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If I have a weakness for anything, it would be handbags. I’ve mentioned this to you guys a long time ago, but I literally love handbags. It’s the one thing I definitely save up for and splurge on. I feel like it does make all the difference to have and carry a nice designer bag.

I’ve collected a few of my favorite classic ones from different designers but always dreamt of having a Chanel 2.55. This vintage beauty is definitely a classic bag that all women need!

Save up and splurge! It’s definitely your investment piece. You won’t regret it. I promise.

Or… visit your nearest thrift stores and/or flea markets. They sell vintage designer pieces for more than half the price. I know I’ve bought a couple of vintage Gucci bags at my go-to flea market on Sundays. Make it an adventure to visit flea markets in hunt of a vintage designer bag! Don’t stop until you find one…. Good luck! xo

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  1. Vivian Comment #1

    Ahhh, it’s beautiful!



  2. SweetMona Blog de moda Comment #3
  3. M.S.M Comment #4

    que monada!

    Podrías pasaros por mi blog. Hoy un look con mucha LUZ gracias a la unión del blanco, rosa claro, beis y gris. FEMENINO y nada cursi –>>
    Besos desde ESPAÑA!

  4. Renata Comment #5

    I wanna one <3

  5. Tsangtastic by Jenny Tsang Comment #6

    Absolutely agree, bag is definitely the spotlight in an outfit (in my opinion). And Chanel is just a classic piece that will never be out of style, and what’s great about Chanel bags is that their value will never decrease. xo

    New Post up…

  6. Giulia Comment #7

    OMG this is perfection, I’ve been dreaming of it for ages, I looove it! Great purchase :)
    Have a lovely day!

  7. Kacie Comment #8

    Love it, that bag is pretty much my dream!

  8. Marija Comment #9

    It’s beautiful, my weakness are shoes 😉

  9. andreea Comment #10

    I totally understand your obsession with bags. I have it as well and a vintage Chanel has been on my list for a long time.

  10. Elizabeth Comment #11

    I too love to save up and then splurge on luxury arm candy, I see it as investing in excellent quality that looks a picture of perfection. This beauty is gorgeous, definitely a classic.

    Elizabeth x | Candyfloss Curls, Cupcakes & Couture

  11. Fabulous 30s Comment #12

    Gorgeous bag!!! Love it and I agree it is a perfect investment piece!

  12. Leneth Comment #13

    Gorgeous bag <3

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  14. TERESA Comment #15
  15. N. Comment #16

    Yes you’re so right! I’m also saving for a chanel, but I know it will take a long time, but as you say it is a classic bag! Love N.

  16. carol Comment #17
  17. Lucy Comment #18
  18. Jessica Rose Comment #19

    I so want one of these bags…..out of any bag out there…it has to be the 2.55 in black

  19. Tina Comment #20
  20. kiwifashionblog Comment #21

    I completely agree with you. A good handbag really makes a statement. Unlike shoes, they do not get dirty or worn out as easily. It is my ultimate prime accessory and I also do save and splurge on one good piece.

  21. Bodil Loïs Comment #22

    Nothing better than a classic Chanel <3

  22. Grace Comment #23

    Love this! A great handbag is so necessary and can really enhance a look! Great options, girl!

  23. Camille Comment #24
  24. Bárbara Comment #25

    In love with the Chanel 2.55 bag! Amazing!

  25. Eva Comment #26
  26. Paulynagore Comment #27

    This bag is just perfect ! I just can’t resist haha i need a Chanel bag even if it’s over price for me actually (and i just bought a Givenchy one and an Alexander Wang one last december so i’ll wait 😉 )

    But i still hesitate between the Boy and the Mademoiselle one so ^^’ i’ll think about it ^^

  27. Nadja Comment #28

    It’s beautiful! I hope to own one someday too :)

  28. sarah Comment #29
  29. Makayla Comment #30

    I’ve always wanted a Chanel bag!

  30. State Beauty Comment #31

    Love the bag. I totally agree with you. I will save up to buy a classic and good bag that will be with me all my life.


  31. Q Comment #32

    Jules I could not agree more!!… I too love bags… and for all the nice ones I have….. I love my classic 2.55!

