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Donut Lover / Black Friday + Cyber Monday sale.


Hope everyone had a lovely thanksgiving day yesterday! To celebrate the holiday season, we just launched a few new designs to get you excited for the holidays! To get in the spirit, we are offering 30% off all your purchase, just use DREAMBIG at checkout!

Now it’s your chance to stock up on our most popular Célfie items, off duty sweaters and dream believe achieve pieces as well as the new designs. They’re perfect for holiday gifts for your friends, sisters, co-workers and everyone else in between! Enjoy!

Shop now, here.


northernlights5.jpg_effected doughnut.jpg_effected doughnut3.jpg_effected doughnut4.jpg_effected

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  1. Fashion Snag Comment #1
  2. Rachelle Comment #4

    Love this tee, so cute.


  3. Laëti Comment #5


    C’est vraiment très joli :)


  4. Milica Comment #6
  5. Rebecca Comment #7

    Those are my ideal kind of clothes omg. THIS ISN’T HEALTHY FOR MY WALLET.

  6. TERESA Comment #8

    Nice skirt and Laid back pictures.


  7. Filippo Bologni Comment #9
  8. stephanie Comment #10

    That t-shirt is awesome!!!
    xx Stephanie (

  9. ana rita Comment #11

    love your shirt x

  10. The Provoker Comment #12

    Very cute doughnut tee! I’m sure homer simpson would love that! lol. Check out my newest and one of my MOST popular outfit post featuring a STELLA MCCARTNEY runway coat with a janitor jumpsuit worn underneath, complimented by sturdy STELLA pumps and a CHANEL chain bag, guaranteed to provoke ya! #PROVOKED

    xx The Provoker

  11. Q Comment #13

    that tee is too cute!

  12. Kacie Comment #14

    So cute, I so want to get myself that donut tee!

  13. tiphaine Comment #15

    amazing pictures sweetie!!

    have an amazing weekend :)

    xo tiphaine

  14. Judith Comment #16

    You’re so amazing!
    Your tee shirt is just perfect.


  15. Jessica Rose Comment #17

    I love the doughnut top…such a kind gesture. x

  16. Camille Comment #18

    Very cool top ! And I love that skirt

  17. jaclyn Comment #19

    girl! saddest thing, your sold out-almost instantly- of your donut tee and you don’t even have your DBA sweatshirt! (tears)! PS you look great!

    check my blog:

  18. MARJOLEIN Comment #20

    I didn’t know the donut tee was your design as well, love it!


  19. carol Comment #21

    oooh this tee is so cute

  20. abigail sterling Comment #22

    Such an adorable t -shirt! Love your designs!

    x abigail, the fabulous life of a natural disaster

  21. Vivian Comment #23

    I was wondering if you’d be offering some black Friday/cyber Monday deals, and I saw the donut t-shirt on Instagram and figured I should check it out. Now I’m going to get one for myself!

    • Vivian Comment #24

      Darn, it’s all sold out :(

  22. Su nd Chris Comment #25

    Super cute look, love it!

    xx Su

  23. monkeyshines Comment #26
  24. Claire Comment #27

    Love the top! and the skirt too! You look so adorable <3
    New Post: Layer Up
    xoxo, Claire

  25. Steffi Comment #28

    shop shop shop super bonita me mola!

  26. Eva Comment #29
  27. Alexa Comment #30

    too cute! and the super laid-back top with the edgy skirt is so fashionable. i love the look of the skirt with the zippers.


  28. Maggie Comment #31

    What curling iron did you use to curl your hair? It’s so pretty!

  29. Mariska Comment #32

    I love the tee with the donut!!!!

  30. fasionruelle Comment #33

    My favourite t-shirt with donut is sold out :(
    Great look though!

  31. Cory Scott Comment #34

    The Off Duty sweater is MINE! Great collection

    Xoxo! Cory

  32. Madison Martine Comment #35

    Love the donut top!

