blue wedges + ripped shorts + surfer blouse. Check it out on:

    xo, from Spain

    • Cory Scott Comment #2

      OMG!! That’s exactly how I like to style my cropped pants! I found the perfect fit at Zara, and cheap too! But I like the plaid pattern, so modern and conservative at the same time!
      Both your outfits are amazing!!

      Wanna visit my blog? Love to hear what you think

      Xoxo Cory

  2. Q Comment #3

    I like the styling with the combat shirt… very cute.x

  3. Katerina Comment #4

    Really loving these pants and the way you styled them. Gonna have to go shopping now 😉

  4. Naaj Rona Comment #5

    Love the pairing with the Zara Tee, the colours are just so cool and the pants fit you well as well.
    It is nice when you have a piece of clothing or jewellery which can be paired with different outfits.

    Plaid and Camo, that is a Super chic outfit.

    Naaj Ronas Lifestyle

  5. Oksana Comment #6

    Love both outfits!

  6. Dorothee Comment #7

    Hello there, I think first of all it’s so rare that a brand takes time to develop their products to help and make their customers happy & it’s always a good thing to here as well as there’s a charity program out of it even if its nationwide but I like this kind of stuff.

    back to your style, WOW with the different prints I totally love this “Spicy” style
    x d

  7. M A R T A Comment #8

    You look very pretty on all photos!

    ♥ MARTA

  8. Aurélie & Angelo Comment #9

    Lovely pants, both great looks, love the tee in the first look, gorgeous colour, and I love the shoes in both looks!

  9. Camille Comment #10
  10. kendall Comment #11

    such a creative post!! love all the prints you paired together!! x

  11. Fashion Snag Comment #12

    Love the camo shirt!

  12. Gracie Comment #13

    So cute! Love those pants! Great mix of patterns too! :)

  13. Natali Comment #14

    These pants and Isabel Marant heels are beautiful!

  14. monkeyshines Comment #15

    fabulous trousers!


  15. Rachelle Comment #16

    These pants have my name on it. going to Loft soon


  16. abigail sterling Comment #17

    These pants are my absolute favorite for Fall – love both of the ways you styled them (especially the camo and leopard)!

    x the fabulous life of a natural disaster

  17. Mafalda Comment #18

    This is such a great combination, you look fantastic, and I just can’t get enough of tartan!
    Mafalda ❤

  18. Kimberly Ann Comment #19

    So cute! I used to work at LOFT and I definitely am missing the half off discount right about now..haha. Love this!


  19. Oksana Comment #20

    Love the color combination!

    ♥ Oksana

  20. Pauline Comment #21

    I love the highlights you got in your air <3

  21. Anna Comment #22
  22. Emma Comment #23

    Plaid and camo are my favorite fall prints this year

  23. Sandrine V Comment #24

    Love the shoes and pants!

    Sandrine xx

  24. Nena Comment #25
  25. Monica Comment #27

    Loft’s determination to find the perfect fit is really great to hear about. I wouldn’t think to every buy a pair of pants with that print,l but the way you have styled them is making me want to pick up a pair. I love the second look!

  26. Eye Like Fashion Comment #28

    I love to support charities ESP when it’s combined w fashion!
    Good job w the pairings.

    Please visit blog for new look with petal embellishments.


  27. Maddy Comment #29

    Love these and the shape of them suits you so much! x

    Maddy from UNSTITCHEDD 

  28. Mariska Comment #30

    Love the way you styled those pants

  29. Tsangtastic by Jenny Tsang Comment #31

    Lovin those pants so much! xoxo

    New post up…
    ❤ Jenny Tsang | Tsangtastic on Bloglovin’

  30. Mireille Comment #32

    I really like your pants with its pattern and I thinks you combinated it very well!

    xoxo Mireille

  31. Idalia Comment #33

    Loving the mix of prints! Such an inspiration!


  32. zidelou Comment #34

    Love the mix!!! Great job!

  33. Kacie Comment #35

    Those pants are fabulous, I want them!

  34. vasilieva Comment #36

    these plaid pants are so so good

  35. Bella Comment #37

    I love those trousers!!!

  36. State beauty Comment #38

    Absolutely love this animal print heels!!! Love these outfits!!

  37. I Showed Up In Boots Comment #39

    I have to have these pants! I love how you styled them both ways. Perfection!

  38. YoungMild&Free Comment #40

    LOVE these pants! This is my second time seeing them today, and they just keep getting better and better! Such a great look!


  39. Ignacio Comment #41

    Hi, nice outfit. Lovely.

    You can post it on ,


  40. Sonja Comment #42

    Another great outfit!

  41. misskey Comment #43

    I like these two looks but I think my favorite it’s the first one. You look amazing
    I love this pants!

  42. Jennifer Comment #44

    Love the plaid with the leopard!

    xo Jennifer

  43. stephanie Comment #45

    love that orange top!
    xx Stephanie (

  44. Jony Comment #46

    Love both outfits! Great how you styled it in two different ways. Both very beautiful!

    x Jony

  45. Juliette Laura Comment #47

    Those pants look perfect! Love your looks!

    xo, Juliette Laura

  46. Sergio Alba Comment #48

    Both of the looks are awesome!! :)


  47. Maud Schellekens Comment #49

    Gorgeous look, loving the trousers in combination with the zebra belt!

