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Mix Up.


It’s been about two long weeks since NYFW ended, but I’ve finally started sorting out all my photos from New York & London.

For me, fashion week is about having fun and not taking what you wear too seriously! I had an array of different looks throughout, from dresses with boots, to leather pants to pants mixed up with contrasting prints… I mean, I really tried to mix things up and not only wear dresses!

I wore this super chic outfit that seemed like it had a lot going on, but it all worked. I tried to break up the black + white by pairing the look with khaki heels- adding some color definitely brighten up the look!  How are you mixing prints?


Kept my usual rings that I love but piled on a few bracelets and added a pretty pair of chandelier earrings to finish off the whole look. Pretty options here, here , here here .

mixup1 mixup2 mixup mixup6mixup10

[do action=”rstyle-post-links”]Sweater: Joie
Pants: Joie
Heels: Joie
Sunnies: Raen
Bracelet: C Wonder + C Wonder
Bag: Me Char
Heart Ring: Forternal[/do]

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  1. Emma Comment #1

    I love the mixing of all these prints together!!

  2. Oksana Comment #3

    You look amazing! Love the whole outfit!

  3. Natali Comment #4

    I like your pants a lot! Cool outfit!

  4. Charlotte Comment #5

    You look adorable on these pictures! I love the pants!

  5. M.S.M Comment #6

    Totally easy chic!!!

    The LATEST TREND? SHIRT on the HIP, check out how I wear so my hip doesn’t visually increase::


  6. Maud Schellekens Comment #7

    Fabulous print!

    XOXO Maud


  7. Dorothee Comment #8

    I will have never thought of mixing such patterns together and I’m amazed by the look how it turned to be so nice and chic actually ! Well done …
    X d

  8. jane Comment #9

    Perfect, as usual! You hair looks amazing <3 Funny, I have a very similar neon camera strap, did it myself a while ago.. Yours looks great!

  9. carol Comment #10

    wildly cool !!!! rockin babe !!! wow :)

  10. Quyen Comment #11

    What a great mix of prints. I love the neon green detail in the camera strap. How do you select your outfits for a trip? Do you think of all the outfits ahead of time?

  11. Q Comment #12

    I agree… dont like ‘matchy matchy’….unless its all black!….clothing should be a fun expression…..cute heels…. nice clash of prints.x

  12. Miss Key Comment #13

    I love mix! this look is so psychedelic with all this prints, I really like this handbag is perfect for the look
    Pretty sunglasses

  13. Katerina Comment #14

    Gorgeous!!! You were never expect for all of this to go so well together, but it’s amazing!!! Absolutely loving all of this!! Some great inspo right here 😉

  14. Ana Comment #15

    Amazing, love the mix prints

  15. brit Comment #16

    great post- where is that camera strap from, and what kind of camera is that!?


  16. Tsangtastic by Jenny Tsang Comment #17

    Lovin the mix of the lovely little patterns 😉

  17. Asha Battle Comment #18

    I would have never thought to pair these prints. Looks amazing!!

  18. Gracie Comment #19

    Beautiful! Love the mix of prints! You’re so right about not taking fashion too seriously. Then there’s room to have fun and experiment! :) love it!

  19. monkeyshines Comment #20
  20. Fashion Snag Comment #21
  21. Rougeuse Comment #22

    Mixed patterns are my favorite. Your shoes are also great! x

  22. Nastasja Beehler Comment #23

    I love your outfit? *-* It’s so simple to put together, yet chic.

  23. Mafalda Comment #24

    Perfect combination of prints!
    Mafalda ❤

  24. Cassandra Comment #25

    You look amazing ! So beautiful outfit, nice combo <3
    Kisses gorgeous !!

  25. be cool Comment #26

    love this combination! really cool!

  26. Noush Comment #27

    I love your pants !

  27. Stephanie Comment #28

    You def know how to mix prints…gotta love Joie <3


  28. Jeanette Comment #29

    Amazing outfit, so nice combo!

  29. Karolina Comment #30

    Fantastic prints and perfect mix of them !

    xx Karolina

  30. Sonja Comment #31

    This looks great!Love it!

  31. Sabela y Romina Comment #32

    Nos encanta esa combinación de estampados.


  32. Eva Comment #33

    Love the different print combination and what a cute camera strap! xx

  33. Chrissabella Comment #34

    Love this outfit, those prints go so well together

    Greetings from London,

  34. Kim Comment #35

    Cool mix of patterns, I am loving the fashions from Joie!

  35. Sharon (Style-Chameleon) Comment #36

    Awesome prints combination!

  36. Anna Comment #37

    You look amazing, truly beautiful – gorgeous outfit too!

  37. Mariska Comment #38

    Wauw, love it!

  38. Heidi Comment #39

    This is a prefect NYFW outfit. Love! xo Heidi

  39. State beauty Comment #40

    Absolutely love the heels!!!

  40. Julie Comment #41

    Your outfit is perfect!


  41. corali Comment #42

    i love that camera strap! really cool

  42. Julia Comment #43

    This combi ROCKS!

    besitos, Julia

  43. Wendy Comment #44

    WOW! Print mixing at BEST!

  44. Maria Inês Ribeiro Comment #45

    I love the pattern mix, it totally works!

