Algarve, Portugal Diary / Day 1



Olá from beautiful Portugal!  I’m currently located in the Algarve region (excuse me if I said it was a city in my last post!) and we just completed Day 1 of our stay in this gorgeous little getaway yesterday. We were super excited when Conrad Algarve Hotels & Resorts invited us to stay and experience their 5-star luxury hotel as well as explore all that Algarve has to offer! We couldn’t pass up on this unique trip so we gladly accepted.

They’ve been so sweet to host us and offer us an experience to remember, not only with the hotel itself, but with Algarve. Ricardo, our lovely hotel contact, has been beyond welcoming and really sweet in helping plan our itinerary. The itinerary they’ve planned for each day that we are here is definitely thrilling! The first day was packed with fun activities starting with a savory buffet breakfast followed by a safari tour of the Algarve inlands! We rode through the hills and valleys with a super cool Land Rover- it was a bumpy road but that was definitely the fun part. We stopped every time our tour guides, Marco and Monika, wanted to share something about what they saw on the fields: plants like thyme, rosemary, mint or fruits like medronho (wild strawberries) or oranges as well as carob- a powder extracted from a carob bean to substitute chocolate- and how they are useful. We learned that cork is a key material that is produced in Portugal and distributed worldwide; we saw some trees that were extracted from their cork and would be marked by the year they were extracted. It was very interesting to hear, see and learn!

We then visited a little store in Quinta do Freixo to learn about jam’s and fig firewater. We sampled some jams; my favorites were definitely the orange and strawberry jams! So yummy. We drove off to visit the near by village; Alte. It was definitely the most prettiest little village I’ve seen with pebbled roads, all white houses and narrow streets. After a few minutes of walking around the village we were then guided to head to Fonte Grande in Alte where a picnic was arranged for us by our lovely host, Conrad Algarve. A picnic setting with a table full of delicious looking plates awaited us. Food, wine, dessert, I mean, they really went all out for us. I thought it was the perfect detail to an already amazing day! To wrap things up, we headed back to the hotel to rest for a few mins while they arranged car service to pick us up so we can check out the beach as the sunset was about to go down. We raced down and caught the most breathtaking sunset full of pastel colored shades. Definitely couldn’t have asked for a better first day! Looking forward to checking out the rest of Algarve as well as doing the rest of our activities which include: golfing lessons, wine class, and clam picking with cooking lessons! Fun!

Below are some of my favorite photos captured of Day 1 in Algarve with Conrad Algarve! Make sure to follow along my trip by checking out our hashtag for the trip: #conrad555

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  1. Fashion Snag Comment #1
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  3. Emma Comment #6

    Great photos and scenery, love the last picture

  4. Laëti Comment #7

    <3_<3 !


  5. DaisyLine Comment #8

    Amazing photos!


  6. Francisca Comment #9

    hey Jules :)
    i’m a portuguese girl that loves your website and loves you :)
    i hope you have a great holidays here in Portugal.

    (answer me pleeeease :))

  7. Elisa Comment #10

    Couldn’t be more happy with this post!!! Im glad you like to stay in my sweet country. <3

  8. Sara Edwards Silva Comment #11

    I really hope you’re loving Portugal! This is an amazing country with beautiful places to see!
    Your photos are great.
    Love Sara, from Portugal

  9. Su nd Chris Comment #12

    Wow, just amazing pictures! Love them all!

    xx Su

  10. Fashion Party blog Comment #13

    OMG amazing photo diary, it made me wish I was there too!
    You are so beautiful!

  11. Natali Comment #14

    Such a beautiful photos! You look super stylish as always!

  12. The Fashion Fraction Comment #15
  13. carol Comment #16

    amazing place babe !!! amazing

  14. C Comment #17

    Glad to hear from your days in the Algarve… I have to say it is quite a strange feeling seeing your blog full of portuguese words, portuguese background and portuguese light! But I’m happy with it!
    Favorite Pic: the one in the car!