  33. GlitterMODE Comment #36

    Wow, love your skirt! Can´t wait for summer :)

  34. Sandrine Comment #37

    Love the T-shirt, so dynamic and cute!

    Sandrine x

  35. Tina Comment #38
  36. Marija Comment #39

    so cute look, love the shirt! xo

  37. Leesa Comment #40
  38. Maes Comment #41

    Me encanta la camiseta donut, estas genial!!! y de tu post anterior preciosas las fotos.

  39. QueenLina Comment #42
  40. Dana Comment #43

    This donut shirt is so nice :)

  41. Sharon (Style-Chameleon) Comment #44

    Love the donut t-shirts!


  42. Sydney Corporate Comment #45

    Such a cool tee…you totally rock it!

  43. Jen Comment #46

    Love this shirt! So cool and looks great paired with your edgy black skirt. Would love for you to check out my blog – enjoy!! XX

  44. Anna Comment #47

    Loving that t-shirt, your designs are always so cool!

  45. Maggie Comment #48

    Only you could pull off that outfit! Simply lovely. xxxo

  46. Gracie Comment #49

    Love that top! You can’t go wrong with donuts! 😉

  47. Karmen Comment #50

    Jules, I’m a big fan of you. I have a job interview at Zara, could you can tell me, que me puedo poder por favor.
    Muchas gracias y saludo desde London

  48. h* Comment #51

    Nice t-shirt!!! kisses from Spain!

  49. In a Trendy Town Comment #52

    Very original t-shirt, we love the combination with leather skirt! Happy weekend!

  50. Eni Comment #53

    Such a lovely t-shirt, love it with the leather skirt!

  51. Nath Comment #54

    Acabo de descubrir tu blog y simplemente me encanta tu estilo. Seguiré leyendo¡¡
    Feliz fin de semana. Hugs¡¡¡¡

  52. It's About L.A Comment #55

    Thanks for sharring, the tee is great!*

  53. Cassandra Comment #56

    Love your shirt !! You look beautiful !

  54. Chrysopigi Comment #57
  55. Mireille Comment #58

    Love the Tee! Cute and funny at the same time

    xoxo Mireille

  56. Helen Comment #59
  57. andreavytlacilova Comment #60

    I looove the combination of a leather skirt and printed t-shirt! :)

  58. Clara Comment #61

    Love the skirt and the donnut shirt!! So cool!! 😀

  59. Mary Comment #62

    30% off? Wow! Can’t wait to get shopping. Love this look also x


  60. Aldo Ponce Comment #63

    The skirt makes the difference in the outfit, and the shirt is simple but funny.

  61. lena Comment #64

    i really love this t-shirt!

  62. Michelle Lee Comment #65
  63. claudia Comment #66

    Love your donut tee, it´s so cute!

  64. The Fashion Panda Comment #67
  65. irene laura Comment #68
  66. Sorcha Comment #69

    Who could go wrong with a donut t-shirt? So cute!

  67. Eye Like Fashion Comment #70

    Cutest top and paired with the skirt…it’s such a SWEET perfection!


  68. Julie Kure Comment #71

    I really like your blog, you have such a cool and fun style and that donut tee is to die for :-)

  69. Chelsea Comment #72

    Will you be stocking up on more sizes of the celfie shirts? I really wanted to buy the black celfie shirt but need it in a size Medium. Please email me back, I hope we can work something out and I would love to be able to take advantage of the Black Friday sale! Thanks.

  70. Jess Comment #73

    Cool tshirt! 😀

    Please, check out my blog


  71. Courtney Comment #74

    Love the donut shirt, donuts are my favorite dessert ever :)

  72. Marianne Navada Comment #75

    I added the shirt to this shopping list!

  73. Justi Comment #76

    Hey! Are you getting more of these? It’s sold out :/

  74. hélène Comment #77

    hey! love that skirt… can you tell us where does it come from ?

