Visiting my motherland is always a treat, especially to when I’m able to experience places I’ve never visited in México before. Since we stayed in Playa del Carmen we had to take a 30 minute bus ride to Tulum for the day which we were excited for.

A four dollar bus ride and 30 mins later, we were in the beautiful sandy beaches of Tulum! I had done my research prior on Tulum for a few things I wanted to do/see and two of the main things were: visit the ruins that overlooked the beach and take a photo under the crooked tree in Playa Paraiso. Both sightings made for the perfect (instagram) photo!

As we spent the whole day on the beach, laying out, eating sea food and getting in a little dip into the water, we took a little nap to get some energy back. When we woke up, the sunset was slowly setting so we walked around the area to see what we can discover. We came across such a beautiful backdrop full of trees and shade; it almost felt like we went from the beach to a tropical safari. Tulum was definitely everything I had hoped for and more! Such a beautiful gem.

For those of you who emailed me asking me where I stayed… I stayed in Playa del Carmen at the BE Playa Hotel. It’s such a cute little boutique hotel and it’s just less than a block away from 5th Ave- a promenade full of shops, restaurants, bars, street vendors, etc- and two short blocks away from the actual beach. There’s soooo much to do and see in Playa del Carmen, more so than Tulum. If you happen to stay in Playa del Carmen, you have to take a day trip to visit Tulum or vice versa. There’s also Cozumel, an island in the Caribbean sea, where you can take a quick boat ride from Playa del Carmen as well.

Can’t wait to share a few more photos from my IG and diary! Stay tuned, xx

beachhello11.jpg_effected beachhello9.jpg_effected beachhello6.jpg_effected beachhello7.jpg_effected beachhello4.jpg_effected beachhello10.jpg_effected beachhello8.jpg_effected

[do action=”rstyle-post-links”]Dress: Juicy Couture
Sunglasses: Ray Ban
Flip Flops: Havaianas
Hat: from Mexico[/do]

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  1. Su nd Chris Comment #1

    Oh, you look so beautiful in this white dress! Loove the pictures!

    xx Chris

    • M A R T A Comment #2

      Perfect pics and soo nice dress.

    • Carelia Comment #3

      I agree with Sue! You look so pretty in that white dress, your beautiful tan makes the dress to stand out. I love the sunglasses as well, those mirrored sunglasses are my favorites lately. Those awesome pictures reminded me of Bay Island in Honduras (home).

      “Enjoying The Snow” Blog post on:

  2. Gosia Comment #4

    I love this skirt! and sunnies are awesome! I can’t stop watching ur photos :)

  3. Tsangtastic by Jenny Tsang Comment #5

    It must be an amazing escape from the cold and just out laying on the beach with clear water and warm sand relaxing. p.s. cute little white dress for the tropical weather there 😉 xo

  4. Tsangtastic by Jenny Tsang Comment #6

    It must be an amazing escape from the cold and just out laying on the beach with clear water and warm sand relaxing. p.s. cute little white dress for the tropical weather there 😉 xo

  5. Marija Comment #7

    Love those shades, looking so adorable in white! XO

  6. SARA Comment #8
  7. Heels forever Comment #9

    Very pretty dress, love the contrast with the bright ray bans xx

    Heels Forever

  8. Aitana Comment #10

    Awesome vacations!!

    I would like to invite you to visit my blog:


  9. Stephanie Comment #11

    Beautiful post, I love that dress! Thanks for the rec, hope to go there one day!


  10. Grace Comment #12

    What a beautiful look! How fun to be able to escape the cold and travel to someplace sunny! Love it!

  11. Jessica Rose Comment #13

    Beautiful photo’s…and I did see that pic on your instagram feed!!

  12. Ana Leote Comment #14
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  14. kiwifashionblog Comment #16

    Absolute gorgeous tropical pictures! It really is making me missing summer!

  15. Gemeladas Comment #17

    Ohhh I really love your dress!!!