  15. Marija Comment #18

    It looks like a perfect place to go and relax, lovely photos! And I love you red pants also! XO

  16. Wendy Comment #19

    Just wanted to say that it is refreshing to see a young woman doing so well for herself! As a woman and a mom of daughters, I am proud of you. It is important for young women to forge their own opportunities and to be selective in all other opportunities that come their way– as a result of their hard work and fortitude– with poise and grace! Keep soaring!

  17. C Comment #20

    PS: Still hoping you find the time for a small detour to Lisbon! Totally worth it!

  18. nikki Comment #21

    beautiful photos! love that red shirt!


  19. Ana Margarida Guilherme Comment #22

    First of all, bem-vida a Portugal!! I hope you have a great time here. If you have the time make sure you visit Alentejo, especially the coastline. It is breathtakingly beautiful!!!

  20. Camille Comment #24
  21. monkeyshines Comment #25

    wonderful capture!


  22. Rosie Comment #26

    Wow, that looks divine. Was there a couple of weeks ago, wish I was still there now!!

    Rosie x

  23. Cassandra Comment #27

    amazing ! So lucky 😉
    You look so great on the photos on the beach !

  24. Q Comment #28

    our summer house is in Budens… not far from where your are…. so I know exactly what your experiencing…
    That part of Portugal is unspoilt… the beaches are never crowded… even in high season.
    beautiful place with beautiful people who are so welcoming and friendly… we have been going twice a year for 7 years!!! and that will continue.

  25. estafania Comment #29
  26. Carlita DeSousa Comment #30

    This is a beautiful post! Gives me an idea of a good place to stay while visiting Portugal. I’d love to get there someday as that is where my father is from. Do you plan on going to the Azores?

  27. abigail sterling Comment #31

    LOVE these pics – looks like such a beautiful place!!

    x abigail, the fabulous life of a natural disaster

  28. Maria Comment #32

    Welcome to Portugal. I hope You enjoy our beautiful country :)
    I Love your style, and the pics are amazing!

  29. audrey Comment #33

    EVERYTHING about this trip looks AMAZING!!!!

  30. Quyen Comment #34

    I loved visiting Portugal. I loved the markets, the people, the architecture, the food, and the beautiful fado music. That resort is beautiful, but I hope you have time to explore the city and get lost it in. Portugal is best for long walks and getting lost!

  31. Madison Comment #35

    Such lovely pictures! I hop you have a super fun trip! Can’t wait to see more!!


  32. Laura Comment #36

    Beautiful photos !

    Love from Paris

  33. Cheyenne Comment #37

    These are beautiful photos!!

  34. It's About L.A Comment #38

    Amazing pictures, they are so cool, you’re very lucky to be there, enjoy your trip!

  35. Gracie Comment #39

    What beautiful photos! Such an amazing place! And your all red look is gorgeous!

  36. I Showed Up In Boots Comment #40

    Gorgeous photos. Love those red pants…are they Isabel Marant x H&M?

  37. Maria Inês Ribeiro Comment #41

    So glad to see that you’re loving our country! Lovely photos 😀

    My blog –

  38. Tsangtastic by Jenny Tsang Comment #42

    This is soooo cute, lovely shots and can’t wait to see more 😉 Hope you had a wonderful time there!

    New Post up…

  39. SpeakingPrada Comment #43

    To see this post and realize that you are enjoying so much your stay in my country really puts a smile on my face :) You’ve been for a long time one of my favorite bloggers (without any doubts!) and reading all your wonderful words about my country, just makes me so happy. I’m not sure if this sounds weird (probably it does! haha) but I guess it’s something like when you have an idol (singer/actor/wtv) and he/she visits your country and keeps saying amazing things about it, it makes you all happy and proud of your little country, right? That’s kind of how I feel due to this post :) Anyways, enough ramble, I seriously can’t wait to see your future posts, and i truly hope you make the most of your time here and that you love every second spent here <3 have an amazing time Julie :)

  40. Sharon (Style-Chameleon) Comment #44

    So many stunning pictures!


