Aritzia Northern Lights Campaign.


Excited to introduce you the holiday campaign I was a part of with Aritzia, called Northern Lights. I was invited to take part in their awesome holiday campaign which took place in the beautiful wilderness; Yukon, Canada. It was one of the most beautiful and breathtaking locations I’ve experienced. Each location in Yukon felt like something out of a fairytale. The mountains were high, the snow was pure white, the cold was refreshing, the trees were mysterious, the rivers were loud and the nights were filled with excitement in hopes to see the northern lights! It was truly a magical experience all thanks to the Canadian Tourism Commission who made it possible with Aritzia!

The lovely girls (Olivia & Bonnie), who I got to experience this adventure with, and I had so much fun running around the wilderness, sliding through the snow, hiking up the snowy mountains, breathing the cold fresh air, hanging out with the cutest cabous, running on top of a frozen lake (so thrilling but it was so scary!) all while rocking Aritzia’s latest winter collection. Talk about wearing the coolest parkas, cable knit sweaters coats and beanies! We were prepared indeed.

This opportunity was definitely a highlight of 2013, it was beautiful. Words can’t really describe this once in a lifetime experience I had the honor of sharing with amazing, creative people. Although we were not so lucky to catch the northern lights, the experience will be a long lasting one!

Aritzia and I want to share the love this holiday season by giving away a gift card to shop on Aritzia for $500, redeemable online or in stores. To enter:

  • Leave a comment under this post and make sure to check out the rest of the campaign HERE.

We will share the winner a week from today, December 5.

Enjoy this amazing campaign with the picture perfect backdrops.

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[do action=”rstyle-post-links”]Special thank you to everyone who made this trip + campaign possible:
Aritzia, Canadian Tourism Commission + Tourism Yukon
Grace, Patricia, Luke, Michelle, Jennifer and Oliver- Thank you so much for including me in this campaign and for being such lovely hosts.
Clark, Wyn and Jay for amazing photographs and video.[/do]

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  1. Simone Comment #1

    man oh man – I’m repping some serious Canadian pride but I’ve definitely never been that far up north. jealous! and also jealous of all the gorgeous aritzia clothing. fingers crossed!

  2. Jessica Flores Comment #3

    You look amazing in every photo! I would love to go to the snow one day! :)

  3. Tammy Ferrin Comment #4

    LOVE the plaid coat and red/black checkered shirt jacket. Beautiful pictures!!!!

  4. Katt Herrera Comment #5

    Love! Love! Love!

  5. Kait Comment #6

    Wow these photos really are gorgeous, the styling is perfect and I’m sure you guys were cold but you definitely didn’t look like it!!

  6. Jessica Comment #7

    So beautiful! Amazing collabo :)

  7. Meg Comment #8

    I’m in love with this entire campaign and I am so happy to see you and Olivia in it! I hope you had a marvelous time in my country. Lusting so much after that Wilfred sweater!

  8. Rebecca Comment #9

    Amazing contest! I love Aritzia and I love your blog. :-)

  9. Julia Comment #10

    Makes me want to live here. Love Aritzia!

  10. Rachelle Comment #11

    These pictures are amazing, wow! Great campaign.


  11. Rebecca Comment #12

    Okay, that is just INSANELY beautiful.

  12. Stephanie Comment #13

    I would love to win the gift card :)

  13. Lea Comment #14

    Pure beauty! Wild canadian nature, clothes and you girls, everything together is amazing. I really like this post, its atmosphere and campaign too. Great collaboration with gorgeous Aritzia.

  14. Florence Comment #15

    Love the outfits! Perfect for Canadian weather!

  15. Joey Comment #16

    Aritzia is one of my favourite go-to places for my day-to-day clothes! You are so lucky to have gotten the opportunity to visit such a stunning location. I hope to get the chance to visit one day!

  16. Casey David Comment #17

    These pictures are so great! You look so pretty. This clothing would really be great on my trip to sweden this winter! Thanks for sharing :)

    Casey xo

    • Maria Haupt Comment #18

      I suppose these photos were just taken for the publicity, but I don’t really think in real life you can wear it in very cold places like Sweden. I’m living in North France and trust me, I could never wear them here for winter. You must buy real winter clothes which are less chic 😀

  17. Preet Comment #19

    Gorgeous pictures! I’m from Canada as well and love the mountains during winter! I love the Aritzia collection and am a big fan of their clothing!

  18. Monica Comment #20

    Aritzia’s been one of my favorite stores since I was in the 7th grade, and I fell in love with their Calgary location at Chinook mall. 8 years later… and I’m so amazed with how far the Canadian company has grown! Wilfred is now my favorite line, but I love so many things they carry each season. I can’t wait to get new winter pieces soon! The Gambier sweater you’re wearing is my favorite.

    This photography is phenomenal! You girls look so cozy and fashionable.


  19. Mackenzie Frazier Comment #21

    Love this brand and these looks!!

  20. Jem C. Comment #22

    Absolutely loved the campaign! You girls looked lovely in everything. x

  21. TERESA Comment #23

    Great pictures! It looks amazing!


