NYFW Essentials.


So let’s be real; fashion week is both exciting and draining. There’s always one million things to do, shows to attend, people to meet, parties, outfit changes, updating social media 24/7… I mean, c’mon! It’s hard work people! By the third day, I’m already exhausted. It’s probably one of the most draining experiences every season, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world. It’s my passion.

With all the fashion week chaos, it’s been hard for me to stay organized because I’m always on the go… running out the door early in the morning to catch a show, running back to my hotel to do an outfit change for my next show, hailing cabs (which btw, takes foreverrr during this time of season, pretty annoying), to having quick meetings and impromptu little photoshoots in between everything.

If it weren’t for a few of my go-to essentials this nyfw, I probably wouldn’t have survived it quite smoothly as I did. Check below to see what I packed and how it helped!

Update: I wrapped up my last day of NYFW yesterday, whew! I have a full day tomorrow of just playing tourist in the city! So excited.. any recommendations of things to do? let me know! xo


Earphones: Kept me entertained while I rode in the cabs between shows or to my hotel, plus they look cool on- an accessory statement!

Sony Xperia Z tablet: Such a life saver!! Made the biggest difference this nyfw season having it… read over next photo for more details below.

Necklaces: I tried to always carry a couple of bold pieces with me just incase i might need to layer or switch them off.

Sunglasses: I’m obsessed with sunglasses, I’ve built quite the collection back home. For fashion week, I ended up always carrying two pairs with me because I never knew when I needed to switch them out and photograph a different look.

Wallet: Always comes with me everywhere I go. It’s the perfect size.

Watch: If I didn’t have it on me, I had it in my purse to help me obviously be on time with my shows/meetings.

Bandaids: Let’s face it, my feel can’t stand wearing heels for one week straight non-stop, especially in this New York cobblestone streets and all. I always carried bandaids with me to help me with any woes.

Makeup: Tried not to carry a big makeup bag because it does get heavy, so I only took with me my favorite Laura Mercier lipstick, powder and perfume.


This Sony Xperia Z tablet (which btw is super thin, light-weight AND waterproof!!!…. yeaaaah!) was a total life saver in helping me get by and stay organized. It helped me stay on top of my appointments/shows with the calendar, was great for taking notes, updating my social platforms, great for uploading photos, posting on instagram, and listening to the walkman when I had free time or in between shows. It was the perfect accessory for such a hectic but fun week of fashion events! The table fit right in while always helping me stay on top of everything!

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  1. Amy Comment #1

    Love the necklace! Where did you get it from?


  2. CORY SCOTT Comment #2

    More of your fabulous outfits Jules!!
    Bisous from Paris
    Xoxo Cory

  3. Q Comment #3

    I love the idea of carrying a bold piece of jewellery to add a little ‘extra’ something to an outfit!…. never thought of that as my mind is always thinking shoes or jacket to switch it up… which of course is much more bulky to carry…good tips. thanks.x

  4. Rachelle Comment #6

    great tips, and sony usually makes great gadgets.


  5. Nikki Comment #7

    that tablet looks awesome! i’m dying to get one


  6. carol Comment #8

    understand, must be really exhausting but it looks like you are well prepared :)

  7. TERESA Comment #9

    Gadgets and accessories are a must have for any blogger and fashonista especially during fashion week!


  8. M.S.M Comment #10

    Great tips!!

    Today I’m wearing a BACK TO SCHOOL style, thought I tried to make it more Lady rather than GRUNGE, check it out I would love to know opinions:

    xo, from Spain

  9. kcomekarolina Comment #11

    great post!

    xoxo from rome

  10. The Fashion Panda Comment #12
  11. Michelle Lee Comment #13
  12. MARJOLEIN Comment #14

    More like essentials in general, but I like the idea.
    I think it’s fun you even included a patch!


  13. Gracie Comment #15

    Love the necklace idea! Great way to brighten up any look. And I love your shades. Very cool.

  14. Emily Comment #16

    Ahhhh it is my dream to be attending the fashion weeks!
    Amazing post!


  15. Vero Comment #17

    That watch though! Where’s it from?!

  16. Rhoda Wong Comment #18
  17. zidelou Comment #19

    Great post, dear!

  18. Paige Comment #20

    I love that tablet! I’m always looking for better alternatives than just going with the norm of apple products!


  19. byg Comment #21

    can you please share what the name of the lip color that is? would love to see you do a hair tutorial, too! have requested this several times in the past – what tools and products you use to achieve your beachy waves… a youtube video would be great! have been following you for years, still my favorite blog! :)

  20. Elisa Comment #22

    Nice post!!

    xx Elisa
    My Fantabulous World

  21. Saša Comment #23
  22. FripperyVintage Comment #24

    Love these photos, definitely need band aids!

