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Spring in Winter.


One of my absolute favorite things I like to do is visit the flower market once (or even twice) a week to pick up fresh flowers. I like to go early in the morning, around 7-7:30 am, to beat the crowd around 10 but really to get the best flowers.

The L.A. flower district in downtown is the best place to get flowers at such an inexpensive price plus it’s such a treat being surrounded by so many pretty little flowers… it’s always an instagram moment for me! It might be a little overwhelming when you first visit because there’s dozens & dozens of vendors but if you go often, like I do, you’ll quickly learn who the best vendors are. Trust, you won’t be disappointed.

Tips (to visiting the flower district/market)

  • Arrive early (anywhere between 7:00-8:30am). You’ll avoid big crowds, not finding parking and best of all, you’ll get first dibs on picking the freshest flowers!
  • Have a checklist of the flowers you’re looking for. Otherwise, you’ll waste time going around in circles.
  • Have cash. Most of these vendors only take cash so come cash ready. Don’t fret, there’s usually an ATM machine outside but I wouldn’t rely on them as they often are out of service. So come prepared with cash.
  • Wear flat shoes. Try avoiding wearing heels as the floors tend to be slippery because it’s wet. You don’t want to slip and fall.
  • Lastly, bring a little cart with wheels (if you’re buying a lot of flowers) or a bag like the one I’m wearing in this post, a tote bag works too. This will come in handy to put the flowers in. Before I learned to bring a bag, I used to go without one and boy did I struggle. I would buy between 3-5 bundles of flowers and would have to carry them in my hand making it hard to check out anything else.
  • One last tip…. take photos! They make the prettiest photos!

Making flower arrangements is definitely one of my hobbies. It helps me feel inspired and keeps me calm if I’m feeling stressed out. I’m really considering opening a cute little flower shop in the future… I’m dreaming BIG!

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[do action=”rstyle-post-links”]Jacket: J.Crew
Top: Babaton via Aritzia
Jeans: Free People
Booties: Isabel Marant (best investment booties ever!!)
Bag: Céline
Flower bag: Joie
Sunglasses: Raen
Lipstick: YSL Rouge Volupte Shine in 8[/do]

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  1. Su nd Chris Comment #1

    Soo beautiful as always! Love grey, white and jeans together!

    xx Su

  2. nicole Comment #3

    the la flower district is amazing! sometimes i just like to pop down there just to look at the flowers. so beautiful! and you’re outfit of course is amazing as always – and actually very flower-shopping appropriate (:

  3. Marija Comment #4

    I love fresh flowers! But I could never wake up that early to go the the market 😉 XO

  4. ellen su Comment #5

    Love the simple yet sophisticated outfit, Jules! So gorge as always. One day, I’ll wake up early to go to the farmer’s market too, and hopefully snap some good photos without the crowd!

  5. Oksana Comment #6

    You look wonderful!

  6. Natali Comment #7

    Perfect bag and perfect jacket! You look fabulous!

  7. Sonya Comment #8

    everything is so lovely! <3

  8. SweetMona Blog de moda Comment #10

    amazing pics!!! love your bag!!
    new look on my blog!

  9. Tsangtastic by Jenny Tsang Comment #11

    A very simple sweet look, lovin the light basics with the denim jacket 😉

    New Post up…

  10. Emma Comment #12

    Perfect outfit and perfect pictures!

  11. Gemma Comment #13

    Love this outfit!! It’s perfect:)
    Kisses xx


  12. TERESA Comment #14

    Nice boots and great denim jacket!


  13. Jessica Rose Comment #15

    Loves roses…firstly it’s my surname and secondly it’s the name of my blog!! Every women should be surrounded by pretty flowers and plants

  14. Chris Comment #16

    Love flowers to but also your outfit is really nice!

    Beautiful pics!

    XoXo Chris


  15. Camille Comment #17
  16. Kelly from Beauty and the Beach Comment #18

    I love how simply cute this is! So laid back and chic.

    xx Kelly

  17. IdaR Comment #19

    Deeply in love with your bag! such a beautiful shade, definitely something I want for summer!


  18. Demi Comment #20

    I love your jeans! And the pictures are beautiful as always :) x

  19. chrissabella Comment #21

    This is such a cool and beautiful outfit! Jeans, grey and white is just the best combo ever and love your jewellery!

    Greetings from London,

  20. Rougeuse Comment #22

    Beautiful outfit! The white pants look so good on you and I love the additional flowers! x

  21. Jessica Comment #23

    Lovely outfit, love the simplicity!
    Miss Moore Style

  22. Eye Like Fashion Comment #24

    Spring has sprung! At least in California! And this is such a gorgeous quintessential California girl look!
    Laid back chic looking effortlessly beautiful!