  22. Chatelaine P Comment #24

    I’ve shopped at Aritzia for 20 years now, and I was absolutely ecstatic to see my Favorite blogger ( Julie Sarinana) team up with my favorite Canadian boutique!

  23. Tsangtastic Comment #25

    Love Aritzia and so excited for you that you got to work with their team in such a gorgeous location, although it might have been freeeeezzzing there 😉 Lovely shots and cute beanies!

    New Post up…

  24. Tina Le Comment #26

    Amazing photos!

  25. Lindsey Comment #27

    Love these photos! Soooo pretty!

  26. Amelia Comment #28

    I am absolutely in love with everything about this campaign. Although I grew up in Canada, I’ve never travelled up North. I’ve always dreamed of the beautiful white mountain peaks and the peaceful valleys and lakes, but most of all, the Northern lights! These pictures truly comes alive and the three of you guys look like you sincerely enjoyed every minute of it! The clothes worn are simple, elegant and radiates so much warmth. Overall, just amazing!

  27. Alexandra Comment #29

    Breathtaking, you, the clothing, the backdrop. So proud to be Canadian!!!

  28. Laurence Comment #30

    Beautiful campaign!
    I live in Canada and I am used to these cold winters.
    I love how Aritzia shows that fashion can equal warmth and comfort!
    You make me want to buy this Courchevel parka!
    Love it!


  29. Rhea Comment #31

    So beautiful. You and this place! <3

  30. Celine Comment #32

    Absolutely beautiful pictures! Really looks like an amazing place to visit!
    I bet all of the knits kept you warm- Aritzia’s sweaters are my absolute fave and a must have for surviving the cold Canadian winters!


  31. Audrey Comment #33

    Wow! I want to go immediately!

  32. Tenzy Comment #34

    Thank you for this opportunity Jules!! I have been a huge fan of yours and will always be!
    Love from Canada.

  33. Nicole Prins Comment #35

    This looks like heaven! So beautiful! And no better way to spend a day in the cold than wrapped up in a parka.
    Amazing :)

  34. Holly Comment #36

    gorgeous photos!

  35. Stephanie Sit Comment #37

    Love the coats on you!!

  36. Isidora Comment #38

    I couldn’t picture a more perfect collaboration than with Aritzia and you! I’m literally dying looking through the campaign.

  37. Margaret Comment #39

    WOW, all the pictures are so beautiful. Love the white coat, it’s perfect!

  38. Loretta Comment #40

    Stunning pictures! You look gorgeous and oh so warm and cozy with all those winter pieces!

  39. Jennifer Comment #41

    Amazing photos! The views are breathtaking!
    Love your style <3

  40. Shannon Masters Comment #42

    Jules, Huge fan of you and your blog as well as Aritzia.
    Am Canadian and sure could use one of their lovely warm parkas!

  41. joanne Comment #43

    These pictures are breath taking!! It totally looks like a winter wonderland! And you looked amazing in all the pics!

  42. Jo Comment #44

    Canada is amazing! and so are you :) love love love your style!

  43. Megan Comment #45

    LOVE your all of your photos. What kind of camera do you use? (Also so digging the plaid :)

  44. Tracy M Comment #46

    Gorgeous photos!

  45. Maggie Comment #47

    Such lovely photos! xxxo

  46. Kelly Schmidt Comment #48

    Regardless of any gift card, I am once again inspired by the lengths that the Aritzia owners and their team will go to think outside of the box to captivate not only a customer, but an audience. An Icon in my opinion, MrRalph Lauren himself, once said that he believes he tells a story with the clothes that he offers and that he is successful because the people want to be a part of that story. When I visit your store and see your campaigns, be it a long time ago as a single twenty-something girl, and now as a designer, business owner, and mother of two….it is the story that unfolds that makes me a devote customer. Hats off to you once again for telling a beautiful story that I once again will be a part of.

  47. Style-Squared by Z&M Comment #49
  48. Erin Comment #50

    Love the oversized, flannel top! From Cali girl to campfire chic!

  49. Lauren Comment #51

    Every year I find a new pair of those Talula mittens in my stocking – can’t wait to see what color this year! Love the cozy layers for these Canadian winters.

  50. Valerie Comment #52

    Wow! Gorgeous photos! You all look so cozy in the Artizia clothing. LOVE!

  51. Amanda Comment #53

    What a majestic experience! It has always been a dream of mine to visit the Yukon. This has been my favourite post of yours yet, you look great!!

  52. katherine Comment #54

    i would love to go to yukon! (& i’m canadian too!)

  53. Phoebe Comment #55

    Wow, the Yukon is gorgeous! I’m loving that black and white heavy cardigan in this shoot. So pretty!

  54. Kate Comment #56

    would LOVE to win! LOVE your blog, Jules! xo

  55. Jennifer Comment #57

    Wow this scenery is breathtaking!! I’ve never been to Canada but I want to wrap myself in Aritzia and head north!

