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Algarve, Portugal Diary / Day 2


Day 2 completed! We started off our trip here in Algarve, Portugal rather thrilling the first day with our lovely host, Conrad Algarve hotel, setting up a fun safari tour the first day. For our second day, they planned a couple of other exciting things: golfing lessons and a wine tasting class. We had a lot of free time on day 2 to take advantage of the luxurious hotel, spa, pools and town after our activities which we loved.

I love sports; I’m a big fan of all kinds of sports, but my heart truly belongs to basketball, if I had to pick one. However, I’m always willing to try new things and was excited to finally try golf. I’ve never played golf or even bothered to watch it, but once I learned that golf in Portugal is huge, they have some of the world’s greatest golf courses and Algarve alone has over 30 golfing courses…that’s quite impressive, I knew that I had to try it out for myself! Conrad Algarve were sweet enough to treat us to some golfing lessons. After about an hour, I felt like a pro. I really did enjoy playing golf, although quite frankly, I still don’t know if I understand the sport, so confusing, I did like swinging the golf stick!

After a couple of hours at playing golf, we headed back to the hotel to rest, eat and work a little.. we then had a wine tasting class at 2pm at the hotel’s signature restaurant, Gusto by Heinz beck, where our charming sommelier, Antonio, taught us everything from the kind of grapes they use in wines, the different regions in Portugal where they make wine, the smell, taste, different types of glasses, etc. Definitely a fun experience!

As day 2 wrapped up with a fine dinner at Gusto, we got ready for day 3 which includes, clam picking and a cooking class! Stay tuned for Diary of Day 3. Follow @Conradhotels + @ConradAlgarve and myself for live photos of my day! #conrad555


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  1. ana rita Comment #1

    aw, you’re in my country! i hope you like it:)

  2. Q Comment #4

    pretty pics!… Love it there…looks like you have enjoyed it as much as i do when I am there..

  3. Laura Comment #5

    Lovely pics !

    Love from Paris

  4. Kimberly Ann Comment #6

    Gorgeous pictures!! So jealous of the amazing places you go! Love your outfit too :)


  5. Jessica Rose Comment #7

    Wow….looks amazing…..I hope all those wine glasses didn’t belong just to you!! 😉

  6. Miriam Comment #8
  7. Lisa Comment #9

    Looks cool! I’m a fan of those swan boats 😉

    Lisa – AT LEAST BLOG

  8. Pauline Comment #10

    Golf, wine tasting and spa in Portugal .. sounds like a pretty amazing day to me! You’re a lucky one 😉

  9. Costume De Rigueur Comment #11

    Oh how I love Algarve…best waves, amazing food…and a laid back attitude! I am sure you are having a gggggreat time!


  10. Su nd Chris Comment #12

    So beautiful and lovely pictures!
    Love the first outfit, the beanie looks so cute :)

    xx Su

  11. Leslie Comment #13
  12. Mariana Comment #14

    Hi Jules. Welcome to Portugal!!! I hope you enjoy Algarve and find some time to visit us in Lisbon. If you happen to travel to Lisbon, let us know and we’ll tell you the best places to go and what to see. Would love to meet you if you have time for a cup of coffee. Have fun!

  13. Marija Comment #15

    I love that photo with the leaf! XO

  14. Quyen Comment #16

    Clam picking sounds super fun. I love cooking classes while on vacation because taking home a traditional recipe is the perfect souvenir!

  15. QueenLina Comment #17
  16. State beauty Comment #18
  17. Cheyenne Comment #19

    Grat pictures, you’re so lucky to travel so much!

  18. monkeyshines Comment #20
  19. Rita Marques Comment #21

    Hi! I’m Portuguese and I’m udes to go every sommer to Algarve. It’s a amazing place. you sould go to São Rafael’s beach is a worderful place.
    Bye and thanks to visit Portugal :)

    • Rita M. Comment #22

      Your comment is awaiting moderation.

