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Birthday Grl.


A little special photo shoot I want to share with you all in celebration of my birthday today! #january9th

Wanted something simple but sweet and these balloons x outfit(s) were the perfect combo for it. I’m going to keep it short and sweet so you can enjoy these fun photos! How amazing is this dress; tulle dress with cable knit sweater? Umm heck yes!

Thank you all for the birthday wishes on my instagram and thank you in advance if you take the time to look through these photos.

*Special thank you my SJ team for helping me on this mini shoot. Couldn’t have done it with out you!!

bdaygirl1bdaygirl21bdaygirl3.jpg_effected bdaygirl7.jpg_effectedbdaygirl14.jpg_effectedbdaygirl8.jpg_effectedbdaygirl12.jpg_effectedbdaygirl6.jpg_effectedbdaygirl13.jpg_effectedbdaygirl11.jpg_effectedbdaygirl10.jpg_effectedbdaygirl22bdaygirl23.jpg_effected

[do action=”rstyle-post-links”]Dress: UNIF (thank you Christine + Eric)[/do]
Photography: Temoc Gonzalez
Make-up/Hair: Jadene Munson
Love & Support: Argelia Guerra
Photography Assistant: Anthony Handy

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  1. carol Comment #1

    ooooooooooooh dear !! this is the best birthday thing ever ! you look divine :) such a sweet princess – happy Bday again

  2. In a Trendy Town Comment #2

    Happy Birthday!!! Beautiful and radiant!

  3. Rosie Comment #3

    you are so beautiful!! . . . Happy birthday lovie – hope its magical*

  4. Q Comment #4
  5. devin leiva Comment #5

    Love the photos happy birthday darling.

  6. black is beautiful Comment #6

    Stunning pictures, amazung

  7. Tsangtastic by Jenny Tsang Comment #7

    Happy Birthday dear!! These are so adorable, loving the balloons and cute make up 😉 Hope you have a wonderful birthday with your loved ones! xoxo

    All the best,

  8. Nikute Comment #8

    Happy Birthday :) ~ Love the photos, so pretty and sweet~ Have a good day.

  9. Julissa Perez Comment #9

    what a BIRTHDAY BABE! You deserve a wonderful day of love, laughter, gifts oh and sweets!! Happy Birthday julie, thank you for inspiring women everyday with your impeccable style. happy a blessed birthday!

  10. Natali Comment #10

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! All the best wishes! You look stunning!

  11. Inga Comment #11

    omg this photos are soooo cute, love them.
    happy, happy birthday lovely :-))
    wish you all the best!
    xx inga

  12. Cristina Comment #12

    Happy birthday from Spain and best wishes for 2014 !!!!

  13. Erica Comment #13

    Happy birthday! Truly adorable

  14. Vanessa Comment #14

    Happy birthday :) Hope you had a great day with your loves :)
    All my best wishes for you and your future! Lot’s of luck, health and success :*

  15. Brikena Comment #15

    this whole outfit! you’re gorgeous!!
    happy birthday :))

    xo, Brikena

  16. Idalia Comment #16

    feliz cumpleanos! hope your day is filled with joy! <3


  17. Eye Like Fashion Comment #17

    Happy Birthday stylish girl!!! I love tulle…esp a good reason to wear it. So perfect on your special day.
    Hope your day is as whimsically fun and pretty as these photos.



  18. stephanie Comment #18

    Congrats! Have a great day!
    xx Stephanie (

  19. Julie Comment #19

    Happy Birthday Ms. Jules! You look lovely on your birthday! I hope you have a great day celebrating and wish a beautiful one! Love reading your blog and style.

  20. fashmongers Comment #20

    You look gorgeous!! looove the outfit

  21. Brooke Comment #21

    Happy birthday! You look beautiful in each and every pic! Very fun & cute. That bow headband may be my favorite! Best wishes to you Jules. xo

  22. Eva Comment #22

    These photos are so cute and love the dress, especially paired with the denim jacket and boots. Happy birthday! I hope you have a wonderful day! xx

  23. I Showed Up In Boots Comment #23

    Happy birthday, girl! Hope you enjoy your day and thanks for providing your readers with amazing content as always. I love so much about these photos:

    1. The crisp white
    2. Cableknit + Tulle combo
    3. The dress with the boots
    4. The dress with denim

    Fantastic photos!

