Sézane by Morgane Sézalory x Sincerely Jules


I’ve been sooo anxious to finally share the photos of my collaboration with the amazing Sézane brand back when I visited Paris. Sézane is a french brand created by Morgane Sézalory (a total sweetheart, I love her!!) which is only available online. Sézane offers several collections per year and ships everywhere in the world.

My love for the brand began when I wore this beautiful sweater and couldn’t help but keep an eye out for the label. It has all the right elements I always look for in clothing- versatility, comfort, effortless appeal, and casual coolness. So, you can imagine my excitement when she approached me to visit Paris (for the first time!) to explore her beautiful city, collection and get to know the team. I was beyond thrilled.

My excitement grew as she asked me if I wanted to shoot a little lookbook in Paris wearing all Sézane pieces… I mean… how could I say no to a photoshoot in PARIS wearing amazing clothes? I gladly accepted. There were some last minute changes to the photographer, so she asked Temoc if he would be willing to shoot the photos instead. It worked out perfectly!!

So here, I present to you the Sézane x Sincerely Jules lookbook photos for her fall collection that took place all around Paris. To help celebrate the new collection, Sézane also relaunched her website! Double the fun! It is now translated to English too!

 To be kept up to date with the arrival of new collections it’s better to sign up, HERE:

Make sure to follow Sézane on Facebook and Instagram… we have some cool giveaways coming up next week that you don’t want to miss!!

Enjoy the photos in Pareeeee! xo

Special thank you to Morgane, Coco & Thomas for an unforgettable experience! I miss you three dearly!! 



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  1. Emily Comment #1

    You are one of my role models!


  2. Patricia Comment #3

    This Is your best collab ever !!!! I mean with temoc this Is you .you look great and the styling Is superb
    Sorry for my english !i’m french et vive sézanne

  3. Andrea Comment #4 pieces are so good! absolutely lovely..and your hair looks better than ever..if it’s even possible..thank you for an inspiration!

  4. Corali Comment #5

    i LOVE these images, but especially all of the shoes! they are amazing!!

  5. Alexsandra Comment #6

    Oh that looks amazing! Love discovering new brands and this one looks gorgeous x


  6. julissa perez Comment #7

    LOVE this collection your so beautiful too! good job temoc with the photos! all came out great!


  7. Idalia Comment #8

    OMG i love all of this! i need everything too! Love it!


  8. Caity @ Moi Contre La Vie Comment #9

    Fabulous fabulous shots! Completely in love with that rust colored bag and that fur-lined hooded jacket is too cute for words. Great collaboration!

  9. Ana C. Comment #10

    I love the photos, the outfits are so perfect <3
    Big kisses

  10. Erica Comment #11

    You are my favorite blogger by far. You always nail it & you’re so awesome. Love every single picture & outfit!

  11. sasha Comment #12

    Love this photos! This collection is great, it has everyuthin a girl needs for fall! Animal prints, cool jackets and amazing shoes! My personal fav from these pgotos are leather pants!

  12. Sandrine V Comment #13

    Wow, you look awesome!

    Sandrine xx

  13. Tsangtastic by Jenny Tsang Comment #14

    Super cute looks dear, love the coat with the fur hoodie, great collaboration xoxo

    NEW post up… | Tsangtastic on Bloglovin’

  14. Cecilia Comment #15

    Absolutely incredible your looks and it’s your best collab!!! I love every single things!


  15. Camille Comment #16
  16. M.S.M Comment #17

    Love all your look here!!

    A “Fusioned” BLOUSE + BOYFRIEND JEANS + LEOPARD heels and a RED touch:::


  17. Gracie Comment #18

    Oh my! I cannot get over that grey coat! So beautiful! What a great brand! Thanks for sharing! Stunning pictures! :)

  18. fashmongers Comment #19

    I love the collection especially the overalls..

  19. the pearl oyster Comment #20

    so excited for this! the looks are amaze.


  20. A. Comment #21

    Amazing !
    C’est juste parfait et superbe

  21. Bluechicberry Comment #22

    Great outfits and you? You look so beautiful!

  22. Mackenzie Frazier Comment #23

    I have been following you since the blog started and have NEVER missed a blog post. In pains me to say this bc I’am one of your biggest fans but all you do now is collaborations. I miss the Jules who would wear F21 and would style her outfit with out endorsements.

  23. ChamaFashion Comment #24

    You look amazing!

  24. Miss Key Comment #25

    All of these photos are really amazing! I love every clothes, I can’t choose one, you look awesome with all of them and the place is so beautiful, perfect for these photos
    Really lovely

  25. Rose Comment #26

    These are beautiful-congratulations!!! I’ve been following Sezanne since you first posted about them, and will hopefully be paying a visit next I’m in Paris. For now, I’ll be keeping an eye out for these pieces! :)

    Blonde in this City

  26. kiwifashionblog Comment #27

    Jules these are drool worthy catalog like pictures! So partisan chic yet so uniquely you :)

  27. Rougeuse Comment #28

    The pics are really great! Good job! X

  28. monkeyshines Comment #29
  29. Stephanie Comment #30

    I love all of her pieces! You styled the lookbook so well!


