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Best of 2013 Looks.


It’s finally here-2014! The new year awaits us right before our eyes and I could not be any more excited and happier for this fresh new start for all of us. It was by far one of the best years I’ve experienced both personally and professionally. I challenged myself and went after things I thought I couldn’t accomplish. It was a year full of growth, learning, highs and lows, laughter, joy, disappointments… I mean, it was a little bit of everything. With all of the amazing highs I was blessed with, I also had to deal with a few obstacles/challenges/lows. I feel very proud for going through everything and pulling through because it has definitely help made me who I am right now.

I’m a bit more in tune with my feelings; I’m more confident, I believe in my dreams more, I love the people around me more than ever,  I’m challenging myself to be better at everything, I’m more open to things… the list goes on. It was definitely the year of growth and happiness.

I want to thank each and every one of you for being a constant source of inspiration to help keep me going  by reading your sweet comments, emails, letters or when I meet you in person. Thank you for following along and joining me on my little journey of style, travel, food and everything in between. Thank you for all the love and support you gave  me/ my blog/ my shop in 2013 and the years before- it means the world to have you right there with me. Thank you for visiting my blog and taking time out of your day to check in on my life! You guys are amazing and just remember, If I could follow my dreams and live out my dreams, YOU can too!! Don’t give up!

Wishing you a blessed 2014 full of health, prosperity, happiness, love, passion and success! May this year bring you everything you ever wished for and more… work hard + play harder! Dreams do come true- let 2014 be the beginning of that dream! Cheers!

See you in 2014…. love you all. x

ohh.. here’s a recap of some of my favorite looks of 2013… enjoy!

savvy321 beautifulodyssey1 venice12 tiedye red3 black1111 camo4 beach celine0 greylin www2 usalt2 tiedye11 tibi61 SUMMERHUES5 superbe4 barceloneta4 bcn_cupofcouple02 best2013_1 best2013_2 best2013_3 best2013_4 best2013_10 best2013_11 best2013_12 best2013 BW1 camo checkmate10 chic1 day2-10 velvet unif thebomb2 beach81 BEAULOVE3 camolace2 DVFWWW2 best2013_15 celfie3 ww stripes12-1 aeholiday4 allblack5 beau4.jpg_effected best2013_6 cali2 skater2 SEZANEFALL31 saucypan1 santamonica8 rspt3 rome8 red2 samba4 RFMN phyEd6 philliplim1 savvy10 phonebox parisday10 navy7.jpg_effected-001 missguided5.jpg_effected minimal1 miami15 magnifique3 miami madforplaid2 luxe9 cosdress6 citychic4 dallas3 dallas009 classic31 current4 dblues4 doit9 desertstop2 dwtn.jpg_effected diarynyc60 diarynyc42 elliott2 fall firenze5 FP8 green1 hideaway11 fuffly1 ilove3 fleamarket7 intogreen3 broadway3.jpg_effected best2013_8 independenceday8 layer9 lincoln love13 madewell1 toddlynn14 shinedesert2.jpg_effected mixup2 memorylane5 lifeofjules11 minimal1 day1-34.jpg_effected hideaway71 whitesummer thestandard5 leopard paristrip11 samba7

See ya 2013! BRING IT ON 2014- WE ARE READY!!!! xo

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  1. Kacie Comment #1

    Looks like you had amazing year, heres to 2014!!

  2. MaricruzLA Comment #2

    Let me tell you miss Sariñana that you have an amazing style! Loving all your outfits trough the year xx

  3. Ericka Garcia Comment #3

    Totally love all of your looks! Happy new year Jules! :)

    Ericka of

  4. monkeyshines Comment #4
  5. Julie Comment #5

    Hi Jules,
    You are such an inspiration. I literally would buy your closet! I really love all the looks in this post! Keep up the good work! I look forward to a new year full of inspiration thanks to your blog! xo

  6. Cassandra Comment #6

    Always casual but always stylish and so beautiful !!!
    Have an amazing new year <3

  7. Marita Comment #7

    Never stop blogging! You are a wonderful inspiration! Thank you for sharing! 😀

  8. Stacia Comment #8

    So beautiful! I will always adore your style! xo

  9. Sofia Comment #9

    You are such an inspiration! Your blog is by far the best there is!!! Happy new year and I wish you all the best for 2014!