      Hi! I’m Portuguese and I’m used to go every summer to Algarve. It’s a amazing place. you sould go to São Rafael’s beach is a worderful place.
      Bye and thanks to visit Portugal :)

  20. C Comment #23

    Loved the black and white jacket!
    We are quite known for our wines, so they chose wisely by presenting you with a wine tasting!
    But what I’m really looking forward is knowing about your experience with the clam picking!
    That’s quite hard work, with mud and sand up till your knees! How did you manage it girl?!
    That’s going to be a quite interesting set of pics! 😀

  21. Lyn Comment #24

    Such nice activities :) do you already feel like a pro? 😉
    Beautiful photos as well, I really like the one on the pink flamingoboat :) xx

  22. Britny Comment #25

    where is the black and white jacket from??????????

  23. Mariana Martins Comment #26

    I’m sooo happy!!! You’re in my country! I’d love to meet you but I live in Lisbon and it’s school time :( I hope you like Portugal and I hope you come back soon :)
    Love, Mariana.
    Ps: I love your blog!!

  24. Maria Inês Ribeiro Comment #27

    algarve and golf are definately a match!

    My blog –

  25. Tsangtastic by Jenny Tsang Comment #28

    Loovvveee your beanie and jealous of the location you’re at, have fun!!

    New Post up…

  26. Sara Campos Comment #29

    OMG, Jules is here! :) Bem-vinda a (welcome to) Portugal!
    Algarve is so beautiful, and Lisbon too, visit our capital!

    from Portugal

    xoxo <3

  27. Gail Jimenez Comment #30

    Lovely photos!! :)

    xx The Expert Dreamer

  28. Fashion Snag Comment #31
  29. marielisa marques Comment #32

    Ohhh my father is from Algarve, Portugal, it is beautiful over there. I am from Ecuador, so its kind of difficult to travel there again. I hope! Someday!

    U r inspiration for my fashion blog. Big kisses.

  30. natalie Comment #33

    wow looks wonderful!
    great photos!

  31. Sydney Corporate Comment #34

    OHHHHH Portguese tarts are my weakness!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. J Comment #35

    yay! the return of the anine bing leathers

  33. Maggie Comment #36

    You’re pictures are stunning! xxxo

  34. Elisa Comment #37

    Great pictures!

    Elisa – My Fantabulous World

  35. It's About L.A Comment #38

    Really nice photos, the place must be great!

  36. maría josé Comment #39

    Lovely pics.
    Beautiful beanie :)


  37. Yudresscode Comment #40

    Love your black and white coat and Love….Love….Love that you are in Portugal :-) enjoy my country!

  38. tiphaine Comment #41

    lovely pictures!! love the autumn atmosphere you managed to share through them :)

    have a beautiful weekend!

    xx tiphaine

  39. Jeans Please Comment #42

    Oh wow! So beautiful pics!

  40. Maggie Comment #43

    Great look!
    Beautiful pictures!

    My Blog:

  41. Julie Comment #44
  42. nogagui Comment #45

    I love the jacket!!

  43. Cassandra Comment #46

    Nice place ! Love your outfit ! You look so beautiful :)

  44. Milica Comment #47

    Enjoy to watch your photos, they are lovely!
    Have a nice weekend Jules,

  45. Tina Comment #48
  46. rachel Comment #49

    beautiful pictures.
    Love, Rachel

  47. MARJOLEIN Comment #50

    That breakfast look super good and the leave shots are adorable. Such happy, autumn photos!


  48. The Fashion Fraction Comment #51
  49. Caroline Comment #52

    Stunning photos! Looks like an amazing trip!!

    xx Caroline

  50. Michelle Lee Comment #53
  51. Hayley Comment #54

    looking super cool, love all the photos :)

    Hayley xx

  52. Miss Key Comment #55

    Amazing place. The jacket is so cute and the Isabel Marant jumper is my new love. Yami Yami macarons

  53. Fashion Party blog Comment #56

    Amazing photos! And you are so beautiful!

  54. Andrea Serras Pereira Comment #57

    Hi Jules , come to Lisbon!!! Check out chiado in Lisbon ,is one of trendiest spots and a Mecca for street fashion and because is just around the corner , go to principe real as well .
    Lisbon is currently one of the most cosmopolitan and vibrant cities in Europe
    There’s lots of places for you to visit, from ancient castles to stylish restaurants .
    Eat our famous custards before you leave!

  55. Eye Like Fashion Comment #58

    Great photos!! Love your perspective and eye for all things beautiful!


  56. Sharon (Style-Chameleon) Comment #59

    Very nice pictures once again!


  57. Eni Comment #60

    Great photos! Love your black and white blazer so much!