  56. Odile Provencher Comment #58

    Those pictures are lovely! I’m from Quebec, Canada. So proud to see that my country possess that kind of beauty! And very happy to see my favourite blogger and the team from Aritzia in my country!
    Continue your great work Jules, you’re an inspiration!
    Merci pour ces belles photos! 😉


    Odile XX

  57. Chloe Comment #59

    I literally can’t deal with how breathtaking these pictures are. You are the sole reason for my wanderlust. Thankyou for being such a style/travel inspiration!

  58. Leticia Comment #60

    Soo pretty! I’ve been waiting to see this pictures! Love them all, just beautiful!

  59. Leah Comment #61

    Looks spectacular and very refreshing! The coats looks so cozy and chic! Glad you enjoyed it:) Checked out their other items and it is all so cute! Thanks for introducing this brand!

  60. yuka Comment #62

    absolutely gorgeous photos!

  61. Katie Comment #63

    WOW. These pictures are amazing. What an incredible photographer. And of course, a lovely model. Looks like fun.


  62. Kelly Olson Comment #64

    Love you Jules! Love you Aritzia!

  63. Chiara G. Comment #65

    Awesome campaign! I’ve been to canada once and I can’t wait to come back!

  64. Maria Comment #66

    Absolutely magical landscape…. definitely an untouched jewel of wilderness!

  65. courtney chow Comment #67

    I recently discovered you in the Club Monaco campaign and now you doing another campaign gets me really excited about how far you can go. A true inspiration.

  66. Briget Cojocar Comment #68

    I was so excited to see two of my favorite fashion inspirations collaborate – Aritzia’s style with your blog! I sometimes find it difficult to develop looks that can bear the Canadian winter and still look stylish. It was refreshing to see some great looks that not only keep you feeling confident, but actually warm as well. You rocked the Artizia style, and I can’t wait to recreate a few of these looks myself!

    I also love how the raw beauty of Canada is displayed throughout these pictures, and that you were able to experience it. Our northern half often gets overlooked – but these pictures are evidence of how pure, magnificent, and breathtaking it truly is!

  67. Stephanie Comment #69

    These photos capture the essence of the northern wilderness so beautifully. Can’t wait to see the rest of the campaign as it unfolds!

  68. brenda Comment #70

    Favourite blogger and favourite store. Couldn’t have picked a better combination!

  69. Tiffany Comment #71

    Beautiful! Absolutely love it :)

  70. Katie W. Comment #72

    Those pictures are amazing and the clothes looks warm and comfy!!!

  71. Catherine Messig Comment #73

    Love this post and the way it captures it majestic beauty of the Yukon wilderness! Aritzia’s amazing winter collection manages to look cozy and cool all at the same time! X

  72. Laura Comment #74

    You look amazing always! Perfect outfits!

  73. Cassidy L Comment #75

    So happy to bring the spotlight over to Canada! Our country is definitely breathtaking :) I used to live in Vancouver and Aritzia was basically my second home, thanks for the contest and good luck to everyone!

  74. Anne-Sophie Comment #76

    Definetely going there some day now that I’ve seen your photos!!! Looks simply amazing! Even though I won’t look as stylish… 😉 these clothes look great, the website is cool too. Glad you had a good time and I hope I’ll have my chance to wear one of their coat one day!!!

  75. Lea Comment #77

    loved the campaign, the pictures, the place! You girl look lovely in everything. :) i’m a big fan!

  76. Gina Comment #78

    Gorgeous!!! I love this store. I hope it’s opens up in Australia soon!

  77. Laetitia Comment #79

    Amazing !

  78. Camille Comment #80

    Gorgeous pictures, amazing landscape

  79. nuria Comment #81

    Que bonitas fotos, todo nevado, pero que frio.

    besos guapa

  80. Olivia Comment #82

    These photos + the rest of the campaign pictures are gorgeous! One day I’ll venture that far North, and when I do I’ll be wearing Aritzia!

  81. fashmongers Comment #83

    Great place with sylish girls!

  82. Haley Comment #84

    So many great looks. Can’t go wrong with Artizia. In it to win it!

  83. Neža Comment #85

    Wow, what beautiful clothes and in such nice landscape. Love those chunky knits.

  84. natalie Comment #86

    i love these photos
    so beautiful

  85. Wing Comment #87

    Love the white coat and the beanie! Yukon is so beautiful!

  86. sue Comment #88

    These photos are gorgeous! Makes me want to go visit Canada.
    Hope you had a great thanksgiving!

  87. Tanya Mc Donagh Comment #89

    Congratukstions on a beautiful campaign, lots of hard work paid off:-)
    I would be delighted and honored to win this competition because these clothed are fabulous and I would shine whilst out and about in Dublin and France over winter with my two young sons x

  88. Linda Kane Comment #90

    Stunning campaign and looks! Congratulations. I would be so happy to win this great competition and wear with pride the clothes from Artizia x Thank You

  89. Eva Comment #91

    What an amazing photographer! I reallly lo-lo-loveee the pictures he took. The clothes are soooo AMAZING! Browsing through the shop as we speak. (Ok, i want/NEED the Fei coat, Boylston sweater, Anion parka and they got some awesome basic tees as well) Oh boy…

  90. Marijana Comment #92

    Jules! Its really breathtaking but worth it! Every single photo makes me wanna go there and forget about the rest of the world :) Peace in our hearts is what we need. Happy Thanksgiving! xoxo

  91. LC_Vancouver Comment #93

    Simply beautiful! You’re wearing a lot of my favourite Aritzia pieces that I already own and love!

