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Hello there! Happy Tuesday!

I’m writing to you from the beautiful city of Algarve in Portugal!! Really excited to be here and explore everything Algarve has to offer. I will share more in the next posts about my stay here with photos and day-to-day activities! Exciting stuff, but follow me on instagram as you will see live photos from my trip.

Before I left to Portugal, I had such a hectic/weekend that all I wanted to do was relax and enjoy a sunday afternoon with my family. On sunday, we all had a little shopping date followed by a lovely lunch while we caught up with each other and planned our holidays!

I pulled out one of my oldest pair of jeans from high school! Oldie but goodie! Who said flares were dead? Not me! :)

Side news; Shopbop just launched my new set of tees for the holidays! Definitely my favorites ones to date especially the Globe Trotter, MEOW, J’ heart NY and Magnifique! Right now those styles are only exclusive to Shopbop so make sure to get your shopping on for the holidays HERE. My shop is carrying a new tee too;the Donut!

navy.jpg_effected-001navy4.jpg_effected navy13.jpg_effected navy7.jpg_effected-001 navy6.jpg_effected navy8.jpg_effected-001 navy15

[do action=”rstyle-post-links”]Blazer: Le Fou by Wilfred Aritzia
Tank: Isabel Marant x H&M
Jeans: Abercrombie & Fitch (from high school!)
Flats: Steve Madden
Sunglases: Raen
Bag: Goyard[/do]

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  1. SweetMona Blog de moda Comment #1
  2. Estefanía Comment #5
  3. Leslie Comment #6

    Love it! Great blazer!

  4. Inês Comment #7

    Hey Jules! What are you doing in Algarve? It’s a shame that the weather is not warm anymore, otherwise you would be able to enjoy the beach… I’m Portuguese but I live in Lisbon, it was a great surprise when I opened this post and saw that you were here in our little corner of Europe. I hope you enjoy your stay, Algarve is specially calm this time of the year.

  5. lolli Comment #8

    your hair looks lovely!

  6. Leslie Comment #9

    this a beautiful outfit of simplicity and modern elegance. your sleek shoes are a perfect complement to the wide-leg jeans. lovely post and i love the sunglasses!

  7. Idalia Comment #10

    Everything about this is just so simple, casual yet very chic & beautiful. great outfit once again Jules!


  8. Su nd Chris Comment #11

    I just loove that outfit! What a beautiful combination!

    xx Su

  9. C Comment #12

    You are looking lovely as always but i have to correct you on one litle thing…Algarve ia a region, not a city… You flew to the city of Faro, as it is the only airport in the Algarve :)

  10. Q Comment #13

    cute outfit… your hair looks good like that.

  11. C Comment #14

    Consider taking the train and visiting Lisbon, it is the capital, it is beautiful and you won’t regret it!

  12. Mariana Comment #15

    So glad to read you are in Portugal – my country! Enjoy your holidays! [By the way, just a small correction, the Algarve is a region, not a city.]

  13. monkeyshines Comment #16
  14. Caroline Comment #17

    Love the blazer!! Classic and chic!

    xx Caroline

  15. jas Comment #18

    i LOVE this look on you. and your hair looks fab.

    reckless abandon blog

  16. abigail sterling Comment #19

    Amazing look! Love that blazer and those jeans – so cute! Safe travels!

    x abigail, the fabulous life of a natural disaster

  17. Leen Bels Comment #20



  18. MaricruzLA Comment #21

    Very nice jeans! And I loved the last pic xx

  19. Naomi A Comment #22

    You’re so pretty Jules! That last photo is clever~

    The Occasional Indulgence

  20. kelsey Comment #23

    fun wide legged jean!

  21. Madison Martine Comment #24

    Loving this look! You styled those jeans perfectly!

    Madison Martine

  22. Aparna Comment #25

    You look gorgeous!! Love what you’ve done with your hair..

  23. natalie Comment #26

    gorgeous outfit!
    love your blazer

  24. Rachel Comment #27

    I love flares! Glad to see someone rocking them! And your hair looks freaking gorgeous!

