Sézane Giveaway.


So, in connection with the launch of Sézane‘s new site and my lookbook photos I shared with you guys last week (here), we teamed up again to host a super rad giveaway… scratch that.. make that TWO giveaways!! AH! So jelous.

Two giveaways because…well, why not? Double the love, double the fun!:

FACEBOOK giveaway– ( a $1,000 shopping spree giveaway on her site!).

INSTAGRAM giveaway- ( a $1,000 shopping spree giveaway on her site!)

  • To win, you just have to follow me (@sincerelyjules) and Sézane @sezane_paris on instagram and post your most beautiful summer picture with the hashtag  #julesinparis 

Pretty easy stuff! Go ahead and like them on FB and I can’t wait to see your best summer photo with the hashtag #julesinparis …. I will announce the two winners next week! Good luck!

A few favorite products and photos from Sézane‘s site  below! xo

sezane4 sezane2 sezane1 sezane

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  1. M.S.M Comment #1

    Hope I’m lucky!

    the T-shirt MOST IN gives us the youthfull SPIRIT WE NEED::


  2. Misskey Comment #2

    Oooo I loce this brand! I wish I’ll win

  3. Marine Comment #4

    Wow thx so so so much !!
    Ive just sent my participation, crossing my fingers now 😀

  4. Suzanne Comment #5

    would be great to win! i have Sézane liked on Facebook :)

  5. Mira Comment #6

    Great giveaway!!! I love the brand 😀


    xx Mira

  6. carol Comment #7
  7. life is a shoe Comment #8

    loving the shoes! the structure and styles re really great!

  8. stephanie Comment #9

    those first booties (black and burgundy) are amazing!
    xx Stephanie (

  9. Alice Bradshaw Comment #10

    Gosh ! I’m French so I know Sézane, I love this brand so much, she had a phenomenal success for her last collection, that’s so cool for her because she deserve it ! :)

    thank you for this opportunity I participate to the twice contests haha !

  10. Eline Comment #11

    Are you kidding meeee!! Woowiee what a great giveaway! Whaaaaa.. Crossing my fingers;-)

    Lots of love from The Netherlands!

  11. jane Comment #12

    How exciting! I entered both, of course ^^You perfectly represent the philosophy of Sézane, what a great collaboration!

  12. Constance Vignes Comment #13

    omg best giveway EVER!

  13. Olga Comment #14

    oh, i’m loving it!

  14. Eline Comment #15

    Are you kidding me??!! Wooowiee what a great giveaway! I love the collection of Sezane and it suits you marvelous.

    Lots of love from The Netherlands!

  15. Brigadeiro Comment #16

    I’m particularly in love with that fur-trimmed hooded jacket! Entered!


    Brigadeiro’s Blog

  16. pipa Comment #17

    Great giveaway!!!

  17. Sarah Comment #18

    The brand is gorgeous, good luck to everyone entering!
    xo sarah

  18. Mirna M. Comment #19
  19. Nikki Comment #20

    her stuff is gorgeous! i’d love to win a shopping spree


  20. Regan Comment #21

    Already entered! Love everything from Sezane; so simple and sophisticated. Please check out my blog at

  21. Dragana Comment #22

    Oh my Gosh, I wish I`II win <3
    Love you beautiful Jules 😉

  22. Oksana Comment #23

    Congratulations on the collab! So many pieces that I want! Crossing my fingers and hoping to win! XOXO

  23. liz Comment #24

    love this brand! thanks for sharing the giveaway!!

  24. Gracie Comment #25
  25. kelsey Comment #26

    oh so gorgeous! liked on facebook!
    kw, ladies in navy

  26. Katie @ 24 Carrot Life Comment #27

    The jackets from Sézane are to DIE for. I had trouble going to Facebook from your post to like their page (maybe because I’m using my iPad) but I just liked them on Facebook. Thanks for this giveaway opportunity!

  27. Quyen Comment #28

    I love the black heels! they are bewitching! reminds be of a pair I found in Madrid that I cherish!