  16. el armario de la nena Comment #18

    wow :) viva Méjico

  17. mediamarmalade Comment #19

    Love this outfit, the white smock dress is beautiful. love it

    Mel x

  18. monkeyshines Comment #20
  19. Leesa Comment #21

    absolutely gorgeous dress!

  20. maría josé Comment #22

    Love the dress


  21. State beauty Comment #23

    Love the dress!!! Tulum is a paradise!!


  22. Natalie Comment #24

    Hey!! You look beautiful as always! I need that dress. The link doesn’t have it on the site anymore!! Where can I find it?


    • RK Comment #25

      were you able to find the dress?

  23. Elizabeth Hawn Comment #26

    love the sunglasses and dress! such a great cover up !

  24. YZ Chan Comment #27

    Both the dress and Tulum look so beautiful. x

  25. Niss Comment #28
  26. Chrissabella Comment #29

    Tulum looks beautiful!

    Love your white dress, you look gorgeous!

    Greetings from London,

  27. Georgina Comment #30

    you are impeccable! love the aviators.

    Georgina at

  28. Leslie Comment #31

    Amazing Pictures! Looks like a wonderful trip!

  29. Aurélia Comment #32

    I love your dress, I can not find on the site, or can I find help please :) !

  30. Avi Comment #33

    Que bueno que estas disfrutando México. Playa de Carme es hermoso y me encantaria regresar pronto. Me ha gustado ver todo tu viaje por Instagram. Siento que lo disfruto tmb. Saludos Jules!

  31. Vera Comment #34

    I love your dress & sunglasses. Love!

  32. Tina Comment #35

    I think only you could make a lazy beach day look this darn stylish! Your tan popping through the laser cuts just take this dress to another level. Great post!

    Tina xo

  33. natalie Comment #36

    i’d love to go to mexico one day!
    love your dress

  34. Adri Comment #37

    You trip sounds dreamy! Look at that perfect tan against that white dress!
    xo Adri

  35. Eye Like Fashion Comment #38

    I LOVE, absolutely ADORE this dress. It’s such a great spring summer dress whether for walking around or at a resort. These pictures are so fun!



  36. Stacia Comment #39

    Gorgeous photos! Sounds amazing! xo

  37. Scrapbook of style Comment #40

    That dress just nails it! Have fun x

  38. Peak 25 Comment #41

    Love the dress, so feminine and pretty and coupled with the gold rings it looks perfect!

  39. Alexandra Aimee Comment #42

    These images are absolutely lovely, and make me want summer! The sand on your toes is too much!

    — Alex at Brainy Girls Beauty

  40. Becky Hillyard Comment #43

    This dress is stunning on you. Envy where you are right now! In need of warm weather.

    Becky @ Cella Jane

  41. jas Comment #44

    i have those sunnies and absolutely love them! cute dress!

    reckless abandon

  42. Tamia Comment #45
  43. Diana Comment #46

    Lovely photos!! The contrast of your all white outfit with the background and sunnies is amazing.

    xoxo, Diana

  44. Sasa Comment #47

    Love the color of your shades. Totally made the dress pop:) <3

  45. Van Comment #48

    Love the dress on you! :)

  46. Michelle Comment #49

    Love the hat and the Juicy Couture dress.
    xx, Michelle

  47. Jodi Comment #50

    Gorgeous photos. I love that dress. Its gorgeous.

  48. carol Comment #51

    amaaaaaaaazing dress hun

  49. Natali Comment #52

    Looking gorgeous! That dress is so pretty and perfect for time by the beach :)

  50. Ellen Keating Comment #53

    Beautiful dress and I really love the sunnies Xx Elle

  51. Ida Comment #54

    Such amazing pictures! Your look is so fresh and that tan… looks amazing with the white dress!


  52. Kacie Comment #55

    Wow that dress is so so so stunning!! You look gorgeous!