  25. Gracie Comment #28

    Gorgeous look! So casual and professional! And your hair is rockin!

  26. StyleGodis Comment #29

    LOVE LOVE this outfit Jules <3 these paaants!!

    The StyleGodis Team

  27. Kacie Comment #30

    Love the simplicity of this! Those pants are perfect on you!!

  28. Tsangtastic by Jenny Tsang Comment #31

    Those bell bottom ripped jeans look perfect on you, such a classic look 😉

    New Post up…

  29. Une petite Bruxelloise Comment #32

    Looking great!!! The jeans are amazing, well done for keeping on to them since high school!!! I love the blazer as well, such a rich blue…

  30. Miss Key Comment #33

    Your hair look amazing! This blazer is so cool, I love it and these heels are very cute. Love love love this look

  31. Anna Comment #34

    Love the last pic’ and the blazer: casual but so chic!

  32. Irina Comment #35

    Honey, Algarve is not a city! It’s a region in Portugal, that has many cities in it, like Faro, Portimao, Sagres, Albufeira!

    Great Look 😉

  33. M A R T A Comment #36

    You look adorable ! Love the jacket and the jeans combo!

  34. Paula Capel Comment #37

    Love your pants! You have a loooong legs! very beautiful!:)

    kisses from Barcelona!!!


  35. The Fashion Fraction Comment #38
  36. Elien Comment #39

    This look is beautiful!
    Simple but very chic!

  37. ETRALA LONDON Comment #40

    Hi there! I really love this outfit because the ‘basics’ are really cool! Especially love the blazer and de leopard flats!

    Please have a look to our London-based fashion brand >>
    Hope you like it!!

    Best, xx

  38. Cheyenne Comment #41

    Love the bell bottoms!!

  39. Sharon (Style-Chameleon) Comment #42

    Perfect basic outfit!

    And I love the last picture!


  40. State beauty Comment #43

    Gorgeous!! Love this outfit!!


  41. Carolina Comment #44

    Love your look, you´re gorgeous and I love your jeans.

  42. Astrid Stieglitz Comment #45

    Came back yesterday from Olhåo/Algarve, near Tavira! You definetely need to check out the Beach “Barill” which is connected to the city “Luz of Tavira” and can only be reached by a (VERY) little train. This is one of the most beautiful beaches on the Algarve! Try! :)

  43. Rebecca Levallois Comment #46

    You look different but beautiful. I think its because your hair is wavy. I’ve loved your old jeans. I also I have some jeans since I was in high school haha! Signal that we have not gained weight. Kisses! :-*

  44. Julie Comment #47

    i think that it’s one of my favouriet outfit, amazing!!


  45. Elisa Comment #48

    Simply stunning!! Great outfit my dear *_*

    Elisa – My Fantabulous World

  46. vanessa Comment #49

    very very nice outfit

  47. MandyGHT Comment #50

    I love your jeans! Great look!

  48. Fashion Party blog Comment #51

    Love the shoes but hate those pants!

  49. Raquel Comment #52

    Last photo is great!!! <3

  50. MARJOLEIN Comment #53

    A good basic outfit never bores. Wonderfully combined! : )
    And how good of you that you’re still able to fit in those! I don’t think I would be able to…


  51. With Love Ragan Comment #54

    Distressed jeans, a blazer and a tee always equal effortlessly chic.
    Check out the newest online women’s fashion boutique at

  52. Les Palourdes Comment #55

    Wow, what a really nice post ! You look so beautiful, and your outfit is perfect !
    Your blazer is amazing, it looks so well on you !

    Kisses from France xx
    See you soon :)


  53. Monique Comment #56

    This look is absolutely amazing! You look gorgeous as always!
    Lots of love <3

  54. Seppy Comment #57

    LOVE this outfit..!! Simple and fun! Love!

    Will you travel around Portugal?? I was there last summer for 2 weeks!! You must visit Lisbon! And if you can, make a 45 minute detour to Cascais, it’s a much less touristy town close to Lisbon and it is absolutely beautiful. We stayed there for a week and I really loved it. It’s quaint, clean and beautiful!

