Dear London.


So I’m talking to you guys a little after my trip from New York to London to share my experience during London Fashion Week with the TONI&GUY Hair Meet Wardrobe team.

As a newbie to the beautiful city of London, I didn’t know what to expect especially when it came down to what I should wear or how I should do my hair. I decided to check out the scene and vibe the first day and thought I would go from there. Being that my style is already super laid-back as it is, I wanted to style my hair according to my wardrobe choices and the event I was attending that day.  For me, it’s important to really think about every aspect of getting ready. From the styling of my hair down to the shoes to makeup and the little details like accessories/bag because every little detail counts.

I try to keep things rather simple even if it’s just my hair. I like for my hair to match my style that I’m portraying that day! So for example, during LFW I wore a messy fishtail braid (extra texture thanks to the Sea Salt Texturising Spray from the Casual Collection!) and paired it with a pretty pair of shiny chandelier earrings to glam up a silver tailored blazer I wore with leather skinnies and boots which gave off a cool feminine glam look! On another day, I waved out my hair more than the usual and added the TONI&GUY Sculpting Powder from the Casual Collection to help add extra volume & texture. This loose wave look is the best look to style your hair when you want to wear a beanie… so I threw one on to match my casual hipster look for that day!

Working with the TONI&GUY Hair Meet Wardrobe team made me realize how important the philosophy of Hair Meet Wardrobe is. Hair has always been a huge part of my look but after being in New York and London for Fashion Week, I realized how key having your hair styled according to your look is… I think it’s not just about what you wear but how you wear it. It’s not about what you do to your hair, it’s about the confidence it gives you. I think you should be able to tell a story with your overall look and hair definitely has a big say in the story you want your audience to read. Since TONI&GUY Hair Meet Wardrobe has 4 fashion-inspired hair styling product collections – Casual, Classic, Glamour and Creative, you can style your hair to go with whatever you are wearing. Like I always say, you hair is your biggest accessory so why not use it to help complement your wardrobe?

After my first day in London, I realized that the style there was impeccable. There was something really special about how the people in London dressed and carried themselves that I found so endearing! It has been the best street style I’ve seen anywhere by far. I saw different trends on hair styles & haircuts in London that went so seamlessly with what they were wearing from boho-grunge, to classic preppy and even glam rock, there was a little bit of everything! I left feeling like chopping off my hair because I saw so many girls rocking short hair dos! Ah! Perhaps that’s my next haircut? I definitely tried to bring a little bit of their swag down with me…needless to say, I left inspired.

Next time you’re putting your outfit together, make sure to think about how to style up your hair too because it’s definitely dressing from the head down kind of situation! Have fun with it!

Take a look at some of the looks I rocked from my hair down to what I wore to a little diary of London! Be sure to follow TONI&GUY on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and you can shop the TONI&GUY Hair Meet Wardrobe products now at Target stores.

london london8

I kept seeing braids every where in London- especially on the catwalks during LFW.

london10 london11

My waved out hair I was talking about ealier; I was having such a good hair day this day because usually my waves don’t have this much volume! wearing: Current/Elliot plaid shirt, Joie jacket and Raen shades


A wall full of beautiful framed art – at the brand new London Edition hotel we stayed in.


My glam-cool look that I wore to the Matthew Williamson runway show! (wearing: Paul & Joe Sister blazer, J Brand Nicola moto jeans, A.Wang tee)


My messy fishtail braid that paired beautifully with these chandelier earrings! Glam-cool!

london20 london3

The amazing ceiling at our hotel; probably one of the most prettiest hotels I’ve been to!


Ran into the lovely Tamu from All The Pretty Birds at the Dover Street market. We were both contributors for Glamour’s Young & Posh’s network! She’s so sweetest and super stylish- loved her sleek, side parted hair!


It was definitely beanie weather in London; but I definitely used my favorite hair products (Sea Salt Texturising Spray to get these texturized waves! )


My first tea experience in London! It was priceless!


Close-up shot of my braid- it’s been my favorite hairstyle to do when I don’t know what else to do with it! So easy and looks so pretty!

london26 londond17

Rocked this pretty cat beanie from the ASOS showroom while I visited their headquarters! Wearing: HIDE jacket, Loeffler Randall bag


Gorgeous view from above the London Eye! See you next time London!

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  1. Rachelle Comment #1

    Such a sweet post, your hair is definitely a statement. Thanks for sharing


  2. In a Trendy Town Comment #3

    Nice pictures, London is a very beautiful city with many places to discover.


