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Michael Kors Runway Show S/S ’14


Hiii guys! Now, I’m jumping back to NYFW.. (will be jumping back and forth from NYFW to LFW, sorry!).  I was very fortunate to be invited to the Michael Kors show last Wednesday, Sept. 11, 2013 for their S/S ’14 show. I arrived about 15 mins early to the show and was able to get seated quite quickly… had the best time 1) not feeling rushed and 2) having time to actually sit back and people watch as guests got into their seats. I was sitting arms reach from Miroslava Duma, Giovanna Battaglia and across from me was Anna Dello Russo; pretty epic.

I was excited to see the collection up close and personal. As the show was about to start and the lights quietly dimmed, the music began and the first model with a male companion opened the show. They welcomed a very “summery romance with a bunch of florals, slit skirts and rustic raffia embroidery” as Kors described.

Take a look at the collection via my lens.. and well, I was also lucky to have been dressed by MK too! What a dreeeeeam!!mknyfw23

All the photographers in position to get the shot. Amazing!


Waiting for the show to start with my MK tablet case (that I’m using as a wallet), invitation and Sony Xperia Z tablet to help me stay organized and entertained during any free time and in between shows!


Love how glamourous the swim suit looks were. I know when I head to the beach/pool, I like to style up my suit, so this look was perfect for inspiration!

mknyfw8 mknyfw3 mknyfw4 mknyfw9mknyfw21

Probably my favorite look from the whole collection. I love how unexpected the navy blue with brown were used for Spring. Never would have thought so it was refreshing to see!

mknyfw1mknyfw22 mknyfw5

Now onto my MK look:


I opted for the yellow tuxedo pants because I wanted something bold and different! The chunky knit sweater gave the pants an eclectic twist and totally unexpected!


Carrying my new favorite toy, Sony Xperia X tablet and oversized watch!

mknyfw03 mknyfw05

[do action=”rstyle-post-links”]Sweater: Michael Kors
Pants: Michael Kors
Heels: Joie
Clutch: Michael Kors
Sunglasses: Ray Ban
Bracelets: C Wonder + C Wonder
Tablet: Sony Xperia Tablet Z[/do]

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  1. Q Comment #1

    so many pieces from Kors on my hit list!… love your bracelets.x

  2. Monica Comment #3

    AWESOME PICTURES! Once again MK pulls off a flawless show!


  3. Gemeladas Comment #4

    Your look is amazing!! love it, love it, love it!!!
    I like very much this designer, his work is very good.


  4. Hayley Comment #5

    gorgeous outfit im so in love with those trousers! The colour is amazing

    Hayley xx

  5. Tsangtastic by Jenny Tsang Comment #6

    I’m already seeing items I want for this season, the fluffy cardigan and that snakeskin brown leather skirt!! Thanks for this post ;))

    NEW post up…
    ❤ Jenny Tsang

  6. M.S.M Comment #7

    U look fantastic!

    SWEET LEOPARD, ¿don’t believe it? Check out my look:


  7. Sabela y Romina Comment #8

    Nos encanta Michael Kors, somos unas enamoradas de sus relojes, tu estas fantástica como siempre.

  8. Gracie Comment #9

    Beautiful black top! I love how slouchy and chic it looks! And great watch. You’re rockin it!

  9. Idalia Comment #10

    This was honestly such a breathtaking show. I’m so glad I included it in my blog as well. Michael Kors really defines the silhouette of a woman into a refined beauty!


  10. Quyen Comment #11

    I love the leather skirt too. Did you run into anyone wearing the same outfit you did? :)

  11. pretty little things Comment #12

    hope you had an amazing time — what a fab show to be at! xo

  12. Charlotte Comment #13

    Michael Kors was among my fave from NYFW
    And you’re outfit was really nice! Love your pant color!

  13. . Comment #14

    so nice!

  14. Blog Helo Muller Comment #15
  15. Monica Comment #16

    I love your Michael Kors look. The chunky knit looks great with the yellow tuxedo pants.
    My favorite look from the show has to be the belted knit sweater with the crochet skirt – another unexpected combination,yet it works for spring!


  16. Dark Blue Stripes Comment #17

    Looks like it was an amazing show. Love the swimsuit and cropped navy blue knit. Your MK outfit looks amazing too. Great yellow pants and chunky knit.

    Christie x

  17. Rhoda Wong Comment #18

    your outfit is so chic! and perfect for this show!

  18. Chris Comment #19

    I absolutely love this outfit. The chunky sweater is so unexpected when paired with the tuxedo pants. Love!

  19. Brooke & Meggan Comment #20

    We are in loooooove with the yellow tuxedo pants!!

    Brooke & Meggan

  20. Jennifer Comment #21


    xo Jennifer

    p.s. Check out my Chicastic giveaway!