  10. Jint Comment #10

    Love every single look!
    Sammydress giveaway on the blog, enter quickly!

  11. Alba Segura Comment #11

    Jules! I love your style!! You’re fabulous :)
    Kisses from Spain <3

  12. Camille Comment #12

    All these pictures are gorgeous ! Hope you had a great time celebrating nye

  13. Liz Comment #13

    You have an incredibly wonderful style, I love it! Thank u for keeping this blog and have a happy new year :)

  14. Su nd Chris Comment #14

    Girl your style is simply amazing! So beautiful and stylish! :)

    xx Su

  15. Brikena Comment #15

    i absolutely looove love love your sense of style.
    happy new year :)
    xo, Brikena

  16. Marianne Comment #16

    Omg! So many amazing outfits! I wish i had all those clothes.. 😀

    Happy New Year! <3

  17. Isabel Cristina Comment #17

    Beautiful outfits! Happy new year!

  18. Jessica Rose Comment #18

    Thank you for all your wonderful looks in 2013…..can’t wait to see what you be wearing and doing in 2014!!


  19. The Fashion Fraction Comment #19

    perfection in each and every details and each and every photo

  20. Angélique Comment #20

    Happy New Year from France , thanks for sharing us all theses perfects looks ! You’re the most beautiful and stylish girl on the blogosphere 😉

  21. Leesa Comment #21

    really amazing looks! Happy 2014!

  22. Jessica Comment #22

    I’m a new reader of as the fall and I’m absolutely inspired by your style and photos. I wish I could get to travel as much as you have this year. Can’t wait to see what 2014 brings your way!

  23. Anne Ruth Comment #23

    Loveeee all of them!

  24. Sophie Comment #24

    Love every single look. Happy new year to one of my favorite bloggers! xx

  25. Emma Comment #25

    You seriously have impecable style, can’t wait to see what you have in store this year!

  26. Emily Comment #26

    There are some majorly stunning outfits here!


  27. carmen Comment #27

    love all of them!!!

    Me and the City

  28. State beauty Comment #28

    Lovely pictures! I really love all the outfits

    Happy New Year

  29. Isida Comment #29

    Love your style!! You always get it right but in an effortless way!

    Wishing you a very happy new year!

  30. ana rita Comment #30

    you look always so beautiful. love all these outfits! 😀
    facebook page

  31. Caroline Comment #31

    Omg, I’m totally obsessed with your style. Your outfits are always perfection. I hope 2014 will be even better for you than 2013 and you’ll keep inspiring all of us with your great sense of style!

  32. Anthea Lau Comment #32

    How stunning ! You always have amazing looks and you’re truly inspirational! Love the post and Happy New Year to you!

    RASSP blog

  33. jenaly Comment #33

    so many amazing and inspiring outfits!!!

  34. Marija Comment #34

    Oh Jules you’re gorgeous!!!
    Happy New Year!!! XO

  35. nuria Comment #35

    Que bien ver asi todos los looks, son geniales.

    Feliz Año guapa

    un beso

  36. Eye like fashion Comment #36

    Whatever you wear you do it effortlessly!
    Happy 2014…bring it!!

    POST:: 2013 RECAP


  37. M A R T A Comment #37

    All very cool and inspiring looks!
    Happy New Year!

  38. Eva Comment #38

    You looked absolutely incredible every time this year. It’s impossible to choose a favorite. happy 2014 and can’t wait for your outfits this year 😉 xx

  39. Sibel Comment #39

    Absolutely Perfect! Luv your style:) I will keep on getting inspirations from it:))
    Happy New Year!!

  40. lustingforleather Comment #40

    Love your style. So relaxed and cool. Can’t wait to see more this year!


  41. Milica Comment #41

    You indeed chose the best! Wish you all the happiness and success in 2014.