  41. Oksana Comment #45

    Amazing pictures! Thanks for sharing!

    ♥ NB! I’ve changed my blog’s link! Before I was ‘makeupbyoksana’, but from now on, I’m ‘oxanamua’ (which means makeup artist).
    That’s why my previous bloglovin page doesn’t work anymore.
    ♥ So, please, follow me on my new one to keep reading me –

    ♥ Oksana {new post >> october/november favourites}

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  43. Helena Galvão Comment #47

    My country <3

  44. Julie's Way Comment #48

    Amazing pictures, i love your white sweat <3

  45. Eliana Comment #49

    Hi Jules!!
    I’m portuguese and I’m so glad to see that you are in my country! I hope you enjoy it, Portugal has many beautiful places and Algarve is definitely on of them!
    Have fun Jules :)

  46. Laura Comment #50

    You look amazing, i love these photos


  47. Eni Comment #51

    Beautiful photos! Love your outfits too!

  48. Nengi Comment #52

    I love the Algarve! Gorgeous place with lovely people.
    You should check out Lagos in Portugal as well! I loved it there :) xx

  49. selin Comment #53

    Great photos and post . Successful :))

  50. nel Comment #54

    This is so super cool! Enjoy it all while you’re there: lovely place, lovely people, amazing food! Oh so jealous of you right now!!! I always go to the Algarve and/or Alentejo (also lovely and less crowded) in the summer and this year I couldn’t… I’ll definitely go next year though! Oh have fun… Portugal <3

  51. Renate Comment #55

    Your photos are always so gorgeous and so are you! I just wanted to be there and see it and basically be you for the day 😀

    Renate from
    What’s in my makeup bag post has just gone up on my blog, if you’re interested to check it out!

  52. CR Comment #56

    Obrigado Julie,

    You are giving an opportunity for a lot of people (especially in the United States) to see how gorgeous Portugal is and how welcoming our people is.
    Never the less, you have just seen a small fraction of this “garden planted in the seaside”.
    I’m hopping that more hotel managers give you the opportunity to see the rest 😉
    You will always be welcomed back.

  53. State beauty Comment #57

    What a wonderful place!!! I haven’t been in Portugal but I want to go this year!!

    Lovely pictures in the beach!


  54. Bella Comment #58

    Beautiful photos!


  55. Cortney Comment #59

    Absolutely beautiful! Stunning photos!


  56. Julie Comment #60
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  58. Giò Comment #62

    Hy Julie! I love your style and I follow you allways! When I want to see some street style fashion you are the first blogger I go to see. So, I had some fun creating an outfit for you. Let me know if you like it! Hugs, Giò;.locale=it

  59. Amy Simmons Comment #63

    all your pictures look amazing and are making me want to go and visit Portugal! You look gorgeous as always Jules :) x

  60. Jeans Please Comment #64

    Amazing landscapes <3

  61. rachel Comment #65

    these pictures are breathtaking!

    love, rachel
    n e w b l o g |

  62. Paula Caetano Comment #66

    Welcome to my homeland :)
    Wish a lovely time here… Enjoy and take back with you great memories from this small but so beautiful country.
    Be Happy!!!

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  64. Laura Comment #68

    wonderful pictures! Laura of the blog :

  65. Diana Comment #69

    welcome!!!enjoy it :)
    love from a portuguese girl

  66. Leticia Comment #70

    WOW! Thanks for sharing!! Beautiful place, and you always muy bonita!

  67. Holly Comment #71

    This looks incredible!!! I still need to visit Portugal and I’m European!!


  68. Vanda Comment #72

    Hi!!I’m from Portugal and I love my country. I visit your blog every day and loved seeing the photos of my country here today.