  23. Annie Comment #25


    I absolutely love fresh flowers too, they brighten up my day.

  24. Emily Comment #26

    These photos are so stunning, I love the combination of white, grey and nude.


  25. Morgane Comment #27

    Love this look ! Your heart ring is amazing and I love the sunglasses !

  26. I Showed Up In Boots Comment #28

    Love those jeans. I feel like I have been seeing them everywhere, which makes me think that they are a good buy!

  27. Bárbara Comment #29

    Love this post… I love to know more about my favorite bloggers… You are one of them sweetie! 😉

  28. Porcelina Comment #30

    How fabulous, you look amazing and the flower market sounds just my kind of thing. I love fresh flowers too, in fact my mantlepiece looks very bare right now as just threw out some wilted ones. I’m putting ;buy more flowers’ to the top of my list for tomorrow!

    P x

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  30. Tamia Comment #32
  31. Kacie Comment #33

    You look gorgeous here! Those flowers are so beautiful!

  32. alice Comment #34

    love the outfit! it looks so easy and comfy

  33. Sara - Window On My Wardrobe Comment #35

    Wonderful soft and summery look, love the crisp white jeans combined with the grey shirt.

    X Sara

  34. Emilie Comment #36

    Love this outfit! And great tips for if I ever go to a flower market (but normally I just go to a store for my flowers haha) xxx

  35. Anna Comment #37

    Gorgeous photos, always so chic – thanks for the tips!

  36. Kiri Comment #38

    I love the addition of the flowers and that your sunglasses match them.

  37. It's About L.A Comment #39

    The denim jacket is really cool, love this outfit, it’s perfect for spring

  38. Oksana Comment #40

    I love this pretty casual look!

    ♥ Oxana
    Bloglovin | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

  39. Grace Comment #41

    Gorgeous! I love white and denim. Such a beautiful spring look!

  40. Claire Comment #42

    The flowers are sooo beautiful <3 and so are you! Love the denim jacket :)))
    New Post: ALLEY
    xoxo, Claire from Vancouver, Canada

  41. Elizabeth Hawn Comment #43
  42. Cheyenne Comment #44

    I love flower markets so much, they’re so pretty and smell so good. Great outfit you’re wearing, those white jeans look great!

  43. Leesa Comment #45

    such a gorgeous outfit!

  44. Q Comment #46
  45. liz Comment #47

    i love your jeans! i wish there was a better flower market in my city!

    xo, Liz

  46. Rachel Comment #48

    I’m 22 and have been a florist for a few years now and am opening my own in a couple of weeks! So exciting. It is such an enjoyable job I would recommend learning it to anyone! I love seeing your flower photos on instagram :)
    Rach x

  47. nahomi garcia Comment #49

    such lovely flowers [:
    i always feel weird wearing white jeans though,
    i only have one pair but i think ive only worn them like one time
    and it was not my favorite thing in the world lol
    but i like how you wear them !

  48. Katie Comment #50

    I love the jean jacket! I have been on the hunt for one similar, it looks great with the white jeans for a casual outing!

  49. Alexandra Aimee Comment #51

    I’ve always wanted to visit the LA flower market but I find it intimidating. This post is great!

    — Alex at

  50. State beauty Comment #52

    You look so gorgeous in black and gray! And the flowers are beautiful!


  51. Brittany Comment #53

    Looooove this look! I’ve always loved fresh flowers! I’ll have to look if we have a local flower market.

  52. Paulynagore Comment #54

    Perfect outfit, beautiful flowers, oh i need to live in LA ! It seems to be a very nice city :)

    Hugs !

  53. Sarah Runyon Comment #55

    Such an amazing choice in flowers! I have yet to find a good flower market in Vegas… definitely not the greatest place to get flowers but I’m still looking because there is nothing like fresh flowers to brighten up your office/home! Thanks for the tips anyway. p.s. dying over your white pants. need some.

  54. Diana Susma Comment #56

    LOVE this outfit! It’s really something I would wear on a regular basis. xo

  55. Alexsandra Bernhard Comment #57

    Oh I wish I had visited the flower market when I lived in LA, can’t believe I never did since I LOVE flowers!


  56. Jessica Flores Comment #58

    Which flower shop or vendor specifically do you recommend?

  57. monkeyshines Comment #59
  58. mariela Comment #60
  59. Rach Comment #61

    I Love getting fresh flowers too!! You get up super early. Thanks for the helpful tips!

