Michael Kors.


I had the pleasure of visiting the Michael Kors‘ headquarters’ yesterday and was extremely excited to meet some of the team. They had some pieces for me to sort through and try on so that I can wear to the runway show tomorrow! You can just imagine how thrilled I was to play dress up with all the fabulous MK all around me! It was a dream!

Stay tuned for what I ended up choosing to wear; hint: it’s bright and bold.

Make sure to check out the show online tomorrow Wednesday, September 11 @ 10am (eastern time) as they will be live streaming it at:
Cant wait! …. Follow along at @MichaelKors + @SincerelyJules through all social media platforms and by using #AllAccessKors & #JetSetGo


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  1. misskey Comment #1

    I love Michael Kors!! You are so lucky, these heels are a dream, I want all if them

  2. Idalia Comment #4

    My dream! I wouldnt know what to do with myself if I had that opportunity! Very lucky gal!


  3. ChamaFashion Comment #5

    Nice photos! I love MK!

  4. Rhoda Wong Comment #6

    such a great experience!

  5. Julie Comment #7

    I really love Michael Kors!!


  6. Mira Comment #8

    The clothes and shoes look gorgeous.

    xx Mira

  7. M.S.M Comment #9

    MK is my one of my favorite brands, love their trousers and bags!!!

    Today I resolve my DILEMA when seasons are changing and how u my PERFECT AUTOMN/WINTER COMBO, don’t miss it at:


  8. Gemeladas Comment #10

    Love everything!!!
    Kiss es.


  9. The Fashion Panda Comment #11

    Lucky girl, I would take a sneak peak for sure if I was in NYC :)

  10. The Fashion Fraction Comment #12

    omg, would you please give me all these shoes right now please!

  11. Sonja Durand Comment #13

    So envyous, I love MK!!!:-) Looking forward to see the show and see you!!!

  12. stephanie Comment #14

    Those red heels..oh my.. (L)
    xx Stephanie (

  13. Pauline Comment #15

    I love so many of their clothes and shoes <3

  14. Laura Comment #16
  15. Sydney Corporate Comment #17

    Loving the sneak peak into the new collection <3

  16. carol Comment #18
  17. Lubna Comment #19

    Oh, you lucky thing. Can’t wait to see what you opted for!

    Lubna | ELLE VOX

  18. Andréa Comment #20

    Love this brand, the shoes are amazing!

  19. Mafalda Comment #21

    Oh I just love the shoes!
    Mafalda ❤

  20. Rougeuse Comment #22

    The golden and black sandals are gorgeous! x

  21. Joy. Comment #23

    With love,


  22. pipa Comment #24

    My dream! The shoes are amazing<3

  23. Jain Fiorella Comment #25

    what an honor! you’re so lucky!! i love MK!!! and thank you for the great impressions. . .

  24. Nesrin Comment #26

    Beautiful photos.


    Style of Purity

  25. Dragana Comment #27

    Love love love…..

  26. Rachelle Comment #28

    The shoes are so good.


  27. Eva Comment #29

    Love Michael Kors, great photos! xx

  28. Evi Comment #30

    Great shoes!!!

    Evi xoxo

    The Notebook of a Fashion Lover

  29. Sandrine Comment #31

    Can’t wait to see what you will wear!

    Sandrine xx

  30. Bonnie, Clyde + Marni Comment #32

    Love the shoes!!


  31. natalie Comment #33

    so many amazing pieces!
    so awesome

  32. Camille Comment #34
  33. Elisa Comment #35

    OMG!!! In love with those shoes!!

    xx Elisa
    My Fantabulous World

  34. State Beauty Comment #36
  35. claudia Comment #37
  36. Gracie Comment #38

    Oh my! What a fun opportunity! Love those shoes! Can’t wait to see what you picked! :)

  37. Ángela Comment #39

    All is beautiful.

  38. Laëti Comment #40


    J’adore <3 !

    Bye, Laëti

  39. MÓNICA - MES VOYAGES À PARIS Comment #41

    Amazing pieces Jules!

  40. Teri Comment #42

    Sounds like a dream… Michael Kors is fab! I’m still laughing about “pleasure me pockets” from Project Runway last week!

  41. Michelle Lee Comment #43
  42. Erica Comment #44

    The red pumps are killer!

  43. Quyen Comment #45

    I’ve always loved MK’s bright, solid colors. It gives you a pop of boldness and glamour without going overboard.

  44. I Showed Up In Boots Comment #46

    Goregeous photos. Can´t wait to see what you wear. Love that short-sleeved sweater.

  45. ewaJP Comment #47

    Sometimes I look MK – like with shoes, all shoes, always shoes, but to be honest sometimes the clothing that I see seems more fuddy duddy than anything else.

    HOWEVER, when MK goes for chic, streamlined, classic Americana sportswear the stars align, angels sing, and traffic suddenly disappears. I think I hear the angels singing now…

  46. Fashion Snag Comment #48

    Love these shots!

  47. monkeyshines Comment #49
  48. Seppy Comment #50

    Amazing! And I am *SO* jealous! That must be so amazing to have been able to go there!!!! I wish you had posted more pictures, these just seem like a tease!!!

  49. Shannon Comment #51

    Loving the purples!


  50. TERESA Comment #52

    Micheal kors is amazing! I love the shoe collection. Nice pictures, must have been a lovely experience!


  51. Helen Comment #53

    I love MK!! Such a great experience :)

  52. fashionaltitude Comment #54

    You go girl! can’t wait to see what you p icked up for the show!
    xo. Fashionaltitude

  53. Nikki Comment #55

    such pretty shoes! looks like an amazing place


  54. Angiewhitey Comment #56

    Ohhhh!!! Love all the heels!! They are lovely!! ♥ kisses pretty!!

  55. YoungMild&Free Comment #57

    Oh my gosh. So jealous girl! Looks like an amazing time!


  56. Sunday Desire Comment #58

    Wow, what an amazing opportunity! so well deserved dear
    Looking forward to see the look you chose 😉

  57. Janien Comment #59

    lucky gyal!
    the runway show was amazing though.
    – Janine

  58. Witty Fashionista Comment #60

    I absolutely love metallic sweaters that are trendy this season! The shoes are just adorable.


  59. Witty Fashionista Comment #61

    I absolutely love metallic sweaters that are trendy this season! The shoes are just adorable:)


  60. Comment #62

    Ah so many gorgeous shoes!!!!

  61. Sergio Alba Comment #63
  62. Y SOLO CRIS Comment #64


  63. BCH Comment #65
  64. Blog Helo Muller Comment #66
  65. Juliesway Comment #67

    The red pumps are crazy

  66. Jackie Robinson Comment #68

    I got to know about Mr. Korrs from the fashion runway and was a fan of his work since then. I rather like the shoe collection more than his clothes.

  67. Bluechicberry Comment #69
  68. Rebekka Strand Comment #70

    Michael Kors is probably one of my favorite brands! So gorgeous!

  69. Diana Comment #72

    Loving MK’s collection!!

    xoxo, Diana

  70. Dark Blue Stripes Comment #73

    Gorgeous heels and metallic knit.

    Christie x