Lovers & Friends for Revolve Clothing.


Very thrilled to share these photos and announce my collaboration with you guys as it’s been hard to keep it away from you! I partnered up with my good friends from Lovers & Friends to design three t-shirts (the ICON, AMOUR and Born to Chill designs) inspired by all things army/camo exclusively for Revolve Clothing as well as styled the pieces and modeled for the lookbook. It was such a fun experience getting to design tshirts for a brand that you love; it was actually pretty surreal because it’s my first design collaboration that is in line with what the SJ brand does, tshirts!

Take a look at the lookbook images that we shot a couple months ago and make sure to browse the collection to see all the other military inspired pieces HERE! I hope you guys love the tees I designed as well as all of the collection! It’s definitely perfect for fall.

Which look is your favorite?

Enjoy! Check back in because there’s a fun giveaway coming up with this collaboration!

All pieces are available exclusively at Revolve Clothing gijules1 gijules6 gijules9 gijules3 gijules7 gijules2

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  1. Mira Comment #1

    Awesome I love the camo prints.

    xx Mira

  2. Eva Comment #5
  3. Eva Comment #6
  4. Rhea Comment #7

    Congratulations for the fab collaboration. You look so pretty! My favourite is the utility jacket with the little heart on it. :)

  5. Karolina Comment #8

    Flawless collection!

    xx Karolina

  6. Melissa Varela Comment #9

    Me gusta la de “Amor”…! Muy guapa en todas las fotos :)

  7. M.S.M Comment #10

    Love the shoes!!!

    VERSATILITY is necessary, ROMANTIC blouse and PUNK boots help:


  8. carol Comment #11
  9. stephanie Comment #12

    cool outfits!
    xx Stephanie (

  10. iliqna Comment #13

    wow,cool shirts!
    congrats on the collaboration!

  11. Laura Comment #14

    Nice, congrats for the collaboration !
    Love from Paris

  12. The Fashion Panda Comment #15
  13. Eliana Comment #16

    You look gorgeous :)
    This outfits are perfect.

  14. Rachelle Comment #17

    that is awesome, love the CASH tee. Congrats Jules!!!

  15. Dark Blue Stripes Comment #18

    Very cool collaboration. Love the camo and khaki vibes.

    Christie x

  16. Saša Comment #19

    Congrats, this is so cool, I love all of them!

  17. Su nd Chris Comment #20

    Very nice collection, i love the last jacket so much!

    xx Su

  18. pipa Comment #21

    Amazing collection!

  19. Gracie Comment #22

    What an awesome opportunity! I’m loving the 3/4 sleeved shirt! So cute. Great looks too! :)

  20. estafania Comment #23
  21. Kim Comment #24

    Sweet collaboration, love the Amor top!

  22. Michelle Lee Comment #25
  23. Alina Comment #26

    OMG…I love you!!!
    I’ve been following you for a while, but I realized it just now, you are very very AWESOME! <3

  24. Bluechicberry Comment #27

    I like camo style and I think it is exactly you!

  25. State beauty Comment #28

    Love all the T-shirts, especially camo T-shirt!!!


  26. kelsey Comment #29

    oh my god this whole collection is amazing!
    kw ladies in navy

  27. ashleigh @ Jolie Jouel Comment #30

    Congrats! The pieces have captured your style so well! ~ ashleigh

  28. Sharon (Style Chameleon) Comment #31

    The icon shirt is so cool!

  29. Q Comment #32

    loving the ICON t-shirt! Too cute.x

  30. Kacie Comment #33

    Amazing! I love love love that jacket!

  31. Evi Comment #34

    Wow! Great clothes!

    Evi xoxo

    The Notebook of a Fashion Lover

  32. Mafalda Comment #35

    You look gorgeous, camo and red heels look fantastic!
    Mafalda ❤

  33. Lisa Comment #36

    Great pictures, you’re really pretty!

  34. abigail sterling Comment #37

    Those tee’s are amazing – so much fun! I especially like the camo icon one – too cute!

    x the fabulous life of a natural disaster

  35. Nikki Comment #38

    looove all of these pieces!


  36. Shannon Comment #39

    Loving the camo top!


  37. Camille Comment #40
  38. Eye Like Fashion Comment #41

    G.I. JULES is BADASS!!!!! Great job and LOVE the designs! Will share the word!

    Please visit my blog for a new casual outfit: PURPLE REIGNS

    thanks! xoxo

  39. Quyen Comment #42

    I love a little bit of camo! Where are the purses from?

  40. Elisa Comment #43

    Really gorgeous!

    My Fantabulous World

  41. Diana Comment #44

    Super cute clothing!!

    xoxo, Diana

  42. TrendyHippieGirly Comment #45

    You’re super cute as always, love these camo prints ! ^^

  43. monkeyshines Comment #46
  44. Cassandra Comment #47

    You look amazing !! Love your top Icon !

  45. Juliesway Comment #48

    So in love with the kaki jacket <3

  46. Fashion Snag Comment #49
  47. zidelou Comment #50

    Great pictures!

  48. Charlotte Comment #51

    Eeeew you look amazing !!! I want to buy the all collection !!!

  49. Andréa Comment #52
  50. Megan Comment #53

    You always look perfect! I am loving the olive green palette for fall, lovely :)

  51. Regan Comment #54

    That C*A*S*H shirt has now made it to the top of my wishlist! Please check out my new blog. Your blog was one of my inspirations!


  52. Jess Comment #55


  53. jaclyn Comment #56

    omg I saw these photos in my indox via revlove clothing! I think you look amazing! great collab!

    check my blog:

  54. In a Trendy Town Comment #57

    We love autumn colours! Nice t-shirts with icons.

  55. Sandrine V Comment #58

    Love the vibe of the collection, the lookbook is just stunning!

    Sandrine xx

  56. Cloe Comment #59
  57. Cloe Comment #60
  58. Shop Tink Blog Comment #61
  59. mfashionfreak Comment #62

    wow, that’s so cool!


  60. Tsangtastic by Jenny Tsang Comment #63

    This is so cute, so excited for this new collection 😉 Love this collaboration. xoxo

    NEW post up…
    ❤ Jenny Tsang

  61. ChamaFashion Comment #64

    Beautiful photos!

  62. Brooke Comment #65

    Congratulations, girl! LOVING the tees! Was so great to meet you at Anine Bing’s sample sale, would love for you to check out my new blog! xo


  63. mywhiteT Comment #66

    Love all the looks. You definitely know how to style up basic Tee to make it more high fashion. You should check out my fashion blog

  64. Idalia Comment #67

    I need those camo pants in my life! Looking flawless!


  65. Sonya Comment #68

    Is the spelling on the Amor tshirt correct? Is it amour, amore or amor?

  66. jenaly Comment #69
  67. Jennifer Comment #70

    Congrats! These are great pieces!

    xo Jennifer

    p.s. Check out my Chicastic giveaway!

  68. Deanna Comment #71

    Good for you girl! I love everything but I especially love the ICON tee, the AMOUR tank, and the Fun Times Jacket! :)

    Because I’m Obsesed

  69. Dorothee Comment #72

    I love a couple of items but the Jacket is so cool and the little touch of the heart : cute !
    Congrats on the Collab !

  70. june Comment #73

    In love with both jackets and camo pants. awesome!

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