  58. Flor Comment #61

    These pictures are amazing!


  59. Madison Martine Comment #62

    Your pictures are gorgeous!

    Madison Martine

  60. Stacia Comment #63

    My best friend is portuguese! We have always wanted to go, it looks beautiful! :)

  61. hallie Comment #64

    such a cute post! fyi… its a golf CLUB not a golf stick. don’t publish my comment…. just wanted to give you a heads up to edit. :)

    • Jules Comment #65

      hiii!! Aw you’re so sweet/cute! Thank you! you know what, i had a feeling I was naming it incorrectly, but didn’t have time to look it up! So thank you! I appreciate it!!


  62. Lidia Comment #66
  63. Gosia Comment #67

    I’m watching these photos and I dream to be there :)

  64. F L A I R V O Y A N T Comment #68

    So lucky to be in the Algarve at this time of the year. Love the pink swan – matches well with your black and white outfit. Have fun out there!

    Shop top trends at

  65. Comment #69

    Portugal is amazing place to visit. Beautiful pics.

    New on the blog.

  66. Sara Comment #70
  67. elkee Comment #71

    Looks like an amazing place to travel to. Thanks for posting all of your globe trotting adventures. Each post is so inspirational.

  68. Mary Comment #72

    Wow Portugal looks amazing, I haven’t been in years but I’d love to visit again, it’s such a beautiful place. I love your casual outfit, you still keep it really chic and just awesome! x


  69. Helen Comment #73

    Lovely photos!!! Wish I was there…

  70. Kirsten Comment #74

    LOVE your style, you look beautiful! Great collection of photo’s too!

    Kirsten x

  71. Comment #75

    Portugal is my country!! I really hope you can enjoy your stay :D!!!!

    Sem Jeito Nenhum Blog

  72. Camille Comment #76
  73. Monique Comment #77


  74. joy Comment #78

    wow love these photos

  75. Abiti eleganti Comment #79

    Really cute, like your life is very casual so comfortable, nice

  76. SannyL Comment #80

    Nice shots! Great scenery!

  77. ChamaFashion Comment #81

    Beautiful photos!

  78. Laura Comment #82

    love this Post! Greetings from Spain!

  79. Natalia Bosch Comment #83

    Lovely photos… Portugal looks amazing.

    Lots of Love.

  80. Ana Comment #84

    Beautiful pictures. I go to Algarve every summer since i was a child and till today i cant get enought ot the region. The beaches are great, the smell of the land and the bright blue sky is amazing.

  81. Amanda Markiewicz Comment #85

    Love your diary! Amazing pics!!!


  82. nuria Comment #86

    Que fotos tan chulas, estas muy guapa


  83. Laëti Comment #87


    Je suis fan :p

    A , Laëti

  84. erica Comment #88

    pleasssssse tell where you got that adorable hat! pluesssseee!

  85. erica Comment #89

    pleasssssse tell where you got that adorable hat! pluesssseee!

  86. Sofia Comment #90

    Thanks for sharing your beautiful pictures. Have a safe trip.

    Checkout the Thanksgiving $75 Giveaway on my blog. Great for Black Friday.
    Hope you had a great weekend!

  87. Julia Comment #91
  88. K.C. Comment #92

    Good lawd that food looks good
    Hope you’re having a great time!


  89. Andreia Comment #93

    Hi! Such a good surprise:) cannot belive you are here in Portugal. Hope u have time to visit Lisbon. Let US know if u do. I loooooove your blog <3 u seem to be a lovely person…… enjoy :))))))
    Andreia Sales

  90. nikki Comment #94

    love that checkered blazer!


  91. Lena Comment #95

    Since she probably won’t answer, does anyone know where that awesome plaid beanie is from?

    Lena xoxo

  92. Jennifer J. Puente Comment #96

    What a beautiful day! The close-ups are incredible. My favorite is the black and white one. Black and white too often just looks moody, but your Mona Lisa smile makes it clear you’re still having fun.

  93. Marcela Comment #97

    how to do this hairstyle? maybe, you can do tutorial?

  94. justyna browne Comment #98

    where is the beanie from please?

  95. Vesna Comment #99

    Lovely pictures! Love the mix of fall and fashion

  96. Bley Comment #100

    Can you tell me what’s your basket ??
    Thanks !!!