Summer in Winter.


I’ve always said that no matter where my next adventure is, LA always feels like home. One of the main reasons why I don’t see myself (although I’m completely open to the idea of living in Paris/Barcelona/New York! Heck yes!) living anywhere else is partly because LA has, hands down, the best weather. Right now, it feels like summer in winter and I’m not mad at that.

Sometimes I want to experience real fall or winter where I can dress accordingly and layer up, but at the end of the day I much rather be in a striped tee, bare legs and sandals.

Since it’s been feeling a lot like summer on my side, I’ve been on a flower and fruit craze. I sit outside my office in this cute wooden chair x table combo, take in the rays, eat fruit and work the day away! It’s the easiest way to get inspired.

Yesterday was the perfect example of that. How you you work and stay inspired during the winter?


I always have fresh flowers in the office; a trip to the farmer’s market or flower mart is one of my favorite things to do once or twice a week!


Strawberries are my favorite fruit… smoothies, desserts, or just by themselves. Nom.


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  1. maría josé Comment #1

    Nice pics.


  2. Jodi Comment #4

    Love all the fruit. I can’t get enough of fruit, ever.
    That would definitely inspire me as well. But I agree with the weather. Cali weather is ideal.
    xx, High Heels and Tutus

  3. black is beautiful Comment #5

    Looks so delicious, yummy and things for the summer feeling.

  4. Grace Comment #6

    Lovely pictures! The high in Minnesota today is supposed to be -9, so these berries look so summery and refreshing! Love it!

  5. State beauty Comment #7
  6. nikki Comment #8

    that fruit looks amazing!


  7. Karla Comment #9

    Agreed!!!! I came out to live in Barcelona from Cali and remained here with my love but wish I was back. There is NO place like L.A.

  8. Juliette Laura Comment #10

    So so jealous, looks ideal!

    xo, Juliette Laura

  9. sashs Comment #11

    i really love winter and fall, but I always miss summer fruits! It wouldnbe nice to live in such a warm place!

  10. C. Comment #12

    I totaly understand you! And I wish I could have winter and layer up only when I want….but unfortunately we are having a really long winter…I had enough with layering…. :(

    Strawberry Short Skirt

  11. Eva Comment #13

    Beautiful photos and I’m getting hungry, love strawberries! xx

  12. Linh Vo of {A Beautiful RAWR} Comment #14

    You are so very lucky to live in CA. And yes, the weather is nothing short of amazing there. Technically, you could wear fall/winter type things in the early mornings/late evening times. It blows my mind that you guys can still wear shorts right now. I live in Houston and although it doesn’t snow, it can get bitterly cold. I love a good cup of espresso or warm tea in the winter time. I love decorating my home to feel cozy and inviting and love getting fresh flowers to display too. I figure that if you have to stay indoors, you might as well make it as pretty and comfortable as possible :)

  13. Tsangtastic by Jenny Tsang Comment #15

    Absolutely agree, hands down, weather in LA is always so warm and perfect, love it :) Btw, are you reading a Chinese fashion magazine there?? heehee xo

    New Post up…

  14. Sabina B Comment #16

    Such a pretty photos and details! Love!

  15. Gemma Talbot Comment #17

    I wished I lived in LA and that the weather was always warm. It’s so cold at the moment in London x

  16. Jessica Rose Comment #18

    I live in London and it rains non-stop…I would gladly swap living arrangements with you!

  17. Comment #19

    I just spent a few weeks in California and I know exactly what you mean!
    I am never mad about the lack of cold weather. I live on the east coast and that cold Atlantic weather is something I don’t miss at all when I’m away.
    Beautiful photos!

  18. Seyi Comment #20
  19. Tiago Comment #21

    Your photos are so great!!

    Look my last post on my blog

  20. Belen Baquerizo Comment #22

    Beautiful roses! Berries are my favorite too, they just taste delish!
    I find inspiration by reading other blogs :)
    Belen (shop & blog, check it out!)

  21. Kimberly Ann Comment #23

    I am so jealous! The wind chills are -10 right now where I am and it’s miserable. Enjoy the warm weather!