  92. Ashley Comment #94

    Love the campaign. The Yukon is breathtaking and those outfits are perfect.

  93. noella Comment #95

    Simply beautiful. I’m from Hawai’i so this looks like a winter wonderland. Mahalo for sharing : )

  94. Sylvia Comment #96

    I have been lusting over some coats so this giftcard would be a dream come true!

  95. Morgan Christine Comment #97

    So happy you got to experience part of our amazing country!!! Love you + Aritzia, perfect combo!

  96. Estelle Comment #98

    Great pictures! You look beautiful Julie, such an inspiration! And I definitely need one of those coolest Aritzia coats. Going to Montreal for Christmas Holidays! I just can’t wait!

  97. heather chivington Comment #99

    Love the plaids!

  98. Cheyenne Comment #100

    Stunning photos!! I totally want to go there now!

  99. Ramneet Comment #101

    Not only are the pictures absolutely stunning but so are you! This photo shoot definitely best represents the Aritzia brand and the style I align myself with. I’ve travelled across Canada but never been up north to Yukon. In my mind it didn’t seem like a place this beautiful. This campaign did an amazing job showcasing Yukons beauty as well as representing Aritizia and each models style. Visiting The Northern Lights is definitely on my bucket list! I attend the University of British Columbia, in Vancouver and Aritzia keeps me looking fashionable and warm walking to all my lectures. So many of us girls are rocking Aritizia parkas and beanies. Heres hoping you pick my comment :)

  100. Jessica Cho Comment #102

    Beautiful pictures! You look absolutely amazing . wonderful collaboration. Thanks for sharing the experience with us. ❤️

  101. Vicky Comment #103

    beautiful photos!! and LOVE all the cute outfits!! :)

  102. Crystal Ng Comment #104

    Coming from Canada, I love Aritzia and wish there were more stores in the US. These photos and campaign really remind me of home!

  103. cindy Comment #105

    what an adventure. its like real life northern exposure.

  104. Paula Capel Comment #106

    Wow, love absolutely this photos, this white.. awesome!!

    big kisses from Barcelona!:)

  105. Viktoria Comment #107

    Love the clothes and the beautiful clean nature. Waiting for the first snow❄️

  106. camilla Comment #108

    really, you are amazing!!! your life, your friends…everything is perfect!! i love your pics…….who is the photographer?? i could watch your blog for ever!!

  107. Viktoria Comment #109

    Love the clothes and the beautiful clean nature . Waiting for the first snow in Germany.

  108. Mellisa Knox Comment #110

    As a northern BC girl I spent most of my childhood adventuring throughout much of Canada. It is one of the most beautiful countries I have travelled and would suggest it to anyone. The Yukon is one of the few provinces/territories that I have not yet been to but after following your blog it is the next on my list. You girls, the Aritzia clothing and the landscape all share equal beauty! I love every single thing you girls are wearing!

  109. kcomekarolina Comment #111


    xoxo from rome

  110. Aidan Comment #112

    You, Aritzia, and Canada — what a killer combination.

  111. Kim Gibbs Comment #113

    Stunning photos as always! And the scenery is absolutely breathtaking. I totally envy you! Well, it’s heading into summer here in New Zealand, but OMG, how cool would it be to grab some of this gear for our next autumn/winter :)

  112. Mai Comment #114

    Oh! The pictures look almost like made here, in Estonia (except the mountains).
    Great job!

  113. The Fashion Panda Comment #115
  114. Santastefa Comment #116

    Hello Artrizia, nice to met you! THANKS Jules for introducing this Brand to us. LOVe the photos, cause they carry the breathtaking atmosphere***

  115. Fei Wern Pang Comment #117

    I was thinking of going to Yukon this coming holiday and after looking through your gorgeous pictures I’m definitely going to Yukon. I’ll make sure I bring my Aritzia jacket with me 😉

  116. Hanna Södergren Comment #118

    Wow, that sounds amazing! I must go sometime! I would love to win, fingers crossed!

  117. Noémie Peeters Comment #119

    Great pictures! Love the outfits! And the landscape is just breathtaking!
    Love to win!

  118. e Comment #120

    These pictures are amazing!

    Elisa – My Fantabulous World

  119. A. Comment #121

    Amazing pictures
    You look gorgeous as always :)

  120. Nikki Coleman Comment #122

    So inspiring! X

  121. Manal Comment #123

    Stunning photos, you must’ve had so much fun for the shoot! Its so picturesque. Only seen these in pictures before and it’d be a dream to actually be able to visit it so I don’t know why but I’m just feeling OH SO EXCITED FOR YOU! Anyway, thanks for this giveaway! Real sweet of you :) I’d love to be picked as the winner of it but regardless of whether I win, just wanted to say, this is my favourite post so far! Love these pictures!

  122. Rachel Comment #124

    I’m so jealous! Your trip (and you, of course) looked fab!