  28. Elisa Comment #29

    Great post!!!

    xx Elisa
    My Fantabulous World

  29. Juliette Laura Comment #30

    Entered the Instagram contest! Following you both, and hashtagged! Very exciting.

    xo, Juliette Laura

  30. Michelle Lee Comment #31
  31. Rougeuse Comment #32

    Those red leather booties are gorgeous! x

  32. Fashion Snag Comment #33
  33. Naaj Rona Comment #34

    The shoes are really pretty. I checked the website, the zebra print pullover and Joe Perfecto has to be my favourite. Have to start saving so i can buy those.

    Naaj Ronas Lifestyle

  34. Cait Comment #35

    great giveaway! i absolutely love the navy coat :)

  35. millennielle Comment #36

    ooh wonderful! i don’t ever win anything, but this would be a lucky surprise 😀

  36. fashionaltitude Comment #37

    great giveaways!!!!LOve Sezane and Jules!!
    xoxo Fashionaltitude

  37. Nonee Ngazimbi Comment #38

    Those shoes are GAWWWWW-JUS!

  38. Helena Comment #39
  39. SVICA Jeans Comment #40

    Must have Fall shoes that would look brilliant with SVICA Jeans!!

    ~ SVICA Jeans ~
    “The Customizable Tuxedo Stripe Jean”

  40. YoungMild&Free Comment #41

    What a great giveaway! Thank you for sharing this with us!


  41. Caroline Hughes Comment #42

    I liked Sezane’s page. Love them! Thanks for always posting such wonderful style inspiration!!

  42. Caroline Comment #43

    Fingers crossed!! xxx

  43. Lo Comment #44

    Does your fb profile have to be public?

  44. Meesh Comment #45

    Can we only enter one photo on instagram? I noticed some have entered many. Great giveaway :)

  45. azrakun Comment #46

    entered! does this mean we can easily buy their products in the US now? excited!

  46. Helen Comment #47
  47. MmeC Comment #48

    THE giveaway I’ve been waiting for!!!
    Hope I’ll be lucky…Thanks Jules&Sézane!

  48. Santastefa Comment #49

    Speeds up my heartbreak! Sezane knows how woman want to be attracted…

  49. Alexandra Comment #50

    So many gorgeous things! Thank you so much for the opportunity!

    Kisses from Lisbon

  50. Camille N Comment #51

    I want it so bad (please think about me ^^)

  51. Matea Comment #52

    Entered! Love the giveaway and your lookbook photos too! <3

  52. Nathalie Comment #53

    Thanks for that giveaway ! like it so much ! know Sezane this French brand and love it !!! hope I will be the lucky one ! ::)

  53. Helene Comment #54

    Hi jules, love your blog, love sezane (since I saw it on your blog).
    Would love to enter, but the link doesnt work.

  54. Helene Comment #55

    LOVE this brand! Want the shoes, and the silky tops, and the coats, and…and….well basically everything :-). Wrote before that the fb link doesn’t work. I now just liked them, does that work too? Hope my amsterdam time zone will save me and make sure I’m not too late! Thanks!

  55. Tamara del Rey Rozas Comment #56

    I love your style! :)

  56. In a Trendy Town Comment #57

    We participate, we have published a photo on Instagram in the Arenal Sound Festival!

  57. Teresa Hernández Comment #58

    Participo, a versi hay suerte. Un saludo.

  58. Öznur DEMİR Comment #59

    hey i just wanna ask that when can we learn about winners 😉
    thanks a lot

  59. Diana Comment #60

    Love the shoes!! Great giveaway!!

    xoxo, Diana

  60. Caroline Comment #61

    OMG!!! I would love to win i love the sparkly shoes !!! I don’t have a website but i have an instagram and i hashtaged #julesinparis so i hope you’ll like my pics! My instagram is caroomarie go follow me please! I love all your pics !

  61. G Comment #62

    Who is the winner???

  62. Lo Comment #63

    Who was the second winner from Instagram

  63. Ami Comment #64

    It was a fake giveaway??? :((

  64. G Comment #65

    Los responsables de Sézane me han comentado que eres tu quien debes anunciar los ganadores del sorteo de hace semanas. ¿Cuándo anunciarás los ganadores?

  65. Eline Comment #66

    i’m still hoping!

    X from The Netherlands