  22. Romantic Tea Comment #24

    How lucky you are ! I’m cold and I miss the sun … enjoy for me 😉

  23. Nancy Comment #25

    I wish vancouver was in double digits!

  24. Tanya Sc Comment #26

    Oh, now I want fruits so much! These photos make them look so good, haha!!!

  25. Joana Leite Comment #27
  26. Camille Comment #28

    Gosh I love blueberries so much. I can’t wait for summer to come back event tho we had a really soft winter in Paris this year

  27. Stephanie Comment #29

    It’s true SoCal has the best weather ever, it’s home! I’m eating an acai fruit bowl as I write this lol, love the pics <3


  28. Dominique Comment #30

    i’m so jealous of you! The netherlands sucks when it goes about the weather…

    new post up!

  29. Alexandra Aimee Comment #31

    I have been making strawberry smoothies with peanut butter lately… Far from a low calorie food, but SO GOOD!

  30. Renata Comment #32


  31. Alena Comment #33

    Ohh you make me wanna move to LA! Well I am currently studying in London, and it’s raining all the time, not so inspirational in terms of weather..but you know, London Fashion Week is coming up in a few weeks and than I will get inspired for sure! 😉

    Lovely post as always!
    Kisses from London,
    Alena | meet me stylish

  32. Nina Alexandridis Comment #34

    Really nice pictures, I hope to spend Winter in the sun some time as its so cold here in the UK

  33. Leesa Comment #35

    how I envy you for having summer in winter!!

  34. Marija Comment #36

    It’s hard to be inspired when it’s cold and dark outside, you inspire me a lot!!! XO

  35. Milica Petrovic Comment #37

    Beautiful photos!!! :) xoxo

  36. Adri Comment #38

    LA weather is just amazing! I think we’re pretty lucky to live here;)

    xo Adri

  37. Nyaomi Comment #39

    It’s posts like this that keep me inspired.. I will make it to LA!

    Or anywhere that beats Ireland’s weather :/

  38. QueenLina Comment #40
  39. Alexsandra Bernhard Comment #41

    Oh I agree with LA and the weather, I used to live in LA and loved the sunny weather all year round. Now I am back home in Iceland and it’s pretty much cold all year round, though the summers can be really nice – but nothing beats LA weather x


  40. natalie Comment #42

    LA weather seems perfect!
    great pics

  41. Eye like fashion Comment #43

    It’s nice to embrace the summer in winter!! Yes there are lots of perks.
    I’m craving strawberries now!



  42. Brigadeiro Comment #44

    Stunning photos Jules!

    The good thing about working in Winter is that there are less distractions, haha!


    Brigadeiro’s Blog

  43. Miss key Comment #45

    Love so much when you do this type of photos, they are so cool and beautiful. Amazing

  44. Elena Comment #46

    strawberry is not a fruit, its a berry. duh

  45. Cheyenne Comment #47

    I love the seasons and see how they change but at the end of the day nice warm weather all day long, all year long is so much better!! :)

  46. Inna Comment #48

    Jules, I’m living in Moscow and it’s so hard to be here in winter. I can’t feel myself free in winter like at summer, you know, can’t feel myself happy like at summer. This is life awaiting summer. I dream so much to move to LA for two years! You are very lucky to live in this beautiful place! I think thousands people in our country dreaming to live in LA because In the winter you do not live, you survive.

  47. Beauty Follower Comment #49
  48. Stephanie Tang Comment #50

    Such gorgeous photos! I’m so jealous of your weather. It’s sunny where I live, but deceptively so – it’s freezing!
    Stephanie | Love, August

  49. Helen Comment #51

    Lovely, colorful photos! I always have strawberries in my fridge and a bouquet of flowers in my room..
    You are quite lucky living in LA :)
    Greetings from cold London!

  50. Rachel Comment #52

    Oh I miss California Strawberries! I totally get what you mean. While London is home and I’m glad to be back living here, I found it so much easier to get inspired with the weather almost always being beautiful when I was living in Los Angeles. I miss being able to wear striped tees, shorts and sandals all year around too! And your missing chic sunglasses. Since about the end of September I’ve only worn them driving to protect against the Winter sun in my eyes when I’m trying to see the road :(

  51. Paula Capel Comment #53

    Wow… I live in Barcelona and the weather is really good too! I wish going to LA soon!
    Love you photos, really.