  53. Jessica C Comment #56

    i loved seeing all the photos from your trip! just wondering what nail polish to you have on? xx

  54. Helen Comment #57

    Beautiful photos, amazing place. I love the white dress, so cute xx

  55. Tonya Comment #58

    This is seriously the prettiest dress ever, so perfect for the location too! I’ve been loving your beach photos, makes me want to take a vacation…

  56. fashmongers Comment #59
  57. Chris Comment #60

    Beautiful photos, looks great there. Adorable dress!!

    Have fun!!

    XoXo Chris

  58. The Lady Jersey Comment #61

    Amazing photos Julie !
    I love your hat <3

  59. StyleSpectra Comment #62
  60. Sara - Window On My Wardrobe Comment #63

    What a beautiful dress! I love the orange sunnies as a pop of color to this neutral outfit

    X Sara

  61. Dominique Comment #64

    You look amazing! Wow

    new post up,

  62. Nice and Clean Chiswick Comment #65

    This dress is so cute and looks really cozy! Love it!

  63. Paula Capel Comment #66

    absolutely in love with your dress and your nails:)

  64. Natalie Comment #67

    Gorgeous dress, the straw hat is really cute too x

  65. magda gdynia Comment #68

    I love your dress! regards!

  66. Lucy Comment #69

    That dress is beautiful! xx

  67. nogagui Comment #70

    El lugar debe de ser precioso!
    Un vestido estilo ibicenco muy apropiado para esas playas paradisiacas 😉

  68. It's About L.A Comment #71

    Lovely photos, your dress is cool !

  69. The Fashion Panda Comment #72
  70. Thepinkinnuendo Comment #73

    Qué paraíso! Me encantaría poder visitarlo algún día. El vestido te queda genial estando tan morena. Besos


  71. Q Comment #74

    That dress is too cute!!!

  72. Miryam Comment #75
  73. Marjolein Comment #76

    What a wonderful dress. Sounds like bliss… : )


  74. Vivian Comment #77

    Beautiful dress, so perfect for the beach and against your skin tone!

    LIVE . IN . LOVE ✞


  75. Juli Comment #78

    i love your dress! it looks amazing on you! <3

  76. Ange Comment #79

    OMG!!! I really need summer!!!! Here it’s soooooo cold!!!
    Do you like DECO???
    Xx, Ange.

  77. Rosalinda Comment #80

    Your dress is absolutely stunning <3 Loving this look so much! xx

  78. claudia Comment #81
  79. Julie Comment #82
  80. Hana Comment #83
  81. Amanda Markiewicz Comment #84

    So lovely dress!!!


  82. Saša Comment #85
  83. ivanasworld Comment #86

    Beautiful dress and great pictures :) I want summer :)

  84. Comment #87

    This dress is just perfect! definitely one of those i would love to wear in summer! and the photos are so well made. i am really glad you had an amazing time xx

  85. paige Comment #88

    The detailing in this dress is fabulous!


  86. Sarah Comment #89

    Such a fantastic dress! Love the outfit.

  87. kelsey Comment #90

    i heard tulum is amazing! i definitely want to go one day!

  88. patricia Comment #91
  89. Laëti Comment #92


    C’est vraiment très joli :)


  90. Fashion Party blog Comment #93

    Wow you’re so tanned.. my skin is white as your dress :) Oh, I wish I was in some tropical place to..

  91. andréa Comment #94

    i loooove this easy beach look. so dreamy.



  92. Jane Comment #95
  93. Annebel Comment #96

    Ahw it looks great! I would really love to go there one day.
    It is very refreshing to look at these pictures while the weather is so bad.
    Makes me really crave some sunshine!

  94. Cassandra Comment #97

    You look fabulous !!!

  95. Seppy Comment #98

    Love the dress you’re wearing! Can’t wait to see more pictures, I really enjoyed your Instagram rid-bits while you were there!

  96. Eva Comment #99

    Sounds like an incredible vacation and love these photos and your dress! xx

  97. I Showed Up In Boots Comment #100

    Beautiful photos, Julie! LOVE LOVE LOVE the white dress!


  98. Veronica bags Comment #101

    You are lucky to be in Mexico! It´s too cold where I live, I like your white dress but sunglasses and jewellery are stunning!