  75. CHAMA FASHION Comment #78

    Like the leather skirt!

  76. Kim Comment #79

    Will you be stocking more of the donut tee for your sale? It sold out so fast….

  77. maría josé Comment #80

    Great look, I love that skirt and the tshirt is so funny



  78. Miss Key Comment #81

    This tee is going to be mine, I love it!

  79. Bella Comment #82

    Your’re so talented!


  80. Model Approved Comment #83

    So Yummy! Love the outfit!

  81. black and white Comment #84

    Un look de lo mas informal pero a la vez muy en tendencia. Me encanta tu estilo y
    Te invito a que conozcas nuestro blog que tenemos nuevo post sobre moda y tendencias.
    Un besazo enorme

  82. cecilemzl Comment #85

    Lovely jules!

  83. Gupse Comment #86

    I love this doughnut printed shirt!!!!!!

  84. nikki Comment #87

    loveee this shirt!


  85. ana Comment #88

    as always you look simply but so stylish

  86. iabiti Comment #89

    Really cute, I like your shirt, it is beautiful

  87. isabel Comment #90
  88. Julie Comment #91
  89. Shirley Yanez Comment #92

    Simple is always best.

  90. patricia Comment #93
  91. Bellas sin perder la cabeza Comment #94

    Fun top and it looks great with that Skirt!

  92. Thepinkinnuendo Comment #95

    Me super encanta el look. besitos


  93. Doris Comment #96

    You look stunning, love the leather skirt, very chic and it looks perfect on you

  94. Rikke Amalie Comment #97

    Do you get the t-shirt back in stock?

  95. Abanico Comment #98

    Your skirt is really amazing. I want it!

  96. Pearl Comment #99

    So simple and so cute. I love the shiny zippers on the skirt.

  97. Sofia Comment #100

    Love your graphic t shirt. It’s adorable.

    Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving with your friends and family.

  98. Yasmin Mereé Comment #101


    Check out my blog

  99. Julie's Way Comment #103

    Love your skirt <3

  100. Ángela Bastos Comment #104

    Beautiful!! Nice t-shirt.


    Yo, yo misma y mi armario

  101. Claire Comment #105

    wow, you look amazing!

  102. Fanny Comment #106

    So sad I missed this! The donut tshirt is sold out already?? Your outfit is super cute though~

  103. Anika Comment #107

    Love this skirt, can you tell me what size did u get?

  104. Lara Vázquez Comment #108

    beautiful, love simple outfits.
    Here it’s my fashion blog,

    Love from Spain, Lara;)

  105. The Dutch countryside Comment #109

    Amazing! I seriously love your designs, they look great and are so different. Not that typical ‘homies’ thing again. You’re doing an amazing job girl:)

  106. ayadi ouafae Comment #110
  107. Elaine Comment #111

    Such a fun outfit! Check out my blog

  108. Milica Petrovic Comment #112

    Great post! Your hair looks gorgeous! Love it! :) xoxo

  109. Katie Comment #113

    Love that skirt!


  110. FRAN Comment #114

    THAT T-SHIRT is so amazing!!


  111. The Daily Melon Comment #115

    Love the shirt!! I want a donut now! 😉

  112. RomyAshley Comment #116

    Looks so cute with the skirt! I love it!!

    xxxxxx RA

  113. Milla Comment #117

    The donut shirt is awesome!! Love it :).

    Xoxo Milla

  114. Evi Comment #118

    Cute t-shirt!

    Evi xoxo

    The Notebook of a Fashion Lover

  115. Ana Comment #119

    Thats tee is super cute!

  116. Oksana Comment #120

    Cute shirt!

    Have a wonderful week!

    ♥ Oksana

    NEW! >> Cara Delevingne’s neutral makeup!

  117. Cristina Monti Comment #121

    Great tee, congrats on the amazing success!
    Check out my blog:
    With love,

  118. Celia Comment #122

    Nice! Where is the skirt from?

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