  52. Ida Comment #54

    Such sweet pictures!


  53. The Fashion Fraction Comment #55
  54. Amelie Trespass Comment #57

    Very nice pictures. I wish I would live in LA because living in Oldenburg /Lower Saxony/ Germany means f…ing freezing from october to march, sometimes – with bad luck- until April or May. So enjoy the Sun while Iam freezing in the Snow. Poor me. 😉

  55. Fashion Party blog Comment #58

    Oh I’d like some strawberries too! :)

  56. Julie Comment #59
  57. Maria Paty Comment #60

    I love these photos!
    and the perfect red color

  58. lena Comment #61

    yum! berries are so delicious but healthy as well!

  59. Milica Comment #62

    I am in the summer mood last couple of days because of the weather. Can’t wait for summer to come! :)

  60. Tiff Comment #63

    Great pics! You give me some sunshine , In Paris the weather is so cold and grey!!!!! Hopefully we have the Eiffel Tower 😉


  61. Kim Comment #64

    I agree totally with you about the weather! I live in a warm climate and although I love all the winter fashion, shorts, tees and sandals are my staples.

    Have a great weekend!

  62. Lindsay Comment #65

    Fruit never looked so good. Lovely images.

  63. sasa Comment #66

    Love the colors<3

  64. Rosalinda Comment #67
  65. Kate Comment #68

    Such an inspirational post, miss summer so much!!!

    OceanWind Blog

  66. Laëti Comment #69


    J’adore <3 !

    Bye, Laëti

  67. ana rita Comment #70

    beautiful pics

    xoxo, Ana
    facebook page

  68. Miia Comment #71

    If you feel like experiencing a really cold winter, you are welcome to Finland! I love your blog, so inspiring time after time :)

  69. Jen Comment #72

    I too would love to live in NYC or Paris, but the weather here just cannot be beat and makes it nearly impossible to leave! Flowers and berries are the best warm weather combo. xo

  70. Elena Comment #73

    please follow my fashion blog I’m new here!!!

  71. Bella Comment #74

    Beautiful pics!


  72. ChamaFashion Comment #75

    Beautiful photos!

  73. Mary Comment #76

    Wonderful pics !
    The Fashion FAD

  74. Hilary Comment #77

    You guys are so lucky with your LA weather… I’m craving it! PS. Barcelona is amazing!

    Hilary x

  75. ANA VICIOSO Comment #78

    It’s hard to keep motivated in the winter. I always want to post outfits outside but the weather doesn’t ever cooperate. It’s either snowing or it’s too cold. I always look at your blog for inspiration. I also look at pinterest and instagram for some inspiration.

  76. MY MAGIC FASHION Comment #79

    I don´t like winter! Outside is so cold, that I want to stay home, drink hot chocolate and read a book(or your blog<3). Winter in LA must be amazing!

  77. Henriette Comment #80

    It sounds so nice sitting outside! I love the weather here in LA too :) Do you go to the flower mart in Downtown? I still haven’t been there, but I need to make my way.. How long does the flowers from the mart last? Have a great sunday!

  78. Rachel Comment #81

    Beautiful photographs once again. I can’t wait for summer.
    Can you do a post on how you shoot your photo’s?
    | |

  79. Ashley Comment #82

    Isn’t Cali weather just perfection?!

  80. Lucy Fisher Comment #83

    Hi! You post reminded me of this amazing jewelry site called… it might be winter but they ocean inspire vide goes with every season :)

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  83. Patent Attorney Comment #86

    This post is so well set out! Love the red theme running through it, and those strawberries look juicy!

  84. asiatique Comment #87

    Je suis venue sur ton post par chance et je ne
    le regrette point !

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    On peut te dire que ce n’est guère faux !!

  86. Nicole Comment #89

    Berries… Yum! So fresh and vibrant. x

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