  30. M.S.M Comment #31

    Love each and every pic!!!!

    A “Fusioned” BLOUSE + BOYFRIEND JEANS + LEOPARD heels and a RED touch:::


  31. Jelisaveta Comment #32

    Absolutely gorgeous!!!

  32. kendall Comment #33

    how exciting! you look stunning & the clothes are gorgeous!! x

  33. Joy Comment #34

    Wow. I love everything in this collection. Very Parisian Chic, elegant, modern and classic at the same time.

  34. Sarah Comment #35

    So beautiful! I love the brown satchel!
    xo sarah

  35. Laura Comment #36

    Wow lovely pics !
    Love from Paris

  36. Paulynagore Comment #37

    Amazing shooting ! I love everything, you’re so beautiful !

  37. Julie Comment #38

    I really love Sezane!
    Congrats for these pictures, it’s amazing!


  38. Belen Comment #39

    Love it! And love you, you are amazing!

  39. Quyen Comment #40

    I love all the boots and bags. Great looks! Paris in the background doesn’t hurt either! :) I am a travel blogger, so I love to see the cities you go to.

  40. Esther Comment #41

    LOVE LOVE LOVE all the outfits!! LOVE your style!

  41. Sabela y Romina Comment #42

    Que chulos todos los looks que nos muestras en el post de hoy, pero nuestras prendas favoritas son el peto y los botines en marrón


  42. Stephanie Comment #43

    OMG beautiful line! You are so lucky :)
    Ahh how I wish I could own something from them, I especially love their boots, they’re so perfect for fall and oh so Parisian! I love!


  43. Huyen Comment #44

    the pictures turned out incredible! loving the pieces, so wearable yet chic!


  44. Kacie Comment #45

    Wow all of these pictures are so stunning! Every outfit is styled so perfectly!

  45. Shannon Comment #46

    These looks are stunning!


  46. Lyn Comment #47

    Love the animals tops, leather legging & black booties!! xx

  47. Kimberly Ann Comment #48

    LOVE this! All of those looks are great.. especially all the animal print :) So great for you!


  48. Rachelle Comment #49

    the lookbook is amazing, congrats Jules and Temoc.

  49. Fashion Snag Comment #50

    Love all these looks!

  50. Nikki Comment #51

    you are so beautiful! and i’m crazy about that camel colored jacket


  51. Rhoda Wong Comment #52
  52. Olivia Elisa Comment #53

    Such a beautiful woman and such beautiful pieces. I don’t even know what to say or where to start. Your blog is so elegant, as is your style. Love the collab as well.


  53. Seppy Comment #54

    The pictures look great! Glad you had an amazing time!

  54. liz Comment #55

    amazing photos!!! absolutely in love with your overalls!

  55. kelsey Comment #56

    such a gorgeous collection of fall pieces
    kw, ladies in navy

  56. Mary Comment #57

    Holy DROOL FEST.

    “Obsessed” does not even begin to describe my level of elation upon viewing these stunning ensembles. I mean, I have no words. And, I very rarely have no words.

    Every single piece. To. Die. For.

    The Classy Cubicle

  57. Helen Comment #58

    Lovely photos and great clothes!! I love the grey shorts with the matching jacket!

  58. Yudresscode Comment #59

    Great style and photos!

  59. pipa Comment #60

    Amazing shots!!!

  60. Mafalda Comment #61

    What a gorgeous collection! I’m French and I don’t know this brand!
    Mafalda ❤

  61. Nelya Comment #62

    I think I like the suit the best, I love it!

  62. Marine Comment #63

    so beautiful ! I love Sézane’s creations. Your lookbook is just perfec t!
    Have a nice day!
    Marine (from France)

  63. MmeC Comment #64

    I loved Sézane, and I love it even more now!
    Can’t wait for the eshop to being re-stocked! (Orphée dress, Julia skirt ❤)

  64. stephanie Comment #65

    Wow i really like this outfits!
    xx Stephanie (

  65. Romantic Tea Comment #66

    Oh my … I love everything you were here !

    But… it’s expensive :(

  66. Leen Comment #67

    AMAZING PICTURES! Because of you I discovered this brand a couple of weeks ago and I so fell in love with it! They have amazing pieces! Thanks! x

  67. Maud Schellekens Comment #68
  68. Ophélie Comment #69

    These looks are amazing and you wear it so beautifully! I’m a big fan of your style!
    Thank you for the inspiration xoxo

  69. Lali Comment #70

    These cute shoes and these coats. So beautiful and you look amazing.
    Love from Germany, Lali

  70. The Fashion Panda Comment #71
  71. Ángela Comment #72

    Beautiful. I love all pics.