  42. Anette M Comment #42

    I love every single outfit you wore :) You have the best blog :)!
    Love from Estonia:)!

  43. It's About L.A Comment #43

    Nice look, they are all really awesome, great sense of fashion

  44. lena Comment #44

    totally in love with your laid-back looks. go on this way!
    happy new year. xx

  45. Tsangtastic by Jenny Tsang Comment #45

    All so amazing, wishing you the best in 2014, happy new year! xoxo 😉

    New Post up…

  46. claire Comment #46

    I adore all your outfits !!

  47. Belen Comment #47

    You are beautiful and simply the best!

  48. Jozella Comment #48

    Omg, amazing looks, I just love all of them! <3


  49. Vanessa Comment #49

    Such a great year! Love your style and can’t wait for the next year!

    Love from Munich,


  50. Alyssa Comment #50

    That’s a lot of looks… but I love all of them! You have such a great sense of style and are one of my biggest fashion inspirations. Happy New Year!


  51. nikki Comment #51

    so many great outfits! what a year!

  52. Vanusa Comment #52

    Very, Very, Beautiful!!!
    I loved all the looks.

  53. Kiki Comment #53

    Love all of the looks. Happy New Year.

  54. Nyaomi Wright Comment #54

    My absolute favourite blogger!! Thanks for all the fashion inspiration this year Jules, and for inspiring me to start my own blog.

    Can’t wait for sincerely, jules in 2014.


  55. Cris Comment #55

    Hello Jules! I love your looks!!! You have an amazing style!!! Happy New Year.

  56. Stephanie Comment #56

    In LOVE with all these outfits! You’re a true inspiration! Happy New Year!!


  57. Teresita Madrigal Comment #57

    Absolutely love! Each and every one of your looks are outstanding! You have a seriously enchanting style! Love love love! Goodluck in 2014!!! <3 xoxoxo

  58. Thepinkinnuendo Comment #58

    Un recopilatorio genial, me encanta! besos


  59. Michelle Comment #59

    I am seriously in love with your style! x

  60. Giulia Parigi Comment #60

    Love all your looks! Happy new year! :-)

  61. Rosa Comment #61

    wow i love your style;-)I wish you a fashionable and glamorous New Year! Greetings Rosa

  62. Julie Comment #62

    Happy new year Julie!
    I really love your style! You are one of my favorite fashion blogger!


  63. Jeans Please Comment #63

    One of my best blogger! Happy New Year!

  64. Stacey Comment #64

    Hey Jules,

    what is your weight and height?
    You seem perfect!

    Big fan.

    • Dorkcad Comment #65


  65. Marta Comment #66

    love your outfits <3 <3

    You're beautiful !


  66. fashionaltitude Comment #67

    Hi Jules, Happy new year!
    I discovered your blog in 2013 and follow it almost everyday.
    You are definitely a source of inspiration. I bought a few clothes and accessories that you
    made me discover. I love your tees and sweat shirts that I wear with pleasure and style of course.
    Keep up with good work, stay true to yourself, that’s all I wish for you for this new year.

    Best wishes from Paris
    Fashionaltitude xo xo

  67. Vico Cash Comment #68

    I love your style! You look always amazing! :)
    Vico Cash

  68. Aliénor Comment #69

    Wow ! All that look are so amazing, you really inspired me :)

  69. Eni Comment #70

    So many beautiful outfits! I have many favorites, but love all of them!

  70. Gema Comment #71


    Sin lugar a dudas de todos los blogs que sigo el tuyo es el mejor con diferencia!

    Saludos y Feliz Año Nuevo!

  71. Cara Comment #72

    It is amazing all of the work you can do in a year, your photos are just gorgeous from 2013~
    That sequin top paired with the jeans that you wore in the desert definitely stands out for me, so beautiful!
    xo Cara

  72. I Showed Up In Boots Comment #73

    You are my favorite blogger. Hands down. Such a great re-cap. Thanks for sharing and always inspiring:)

  73. Erica Comment #74

    You’re my absolute favorite. Love all your outfits. There is never a bad one…..ever!