  23. monkeyshines Comment #25
  24. Shannon Comment #26

    Loving all these pieces!


  25. Maddy Comment #27

    Loving your picks, everything looks perfect! x

    Maddy from UNSTITCHEDD 

  26. Fashion Snag Comment #28
  27. My-Hanh Comment #29

    I find it always exciting what other people have in their bags:) thanks for that post amd for those useful tips!
    What I really would recommend it to you is to visit the high line in east village. It is pretty cool and you can go there also for having a break and just relax from the hustle and bustle of Manhattan.

  28. Tsangtastic by Jenny Tsang Comment #30

    Sounds just so fun AND productive! Love this kind of paste, hope you had a blast in NYC! xx

    ❤ Jenny Tsang | Tsangtastic on Bloglovin’

  29. Camille Comment #31
  30. Idalia Comment #32

    Powder is a DEF MUST! Great post!


  31. Andréa Comment #33

    I love sunglasses too, it’s so nice to have the choice and be able to change when we want when we have two pairs.

  32. Emma Comment #34

    I absolutely love the daisy perfume!!

  33. karen Comment #35

    what was the watch you were waring in New York, Is it silver?

  34. karen Comment #36

    what was the watch you were wearing in New York, Is it silver?

  35. mfashionfreak Comment #37

    Hehehh :) One day I’ll need those essentials too!


  36. Sandrine V Comment #38

    Great essentials!!

    Sandrine xx

  37. fashionaltitude Comment #39

    love this update!!!
    xo fashionaltitude

  38. MÓNICA - MES VOYAGES À PARIS Comment #40

    Love your essentials for FW! :)

  39. Kimberly Ann Comment #41

    Love this! That’s super smart to carry bandaids. I ALWAYS seem to forget when wearing heels!


  40. Juliesway Comment #42

    Love that necklace

  41. Eva Comment #43

    Love these kind of posts and great tips, thanks for sharing! Xx

  42. Huyen Comment #44

    amazing essentials, perfect life savers!


  43. pretty little things Comment #45

    great bag essentials! hope you had an awesome time at fashion week! xo

  44. State Beauty Comment #46
  45. Caleena Comment #47

    Wow,I’d love to be exhausted at fashion week beats being exhausted at home!!

  46. Meggan Comment #48

    Looove your sunnies! From the looks of your insta, fashion week was amazing!! xo

  47. Verity Comment #49

    Aw it looks like new york fashion week is amazing, I’m so jealous!!

  48. Tash Comment #50

    I can’t help but notice how many fashion bloggers had that new Sony tablet.. it would be nice for them to acknowledge that maybe Sony gave them to them to promote.

  49. Sheila Comment #51

    I suggest checking out the stores on 5th Ave and stopping for a snack at the Bouchon Bakery at the Rockeller Center.

  50. ChamaFashion Comment #52

    Nice post!

  51. Boardwalks & Boulevards Comment #53

    Love hearing about your NYFW experiences!

    – Kaitlyn

    Boardwalks & Boulevards

  52. Maud Schellekens Comment #54
  53. Julie Comment #55

    i love this tablet!!


  54. Dark Blue Stripes Comment #56

    Great NYFW essentials. Sunglasses and bandaids are such a lifesaver during the fashion week chaos.

    Christie x

  55. claudia Comment #57
  56. Marta Pozzan Comment #58

    Fun post, love the sunglasses

  57. Seppy Comment #59

    Glad you had a wonderful time! It must be definitely thrilling and tiring at the same time, but worthwhile I’m sure!
    On busy days, I make sure to keep hydrated and always have a snack to carry around!

  58. lo Comment #60

    who’s your watch by????

  59. Naaj Rona Comment #61

    ?Love the rings, especially the spike ring. Your outfits for the fashion week were super chic and comfy.

    Naaj Ronas Lifestyle

  60. Romina y Sabela Comment #62

    Nos encanta tu estilo, eres una de nuestras preferidas

  61. ana rita Comment #63
  62. Cristina Monti Comment #64
  63. Kristine Comment #65

    Hi Jules! May I ask what paper planner you have in the background in the lower pictures? I’m paper obsessed and always looking for planners. Thanks!

  64. Mandy Comment #66

    Which shade of Laura Mercier Lippy do you use,?looks gorgeous

  65. Michelle Comment #67

    Great post, love the sunnies!