  21. Nikki Comment #22

    love the vintage feel to this show! the green dress with the sleeves and the yellow belt is my fave look!


  22. Stacia Comment #23

    I love your outfit! The pants are so chic xo

  23. Stephanie Comment #24

    I KNEW you were going to choose that chunky knit! Such a great piece!

    I also love the brown and navy together…I am doing that for fall!

  24. Rock of Eden Comment #25

    His collection was amazing! Thanks for the special coverage! Love your accessories. Check out our new collection – we’ve got pieces that would go great with this look!

  25. Vivian Comment #26

    I love everything about this collection! All the pieces are stunning!

  26. Bridget Comment #27

    Thank you so much for posting this Jules!! Of all the shows I dream about, MK tops my list! I adore the navy/ leather combo and that green romper almost as much as the incredible look you styled! Thanks for sharing lady! XX!

  27. Lauren Comment #28

    That looks like such a fun show, I am sure it was a wonderful time :)


  28. natalie Comment #29

    the collection looks beautiful!
    love your outfit

  29. Mafalda Comment #30

    Great collection, you looked fabulous dear!
    Mafalda ❤

  30. pipa Comment #31

    Nice sweater!!!

  31. Andréa Comment #32

    Nice pictures, they are really cool and your outfit is amazing, that yellow pant terrible!!

  32. The Fashion Fraction Comment #33

    the collection looks fantastic and so does your outfit

  33. Su nd Chris Comment #34

    Love your outfit, great pictures! :)

  34. Bluechicberry Comment #35

    Love michael kors collection! And your outfit was great!

  35. ChamaFashion Comment #36

    I love your pants!

  36. Renate Comment #37

    I love how versatile you are! It’s a different look and feel every time, but you also have the same edgy, stylish and unique touch to every singe outfit, I know I’ll always be surprised and inspired, when I see your posts. I love to follow your blog!

    Renate from

  37. Genie in a Bubble Comment #38

    The show looks really cool! Nice collection :)

  38. Amparo Comment #39

    I love this firm! Regards, Amparo

  39. Julie Comment #40

    I really love MK!


  40. Mariska Comment #41

    You look amazing as always! Love the yellow pants.

  41. ella rose Comment #42

    amazing post !
    bise de france

  42. stephanie Comment #43

    Michael Kors’ show looks amazing!
    xx Stephanie (

  43. Caroline Comment #44

    Wow the leather skirt from MK is amazing!!
    Want it!

  44. State beauty Comment #45

    Love this amazing outfit!!


  45. Angélique Comment #46

    Wahou this yellow pants is amazing !! Such a great look !

  46. MARJOLEIN Comment #47

    Pretty epic indeed! I love his designs, the sweater you’re wearing is a super good one for instance!


  47. Saša Comment #48

    Cool post, really love the second photo, to see more about how fashion week looks like! Not just the photos of front row!

  48. Camille Comment #49

    Seemed to be an amazing show and I love your outfit

  49. Lindsay Comment #50

    I love the sweater. Your look is feminine yet relaxed.

  50. Sharon (Style Chameleon) Comment #51

    The collection is amazing!

    And your knitted top is so cool!

  51. Fabulous 30s Comment #52

    Gorgeous look. In love with the sweater.

  52. Gaby Comment #53

    OHMYGOSH this is probably one of my favorite outfits ever!! so in love with it!
    I always love reading your blog, its so inspiring!

    Gaby :)

  53. Gia Comment #54

    LOVE the matchy bustier and pencil skirt with the short sleeve jacket over it! SO chic! I saw and met so many of my fave bloggers at FW like Rumi, Chriselle, Wendy, Aimee but I could not find you anywhere!! All your pics are stunning as always!!

  54. Shannon Comment #55

    Loving that big sweater!


  55. sepatuholig Comment #56

    WOW>….. look at ANNA DELLO RUSSO’s shoes!!!!
    IG @gracenjio

  56. Ainhoa Comment #57

    You look amazing! Enjoy this days!


  57. Naaj Rona Comment #58

    This has to be my favourite. The chunky knit sweater is a show stopper and the yellow tuxedos completes the outfit., top notch

    Naaj Ronas Lifestyle

  58. Ellynn Comment #59

    always perfect
    It’s amazing the way you can wear yellow pants

    The heels

  59. fashionaltitude Comment #60

    Honestly, it’s a waouh comment! you look stunning, more ladylike than your usual style, womanly figure, but that suits you perfectly!!
    I love it!
    xo Fashionaltitude

  60. x Comment #61


  61. Cristina Monti Comment #62
  62. Kelley Comment #63

    Are these pieces available in his Spring line or now?? LOVE the pants!

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