  24. nienke Comment #24

    Wow, that’s a really good shoot!
    It’s so pretty and I love your outfit! It’s so cute.
    You inspire me everyday.

  25. ivanasworld Comment #25

    Great and happy Birthday Beautiful b day girl 😉

  26. Ruins Barry Comment #26

    Such A Darling Look. Happy Birthday to fabulous young lady. :o)

  27. Kacie Comment #27

    Happy birthday! This shoot is so cute!

  28. TERESA Comment #28

    Great pictures and Happy Birthday!


  29. Jen Comment #29

    Happy birthday! Where is the sweater from? It’s so cute

  30. Naaj Rona Comment #30

    Happy Birthday Julie. May you have many more. Wishing you all the happiness and success but most of love peace and inner strength.

    The photos are beautiful, the tulle skirt is gorgeous. Looking stunning as always

  31. Katelyn Comment #31

    Happy birthday love!

  32. SweetFreckles Comment #32

    Perfect skirt and love the photos !


  33. Carrie Comment #33

    Happy birthday, Jules.

  34. Irene Comment #34

    Im in love with your outfit! Your style is awesome :)

  35. Paula Capel Comment #35


    perfect outfit for the shooting!!:) love it!

  36. Miss Key Comment #36

    Happy Birthday!!! Oo you look so beautiful in this shooting, love these boots. And the dress is cute

  37. Axelle Comment #37

    Hey happy birthday again (instagram’s fan hihi)

    You are very wonderful on this pics, and you are very an inspiration for me !
    All your pics are just awesome, i want to take photos like you !
    Your style is so cool too, i want to see your wardrobe ahah 😉

    kiss from France
    (come in Bordeaux when you want i will be happy to meet you, and to talk better english :p)
    xx, Axelle

  38. Laura Comment #38

    Happy birthday to the cutest blogger out there! You are beautiful, congrats for this shoot, these
    photos are amazing


  39. Gracie Comment #39

    SO fabulous! What a great shoot! That skirt is darling! Love it!

  40. Jelena Comment #40

    HAPPT B.DAY!!!
    and which nail polish have you on :)

  41. MaricruzLA Comment #41

    Muchas felicidades, muy cool las fotos!

  42. Katrina a Kobayashi Comment #42

    Happy Birthday Jules! So inspirational to me! Just thought I’d like you know <3. Have a wonderful day!

  43. Demi Comment #43

    The pictures are amazing! And happy birthday!! x

  44. Bia Comment #44

    Happy birthday Icon! Love love this post!

  45. Emily Comment #45

    Happy birthday Jules! Have the most amazing day, you deserve it!


  46. Adri Comment #46

    Happy birthday to you! You look stunning! Hope you have a great day being spoiled by your favorites!

    xo Adri

  47. Joann Doan Comment #47

    Happy Birthday beautiful! Amazing dress and love the big bow!

    xx -jo

  48. Code Overdressed Comment #48

    Tulle, glitter, balloons, a big bow … everything a girl deserves on her bday! This pics are so adorable! Happy bday dear!

    Cee. ♥
    Code Overdressed

  49. Nathalie Comment #49

    Happy birthday gorgeous!
    You look so beautiful and the pictures are beyond cute and pretty!
    A true princess!!!!!
    Xoxo Nathalie

  50. Brooke and Meggan Comment #50


    Brooke & Meggan

  51. State beauty Comment #51

    Happy Birthday!!! You look gorgeous!! I love the shoot!


  52. Danie Nordahl Comment #52

    This may be the most perfect outfit I have ever seen! All my favorite elements!


  53. Camille Comment #53

    Lovely pictures and happy b-day

  54. C Comment #54

    Congrats Jules and thank you for inspiring us!