  74. Adri Comment #75

    I love that you are so encouraging and humble! Such a fun recap and I’m even more convinced that you would have the best closet! Happy 2014!

    xo Adri

  75. Dunja Comment #76

    I love you and your blog! You are my fave of all times!

  76. liz Comment #77

    i simply adore you!!! i can’t wait to see what 2014 has in store =)

  77. saba Comment #78

    your style is impeccable


  78. Cornelia Comment #79

    OMG!! Your looks are absolutely perfect!! There are so many fashion bloggers out there but you are absolutely one with the best style and most interesting, dynamic and chic looks. Such a huge fan :)!
    Would love for you to check out my fashion/lifestyle magazine:

  79. MARJOLEIN Comment #80

    I wish you all the very best in the New Year as well!
    Great overview : )


  80. Julie's Way Comment #81

    Love that look with the white jacket and the turquoise short <3

  81. Sara Comment #82

    Woww your looks are amazing!!

  82. weight loss corset Comment #83

    Piece of writing writing is also a excitement, if you know afterward you can write or else it
    is difficult to write.

  83. Hannah Comment #84

    Love this recap !

    happy new year darling !


    Elegantesque Blog

  84. Tiff Comment #85

    Your outfits were an inspiration for me this year!! can’t wait to see the new for 2014!!!!!

    Best wishes!!!!

  85. mél Comment #86

    Excuse my bad english but you look A-MA-ZING !!!!! !!!!!

  86. Lucero Zambrano Comment #87

    I love your looks. Happy new yera!!!

  87. Idalia Comment #88

    you honestly have the best style!

    idalia (New posts on travelling to Paris alone!)

  88. Natalie Comment #89

    I’m loving all these looks! You can also tell which ones were worn in the summer based on your tan 😉

    Keep doing what you do, girl! You’re an inspiration for all of us :)


  89. Christel Comment #90

    You have an amazing style and the combination you make with colours and accessoires is great! Happy new year!

    xxx Chris

  90. Mathilde Comment #91

    You got so much style ! I’ve discovered your blog a few years ago and I keep on admiring you :)

  91. Comment #92

    Really cool looks. Happy New Year!!!


    New outfit on the blog. New Year´s day.

  92. Sunday Desire Comment #93

    Can’t pick a fave, they’re all so inspiring! Looking forward to see more of your amazing style this new year!

  93. Marianne Comment #94

    Seeing all of your GORGEOUS pics of 2013 makes me just realize how much i hate and load this norwegian winter… Problem is, we tried living in LA for a year- and how ´bout this: we missed winter!?!
    I’ll just keep looking into your site/ insta then, since I can’t have it all. (Crap :-))

    Sincerely, Marianne!

  94. Tali Comment #95

    So many great outfits of 2013! I can’t wait to follow you through 2014! Happy New Year :)

  95. Maria Marques Comment #96

    You have such amazing style… Just gained a fan! 😀

    We simplified our blogs layout for a simple and minimal look. Care to take a look and let me know your opinion? (:
    Love, Maria

  96. Adara Comment #97

    Lovely! I can’t wait to see your outfits in the new year! Very pretty!

  97. KateDaily Comment #98

    Love your style and shoes:)

  98. Maja Comment #99


  99. Sara Edwards Silva Comment #100

    Loved all your looks! You are simple great and such an inspiration!

    Love Sara

  100. Ashley Madekwe Comment #101

    An amazing year of stye! Such an inspiration. xoxo

  101. tara belle Comment #102

    loved following you over the past year!! so inspired by your casual chicness!!

  102. Maria Comment #103


  103. Azeene Comment #104

    Jules you are truly the best inspiration for anyone and everyone!!! Hope 2014 is an even better year for you!!

  104. Sylwia Comment #105

    Wow…you are amazing, you are beautiful, you are my inspirations and seem to be a nice person. Greetings from Polish 😉

  105. Casey Comment #106

    Loving the old school Sambas. These looks are right on the money. You nailed it. xx

  106. Filipa Branco Comment #107

    I wish you all the best for this new year :)
    Keep strong!