  60. Maria Marques Comment #62

    You just look amazing! And the color combo couldn’t be more perfect (:


  61. Sarah Comment #63

    Love the outfit! XX

  62. Gemeladas Comment #64

    your look is just perfect!


  63. Lesley N. Comment #65

    Where is your longer-length necklace from?! Love it. Also, the ring you are wearing on your middle finger, in the photo holding your shades? Been looking through old posts, but can’t find details on in!

    Thanks !!

  64. Cynthia Comment #66

    In love with every piece and detail!
    Keep it up! xo



    Muy buen post como siempre :)
    Si alguien quiere pasar un buen rato que visite
    Un blog distinto y novedoso :) Os esperamos!

  66. Linh of {A Beautiful RAWR} Comment #68

    Great tips. I need to visit the flower shop more often…maybe with this warmer weather, I’ll be more motivated to go. But, in the mean time, I’ll live vicariously through your beautiful IG posts :) Love your dainty rings!

  67. mary-katherine Comment #69

    absolutely love ranunculus!! and that outfit is so easy breezy and perfect!

    xo mk

  68. Priyana Comment #70

    Love the outfit and the flowers! Your instagram pictures are always lovely to see, especially the ones you post when you go to the flower market.

  69. Seppy Comment #71

    Super cute outfit!!!

  70. Stephanie Comment #72

    Cute advice and tips!


  71. Nidhi Comment #73

    Ah I wish I had a flower market near me! It seems like a lot of fun picking pretty, fresh blooms every week!
    An Unblurred Lady

  72. cheyenne Comment #74

    I love the outfit. Its so fresh and girly.
    xo, cheyenne

  73. Fran Comment #75

    I love the effortless style of this outfit. So crisp!


  74. M Comment #76

    So Fresh!

  75. Steph Comment #77

    Such a great outfit combination! I love that denim jacket so much! Fresh flowers are the best thing about markets xx

  76. Ericka Comment #78

    Love the outfit! Thanks for the tip. :)

    Ericka of

  77. Ellen Keating Comment #79

    I love this casual look Xx Elle

  78. pipa Comment #80

    So beautiful as always! Nice flowers :-)

  79. Sabina B Comment #81

    Love that denim jacket with white! Such a nice look!

  80. Lucy Comment #82

    Love this! Great outfit, and I always love seeing your flowers in Instagram! xx

  81. It's About L.A Comment #83

    Love your style, everytime you just match your clothes so well together, like that white pant with those boots

  82. The Fashion Fraction Comment #84

    absolutely adore these photos my dear. you rock white pants!

  83. aimee Giavelli Comment #85

    Lovely !!
    if you fancy check this out !

  84. The Lady Jersey Comment #86

    Hi Julie !
    I hope your are well :) I love this look so natural :$
    And I love flowers !
    Kisses <3

  85. Mademoiselle Stef Comment #87

    It’s totally crazy when you think that in NY it’s SNOWY…i mean…not snow but SNOOOOW!!! :)
    You’re so lucky to live in L.A!

    Des Bises
    Mademoiselle Stef

  86. Stacia Comment #88

    Fresh flowers are literally my favourite thing in the world! They make me so happy! I love your outfit!!!

  87. nogagui Comment #89

    Sencilla pero estupenda!!!

  88. Thepinkinnuendo Comment #90

    Ojalá aquí tuviésemos ese estilo de mercados para poder comprar flores frescas a menudo. Un beso


  89. Kristel Louisa Comment #91

    I always love a great pair of grey boots! They’re not black, but enough to make a statement to the whole outfit. Great look, Jules!


  90. Jint Comment #92

    Love the bag! And the flowers are so pretty!!
    WIN a Rika bag worth of 250,-, Enter the giveaway on my blog!

  91. The Maiddiction Comment #93

    Lovely outfit. The jacket is very nice! I like the way you look. If you have a minute visit my blog, new post up today!


  92. Comment #94

    Love the look!this jeans jacket looks so nice with those white jeans! And i adore the fact that you have such a cute, little routine! Thank you for all the tips! x

  93. alexandra Comment #95

    so cute, julie! white jeans + heathered grey + faded denim is such a classic combination and you totally rock it! i love the gold jewelry that you added

  94. Noush Comment #96

    Love this look !

  95. claudia Comment #97

    This outfit is gorgeous, so springy! Love the white and denim combination!

  96. Helen Comment #98

    I love your outfit!! The flowers are amazing xx

  97. Cassandra Comment #99

    That is a fresh outfit !! You look beautiful !
    Xx gorg

  98. stephanie Comment #100

    I love this outfit! Gets me excited for spring! ans those boots are amazing.
    xx Stephanie (

  99. ana Comment #101

    amazing pics as always, love this flowers!