  55. Cyrena Monique Comment #55

    Super cute! Happy Birthday honey! You just made me want to watch Sex and the City from start to finish! *Closes laptop, grabs DVDs, gets snuggled up in the duvet, turns off phone* C x

  56. mark Comment #56

    have a VERY happy birthday! enjoy your special day and i think the balloons are a great way to share the joy! :)

  57. Jessica Rose Comment #57

    Happy Birthday…the photo’s are amazing and you look beautiful. xx

  58. abigail sterling Comment #58

    Gorgeous shoot – love the outfit! And most importantly – Happy Birthday!!!
    x abigail, the fabulous life of a natural disaster

  59. Amy Simmons Comment #59

    Happy Birthday! You look gorgeous as always :) x

  60. Belen Baquerizo Comment #60

    Love the tulle with the denim jacket! happy birthdaaay :)
    Belen (online shop & blog)

  61. Kimberly Ann Comment #61

    Gorgeous photos! You look so pretty!


  62. Karen Comment #62

    OMG you look so pretty !!! You have an awesome style and great pics i love your style happy bday :)

  63. Mariska Comment #63

    Happy birthday beautiful!! Wish you an very nice day!

  64. A. Comment #64

    Amazing as always !!
    Love from France <3

  65. monkeyshines Comment #65
  66. kiwifashionblog Comment #66

    Happy birthday Jules. You look beautiful in these shots. Hope you are enjoying a beautiful day with your family and friends. Our birthday is exactly one month apart (my is Dec 9th lol). Hope to see some pictures of what you ended up doing on this special day <3

  67. Jaclyn Comment #67

    LOVE this look. Where did you get that black bow in your hair??


  68. Dress your life. Comment #68

    Happy Birthday! You’re so cute with a bow tie in your hair 😉
    Naomi, x

  69. lustingforleather Comment #69

    Happy birthday! Those photos are great. Such a pretty dress:)

    Check out my new blog post when you get a chance.


  70. Vivian Comment #70

    Wishing you a very Happy Birthday! You look stunning in that UNIF dress~


  71. Kirby Comment #71

    What a beautiful shoot! Happy Birthday!

  72. Megan Q Comment #72

    Ahh, I am swooning over these cute photos! Happy birthday you gorgeous girl!


  73. Julia Shutenko Comment #73

    Absolutely perfect! xx

  74. emily viveur Comment #74

    Happy birthday, you look amazing! I love the sweater paired with the dress and how you toughened up the look with the boots :)

  75. Rougeuse Comment #75

    This is truly beautiful! Amazing photos, they are my favorite in times! Congratulations with you bday!!! x

  76. Federica Comment #76

    I’m Federica and I speak very little English.
    You are wonderful and I love your look.
    I’d appreciate if you looked at my blog

  77. Matilda Comment #77

    Love your knit!

  78. CATWALK IN THE CLOUD Comment #78

    Perfect outfit! Happy birthday! In my new blog: http://WWW.CATWALKINTHELCOUD.COM, where I follow how bloggers around the globe wear the last trends, I have added some of your photos. I Love your style. I hope you don’t mind and that you like the result. I invite all of you to visit the blog. Kisses from Barcelona!

  79. Ellen Keating Comment #79

    This looks like such a fun photo shoot! The outfit is beautiful and so is your hair and make up Xx Elle

  80. Cintya Comment #80

    Happy BIrthday! Love the photos, and yes that dress is incredibly cute.

  81. Emma Comment #81

    Happy birthday Jules! Hope you had a wonderful day. I love the blog and beautiful photography. Can’t wait to see what’s next for you <3

  82. Jaclyn Comment #82


  83. jaclyn Comment #83

    Where did you get that cute black bow in your hair??


  84. April Comment #84

    Happy Birthday!!!!!

  85. Leslie Comment #85

    Happy Birthday !
    You look gorgeous!

  86. Andrea Darst Comment #86

    Happy Birthday!

  87. Ana Leote Comment #87

    You look so pretty!! Happy Birthdayy :)


  88. Su nd Chris Comment #88

    Happy birthday beautiful girl!! :)
    The photos are amazing!

    xx Su

  89. Feyi A Comment #89

    Wishing you the best!! Happy Birthday!! xo

  90. Tiff Comment #90

    These pictures are amazing!! You are beautiful!!! Happy Birthday!!!

  91. Marija Comment #91

    So cute and fun! Happy b-day doll! XOXO

  92. Stephanie Comment #92

    Happy Birthday!!! Enjoy your special day!!


  93. Jasmin Comment #93

    Super cute pictures. Happy Birthday Sweet girl.