  3. Ula Comment #4

    i’m so astonished how you looked in matthew williamson show, you look absolutely glam-cool-stunning! more outfit pictures and details, please! x

  4. Camille Comment #5
  5. Eva Comment #6

    Love the photos you’ve made and your looks are all so great! xx

  6. Laura Comment #7

    Nice pics !

    Love from Paris

  7. Miss Key Comment #8

    London is an amazing city!!! These photos show that you passed so great time there. Love these looks.
    Mmm these breakfast have a delicious look

  8. monkeyshines Comment #9

    wonderful capture!


  9. Jess Comment #10

    Amazing pictures! I love London, it’s such a beautiful place! :)

    Please, check out my blog

    Thanks! xx

  10. Bella Comment #11

    Perfect outfits and gorgeous photos! I love being in London as you can wear whatever you want and however you feel!


  11. Anna Comment #12

    Looks like you had a great time, love the messy braid!

  12. Huyen Comment #13

    i love your laid back style, so relatable!


  13. Belen Baquerizo Comment #14

    I love your laid-back look. Don’t change it!
    Love the way you styled your hair :)

    New post on my bloggy. visit me! :)

  14. Pauline Comment #15

    Fishtail braids are one of my fav hairstyles, yours look gorgeous!

  15. Juliette Laura Comment #16

    Oh wow! I have never been but now I am dying to visit! (as if I wasn’t already)

    xo, Juliette Laura

  16. liz Comment #17

    such great photos!! i love all your looks!

  17. albert Comment #18

    I follow you on the blog but I’ve realized that you have an awesome instagram
    loving your blog and style,
    xx from

  18. Kelly in the City Comment #19

    Isn’t London absolutely amazing? I truly feel I’m a British girl trapped in an American’s body. 😉 LOVE your black-and-white jacket, and the photo from the top of the London Eye! :)



  19. with love, michellexoxox Comment #20

    Great pictures! Going to London next month, can’t wait!

  20. Maud Schellekens Comment #21

    Cool shots, looked like you had an amazing time!

    XOXO Maud


  21. Chrissabella Comment #22

    Love all your outfits and your hair looks amazing!

    Glad to hear you had an amazing time in London and even managed to enjoy high tea :)

    Greetings from London,

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    you always look great!

  24. isida Comment #25

    Ahhhh London, the best city in the world, and I’m not just saying that because I’m a Londoner 😉

  25. jelena Comment #26

    great photos, love this whole London story, actually love all yours travel/fashion blogs very much….

  26. Sandrine V Comment #27

    London is my favorite city, you have beautiful pictures!

    Sandrine xx

  27. MaricruzLA Comment #28

    Me encanta las fotos Londres es una ciudad hermosa! Y me gusta mucho como se ve tu cabello con la fish-braid xx

  28. Q Comment #29
  29. leahnoelle Comment #30

    This looks like an incredible trip! I loved every picture! xo

  30. Jo Comment #31

    LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS! you are soo inspiring and i absolutely love the new thumbnail imaging it almost looks like a magazine cover!

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    Loving all the pictures!!

    xoxo, Diana

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    i love your hair :-) but im sure i would like them anyhow ! :-)
    p.s. amazing london post, my fav city

  37. Melissa Comment #38

    My favourite outfit is the one with the glitter blazer and your leather jeans!! 😀


  38. h* Comment #39

    cómo adoro London! hace 10 años que me vine de allí y es un viaje que haría una y otra vez!

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    Nice pictures!

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    Glad you had a nice time there! You totally rocked the London look :) xx

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    Love London! I will be going at the end of the year :) I can’t wait! Have a read at my fashion blog – you won’t regret it! XX

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    You always look so beautiful !

    I’d like to be in London so much :(

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  53. Naaj Rona Comment #54

    Glad that you loved London Julie. Hopefully, next time you come down, your readers from London will get the chance to meet you.

    I completely agree with you when you say that Hair plays an important role as it does in my case. If my hair is messed up and is not the way i want it to be then it knocks off my confidence big time. I feel down and the whole look is like a shambles. The whole day is ruined. So, hair does have a major role to play and love how Toni & Guys came up with the 4 different style Casual, Classic, Glamour and Creative. I love the Classic and Glamour look. Braids are definitely in this season as we got to see it inn New York for the Rebecca Minkoff show and then in London.
    Naaj Ronas Lifestyle

  54. Caroline Comment #55

    I really really love London..
    You look so hot! :-)

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    You look beautiful!
    Great pictures!
    :))) Keep it up!

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    Love this post! Although I went to London around 6 years ago, I’ve been DYING to go back. I can definitely tell (especially by your first look) that you were inspired by London style.

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    what a wonderful recap of London. I had the afternoon tea at Harrod’s and it was spectacular. love your hair!

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