  69. jaclyn Comment #73

    This Diary is so amazing! Portugal seems so beautiful, peaceful, calm, totally gorgeous!

    check my blog:

  70. Inês Comment #74

    It’s SO good to know you’re enjoying Portugal!! Algarve is like a paradise! I live in Lisbon but is very usual everyone in the city going to Algarve in summer.
    Continue to enjoy your stay!


  71. Lyn Comment #75

    This experience sounds & looks really great !
    The photos of you in that small collage and on the beach are amazing!
    Have fun Julie :) xx

  72. Miss Key Comment #76

    I love Portugal, it’s so beautiful. These photos are amazing, I can go to a trip around Portugal since my home. Love love this bag, it’s very fancy and this jumper from Isabel Marant is fabulous

  73. Anna Comment #77

    Such gorgeous photos and what a beautiful place indeed!

  74. Margarida Comment #78

    My beautiful Algarve! be sure to taste Dom Rodrigo, doce fino, licor de medronho and licor de alfarroba. It’s the best, really.

  75. laurina wong Comment #79
  76. Maria Marques Comment #80

    Portugal has its own beauty. I do love being a Portuguese girl!
    And I hope you enjoy your stay here (:
    Btw, the photos are incredible. Beautiful details…

    Love, Maria

  77. Ana Couto Comment #81

    Welcome to Portugal!!! :))) I’m so happy that u are here! Try to get to know as much as u can. This is a beautiful country from every and each corner. And the food, isn’t it amazing? :)

  78. Carla Comment #82

    Home sweet home, welcome to my country. I was born in Faro! The Algarve is one of the most beautiful places I know, and I miss it terribly. Family, friends, the food, the BEACH!!! Que saudades!!! I hope you have an amazing time!!!
    Beijinhos, Carla

  79. Janet Comment #83

    Have a wonderful trip!

  80. Yudresscode Comment #84

    Still hard to belove that you are in my country!! Very warm welcome!!!! Love the pictures :-)

  81. Mary Comment #85

    I’m so in love with these pictures.. wow..

  82. pipa Comment #86

    Great photos!!!Looks amazing:-)

  83. Annette Comment #87

    Gorgeous photos, dear! The Algarve is such a great area with a lovely climate and just recently I just spent a fabulous time there myself.

    Annette | Lady of Style

  84. Lubna Comment #88

    It looks like such a productive and informative trip. I love how the food is displayed – it looks SO good. And your outfit is a stunner as usual. :)

  85. Eye Like Fashion Comment #89

    Your travel diaries are dreamy and inspirational! Great pictures!



  86. Mireille Comment #90

    Lovely and really beautiful pictures!

    xoxo Mireille

  87. Milica Comment #91

    Photos are gorgeous! I enjoyed so much watching them! :)

  88. carina Comment #92

    OMG, Jules you are AMAZING. I’m so happy that you finally go to my native country <3Portugal and I really hope you enjoy it. Can't wait to see you in my living country, SWITZERLAND. Don't forget to come … I love your blog and all about you definitely…



  89. The Fashion Panda Comment #93
  90. Daniela Comment #94

    Welcome to my country :-) Portugal is beautiful and special. Everything is amazing: people, food and the places.
    Enjoy your stay, it’s a pleasure to have you here.


  91. Alter Ego Comment #95

    Welcome to my country! Is really good to see you’re here! Hopefully you enjoy! Algarve, is one of the most beautiful places in my country 😀
    Visit our blog!

  92. Vattenläckage Comment #96

    Awesome and Congratulations! amazing style as always :)

  93. Elke Comment #97

    I love the pictures! Portugal is such a beautiful country.♥

  94. Joana Vicente Comment #98

    Hi!! Welcome to Portugal!! I hope you have enjoyed it! You gave to come to Lisbon!

  95. Helen Comment #99

    Stunning photos!!! Loving your Isabel Marant outfit!!!

  96. Lídia Martiniano Comment #100

    So glad that you’re enjoying our beautiful Algarve :) Algarve and Alentejo are really charming places to chill out, enjoy good food and just connect with Nature!