  123. María Amigó Garcia Comment #125

    i love it

  124. aivy Comment #126

    Love your style! Evan in thick winter clothes you look amazing!

  125. Nathalia Comment #127

    OMG, what a gorgeous place! These pictures are amazing – I actually saw some of them in your Instagram before! It reminded me of “Into the Wild”!
    And yeah, this gift card doesnt’s sound bad either! =P
    I mean, that sherling coat you’re wearing in the second picture is just *perfection*

  126. Jodi Comment #128

    Gorgeous photos! I’m proud to be Canadian and have been wearing Aritzia for years. Even though I now live in the states, they are still one of my favorite stores.

  127. Alba Benítez Comment #129

    Stunning photos and a very very beautiful place. I wish I could go any day!!!


  128. Bella Comment #130

    Stunning photos!


  129. Jeans Please Comment #131

    What a wonderful pics! I’m speechless!

  130. Sarah Comment #132

    one of my fave bloggers with my fave store! perfection!

  131. Amani Comment #133

    Wow !! Amazing experience indeed. I love the purity of the place…. Also, I liked all the outfits, of course will be happy to win since I need all this warmth in Germany 😀

  132. Maïté Comment #134

    Beautiful photos and the outfits are gorgeous :)

  133. Omeda Comment #135

    What a beautiful shoot, in an even more beautiful place :) I could definitely use some of these amazing Aritzia jackets for our cold Nova Scotian winter! In love with it all!!

  134. Jessica Comment #136

    Lovely pictures and beautiful scenery!! Love it!

  135. QueenLina Comment #137
  136. Silvana Comment #138

    Last year, I spent my exchange semester in beautiful Canada.
    I did not only fall in love with my boyfriend but also with this stunning and warm-hearted country.
    Until this very day…

  137. Comment #139

    amazing photos <3

  138. Coralie Comment #140

    OMG ! the pictures are so awesome ! I really love them all !
    So, I participate to the giveaway !
    Hope to win !

    Have a nice day

  139. Heidi Comment #141

    Luving this campaign!!! Aritzia perfection

  140. Céline Comment #142

    Oh I really love this campaign is a perfect holiday postcard. The clothes are so warm and beautiful, thank you for this sweet escape.

  141. Amy Comment #143

    Oh, Canada! Never been that far up north, but we’re seriously reppin’ winters here in Edmonton. Beautiful shoot! Aritzia’s every girls fave <3

  142. carol Comment #144

    must be amazing and wild :)

  143. Sharon (Style-Chameleon) Comment #145

    Super pretty pictures!


  144. Clarissa Bargellini Comment #146

    I have always wanted to visit Canada and your article makes me feel even more interested in going there!
    Your photos are awesome and your clothes are absolutely gorgeous, as always. I am following you on Instagram and Facebook and I honestly think you are one of the most incredible bloggers on the internet. Like all your young and dreamy followers I am thankful for your precious advices .

    Florence, Italy.

  145. Brie Comment #147

    This campaign is my favourite you’ve done so far. My fav blogger and style inspiration combined with my fav Canadian brand and an unreal Northern backdrop…so dreamy! Being from Vancouver, my wardrobe is mostly comprised of Wilfred, TNA and Talula pieces, with outfits inspired by Jules. Thanks, girl!

  146. Olariike Comment #148

    I love how beautiful it is and the fact that you got to experience Canada at its best!

  147. Insa Comment #149

    So peaceful and scenic, but warm and cozy at the same time… I need to get ready for winter!

  148. CRIS Comment #150


  149. Joana Luis Comment #151

    These photos really are gorgeous! you´re the best!!

  150. Lisette Comment #152

    These landscapes are totally amazing! It’s the best photoshoot you’ve done, I think! Thabk you very much for the giveaway!

  151. Sarah Comment #153

    This campaign is really amazing ! Beautiful pictures !! I would love to win, fingers crossed! :)

    Bisous de Belgique

  152. Sam sadler Comment #154

    Love Aritzia! I love in Dallas where I’m lucky enough to have one at willowbend mall. I go there a lot! Love this company and love your blog! Thanks for bringing the best of bothe worlds(:

  153. Berta Comment #155

    What a beautiful destination!! Love the outfits!!

  154. Steph Comment #156

    Oh, I saw some of these on your Instagram a while back…love them! I need a new coat so this would be perfect!

  155. Lucy Frenchie Bee Comment #157

    The campaign looks just amazing!! I’ve always loved Canada and my dream is to one day move there. The clothes look so warm and even in such cold temperatures, you look absolutely stunning!! The pictures are beautiful and the scenery looks breathtaking. Love the Aritzia collection especially the Palladin Sweater and Henry Jacket – so on that note, I’ll cross my fingers and toes :)
    Hope you had a good Thanksgiving!!

  156. State beauty Comment #158
  157. Milica Comment #159

    I love to watch the photos from your travels, they are always beautiful! I like the jacket on the first photo! :)

  158. SweetMona Blog de moda Comment #160
  159. Renee Comment #161

    This has to be by FAR my favourite Aritzia campaign! I love that they chose three talented bloggers to rep their clothes and show off their street style. Not to mention what a gorgeous location…Amazing!

