Algarve, Portugal Diary / Day 3


As our days got closer to the end, we were excited to do the last activity of the our trip thanks to our lovely host, Conrad Algarve. They had planned an early boat trip with the executive chef, Andrew, from the hotel’s restaurant, Louro, so we can go clam picking! This was exciting for me as I’d never done anything like it. Typically, I’m a little skeptical when it comes down to doing things like that, but for some reason I was really looking forward to doing this activity!

The morning started off a little gloomy with some light rain, but it didn’t stop us from heading to our destination! Once we arrived, we put on our gear and grabbed our buckets and shovels. The local fisherman that we brought along taught us a little bit of how the process they go through is and showed us first how to go about looking for clams, razor clams and oysters. When it was finally time for us to give it a try, I was a little weirded out but went ahead and tried anyway… it was probably one of the coolest things I’ve done in while. It’s very time consuming so it made me appreciate seafood a lot more. It was fun to experience something new for me in a new country with new people!

Afterwards, we headed back to the hotel with our buckets of clams, oysters and razor clams and rested for a couple of hours before heading to a cooking class with the chefs of the Louro restaurant. They gave us a tour of the back kitchen and how the kitchen runs; very cool stuff. It was great to really see it personally because I wanted to grow up to be a chef, now that I saw how it really goes down, I don’t think it would have been good fit for me! Whew! Anyway, we finally got into the cooking part and before you knew it, we had a whole 5-star dish right before our eyes! The experience of doing the clam picking ourselves to later cook it for dinner was definitely a first one that I won’t ever forget.

The rest of the day was pretty mellow as we were free to do whatever, so we laid out by the pool, took a quick drive around the town, did a little shopping and hung out at the hotel. We were sad to close out our trip in Algarve but were super thankful to have had the experience to enjoy the beautiful 5-star Conrad hotel, the village, inland, beach, and the many activities they had planned for us. The people of Algarve/Portugal were the most nicest and welcoming people we’ve met overseas; it was a breath of fresh air. It is a region full of blooming opportunities with so much to offer that I’m definitely looking forward to visiting again, only this time during the summer!

Big special thank you to everyone that made this trip possible; HL Group and Conrad Algarve. It was the sweetest trip! Thank you Ricardo for being the most welcoming host; you were awesome. Antonio, you were so fun and we loved your energy! Andrew and the whole kitchen, thank you for allowing us to come into  your space and showing us around, we loved every minute of it. Everyone else, thank you thank you thank you. This trip was perfect!

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  1. Mark the Style Comment #1

    Beautiful pictures!!

  2. Aurore Comment #5

    Amaziiing !!!

  3. Jessica Rose Comment #6

    Looks like you had an amazing time and thank you for the food photos…..;) Jess. x

  4. TERESA Comment #7
  5. Carelia Comment #8

    Gorgeous pictures my dear!!! You look stunning as usual.

    Having fun with fashion…new post:

  6. Madison Martine Comment #9

    Such amazing pictures!!

    Madison Martine

  7. carol Comment #10

    nooooooooooom nom nom nom ♥♥

  8. Su nd Chris Comment #11

    Beautiful pictures, looks like a fun trip! :)

    xx Su

  9. Oksana Comment #12

    Beautiful pictures!

  10. Laura Comment #13

    Beautiful pics !

    Love from Paris

  11. Tina Comment #14
  12. C Comment #15

    Hi Jules
    Loved hearing about this last day of your trip!
    I loved the pic with the clams in your hand!
    Clam picking is real hard work!
    Hope to see more pics of you in Portugal in another trip.
    This time make sure to come by in the summer, or late spring (june is great) and don’t forget to come to lisbon!

  13. C Comment #16

    And your sunglasses? The brand?!

  14. Belen Baquerizo Comment #17

    This is awesome!! bring more travel to the world :)

  15. Miss Key Comment #18

    Lovely photos! I like every look you wore. These leopard slippers are so cute and chic, perfect bag, I love it so bad. Amazing sunglasses

  16. It's About L.A Comment #19
  17. monkeyshines Comment #20

    beautiful capture!


  18. Petite Maison of Fashion Comment #21

    Lovely food shots. Cute outfits too!

  19. State beauty Comment #22

    Your skin look incredible!!!


  20. SweetMona Blog de moda Comment #23
  21. mariana vp Comment #24

    Portugal is beautiful and Algarve is perfect!

  22. QueenLina Comment #25

    Love the photo with the shells!!! :*


  23. Gracie Comment #26

    Such a gorgeous grouping of photos! What an amazing trip!