  94. Lyn Comment #94

    Really fun photos Julie!
    I hope you had a great, fun day & happy birthday !! xoxo

  95. Prima Haven Comment #95

    Happy Birthday from all of us at Prima Haven! Love the tulle dress, would have never thought to pair it with a jean jacket, great outfit!


    Prima Haven

  96. natalie Comment #96

    happy birthday!
    you look amazing

  97. natalie Comment #97

    happy birthday!
    you look amazing

  98. Niss Comment #98

    so gorgeous – stay gorge forever and many happy returns. x

  99. Joanne Comment #99

    There is something very Lauren Conrad about these photos.
    You look so beautiful and I hope you had a lovely day.

    Petite Side Of Style

  100. Style-Squared by Z&M Comment #100

    SP GORGEOUS !!!!! :) HAPPY BDAY ! :)

    Style-Squared on BLOGGER
    Style-Squared on FACEBOOK

  101. Dana Comment #101

    Happy b-day!! :)

  102. Jess Comment #102

    Happy birthday!! God bless you! Amazing photo shoot by the way! 😀

    Please, check out my blog

    Jess 😉

  103. Tina Comment #103

    Your hair, your make up, your everything= perfection. Happy birthday!

    Tina xo

  104. aimee Giavelli Comment #104

    Happy birthday !!! Love your boots
    If you fancy check this out!

  105. Christina Comment #105

    Sweet! Happy Birthday! Would you please share what lipstick you’re wearing?

    Thank you!

  106. Alexsandra Bernhard Comment #106

    Absolutely BEAUTIFUL! Happy birthday x


  107. adry Comment #107

    Guapa!!!! Te vez muy linda primiss…
    Te deseo lo mejor muxas alegrias, muxo exito, muxo amor,
    Te kiero muxoo

  108. Linh Vo Comment #108

    Happy Birthday! You are just too damn cute! Lovely photos and I know this will be a fantastic year for you :) Keep up the great work.

  109. Ericka Garcia Comment #109

    Happy birthday Jules, love the photos! Stay chic! :)

    Ericka of

  110. Cris Comment #110

    Happy BDay Julie, wish you the best!!!!!

  111. kelsey Comment #111

    gorgeous gorgeous! love that skirt

  112. Sannam and STyle Comment #112

    I love your cali-casual style! Happy Happy Birthday – may it be a year full of joy and laughter for you! xo

  113. Cris Comment #113
  114. Beth Comment #114

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I wish you nothing but the best! Love you girly(:

    P.S. lovely ladies if any of you would like to check out my youtube channel, you are more than welcome. I make fashion and beauty videos as well as health videos. I find inspiration from bloggers like Jules, thanks so much! Love you all.

  115. Gabs Comment #115

    Why are you the most perfect human being ever!? lol
    Love the denim jacket! xx

  116. Abbe Elizabeth Comment #116

    Happy Birthday Jules! Sorry I’m a bit late.. I just wanted to take the time to tell you that your blog is absolutely amazing and inspiring. I love your saying dream, believe, achieve! I hope that this upcoming year for you is filled with many blessings, and great opportunities!!

    Abbe Elizabeth

  117. pipa Comment #117

    Happy Birthday!!!You look stunning <3

  118. nuria Comment #118

    Felicidades guapa, que disfrutes de tu cumpleaños

    Un beso

  119. Tatiana Katzoff Comment #119

    You look fabulous!!! Happy birthday lovely!!

    PS: Loved the black bow in your hair !!


  120. Alia Comment #120

    such great pictures! LOVE it. Happy Birthday!

  121. Sibel Comment #121


  122. geisslein Comment #122

    happy belated birthday. hope your day was filled with a lot of hugs and kisses!

  123. Thepinkinnuendo Comment #123

    Muchísimas felicidades Julie! Estás realmente guapa en las fotos. Besos


  124. Jint Comment #124

    Such a cute bday dress!
    Sammydress giveaway on the blog, enter quickly!

  125. The Fashion Panda Comment #125

    Happy B-day sweetie !!!
    Love those pics, you are so beautiful and cute :) !

  126. Le Chat Noir Comment #126

    Happy Birthday!! It’s your day to shine!
    You’re so pretty!

  127. iliqna Comment #127

    happy b-day!

    it’s so awesome!