  160. Jodi gross Comment #162

    I live in Canada and love it! Winter is my students and my children’s favourite time of the year. Thank you Jules for showing Canada’s beauty. I wake up every morning and read your blog and have my coffee. Thanks.

  161. Lynn :)) Comment #163

    omg! the views are breathtaking!!!

  162. Kirsten Hayward Comment #164

    Love these pics and this competition! I just moved back to Australia from Vancouver, and Aritzia is the store I miss the most.

  163. Kim Comment #165

    These photos make me miss my beautiful home Canada, as I live so far away now in Australia… I never see the beautiful pure white snow anymore. Aritzia is a beautiful brand and you are so lucky as the campaign looks amazing and reminds me of winters hanging out with friends. If you got to see the northern lights you are extra lucky!!!

    Wonderful post!


  164. Isabelle Comment #166

    it would be a dream to win :)

  165. Carmen CE Comment #167

    Oh my god! It looks soo magical/ like a dream/ like you’re in an indie film!! Wow!! Such an amazing opportunity!!

    I’d love it if you could check out my blog at

  166. Meghan Comment #168

    Jules you look fab (as always) and I’m so glad you got to visit Canada! Please come back here one day :) I love Aritzia and winning the gift card would be the best Christmas present ever! Happy holidays :)

  167. Sandrine Comment #169

    It’s an amazing experience. I live in Canada, but never saw places like that, so much nature and winter!

    Sandrine x

  168. Michelle Lee Comment #170
  169. Ash Knepper Comment #171

    I love all these beautiful coats, mittens and warm wooly shirts. Everywhere I’ve ever lived it snows a gazillion snowflakes of coldness…. glad you stayed warm on your adventures with Aritzia :)

  170. Tracy Comment #172

    Amazing location! Such a great campaign.

  171. Pinja Comment #173

    Such beautiful pictures! Suddenly I’m actually quite excited about snow and full-on winter 😉

  172. Elaine Comment #174

    This is just breathtaking and because of you, I want to visit Yukon so bad!!!

  173. Tina Comment #175
  174. Alicia Comment #176

    Beautiful pics!

  175. MÓNICA - MES VOYAGES À PARIS Comment #177

    Woww, these photos are so cozy, love them Jules!!
    Mónica from MESVOYAGES A PARIS

  176. Ashley Comment #178

    I love love loveeee everything you guys are wearing! Aritzia is awesome!
    Canada <3

  177. Kaja Comment #179

    The lanscape is breathtaking! You girls look stunning too though! :) I’d love to win! :)

  178. Eni Comment #180
  179. Hi Tea Style Comment #181

    Wow, amazing photos! So beautiful!

  180. It's About L.A Comment #182

    Great photos, they are really cool, that trip seem to be very fun!

  181. Barbara Comment #183

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  342. Daphne / Chocolatechipcouture Comment #344

    Such beautiful pictures and the scenery is indeed magical. I’ve always felt drawn towards these cold, Christmassy places where time seemed to stand stil. Living in holland it doesn’t get as cold as over there but we do get our fair amount of below zero temperatures so dressing for the occasion in warm winter wearables would be perfect!

    Would love to win and am keepi my fingers crossed!

    Lots of love, Daphne

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  359. Evelyn Gonzalez Comment #361

    Despite the chilly weather you looked all warm & cozy Jules!! I am a passionate wilderness lover, it warms my heart when I hear others experience with being with Nature and how much they truly enjoyed themselves. Awesome pics! Specially the B&W ones! 😀

  360. Amber Comment #362

    What an amazing campain!
    I also just returned from a trip to Canada and it was great.
    Would love some of the Artizia Stuff for the cold winter here in Europe. 😉

  361. Silja Comment #363

    The pictures look amazing. I’m from Switzerland and I love the snow .That’s why I would love to have warm winter clothes from Artizia :)

  362. Amalia Comment #364

    Julie, what a great giveaway. I was so excited to see your shoot with Aritzia. The photos and styling are just perfect. I’ve been a loyal follower of yours for 2.5 years-I think your style is the perfect mix of classic and edgey. I’m a Canadian now living in the US and I’ve been a loyal patron of Aritzia for about 10 years. This is a such a good collaboration :)

    • Jules Comment #365

      Thank you so much Amalia for the comment and being a loyal follower! Means the world! Happy to say you’re the winner to the Aritzia gift card!!!

      ENJOY! Thank you again!

      We will email you!

      • Amalia Boukos Comment #366

        Oh, my goodness, Julie. Imagine my delight. Thank you!!!! I hope I haven’t missed your email-I’ll be checking frequently!!

      • Amalia Boukos Comment #367

        Thank you, Julie!!! I’m so excited for this really lovely gift! I haven’t seen an email yet, but I’ll be checking often:)

  363. maria Comment #368

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  364. Emma Bottomley Comment #369

    Beautiful photos. Love the cosy knitwear. Perfect for the coming London winter!