  32. Chic Diary Comment #33

    my dream bag

    beijinhos querida
    Chic Diary

  33. Elizabeth Hawn Comment #34
  34. Janice Comment #35

    Love the bag! So beautiful (:

  35. Eye Like Fashion Comment #36

    Great advice! A fantastic bag will be an investment which will forever be stylish. And it’s too bad I’m a shoes gal….but I’m working on transitioning as bags are more timeless!



  36. Fran Comment #37

    I also want a vintage Chanel one day!! Love the bag.


  37. Eve Comment #38

    I totally agree; some women have an obsession with shoes, but I definitely have an obsession with bags, especially the Chanel 2.55…

  38. Olivia Marie Comment #39

    Wow! That handbag looks absolutely stunning! I am hoping to snag one myself one day! :)

    New post up! :)

  39. Linh of {A Beautiful RAWR} Comment #40

    You mean you love handbags more than sneakers? :) Great picks Jules. Love the Chanel one, but you really can’t go wrong with anything from there.

  40. Seppy Comment #41

    This Chanel is adorable!! I want one!!

  41. Cristina Monti Comment #42

    Love this Vintage Chanel, she’s a beauty!
    With Love,

  42. nat Comment #43

    oh i hope to have a chanel handbag one day!

  43. Bella Comment #44

    So jealous but totally agree, more than worth it!


  44. Alina Ermilova Comment #45

    My love – Chanel! <3

  45. Julie Comment #46

    This bag is perfect!!


  46. Chris Comment #47

    They are beautiful, also like the Michael Kors handbag!!

    XoXo Chris


  47. Cheyenne Comment #48

    Love that bag! You’re so lucky!! :)

  48. sasha Comment #49

    love love loove it!

  49. Sharon (Style-Chameleon) Comment #50

    A Chanel bag is also my ultimate bag!

  50. Cassandra Comment #51
  51. ChamaFashion Comment #52

    Really beautiful!

  52. The Lady Jersey Comment #53

    This bag is just amazing !
    Kisses <3

  53. Jessie Comment #54

    I love handbags as well but I’ve never had the desire to splurge on them though. Instead I go for more inexpensive ones so I can switch them out. An acquaintance of mine once said that every girl should have a Louis Vuitton bag as she strutted around with her fake one…that just irks me. If you can score a designer bag for a great bargain or have the money for a real one, by all means go for it! But don’t judge when others don’t (not saying you do btw; I was just speaking in general!).

  54. Helen Comment #55
  55. nikki Comment #56
  56. Huyen Comment #57

    I think a Chrnal bag is definitely every girl’s dream, I will probably go for the vintage option as well, besides vintage makes everything more special !


  57. Esther Comment #58

    I agree-worth the investment.

  58. Mlle Sey Comment #59

    Just wow !

  59. Gemeladas Comment #60

    This is the perfect bag!!


  60. vera Comment #61
  61. Leah Comment #62

    One of the iconic handbags of all time! Happy to see you got one and a vintage as well!

  62. houseoffstyle Comment #63

    love lovelove this bag itso n our wishlist and we will get it sooonnnn

  63. nabila Comment #64

    Hi! What flea markets do you recommend in LA?!?!

  64. nabila Comment #65

    Hi! What flea markets do you recommend in LA?!?!

  65. ALICE Comment #66

    Check good options of handbags, shoes, wallet, watches and moré…… all for men and women.

  66. ALICE Comment #67
  67. isabelle Comment #68

    Hello girl,

    I really enjoy looking and reading at your blog but today I saw a mistake on it and I just wanted to mentioned it to you. The bag that you have is not a 2.55 but a Timeless. I work for this House so I needed to correct that.
    Also it’s a really beautiful bag, but you always buy beautiful things.

    Have a nice weekend.


    • CeeBee Comment #69

      Thanks for the comment Isabelle, I thought I was the only one noticing that it’s not a 2.55 but a vintage flap bag 😉

  68. Dannon @ Like The Yogurt Comment #70

    I have always ALWAYS wanted this bag. Thank you for making me feel better about spending the money on it lol I will start saving now!!

  69. Sofia Comment #71

    This bag is really, I mean really the most beautiful handbag in the whole world !

  70. Anna Comment #72

    Beautiful bag, nothing beats a classic Chanel!

  71. Melissa Comment #73

    I will definitely be investing in a Chanel. SWOON. I must save! I also love your style! Very simalr to mine and love seeing that in other bloggers! Gives me inspiration!