  55. Jessica Rose Comment #58

    The jeans are really cool….and you have had them since high school! I love the picture on the bottom are indeed an angel! Jess. x

  56. margarida Comment #59

    side note: Algarve is not a city, it is a region. hope you enjoy your stay!
    (I’m portuguese, in case you conldn’t tell)

  57. Tina Comment #60

    Cool outfit… Ilove the blazer!

  58. Rachel Comment #61

    wanna see more of the white tank!!
    Love, Rachel

    n e w b l o g |

  59. The Fashion Panda Comment #62
  60. claudia Comment #63

    You look so cute! Love the ripped jeans!

  61. Natalii Comment #64

    you look like jennifer lopez!!! hahahahaha beautiful kisses to spainn!! ♥

  62. Lilo Comment #65

    The Algarve (Portuguese pronunciation: [aɫˈɡaɾv(ɨ)], from Arabic: الغرب‎, trans. Al-Gharb, meaning “The West”) is the southernmost region of mainland Portugal. It has an area of 5,412 square kilometres (2,090 sq mi) with approximately 451,005[2] permanent inhabitants, and incorporates 16 municipalities.

    So it’s not a city :)

  63. Eye .Like Fashion Comment #66

    This is such a great classic look made completely chi because of your style!
    Your hair is gorgeous!!!!

    NEW POST:: Jumpsuit


  64. Bella Comment #67

    Awesome look! That blazer is amazing!


  65. Sandra Palomares Comment #68
  66. Isa Comment #69

    Cute look!
    New post up on my blog … “Lady Jade” in

  67. Cara Comment #70

    Love this look! Those jeans are perfect – amazing you’ve had them since high school! And your hair looks just gorgeous.
    xo Cara

  68. Daisy // & Pretty Things Comment #71

    sometimes the best outfits are the simplest! love this look! x

    & Pretty Things

  69. Laëti Comment #72

    Hello Hello,

    I love it !

    À bientôt, Laëti

  70. Milica Comment #73

    Casual but chic! The photo with the wings is sooo adorable! You changed something with the hair style? It’s beautiful! :)

  71. rita Comment #74

    omgggg i’m from portugalllll, but i live in the north, enyou your stay <333333333

  72. Silvia Comment #75

    Jules!!!! I´m Portuguese, from Lisbon and I follow your site everyday. Is an inspiring site with those nice looks and pictures! So, Algarve is Top!!! What location? You have to eat petit almond cakes, and shellfish rice, and the bread is amaizing!!! I love the beaches, the sun, the sand. I like Sagres. Have a nice journey. I will comment your Insta Pic with a lot of love. It´s a proud to receive you in here, our litlle but big Country! Kisses.

  73. Quyen Comment #76

    Love the voluminous hair!

  74. emily Comment #77

    Aghh your hair and blazer!!!! So amazing!!


  75. Pelny Comment #78

    You are always cute Julie, like your simplicity!

  76. Cassandra Comment #79
  77. Marija Comment #80

    You look fab even in basics! 😉 XO
    Love those shoes!

  78. Camille Comment #81

    Really nice and elegant outfit

  79. S. Comment #82

    I’m from Portugal and glad you’re enjoying your visit to my beautiful country.
    Just have to add that Algarve is not a city but the name of the South area of the country. 😉

    Love your look! :)

  80. Hannah Comment #83

    Love the outfit! But the Algarve is a region of Portugal, not a city! xx

  81. BlueChicBerry Comment #84

    Wow, love your hair! Amazing blazer and jeans! You look so beautiful :)

  82. Julie's Way Comment #85

    You are so pretty, your hair are amazing on that picture <3

  83. It's About L.A Comment #86

    This outfit is amazing, love everything about it, suit is very cool on you, you look so gorgeous, you should wear it more 😉

  84. Diana Comment #87

    not sure you picked the best time of the year to visit Algarve, but still.. hope you enjoy my lovely country :)

  85. Mj Comment #88

    Love this look. Love basics.