    You’re simply gorgeous in all the photos :)

  97. Anabela Comment #101

    I’m a portuguese girl! I´m a big fan of you! You are amazing! Loves your website and loves you :)
    I hope you’ve enjoyed.
    Big kiss

  98. Maes Comment #102

    Que bonitas fotos!!! que luz, verdad???

  99. Helena Comment #103

    I can’t believe you’re in my country!!! Algarve is an amazing place, it’s where everyone go to vacations during the summer!!! The photos are amazing :)


  100. Kate Comment #104

    great pictures!
    love your outfits! :)


  101. Jessica Rose Comment #105

    Wow….such amazing photographs….you look a bomb as well. If you are looking for an assistant…I am good at carrying bags and making tea! 😉 Jess. x

  102. Tina Comment #106
  103. Margarida Comment #107

    What a nice surprise to realize that you are holidaying here in my country. I imagine you’re really enjoying the climate and landscape of the Algarve, but I invite you to visit other parts of the country, from the beach to the mountains (with snow this time of year), you’ll see that this tiny country has much to offer. Do not forget to visit Lisbon and my wonderful Oporto.


  104. Evi Comment #108

    Great photos! Such a beautiful place!

    Evi xoxo

    The Notebook of a Fashion Lover

  105. Alex Darling Comment #109

    Love these!

    Can anyone tell me where the white knit is from in the last photo? Absolutely love it!!!


  106. Lia Cervantes Cardoso Comment #110

    I’m a portuguese girl, who lives in Porto – north of Portugal…
    I hope you enjoy Algarve and try to visit my city – Porto – it’s a nice, cool and trendy city…

    Have Fun!!

  107. Olivia Comment #111

    Magnífica como siempre

    Chicas si quereis comprar cositas de diversas marcas y a buen precio pasar por el blog

  108. Adele Comment #112
  109. Marta Comment #113

    hello Jules,
    First of all…welcome to my land, I from Algarve, live in Faro (nxt from Conrad) and my land is Alcoutim. You must visit there. an pitorest village near spain, with 2 castels, beautiful…try it…
    Marta I.

  110. LizaS Comment #114

    No words! These photos are just breathtaking!
    I really want to visit Portugal one day too!

  111. Michelle Lee Comment #115
  112. Angélique Comment #116

    Wahou , Incredible pictures :) I love your style and thanks for sharing theses moments !!!!

  113. Lidia Comment #117
  114. Megan Comment #118

    luv Jules!! Thanks for sharing. beautiful as always:)

  115. Floripa Alentejana Comment #119

    hello jules.

    Glad you liked Portugal.

    I also love my country, is tiny but full of charms.

    Now, I was forced to emigrate but really miss my country.


    Floripa Alentejana

  116. Barbara Comment #120

    You really should visit Algarve on summer! It’s definitely the best season for not, no comparisation with the fall. By the way, enjoy it!

  117. maría josé Comment #121

    Nice pics, l love that red pants


  118. Cristina Nugas Comment #122

    Great to show you around my country Jules, the little secrets of the region, unforgettable experiences, for special people only 😉

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  120. Tamara Comment #124

    Wow, really beautiful pictures! And love the outfit! x

  121. Isa Comment #125

    Great Pics.

    Today new post… “Pata de Gallo + Mostaza” in:

  122. Rock of Eden Comment #126

    How exciting! What beautiful photographs. Portugal looks amazing. Thanks for sharing with us.

  123. Sarah k Comment #127

    bon séjour à algarve j’y aller quand j’était enfant c’est super
    tes photo sont comme toujours sublime

  124. mariana vp Comment #128

    beautiful photos!
    hepe you enjoy Portugal!

  125. sara Comment #129

    Hope you’re enjoying our beautiful Algarve! And the sunny days over there. Love your pics and the red dominant outfit.