  24. Cheyenne Comment #27
  25. Ale Comment #28

    I love your jacket, where’s it from? xx

  26. idalia Comment #29

    you’re so lucky! such a great life! <3


  27. Anna Comment #30

    Such a gorgeous place, loved these photos!

  28. Sandrine V Comment #31

    Wow, it looks so amazing! The food looks delicious!

    Sandrine x

  29. Romy Comment #32

    I love your coat in the last few pics!!

    Definitely need to know where that’s from, outfit post??


  30. Fashion Snag Comment #33

    Beautiful shots!

  31. Kimberly Ann Comment #34

    Absolutely gorgeous pictures! So jealous!!


  32. Q Comment #35
  33. Yasmine Brooke Comment #36

    lovely photos… adding Portugal to the giant “want to” travel list
    Yasmine xx

  34. Sara Morais // The Citified Comment #37

    Hey Jules!
    Couldn’t resist leaving a comment… I don’t know if you’d been to Portugal before but I’m really glad you enjoyed it. Portugal is not a very common destination among bloggers and I actually feel proud of you being here, even though you haven’t been anywhere near my city. Hope you have the chance to get to know other places some other time, I’m sure you’re gonna love it.


  35. Stacia Comment #38

    Sounded like you had so much fun! :) xx

  36. kelsey Comment #39

    beautiful! my ancestors are from portugal! i so want to go
    ladies in navy

  37. Rebecca Comment #40

    Wow… Can I please be there?

  38. liz Comment #41

    portugal looks absolutely stunning!!

  39. FRAN Comment #42

    I love the outfit!! especially the sneakers!


  40. Lyn Comment #43

    Wow, the hotel looks so beautiful and the food looks delicious!
    I loooove your black oversized sunnies, xx

  41. natalie Comment #44

    great photos!
    love the one of all the shells 😀

  42. pipa Comment #45

    Amazing trip! Great pictures!!

  43. Yudresscode Comment #46

    Good to have you here! Come back again! Xo

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    Wow such some beautiful pictures!

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    Amazing photos! Have a nice stay :)

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    Love these photos and all of the food looks amazing!

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    where is the coat from???

  48. Fashion Party blog Comment #51

    Great photos once again! You are very creative!

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    Awesome photos!

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    Stunning photos!


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    que lugares tan magnificos! estas guapisima!

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    What new can I say…beautiful! :)

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    Beautiful place!
    i love last pic!


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    Beautiful pics!

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    Beautiful pic of you holding the clams with green wellies!

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    Great photos!

    Evi xoxo

    The Notebook of a Fashion Lover

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    It’s lovely to see my country through your eyes :) Love the jacket, btw 😉

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    Really cool pics!!!! Amazing place!


  61. Maria Comment #64

    Always so sweet and lovely! You are adorable! P.d: Your blog should also be a photography blog…Amazing pictures!

  62. Laëti Comment #65


    J’aime beaucoup.
    À bientôt !


  63. Marija Comment #66

    That food looks so yummy, lovely photos! XO

  64. Camille Comment #67
  65. Rachel Comment #68

    That looks like the best room service ever!

  66. Michelle Lee Comment #69
  67. Eye Like Fashion Comment #70

    Great food, exotic travel, and chic fashion. That’s a great life!!!



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    looks like soooo much FUN! i lovee how you always travel in style!



  69. In a Trendy Town Comment #72

    We love the food photos! Nice recopilation!!!

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  71. Sara Edwards Silva Comment #74

    I really hope you enjoy your little visit to my beautiful country!
    Love Sara

  72. nel Comment #75

    I hope you enjoyed it! Now everyone, you already know your next holiday destination! It’s a beautiful country full of amazing people and you’ll have the time of your life!


  73. Helen Comment #76
  74. nikki Comment #77

    looks like a great time :)


  75. Leanne Comment #78

    These pictures are incredible. I’ve always wanted to visit Algarve. Now even more so!

    Love from South Africa

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    My country!!!
    You shoud’ve come at Summer! :)

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    I’m Portuguese and I hope you have liked to been here. Beautiful pics :)

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    Love these shots, especially the one of you holding all of the clams, what a fun adventure!
    xo Cara

  79. Patricia Comment #83

    I’m portuguese
    love the pictures, I live 20m away from Conrad
    Algarve is a great place to visit not only in the summer.
    you look great.

  80. Pelny Comment #84

    I like you simplicity!

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    hope you enjoyed my country! :)

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