  100. signe Comment #102

    Love the shoes – I’ve bought a pair from ASH that looks very similar and are in great quality to a very reasonable price. :-)

  101. Alison Comment #103

    So pretty as always! I’m like you.. I love flowers so much !
    Xxx ♡

  102. Vivian Comment #104

    Beautiful flowers! Would lift anyone’s mood! loving a fresh outfit of white and light washed denim to match!

    LIVE . IN . LOVE ✞


  103. Thaylise Comment #105

    Love your blog, your style, your simple but fashion way of dressing. I’m a brazilian fashion blogger, and I just loved you necklace, where is that from, plese?
    Xoxo, and keep inspiring us!

  104. Saša Comment #106

    Beautiful photos, flowers sure are a great addition!

  105. Julia Comment #107

    I love this look ! It’s fresh and cool, i’m in love !

  106. Magdalena Comment #108


  107. Sarah Comment #109

    The Celine bag and sunglasses are fantastic! I am a huge believer of flowers and nature in the home. It really does complete a room!

  108. Laëti Comment #110


    J’adore <3 !

    Bye, Laëti

  109. Heartbeat Comment #111

    Lovely and beautiful look :)

    heartbeat blog

  110. Tiffany Comment #112

    Pretty flowers!!!!!! And pretty outfit ;))

  111. Paige Comment #113

    Loving the denim jacket and white skinny jean combo!


  112. StyleSpectra Comment #114
  113. charlotte Comment #115

    That is what I love about living in Paris my market with fresh fruits , veggies and flowers.

  114. Jessica Comment #116

    Love this look (as always)! Also, thank you for listing your lipstick color! Your makeup always inspires me as well!

  115. Ange Comment #117

    Awesome!!!!!your look is great!!!love your style!!!
    Xxx, ange!

  116. Courtney Comment #118

    Okay, that settles it, I need a pair of white jeans—like now. Yours look great paired with this denim jacket and the booties!

  117. Kate Comment #119

    I love how effortless this look is. It’s fluid and complimentary without trying too hard. Love the booties!

  118. Belen Baquerizo Comment #120

    oh, those are soo, soo pretty! I love the color.

  119. Evanda Comment #121

    Ah! I wish I lived close to a place that had a flower market! Gorgeous!

  120. Adri Comment #122

    Love visiting the flower mart downtown! Wish I lived closer but I’d probably go too much. Love the simplicity of the neutrals in your outfit!
    xo Adri

  121. Jen Comment #123

    That bag is to die for! I love making floral arrangements too! There is something so calming about it, plus they make for a beautiful happy decor element in any room. x

  122. Fashion Party blog Comment #124
  123. Elif Comment #125

    very nice, hoping to get a blog like yours! much liked :))

  124. Fashion Rookie Comment #126

    The flowers are so amazingly pretty !
    I love the colors and just everything about them.
    The outfit is also really gorgeous.
    I love the different colors in it :)

    xx Julia

  125. nikki Comment #127

    those jeans are perfect! love the fit!


  126. Fashion Snag Comment #128
  127. sasa Comment #129

    Looking awesome in this outfit<3

    New on

  128. jacqueline Comment #130

    where is your jewelery from?? (necklaces)

  129. Angelina Comment #131

    You look gorgeous! Cute pics :)

  130. ivanasworld Comment #132

    cozy and chic love it 😀 so simple and so stylish 😉

  131. Walton & Rush Comment #133

    Love your style!! Come check out our blog if you get a chance :)


  132. Walton & Rush Comment #134

    Love your style!! Come check out our blog if you get a chance :)


  133. Miria Karima Comment #135

    Beautiful Outfit! You make me miss summer!

  134. LIBERATTO Comment #136

    Perfect colours combination

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  136. gio Comment #138

    Dear Jules! I love your fashion style and now I find out that you love doing floral arrangements. I think you should make sometimes foto to all that you create with flowers. Putting some flowers in your home makes you feel happier so I would like to see and find some inspiration in your (surely) beautiful arrangement.

  137. vanessa Comment #139

    I really like the look. Greetings.

  138. CelebritiesAndFashion Comment #140

    You look so beautiful and gorgeous! Love your style and the flowers are so cute!!

  139. yluegoestacris Comment #141

    I love the look! the jeans are very cool! a kiss

  140. Kerri Comment #142

    I love everything about this!