  99. Jen Comment #102

    Looks like fun! Love the white dress. Perfect for a sunny vacay! x

  100. Alex Comment #103

    Wow, you look great in these photo’s, great tan, and those clothes look very well on you! :)

  101. Fashion Snag Comment #104

    Beautiful photos!

  102. Claire Comment #105

    Love this white lace dress! It looks really great on your skin tone :))) Loooove it
    New Post: Sweater Over Plaid
    xoxo, Claire from Vancouver, Canada

  103. Kate Comment #106

    Great look, you are so tanned here so this white dress looks amazing on you! Again, so envy your tan, I can never be tanned like you!

    OceanWind Blog

  104. Nicole Comment #107

    I love your dress! I’ve always wanted to go to Tulum and these pictures make me want to go even more!


  105. Tanja Comment #108

    the location looks like paradise!


  106. Elena Comment #109

    Check out my latest posts about Valentine’s day lingerie and NYFW on my fashion blog
    Please follow me I’m new-I follow back!

  107. Mary Comment #110

    Is this dress out yet? I can’t find it anywhere!

  108. Catarina Magalhães Comment #111

    I love your dress!

    An Ideal For Living

  109. Mariete Comment #112

    Amazing tan :) i really miss de sun…here in Portugal it´s raining for almost two mouths!!

  110. Mariete Comment #113

    Amazing tan :) i really miss de sun…here in Portugal it´s raining for almost two mouths!!

  111. In a Trendy Town Comment #114

    We envy you, we need hot and summer! This dress is perfect if you are tanned!

  112. Honorata Comment #115

    this dress is insanely beautiful!

  113. Shannon Comment #116

    That dress is amazing!

    xoxo Shannon

  114. Maud Schellekens Comment #117

    OMG, that dress is to die for!

    XOXO Maud


  115. Milla Comment #118

    oh my!! i love you dress!! perfect for summer day!! *_*

  116. nikki Comment #119

    that dress is gorgeous! so jealous of your tan!


  117. Jordanna Arbogast Comment #120

    lovely photos!!! those sunnies are GORG against your tan skin! so jealous!!!!


  118. Kate Comment #121

    Wow! Tulum looks breathtaking. Your photos are amazing. Love your hat!

  119. Jensie Comment #122

    Seriously, you are the cutest thing to ever walk this earth! Love it all and hope you had a fab time on your vacation.


  120. Juan Comment #123

    Hi! The beach is very beautiful … I love the hat :)
    SUIT & TIE BLOG: Thanks!

  121. ANA Comment #124

    You are SO gorgeous


  122. Augustina Comment #125

    You look absolutely stunning. I love how the white enhances your tan. Great look, it suits you so good!
    Augustina x

  123. Melody Comment #126

    Love the white dress; it gives a slightly boho feel with the chicness, so its perfect for the beachy weather! The orange shades are so rad as well!
    Melody x

  124. Sharon (Style-Chameleon) Comment #127

    Perfect pictures!

  125. Katherine E. Comment #128

    Where can I find this DRESS? I can’t track it down on the Revolve site? Anyone? Any leads??? I NEED IT.

  126. VICKOS DIARY Comment #129

    Lovely dress
    ⚡︎ Vickos diary

  127. Mary Comment #130

    Beautiful photos, a beautiful place.

  128. vanesa Comment #131

    Lovely look!

  129. Lucia Alarcon Comment #132

    I love all the outfits you create when you travel :) they are amazing!! :)
    You look Fantastic!!

  130. Iva Comment #133

    At that exact time last year I flew to Mexico and stayed there for a month to teach French. You are so lucky to come from such an amazing country, where people are incredibly nice and generous :-) I fell in love with Mexican food and really plan to go back there as soon as possible. And furthermore food tastes SO DELICIOUS <3

    Great outfits by the way !



  131. Pamela Comment #134

    Hermoso vestido, ideal para la playa!!!