  107. Jana Goodman Comment #108

    You have some of the best photos out of all the blogs I read… and I read/view A LOT of blogs. I really enjoy the unexpectedness of the kicks you wear with a lot of your outfits. Your posts over the summer inspired me to finally buy the all white Chucks I’ve been wanting for years but never bought. Also, it was your picture I found on Pinterest with an ever so grunged out camo tee and perfect matte red lip that encouraged me to try the color on myself. And your hair! Don’t even get me started. Your style is stunning. Cheers to an excellent 2014.

  108. April Comment #109

    Jules I love your casual style. It inspires much of my wardrobe choices. Just wish we had the weather in london to pull off all the shorts and skirts you wear.
    I never comment on blogs but I have to tell you that my fav outfit is the white jumper, jeans and chucks. So simple yet stylish my absolute favorite s

  109. Aleksandra Comment #110

    There are no words to describe how much I adore your style…every single outfit is simply perfection. You are the most inspiring blogger ever. I think you have no competition in a blogging world – you are THE BEST. I wish you all the best in 2014 and cannot wait to see what you are going to come up this year xxx

  110. maggie Comment #111

    love all of your looks! just wondering, where is that ADORABLE black dress (6th up from the bottom) from? I NEED IT!!!


  111. tatteredprincess Comment #112


  112. Naomikko Comment #113

    U;re magnifique! I don’t know if u’re gonna read this but..don’t u ever stop doing this.please. U seem to be such a lovely person and your passion for art, for fashion just perfect. Congrats and keep beeing yourself. U truly inspire so many people..

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  114. Laurie Comment #115

    I was looking for a new fashion blog to follow and here I am ! I’m so glad to have found your blog, you’re such a beautiful women and how inspiring ! Your outfit are all so great. Not to mention your hair which is amazing. I’ll definitely follow you in 2014 !

  115. Life of Luxonen Comment #116

    OMG I’m so LOVING all your outfits! Such great combinations, and so cool, easygoing and stylish! Great work.

  116. Mats Comment #117

    I LOVE these looks, I’m definitively gonna be looking at your blog each morning for inspiration! THANKS! :)

  117. Laura Comment #118

    All your outfits are so awesome!


  118. victoria Comment #119

    What an amazing year of fashion you’ve had….!!

  119. J Comment #120

    You are truly inspiring! I love your creativity! I adore all the looks you have put together, always so innovative, stylish & classy! Always looking forward to see more of you & your creative ideas. Keep up the good work, and continue to be an inspiration to many!

    Love always ,

  120. Alexandra Comment #121

    Hi there!! I am absolutly in love with your style, it’s a chic casual natural …. Style at the sale Time! I follow you from Paris! Keep Being this natural beauty blogger, congrats for your job! Love from France Alexandra

  121. Deana Comment #122

    I don’t even know were to begin. I just started following you and instently fell in love with your style. You have a great ability to come up with different looks that are not only comfortable yet flattering. If you ever have time to share some advice it would truly mean a lot. ~ Sincerely, Deana

  122. Evelyn Comment #123

    Stopping by to say hello and to tell you I just pinned a bunch of your outfits! Love your work and I am glad I found you girl. I like your style!

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  124. Elis Comment #125

    Great style!!!! I love all your clothes, shoes, everything….. Best wishes from Brazil!!!!

  125. Anastasia Comment #126

    Great idea of the post, thanks for inspiration:)

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  128. maribeth Comment #129

    These outfits are indeed stylish and beautiful, no wonder that they are the best of the year.

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  132. Johne997 Comment #133

    What a video it is! In fact amazing and fastidious quality, please upload more video clips having such good quality. Thanks. kddacekgdgfk

  133. Raquel Comment #134

    Im looking for a animal print coat. Can you tell me what is the brand of your or page where i can buy it? Thank you.

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  135. Comment #136

    I love you style Jules. Can not wait until 2014’s styles are posted. Looking good!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  140. Sandra Comment #141

    amazing post and also i enjoy when i visit your blog really