  141. zaproszenia ślubne Comment #143

    amazing photos thanks for sharing

  142. houseoffstyle Comment #144


  143. Jaclyn Comment #145

    I really cant love this post anymore than I did your last! They are everything! love keep up the good work!

    check my blog:

  144. Raquel Comment #146

    Why did you block me on instagram? Ralase91

  145. Janice Comment #147

    Love your casual outfit! Can’t wait for spring to come to Toronto, its my favourite season because of the flowers (:

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  147. leah Comment #149

    Love the outfit and the flowers! Never been to flower market but sounds fun! By the way, where did you get your necklace?


  148. Chrisslee Comment #150

    Love this simple look! Everything you wear looks great!


  149. Meghan Comment #151

    I definitely want to start buying fresh flowers often. Thanks for all the great tips.

    Meghan Silva’s Blog

  150. Vivid room Comment #152

    extremely beautiful!!!!!!!!

  151. Uru Comment #153

    Did you cut these jeans yourself? or bought them as is?

  152. Rüga Comment #154

    So simple and clean and yet so niceee :)
    Love it!!

    Rüga fashion blog

  153. Kelly Bush Comment #155

    Completely brightened my day seeing these gorgeous flowers! Thank you for reminding me that I’ll see warm temperatures and flowers again soon! XO

  154. Kelly Bush Comment #156

    Completely brightened my day seeing these gorgeous flowers! Thank you for reminding me that I’ll see warm temperatures and flowers again soon! XO

  155. Cristina Monti Comment #157
  156. Eni Comment #158
  157. ana laura Comment #159

    me gusta muchoooooo!!! :)

  158. ana laura Comment #160
  159. ANA Comment #161

    Absolutly love everything about you !
    First fo all your blog, its one of the best. You might hear this a lot, yeah, but still i can’t help myself from saying it.
    Secondly love every single one of your outfits. Its hard to get inspired by bloggers nowadays because, the style (and the clothes) are unaffordable, but your style is so inspiring !
    A last, you seem so seem sooooo genuin… ! And thats what we all love about your blog.

  160. fashions Comment #162

    You look so amazingly happy and light:) white is always an elegant colour! on gfc)
    Instagram @fashionsbit

  161. Elena Comment #163

    New outfit post today on my fashion blog Please follow me and I’ll follow back! I’m new here!

  162. Laura Comment #164

    You look perfect as always!


  163. Allie Comment #165

    Does anyone know where SJules got the little gold necklace with small diamond -Worn in this picture?
    Thanks : )

  164. ana rita Comment #166
  165. Yana Comment #167

    I wish I’ll have market in my city)
    Beautiful photos!
    Fashion Friends Diary

  166. The Velvet Lady Comment #168

    i love your style! you’re my inspiration… <3

  167. Shea Mills Comment #169

    You always have the most perfectly tanned, glowy, skin. Do you get spray tans or what is your secret??

  168. Cathy Comment #170

    Thanks for sharing the link to Aritzia site.

  169. Kayleigh Maria Comment #171

    This is so cute and precise. Love it♥

  170. Lovisa Hammar Comment #172

    You’re such an inspiration to me! Love following your instagram account and blog. Especially since you seem to like flowers and fashion just as much as I do! Love from a Swedish follower

  171. miss nye Comment #173

    your clothes fit impeccably. I wish I could find pants that fit so well! great look girrrlll.

  172. jenni Comment #174

    where specifically do you go in the district?

  173. ALICE Comment #175
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  175. Mely Comment #177

    where’s your jewelry from…love the simple necklaces!

  176. Anabela Comment #178

    Muito bom… Perfeito, confortavel com classe…

  177. Ria Comment #179

    Gorgeous! I’ve gotten really into picking up flowers as well. There’s not really any amazing markets in my area though.

  178. Lisa Comment #180

    Love the outfit! Do you wear the jacket in small or medium?

    • Sara Comment #181

      I was also interested in the sizing of this jacket? Is it tts or did you need to size up?

  179. Sofia Comment #182

    Denim + grey + white is perfect, I’m gonna try this combination for spring ! It looks fabulous on you ! :)

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  182. candy Comment #185
  183. Sandra Comment #186

    Which color are your dicker boots in the this photo? I love the color but can’t seem
    to find it. Thanks!

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  187. Julie Comment #190

    I totally love this casual outfit ! It looks so chic and works perfectly on you ! kiss ! Julie

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  191. Leslie Comment #194

    Hey Jules, would you mind telling us what size your denim jacket is? I’m trying to figure out if I should go with my normal size (s) or size up to medium. Yours looks exactly how I’d like mine to fit.

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  194. Faiza Comment #197

    hi ,where can I get the bootie that’s exactly what I want and I live in DC we don’t have the store please help thanks

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  196. liliyang Comment #199


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