  365. Natalia Comment #370

    Hi Jules,

    These photos are amazing and the place you were is so beautiful!All of your pictures are very inspiring, I love all of them and you are super cute!! Just as usual 😉 Xx

  366. Cassie Dulworth Comment #371

    Wow, these photos are absolutely gorgeous! I’ve never heard of this brand but I can’t wait to check it out, they have amazing things just from looking here. I love love cute winter clothes!

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    I was so very excited when my favorite blogger (you), and one of my favorite stores to shop at were collaborating! Not only am I big fan of your casual-cool style, this campaign is just another reason why I love what aritzia offers and why I continue to be a loyal customer. From their petite sizing, to their versatile-quality made clothing, Aritzia gives a sort of satisfaction and confidence with every purchase. I completely live in my TNA Brancroft jacket during the cold Seattle winters and it makes it that much cooler that you’re rockin’ it in this dope campaign! I heart Aritzia!

  374. Patti Kim Comment #379

    What a magical campaign! You sure were far from the world of Echo Park…
    Some of the things I heart the most:
    Sincerely Jules
    Los Angeles

  375. Asa Comment #380

    Looks like a perfect winter holiday! Beautiful shots and you make the clothes look amazing, I’m ALMOST excited about winter hitting us soon! ; )

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    Laura B. from Portland, Maine

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    Thank you for the giveaway :-)

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    So I love all your pictures. You are such an inspiration for me every day :)
    keep on doing what you love!

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    I’m in complete awe and would trade the city life anytime to be amongst the mountains.

    Naaj Ronas Lifestyle

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    All the best!

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  491. Agnes Comment #496

    I just bought a coat from Bromley Wool from Aritzia,I moved to Canada 8 years ago, and love the country,winter can be verrry cold here, but I hope that my new coat will keep me warm.I discovered that brand couple of months ago, and I am impressed by quality:)Great canadian brand.

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    Nicely done!

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  512. Yesenya Perez Comment #517

    My goodness! You’re so inspiring Jules, I hope to become as successful as you one day. These photos are fantastic! Seriously so inspiring. This campaign is a such a great idea! :) Love Aritzia!! <3 wish I had enough money to splurge hehe hoping for the best!

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    Thanks for the givaway !

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  520. Madison Manning Comment #525

    AHH these photos are great! I want to go on a northern adventure now too! adios America, bonjour Canada!
    fingers crossed for this amazing Aritzia giveaway (fingers crossed, constant prayers)

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    Loooooove the boots you’re wearing. Where can I find them?

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    Makes me want a white xmas

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    the campaign looks gorgeous!

    xoxox danni

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    cool collaboration!

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    xoxo Carla

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    Love the looks! I need some snow in my life!! This 75/80 degree Florida weather in December is lame!!

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    Beautiful pictures. Makes me proud to be Canadian. And somehow you and Aritzia make the cold look lovely !

  537. Hayley Comment #542

    Love your style, Love aritzia and am so excited to see such a beautiful part of my country featured on your page!! I could go out and buy everything in the campaign but will try to hold off, here’s hoping for some help with that 😉

  538. Maya Comment #543

    The photos are absolutely breathtaking!!! I love all of the sweaters and beanies…I literally want every singe one pictured!

  539. Anna Comment #544

    Such classic looks! LOVE this entire campaign and enjoyed looking at Yukon’s incredible scenery. Are the boots you’re wearing Aritzia too? I can’t find them on their site anywhere :'( – PLEASE LET ME WIN THE GIFT CARD!!! (PLEASE PLEASE :-D).

  540. Rach Luisetto Comment #545

    Struck by wanderlust!!

  541. Amanda Comment #546

    Breathtaking! I am so happy Aritzia opened in Montreal!!!

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    Love the campaign! What a wonderful experience to have.

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    I just love the colors of the pictures ! It’s beautiful. Wish I can come to this amazing place soon !

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    Love the photos, and Yukon looks amazing! Would love to visit there one day.

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    Amazing photos. Great clothes!!

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    Let it snow! Such a beautiful place!

    Have a wonderful week!

    ♥ Oksana

    NEW! >> Cara Delevingne’s neutral makeup!

  549. Yvette George Comment #554

    Beautiful clothes, beautiful location! Now I’m craving to go to the Yukon. I live in Utah, so a gift card for winter clothing would be so well spent! Thanks for the opportunity!

  550. Lindsey Comment #555

    I want to see the northern lights so bad! This looks awesome & your clothes look great too!

  551. Jessika Comment #556

    Amazing landscape and photos!

  552. Tehra Y. Comment #557

    Recently visited Canada too! It’s absolutely breathtaking…can’t wait to get some of these beautiful pieces for my winter wardrobe!


  553. Comment #558

    Beautiful as always!! It makes me proud that your a latina and represent us well!! This makes me want to visit and I hate the cold. Thanks for putting Aritzia on my radar, they have lovely winter staples!!

    Much Love,

    Sonia Chavez

  554. Dina Comment #559

    The pictures are absolutely breath taking!! you are so blessed to have this wonderful opportunity and wear the coolest winter clothes! Thanks for sharing.

  555. Alexandra Comment #560

    Absolutely amazing collaboration! Beautiful photos of such a crazy location and just as beautiful clothes!