  132. Nolwenn Comment #135

    Je suis jalouse, tu es tellement PARFAITE…
    Tu fais rêver ..

    xx Nolwenn

  133. Madison Martine Comment #136

    These pictures are beautiful! Everything looks amazing!!

    Madison Martine

  134. Rüga Comment #137

    Wow you look really amazing on that lovely white dress!!


  135. Sara GB Comment #138

    Perfect look girl! You look beautiful!

  136. Jint Comment #139

    Love this cute dress!
    WIN a Rika bag worth of 250,- Enter the giveaway on my blog!

  137. Guadalupe Comment #140

    So effortless and gorgeous. I love how your outfits are so simple yet chic, I am definitely loving your shades :)

  138. alicia Comment #141

    I can’t find this cute dress ! its so cute and perfect for summer


  139. Maiken Comment #142

    Wow! Love the dress :)
    -but it seems like it is out of stock.. too bad.
    Really want to go to Tulum now.. you are so lucky!
    Greetings from the cold and ‘full of snow’ NORWAY :)
    Lots of love!

  140. Karen | Char Co. Comment #144

    Your dress is AMAZING! It looks just perfect.

  141. Daniella Comment #145

    great post!

  142. Thorunn Comment #146
  143. Fabulous 30s Comment #147

    Love the dress.
    Fabulous 30s

  144. ana rita Comment #148

    wow, such a perfect dress! :)

    xoxo, Ana
    facebook page

  145. isida Comment #149
  146. houseoffstyle Comment #150

    waaaaaaaaaaaauw stunniinnngg dear looking heavingly

  147. Style Me Shea Comment #151

    LOve this lace dress!

  148. nere Comment #152

    Que vestido más bonito¡¡ me encanta.

    saludos nere

  149. ChaChaNYC Comment #153

    It looks so beautiful! Defo next Hotspot for us

  150. Mariela Comment #154

    Tulum, a great palce!! I love that sand!! it´´s relaxing!!

  151. Angie Wilson Comment #155

    that dress is the most perfect look for a day out at the beach! You look stunning!
    Angie Wilson |

  152. NET-A-DRESSER Comment #156

    So, so beautiful…….I want to escape right now! xx

  153. Angelina Comment #157

    Love this outfit 😉

  154. Moda Fabio Baez Comment #158

    The accessories, colors and technique are amazing, greetings from Colombia

  155. ioana Comment #159

    Hi you look lovely and that dress…….
    By the way is it for sure a juicy Couture dress cause i can’t find it anywhere…..

  156. Comment #160

    Looooooove your style

  157. nahomi garcia Comment #161

    that is such a cute dress i love it !
    amazing pictures though

  158. Cristina Monti Comment #162

    I seriously adore your dress, to bad I can’t find it anywhere lol
    Great shots!

  159. Nataša Comment #163

    Beautiful place, pretty girl, lovely dress!

  160. Aleksandra Comment #164

    You are a walking perfection! Every single time your outfit is flawless…

  161. Andrea Santa Comment #165

    Beautiful place, congratutations! Model, location, sun , all very good. Thans

  162. Barabara Comment #166

    I want this white dress…where i can buy

  163. Isabel Amado Comment #167

    I love this dress ! Can you tell me if i can buy it online?
    Best regards

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  165. Sue McCarthy Comment #169

    I love the white juicy dress. Where did you get it?

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  167. Renee Johnston Comment #171

    What is the name of this dress and where can i buy it!!!!!??? so gorgeous!

  168. Courtney Comment #172

    I love your blog & especially more so the beautiful place you reach and discuss.
    I know your currently in Tulum, I have been stalking your instagram what place/s did you stay at? I only recently went to Mexico myself and didn’t get the chance to see Tulum which means I need to get there asap especially after seeing your blog!

    Courtney :)

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  171. Paige Comment #175

    So gorgeous!!
    Do you know where I can get this dress!?

  172. Karen maseto Comment #176

    Where can I buy this dress ? I love it

  173. christa Comment #177

    love this white dress featured in the Tulum picture from 2014. is it still available at all ?