    Come by,

  126. Sara Magalhães Comment #130

    OMG! I can’t believe you are here! It’s amazing!
    Love the post and the pictures!
    I hope you enjoy this beautiful country.
    Love, Sara from Portugal
    Beijos (kisses)

  127. Bárbara Comment #131

    Welcome to Portugal!!!
    I’m so so glad to see that an american and prestigious blogger is in my beautiful country!
    In another trip, try to visit the North of Portugal, it’s lovely too!! Search for “Douro” and you’ll find an amazing place, an amazing land!!
    Enjoy the trip, enjoy my beloved Portugal!!!

  128. Monika Comment #132

    This year I was in Portugal too. We visited Portimao and stayed at Hotel Bela Vista, a small, but really cute hotel at the coast. It was amazing. I love Portugal and I can just recommend this country and culture.
    If you want, you can read my blogpost about Portugal:

    Have a nice trip :)


  129. Stephanie Comment #133

    Loooove this! You’re so lucky you get to be in Portugal! btw I love the pictures and your Isabel Marant complete outfit! <333


  130. misspaulinevintage Comment #134

    love the place!X

  131. Jo Comment #135

    So beautiful photos
    Love algarve too
    Every summer I spend there my holydays
    You’re welcome to visit Portugal every time! Hope you love it and hope you come back to visit other cities

    Kiss kiss.*Jo

  132. Steph Comment #136

    I absolutely love your photo diaries! They always look so beautiful! Portugal looks stunning xx


  133. Rita Comment #137

    Hi Sincerelyjules! Nice to see you in my country, in my region, in my place!:) i Hope you enjoy until the last minute!;) i want make a repair, the fruit you want refere is alfarroba and not carob! :) Nice to read and see you on my “center of the world” :)

  134. Seppy Comment #138

    The pictures are amazing..! Looks like you are definitely having a nice time. I loved visiting Portugal. People are SO nice and the landscapes are amazing…enjoy the rest of your trip!!

  135. Patricia Comment #139

    As a portuguese blogger ( I really had to share some words. 😉 Enjoy our country. I’m glad to see the pictures here and to know that you are enjoying the experience. Eat a lot of Pasteis de Nata and Honey Cakes (typical from Algarve) and try to visit the other regions of the country. You won’t regret it! 😉 But most important: have fun!!!


  136. alice Comment #140

    this looks so relaxing and like so much fun! i definitely have to plan my next holiday there


  137. JC Comment #141

    Hi Jules! I’m a portuguese fan of you and your blog and i’m so happy to know that you’re enjoying my beautiful country… Next time you have to go to Oporto, my town, it’s very special too!

  138. Stacia Comment #142
  139. patricia Comment #143
  140. India Comment #144

    Love your pics!

  141. Jessica Zimmer Comment #145

    I love your outfits when you travel!! What are the names of the clothes. The red one looks like Isabel Marant. If they are main designers, do you have any recommendations where we can get similar pieces like your gorgeous ones that you wore on your trip but at a more affordable price?

    Many thanks for your blog!


  142. Charlotte Comment #146

    what brand your white sweater? I love it !!!!

  143. Rita Ramalho Comment #147

    Hi gorgeous :)
    i’m from Portugal and i hope you had a great holidays here!
    Love your website and all your outfits! I’m a big fan of you! 😀

    Love, Rita

  144. Rita Comment #148

    I’m a big fan of your style and your blog, you truly are an inspiration for me and it feels so great to read that you loved my country. Hope you’ll back anytime soon :-)
    Lots of love from Portugal!!

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  146. Ana C Comment #150

    I can´t believe you were in my village and i didn ´t see you!!!!! i love your blog and your style
    please come back again

  147. Raquel Peão Comment #151

    Im portuguese graphic designer and I think that and you must visit Oporto city in the north of Portugal It’s only 600 Kms.
    The best city in the world… Best food, romantic places, nice beaches, river…

  148. megan solla Comment #152

    your life is so blessed…you are a genuine talent with a heart of gold. you are limitless <3

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