    Definitely going to be checking out the rest of Aritzia’s campaign. They just opened stores in my city and shopping there has become my new guilty pleasure….

    Keep up the amazing work!

  556. tanya Comment #561

    Damn I miss the snow, haven’t ridden my board in nearly a year and a half :(

  557. Sue Kennedy Comment #562

    Jules, thank you for inspiring us Canadian girls – yes we can be frosty and fabulous!

    Canadian Girl

  558. Rhea Garcia Comment #563

    I’m from Canada and while it gets pretty cold here sometimes, the view of the mountains and glaciers never cease to amaze me. Aritzia is a must-have when you live here!

  559. Nikki Comment #564

    What a beautiful campaign! Would love to be able to go to the Yukon and experience the beauty of the North.

  560. Katie Comment #565

    Amazing Photos! Canadian Pride:)

  561. lovezoe Comment #566

    What an amazing experience you all must have had!
    I’ve been looking forward to your post about this adventure since seeing yours and Aritzia’s photos on Instagram.
    Love you and love Aritzia!!

  562. Asha Comment #567

    These pics are sick! I’m not a fan of the cold, eve.n though I’m Canadian – yet theses pics make consider a trip to the Yukon. Kudos Sincerely Jules + Aritzia!

  563. Joanna Warcup Comment #568

    LOVE aritzia !!!!! Would be so happy to win this !

  564. Daniela Comment #569

    Beautiful! Makes me feel like the winter season has officially begun

  565. Charlie Comment #570

    I’ve always wanted to visit the north and I hope I can do it soon, but in the meantime, looking at these campaign photos will have to do :)

  566. Ariella Comment #571

    I am so JEALOUS!! The clothes look absolutely gorgeous, and man I want to go to the Yukon

  567. Jae Comment #572

    Love the styling- so cozy and dreamy! :)

  568. Erin Comment #573

    Being from Vancouver, I love love love Aritzia and how simple, chic it is!

  569. Christine Comment #574

    This is one of my favorites of yours recently! The photos are gorgeous and you make looking cold, chic.. and I can attest that it is most definitely not. xo

  570. Reuben! Comment #575

    Amazing shoot! At first I was forced to look at clothing that you wear from my girlfriend! Now I love it..and its easy to find presents for her because I just choose something your wearing!

    Love it!

  571. Hayley Comment #576

    wow stunning! Would love to visit here one day!

    Hayley xx

  572. Christine Wong Comment #577

    I work for Aritzia & love that you are enjoying their collection. I love the photos, they are absolutely breathtaking !

  573. tas Comment #578

    I am in looooove with your site! I was put off blogging websites as they all starting blending into one but yours has the most amazing scenery that pulls of your original style which always has some quirkiness to it. I would love to own some of these pieces and share my take on them.

    Sincerely t.

  574. Andreea Comment #579

    I love the pictures! Proud Canadian right here! I hope I win :)

  575. Erin Comment #580

    Beautiful pictures! Thanks for sharing.


  576. Geneviève Comment #581

    soooo nice !!!!!!!!!!!!

  577. ally Comment #582

    amazing location! i especially love the laced wedge shoes you wear throughout the shoot :)

  578. Sara D Comment #583

    Love aritzia and love your blog! The photos are absolutely beautiful, hope you were too cold!

  579. Jacquiinthesky Comment #584

    Seriously amazing and beautiful photos, never see anything like this in Australia!! Might I add your hair is amazing!

  580. Nicole Sjostedt Comment #585

    Stunning backdrop and so fitting for this amazing Canadian company! I’m loving all this Canadian beauty mixed with great Canadian design. “Oh Canada, oh,oh,oh Canada”!

  581. Gabi Comment #586

    breath taking photos. pretty and sensible shots :)))

  582. Stella Cho Comment #587

    Amazing photos! What a great opportunity to be able to explore Canada. You should come to Vancouver as well!

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  584. Eugénie Comment #589

    @sincerelyjules where I can find the shoes you wear in these pictures ?? I love it.

  585. Jjanet Comment #590

    Love this photo shoot. The Yukon is so pristine. Looks like a place I would love to visit with either close friends, or family. Cozy fires, snowy hills, beautiful landscapes, and gorgeous clothes from my personal Canadian fave Aritzia.

  586. Sabrina Comment #591

    You look amazing in these pics and in my beautiful country. Would love to win this giveaway:)

  587. Brooke Comment #592

    Hey! I don’t know if it’s too late to participate in the contest but I LOVE everything on Aritzia! Would love to win! I’d get the Rag and Bone black boots, so lovely (bcuz they are way over my student budget)!
    Brooke Sanchez

  588. Cassandra Welten Comment #593

    So happy to see you in Yukon! Aritzia did a fantastic job with the styling… now if only I can get my hands on the lumberjack coat for these chilly nights in Vancouver.

  589. Eline Comment #594

    The photos are amazing and love the outfits!
    Hope to win. Kis

  590. Jelena Mrdja Comment #595
  591. Cheryl Comment #596

    What brand are your boots your wearing in canada?

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