  128. Nicole Comment #128

    Such sweet photos!!! Love your pics and adore your blog!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, sweetheart! Best wishes and kind regards from Germany, Nicky

  129. (made in)Faro Comment #129

    Happy Birthday Jules !
    It’s the 13th for me :)

    xoxo from France !


  130. Kim Comment #130

    Very cute outfit, Happy Birthday!


  131. Sharon (Style-Chameleon) Comment #131

    Happy birthday!

  132. Charlotte Comment #132

    Happy birthday !
    I love the jumper, where does it come from ?

  133. l'Effrontée Comment #133

    très jolie demoiselle !!

    bisou de Paris xxx

  134. Milica Comment #134

    Happy birthday! :) Gorgeous look and shooting! Wish you all the best and all the good looks! :))

    Here some good vibes for B-day 😀

    With love

  135. justine Comment #135

    I love the photoshoot! Amazing!
    And Happy Birthday. A little late but… sincere xx

    Justine | BRIGHTON DREAM

  136. tunuevolook Comment #136

    love these pictures
    if you want i invite you to visit my blog i have a new video and i would you like if you like it?
    A lo t of kisses!!

  137. Julie's Way Comment #137

    Amazing pictures, you are so pretty

  138. Frenchie lucy Comment #138

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY JULES!!!!!! Just getting more beautiful and stylish with age 😉 xoxo

  139. Cassandra Comment #139

    You look absolutely gorgeous !!! Happy birthday girl !

  140. Jen Comment #140

    I am obsessed with this outfit! I love a mix of materials that are opposites like you have on here. So chic and cute. Perfect for the bday girl!


  141. Chells Comment #141

    Why do you are so pretty? I envy you. Also happy bday :))

  142. Madison Martine Comment #142

    Happy Birthday!! These pictures are adorable!!

    Madison Martine

  143. Eni Comment #143

    Happy Birthday!! Lovely photos, love the outfit!

  144. Laëti Comment #144


    J’adore <3 !

    Bye, Laëti

  145. Alison Dupras Comment #145

    Beautiful, and yes that dress is awesome!! Happy birthday my dear :)

    Like it Haute

  146. Walton & Rush Comment #146

    Amazing.. happy birthday girl! x

  147. helen Comment #147

    Happy Birthday to you!! You look stunning xx

  148. Blog Helo Müller Comment #148
  149. Tina Comment #149

    So sweet… Lovely post!

    Happy bday!

  150. fashionaltitude Comment #150

    Happy Birthday Jules
    lovely as ever in this beautiful angel like dress!
    Last year you were in Rome I think, were wearing a red dress and spinning near the colosseum..

    <3 <3 xo xo

  151. Kelly Louise Comment #151

    Happy belated birthday! You look flawless btw :) x

  152. Jenna Comment #152

    You look amazing!
    Jenna ||

  153. Christina's Style Comment #153

    Cute photos. Happy Birthday :)

  154. Beata Joczik Comment #154

    Happy Birthday…;) you are so beautiful…;)

  155. Lisanne Comment #155

    Whoops, a day to late but happy bdaaay! I hope you had a great day yesterday. The photos are amazing!

  156. Leticia Comment #156

    Estas son las mananitas que cantaba el rey David….!!!! Muy, muy bonita! Happy birthday!

  157. Mary Comment #157


    The Fashion FAD

  158. yluegoestacris Comment #158

    Happy birthday!! your’re very pretty and the pictures are very cool! a big kiss

  159. Sonia blanco Comment #159

    Happy birthday!!! Please share deets on the bow and lipstick!!

  160. pauline hiddleston Comment #160
  161. It's About L.A Comment #161

    Those pictures are so beautiful, you look so gorgeous! Happy Birthday keep doing great job!

  162. sincerelydaily91 Comment #162

    Amazing, gorgeous photos! LOve the sweater and your hair, and the baloons:D
    Can you please make a video about “How you do your hair”?

  163. lesfoliesdenadege Comment #163

    Joyeux anniversaire!!! Gros bisous de France!!!

  164. Anne Comment #164

    Love the outfit, it’s so adorable!

    Anne xox

  165. Cassandra Hendriks Comment #165

    Happy birthday! The photos are great. It’s my birthday next month and now I want to do a little photoshoot!