  72. Mariska Comment #73

    Lovely pictures! I love the shoes with the snake print.

  73. Dragana Comment #74

    Beautifull pics, I have enjoyed to watching <3<3<3
    kiss for you :*

  74. In a Trendy Town Comment #75

    Nice recopilation! We love coats!

  75. patricia Comment #76
  76. State beauty Comment #77
  77. Leah S. Comment #78

    Beautiful collaboration! I want everything!

  78. SHERRY Comment #79

    OH MY!!! Every Piece is BEAUTIFUL!!!!

  79. natalie Comment #80

    i love each piece!
    you look amazing

  80. Ana Leote Comment #81

    Beautiful photos!


  81. Megan Little Comment #82

    you’re gorgeous! xoxo

  82. Michelle Lee Comment #83
  83. Eye Like Fashion Comment #84

    SENSORY OVERLOAD in the best way possible! There are so many interesting things to look at!
    The wild patterns, the textures, the pairings, the accessories. It’s alllll AMAZING!!!!


  84. Amanda Markiewicz Comment #85

    Amazing pics and outfits!!!! Lovely!!!


  85. Kate Comment #86

    your look is amazing!
    love your hair!!! <3

  86. fashionaltitude Comment #87

    I was looking forward to seeing the results of your collaboration with Sezane!
    I love all the outfits!, gives you a little bit of the parisian chic as opposed to your Calfifornian casual sexy style!
    Bought from the Fall collection the zebra dress , a must ,and leopard print pumps. Can’t wait to get myself the animal print jacket that you rock sitting in a café terrace!
    waouh! you look stunning:-)
    xoxo fashionaltitude

  87. Violet Vixen Comment #88

    So many cute outfits!

  88. Silke Comment #89

    I love the outfits with the leather legging/pants & the brown parka! :)

  89. Isabelle Comment #90

    Mais c’est juste merveilleux, on adore, on adore Morgane, on t’adore.
    Bons baisers du Sud de la France.

  90. Cachou Comment #91

    You wear it so well ! Simple, classy and easy and seems from great fabric.
    Only you could made such an interesting collaboration, i’m glad to follow your blog,

  91. Carolin Adler Comment #92

    Where is the parca with the fur from?
    I absolutly love it and cant find it on their website.

  92. Lubna Comment #93

    This looks like such an incredible collaboration! I absolutely love the outfits you styled – it’s so hard to pick a favorite! Congrats darling. x

    Lubna | ELLE VOX

  93. Ofunne O Comment #94

    I loveeee these looks! You look amazing, I want every piece!

  94. Lisanne Comment #95

    Very inspirational post! Love it!

  95. ana rita Comment #96

    amazing photos and outfits!

  96. Camille B Comment #97

    You are beautiful on this pictures. You look so French. Thank you so much. You are looking so perfect in my country !

  97. sara Comment #98

    LOVE your style!

  98. Julliettka Comment #99

    you are so so amazing!!! your blog for me is a big inspiration!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  99. Julia Comment #100

    Wow – your outfits are so lovely and cool. I wished I could have these clothes!!!
    Perfect <3

    Love, Julia

  100. Marine Comment #101

    I definitely love her collection and her brand !
    You look amazing in all the pieces :) I fell in love with this wonderful light grey Caban – what is the size you’re wearing? I’ll order it as soon as it is available on the e-shop :)

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  103. Milana Comment #104

    Those blazers ! And the coat is also very beautiful. Simple and elegant.
    P.S. you’re so cute :)

  104. Diana Comment #105

    Loving all the photos!!!!! Paris is a magical city!

    xoxo, Diana

  105. Cathleen Comment #106

    You look amazing! Great collaborations! Are any of these styles are available in ParlourX because their collection is somewhat similar to what you’re wearing. And they have a really great and friendly staffs, just so you know. 😉

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  107. cristina Monti Comment #108
  108. Sasha Comment #109

    I want all and everyone of them!! Loved them! ANd you give the outfits your natural and cozy look :)

  109. Aly Comment #110

    Gorgeous pics! You’re awesome!
    Can you please make a post about the camera & lenses Temoc uses?
    Please!! :)

    Au revoir <3

  110. Katelyn Comment #111

    I need those leather pants & booties! I can’t seem to find the pants though :(
    As always you’re amazing.

  111. Uyen Comment #112

    You’ve instantly turned me into a fan of this brand!! All of these pieces are amazing and you wear them so well! Great collection!

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  113. ¨Stéphanie Messina Comment #114

    I’m falling in love with your coat… Where is it from? Sézane?


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  120. lacey loyd Comment #121

    i NEED to know where the overalls came from or where i can find something very similar. I’m obsessed!!

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  122. Janie Comment #123

    What a fun opportunity! I love all of these outfits! I don’t think I’d be able to pick out a favorite!

  123. Pingback: blog da px

  124. Lucy Comment #125

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  132. Taylor Comment #133

    How do you purchase the jacket with fur hood ??