  86. laurina wong Comment #89

    Basic is good once in while:)

  87. I Showed Up In Boots Comment #90

    Amazing jeans! I have a pair from college that I just love (and yes, they are wonderful flares!), and although they are a little snug, they still and always will be a favorite.

    You look so much like your sister here!

  88. Jint Comment #91

    The ripped jeans is perfect!

  89. mariana vp Comment #92

    hey darling! that’s so great that you’re in Portugal! Algarve isn´t a city but a region, btw!
    have lot’s and lot’s of fun!

  90. Susana Comment #93

    Wellcome to Portugal, hope you like my country and enjoy all our beauties

    If you come to Oporto, i would like to show you my city.
    Love your blog, such nice outfits :-)


  91. Gemeladas Comment #94

    I really love the look!! and the last picture is amazing!


  92. Fashion Snag Comment #95

    Love the jeans!! Great fit.

  93. Flor Comment #96

    Love this simple but super stylish look!


  94. Jessica Comment #97

    This outfit is so perfect! Definitely gonna try and pull it off myself! Love the basic look with the leopard flats! Perfect for an everyday look! Love love love the jeans as well, can’t believe they’re an old pair!

  95. alela sirah Comment #98
  96. Jennifer Comment #99

    Where is this wall located? I am always looking for new places to shoot in LA!

    xo Jennifer

  97. jaclyn Comment #100

    First, girl your hair part looks amazing (you almost look like a different person!) Second those jeans are rad!

    check my blog:

  98. Cristina Monti Comment #101

    Your last pictures with the wings, is simply fabulous!!!!
    Check out my fashion and music blog:
    Like here
    Follow here
    Tweet me here
    With Love,

  99. abiti da sera Comment #102

    Last one looks like angel wings have two lovely

  100. ella rose Comment #103

    i love this look :)
    new post isabel marant x h&m :)

  101. Helen Comment #104
  102. Sofya Comment #105
  103. Margarida Comment #106

    omg, can’t believe you’re in Algarve! i’m a portuguese girl from Lisbon but Algarve (Lagos, to be precise) has always been a second home to me! love it there. Hopy you enjoy just as much

  104. Maes Comment #107

    Me encantan los jeans con la blazer, esos botones le dan el toque chic, la foto con la alas, ideal!!!

  105. Lidia Comment #108

    Simple and perfect, the last photo is great 😉

  106. Elizabeth Comment #109

    Omg love your jeans!!! I used to have one of those jeans.

  107. nikki Comment #110

    you hair looks amazing!


  108. Oksana Comment #111

    I love looks like that! So simple but so chick!

    ♥ NB! I’ve changed my blog’s link! Before I was ‘makeupbyoksana’, but from now on, I’m ‘oxanamua’ (which means makeup artist).
    That’s why my previous bloglovin page doesn’t work anymore.
    ♥ So, please, follow me on my new one to keep reading me –

    ♥ Oksana {new post >> october/november favourites}

  109. nita clemons Comment #112

    Blazers and jeans are THE thing this season, and you wear it great… just like a real angel. Enjoy the mild weather and hopefully some sunshine!

  110. fukt i källare Comment #113

    amazing style as always :)

  111. CRIS Comment #114


  112. Kate Comment #115

    great outfit! i love your look!


  113. SARA Comment #116


  114. Estelita Quintero Comment #117

    I love those jeans great look.

  115. elkee Comment #118

    Your hair looks so pretty in these pics! The picture with the wings in the back is so adorable. Love that blazer as well.

  116. Ria Comment #119

    Love that blazer and your hair looks really spiffy.

  117. Jodi Comment #120

    LOVE everything about this look.

    Btw…where are these angel wings at? Is that in the Arts District?

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  119. Dragonness Comment #122

    This is such a fabulous look – I tracked you down by the jeans which I first saw unattributed on Pinterest! What is the style name of these jeans, do you know? I am going to try hunting them down on Ebay, I like them so much!

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  121. Yahoska Comment #124

    This picture looks amazing Jules!

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