  166. amparo Comment #166

    Happy birthday!Regards, Amparo

  167. Su Comment #167

    Happy Birthday, great photos!

    Enjoy your day =)

  168. Fashion Musings Diary Comment #168

    Happy Birthday! Your outfit is gorgeous!

  169. Fabulous 30s Comment #169

    What a beautiful photos. Love it. Happy Birthday. All t he best.

    Fabulous 30s

  170. Maya Comment #170

    What a crazy little look. It’s so you! Happy Birthday Jules!!

    Amadeus On The Catwalk

  171. Seppy Comment #171

    These pictures are adorable!!!

  172. Andrea Gonzalez Comment #172

    Me encanto , eres super mexicana, con esa piel tan linda!!..jajja soy Colombiana y estoy mirando blogs, y debo decir que estos looks del año 2013 me gustaron bastante, tiene una pagina muy vacana, debere continuar viendo que vistes cada dia!! Agregar…

  173. Michelle Lee Comment #173
  174. Anne Comment #174

    pretty shoot! happy belated birthday Jules!

  175. MARJOLEIN Comment #175

    I’m a little late, but I hope you had a great day!
    Love the shots…


  176. Fashionsbit Comment #176

    Happy birthday! Such lovely photo shoot, you are so lucky. I loved the cable knit!

  177. Bella Comment #177

    Beautiful! Happy birthday!


  178. Sarah Comment #178

    These pictures are amazing! I absolutely love your white tulle skirt with the white/ creme sweater! Happy belated Birthday !

  179. Natalie Comment #179

    Happy Birthday Jules!! You’ve accomplished so much for your age, be proud girl! The tulle dress is perfect for the occasion, and I’m loving the black bow – very girly and cute :) Hope you had a wonderful birthday!


  180. Ria Comment #180

    That dress is so so darling. Hope you had a wonderful birthday.

  181. Ashleigh Jean Comment #181

    Love the photography, love the set, love the outfit.. Great post!

    xo, Ashleigh @ Fashion in Flight

  182. Sandra Bendre Comment #182

    you look absolutely adorable girl <3

  183. EMILY JAYNE LEWIS Comment #183

    Happy Birthday!
    Fantastic photos, you look stunning!


  184. Shayne Comment #184
  185. Honorata Comment #185

    Happy birthday Jules!

  186. ana Comment #186

    happy birthday, amazing pics

  187. Julie Comment #187
  188. Fashion Party blog Comment #188

    OMFG you look PERFECT! Happy b-day!! :*

  189. Le de sociale Comment #189

    Happy Birthday, one of our favorite blogs to date! Looking forward to seeing new updates post birthday celebration. xx


  190. Angela Comment #190

    Happpy Birthday Bella!!!!! As always, you are radiant!!!


  191. CRIS Comment #191


  192. sasa Comment #192

    Wow , I was looking at this dress too. It looks so cute on you. Our birthday is one day apart:) Happy belated to you, hope you had a wonderful birthday:)


  193. tunuevolook Comment #193

    love the booties!!!

  194. Viola Comment #194
  195. Nissy Comment #195

    Geee, how adorable you like with the bow/head band!! Love all the pictures! Happy belated birthday ☺️

    Nissy xx

  196. Le monde des petites Comment #196

    HBD Jules

    Lovely Post !!!!!

    Big Kisses

    Le Monde des Petites

  197. Audrey Comment #197

    I love your style. so effortless yet classy edgy put together inspirational. I love your denim jacket. Where is it from?

  198. vicky Comment #198

    sweetie you look so gorg!
    u r my favorite blogger!
    love your style!

    Love from Greece


  199. Rachel Jung Comment #199

    I love this little birthday photo shoot. You’re adorable! Where’s the sweater from? Xo

  200. Laura Comment #200

    HBD. You look so great!


  201. Niki Comment #201

    Happy Birthday!!! I hope you had a wonderful day!

  202. Carmen Hummer Comment #202

    Congratulations Jules, you’re definitely my favorite blogger, you totally identify with style, and are also surprised to discover that Capricorn like me! compliance year on January 7. I just find it so funny that people most admire Styles, you and Kate Moss, both are Capricorn, the mean secure. A kiss is so beautiful as you.


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