    XOXO Maud


  48. Victoria Comment #50

    Love your outfit

    Bisous de France

  49. Victoria Comment #51

    Sincerely you ROCK

    Bisous de France

  50. june Comment #52

    Plaid + Camo, who would have thought it would be so awesome!

  51. Ángela Comment #53

    Love the first one. The combination is beautiful.

  52. Veronica Comment #54

    I love the second look, the way you mixed different prints is amazing my inspiration !!


  53. ana rita Comment #55

    such an amazing outfit :) xoxo

  54. el armario de la nena Comment #56

    I love these contrasts, specially in the first outfit

  55. Maria Inês Ribeiro Comment #57

    love the pants! so amazing!

    My blog –

  56. Olivia Comment #58

    Love the plaid print you got. Great job styling.

    Corporate Catwalk
    Facebook Page

  57. Helen Comment #59
  58. Romantic Tea Comment #60

    Nice pants ! I particulary like the second outfit :)

    I’m happy to discover this brand cause it doesn’t seem that expensive !

  59. Bluechicberry Comment #61

    Amazing loog! Love the pants and the way you styled them.

  60. NURIA Comment #62

    Me encanta el look de los pantalones con la camiseta naranja, ideal


  61. Katherine Comment #63

    Love the way you styled the first outfit!!

  62. Kemi Comment #64

    Love ittt! you’re beautifullll!!

  63. Style and Paper Comment #65

    Love the way you combined the tartan pants with leopard shoes :)

  64. The Fashion Panda Comment #66
  65. Huyen Comment #67

    the mustard tee complements your complexion so well!


  66. jessica Comment #68
  67. mfashionfreak Comment #69

    sandals are so beautiful!


  68. ChamaFashion Comment #70

    I love your pants!

  69. Quyen Comment #71

    Great mix of prints! I love a plaid detail that is subtle!

  70. Dark Blue Stripes Comment #72

    Fit is key for me when looking for pants. I love the second look. Great mixed prints.

    Christie x

  71. Rhoda Wong Comment #73
  72. Sharon (Style-Chameleon) Comment #74

    The pants are amazing!

    The last combination with it is my favorite!

  73. Tania Comment #75

    Love love the last combo, specially the shoes so pretty!!

  74. Nelya Comment #76

    The 2nd look is my favorite.

  75. Alex Comment #77

    What ! check you out in ASOS magazine in UK. You sporting denim and tartan and prints oh so well.

  76. MÓNICA - MES VOYAGES À PARIS Comment #78

    Love the mix of prints Jules, so cool!!

  77. Avery Comment #79

    Wow, love LOFT, and these pants are perfect. Anyone who can pull of green plaid pants is a friend of mine. Well done.

  78. kelsey Comment #80

    these pants are gorgeous! such a good fit
    kw ladies in navy

  79. Hayley Comment #81

    gorgeous outfit i LOVE those trousers! I think its great when places are like that, because then you get exactly what you want :)

    Hayley xx

  80. Kim Comment #82

    Your style is such an inspiration, love these looks!

  81. Laëti Comment #83

    La photo est superbe.


  82. Maria Paty Comment #84

    both great looks
    love shoes
    perfect !!

  83. Lo Comment #85

    Is the white tee of the new collection? Plz do tell its nice

  84. Sierra Chantal Comment #86

    The different prints play off each other so well. Casual just got chic!

  85. Andréa Comment #87

    The both outfits are really cool :)

  86. Olga Comment #88

    The second look is perfect!!

  87. Ma petite by ana Comment #89

    Amazing look !!
    Beautiful !!
    Kisses dear

  88. Mary Comment #90

    I love these! So chic and grown-up but the print keeps it fun. Wish I had an excuse to wear smarter clothes now! xx


  89. her persona Comment #91
  90. I wanna be a beauty queen Comment #92

    You look amazing!!!!! in love with the two looks kisses

  91. the girl with the blue scarf Comment #93
  92. YuDressCode Comment #94

    Both looks are so cool!!

  93. Rachel Comment #95



  94. Shayne Comment #96
  95. Veloria in Velvet Comment #97

    Love this tartan trend right now!! I’ve got a similar pair from Zara…great styling inspiration!

    Veloria in Velvet

  96. Meggan Comment #98
  97. Sasha Comment #99

    Looooove the second look! The mix of prints works perfectly but looks completely effortless and cool :)

  98. Julia Comment #100

    I love your pants ! So British ! xoxo

  99. Vivian Comment #101

    You’re the second person I’ve seen these pants on, loving how everyone styles these differently.. adore that you mixed prints :)

  100. Nikki Comment #102

    love the first outfit! the color combo is fab


  101. Sophia Comment #103

    I never really noticed that you didn’t wear trousers – I wish I could wear shorts and skirts with bare legs all year round but unfortunately I don’t live in California :( Love how you mix prints so effortlessly too

  102. Carlita DeSousa Comment #104

    I found this post extremely helpful and informational. I wrote a similar post on my new blog my second time ever posting! I’ve loved following you over the past year and hope to get the pleasure to talk to you someday!

  103. Julia Comment #105

    I absolutely love your downtown, quirky style—you rock it adorably well! I gotta ask tho: where did you get your zebra pony hair belt?

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