    My blog –

  45. Maddy Comment #46

    Love this, the two prints look so amazing together! x

    Maddy from UNSTITCHEDD 

  46. Blog Helo Muller Comment #47
  47. The Fashion Fraction Comment #48
  48. Jasmin Comment #49
  49. Camille Comment #50
  50. Sagalina Comment #51

    I love this look! You mixed the prints really well :)

  51. mfashionfreak Comment #52

    that print is the best!


  52. Lucy Comment #53

    Hello! I really enjoy reading your blog! So, in my last post I add you in my list (MUST VISIT).
    It will be nice to meet you.

  53. Bella Comment #54

    Great trousers and look!

  54. juliesway Comment #55

    Love that mixing print

  55. Tania Comment #56

    Amazing outfit, great combo!

  56. Bellas sin perder la cabeza Comment #57

    You are great mixing up! In love with that bag!

  57. fashionaltitude Comment #58

    I like prints and I would love to have a go but every time I am ready, I step back…you are such a source of inspiration. I know how trendy mixing prints is. well, not for me yet….we will see:-)

    xo. Fashionaltitude

  58. Nikki Comment #59

    love the patterns! so bright and fun even though it’s black and white!


  59. Hayley Comment #60

    gorgeous outfit i really love this! And i love mixing prints its one of my favourite styles :)

    Hayley xx

  60. fashionaltitude Comment #61

    By the way, I just ordered the tee Sorry, we’re cool…love it. Got quite a collection now :-) : a sweat DBA, 2 Celfie both in S and M. The Celfie is often eyed with envy on the streets, also received compliments!! And now this one, can’t wait to wear it before my tan fades away..

    Xo. Fashionaltitude


  61. Elisa Comment #62

    In love with this combination my dear!

    xx Elisa
    My Fantabulous World

  62. It's About LA Comment #63

    Nice look, you’re very beautiful in that outfit, the sunglasses are very cool!

  63. The Pink Innuendo Comment #64

    Te ves guapisima! Un look de 10 . Besitos

  64. thefashiongals Comment #65

    Love how you combined the different patterns!! Perfection!

  65. Kelly Comment #66

    Jules! Loving just how effortlessly you’re pulling off this ah-maze look. Flawless perfection…xx


  66. Rhoda Wong Comment #67
  67. Sarah Comment #68

    So gorgeous as usual!
    xo sarah

  68. Sunday Desire Comment #69

    You always are the best mixing prints dear
    Love the sandals, beautiful shade of green 😉

  69. Dark Blue Stripes Comment #70

    Amazing print mix. Love the pants and bag.

    Christie x

  70. Diana Comment #71

    Loving the prints!

    xoxo, Diana

  71. Idalia Comment #72

    omg the mixing of prints are flawless on you. loving the look and love how its not overwhelming at all


  72. Violet Vixen Comment #73

    You look absolutely gorgeous! Love the combination of prints!

  73. kelsey Comment #74

    this is so gorgeous! adore the prints
    kw ladies in navy

  74. Kimberly Ann Comment #75

    LOVE this outfit! I’m always a fan of mixing prints, and I think this really works since they’re both subtle and mix well! Cute :)


  75. Caroline Comment #76

    Love this outfit….so fall chic!!

  76. Helen Comment #77

    I love this outfit!! The sandals are amazing!

  77. The Fashion Panda Comment #78
  78. itziar Comment #79

    Amazing mix of prints!

  79. Huyen Comment #80

    obsessed with the pattern mix!

  80. natalie Comment #81
  81. Dragana Comment #82

    I like your pants so so so much :*

  82. Gemeladas Comment #83

    Love the mix, the sandals are perfect.


  83. Sergio Alba Comment #84

    Cool look as always! Beautiful!!


  84. dana Comment #85

    those pants are perfect !! always LOVE Joie!

  85. liz Comment #86

    killing it!!!! love the houndstooth purse!

  86. Jessica Comment #87

    Great look!


  87. Bluechicberry Comment #88

    You look great! Love your outfit!

  88. ana rita Comment #89

    wow, you look amazing

  89. angiewhitey Comment #90

    Jules!! love your sunnies and heels!!! lovely lovely!! kisses beautiful! :)

  90. YoungMild&Free Comment #91

    Those pants are GORGEOUS! You are a master at mixing prints. Love this!


  91. Sarah Comment #93

    Gorgeous outfit, the print mixing looks great on you! xx

  92. Oksana Comment #94

    Love the sweater! And your hair is so long!

    ♥ Oksana ♥ New post!

  93. ELITE COUTURE Comment #95

    This is fantastic. If you like this great blog, you’ll love this- check out

  94. Euge Comment #96

    Please someone tell me what type of canon camera that is! I have been searching for a camera for so long and this one is perfect for what I am looking for.

  95. Amanda Comment #97

    Love the combo and how you always mix fun styles and prints together. You have a great personal style!

    P.s. you are looking so beautiful, you look well rested! =)

  96. Hanni Comment #98

    Love this outfit. You are so cute!

  97. Jul Comment #99

    amazing look! where is the camera strap from????? :) love it!

  98. Tara Comment #100

    Where did you get your camera strap? Love it!

  99. Pingback: Mix it up II | DonzWebb

  100. Momo Comment #102

    Great Summer Looks! -momo