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Since Coachella is officially over (the second weekend of Coachella ended this past Easter sunday), I thought I’d share one of my favorite outfits from the festival when I was there during the first weekend with Havaianas.

The weather was scorching hot so I tried to hide under a hat most of the weekend and stay in my sandals/flipflops for comfort. I’ve said before that overalls can be a complete fashion don’t but I think if you find a pair that are a bit loose and flatter your body and you can style in a cool casual way, then it can totally work. I was a bit skeptical to wear overalls again but these were the perfect fit that I couldn’t just pass up. For festival styling, adding a hat and cute cross body bag was key!

How do you guys feel about overalls? Yay or nay?

Side note, I’m a little backed up with posting.. I still have Paris photos to post and a couple of photos from Coachella and a couple of looks from my quick trip to New York, whew! Bear with me as I sort through all these! Should be fun to post these because it’ll take me to a happy place.

overalls6.jpg_effected overalls2.jpg_effected overall8.jpg_effected overalls7.jpg_effected overalls.jpg_effected-001

[do action=”rstyle-post-links”]Overalls: American Eagle
Tee: Hye Park and Lune
Bag: Proenza Schouler
Hat: Emporio Armani
Sandals: Havaianas[/do]

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  1. Liyana Comment #1

    I think yours in particular is a yay! I’ve always loved dressy but messy outfits and those overalls you have on seem to be a perfect example of it. The striped tee is a hit for me as well.

    Liyana xxoo

  2. Leesa Comment #2

    Usually I’m not a fan of overalls, but lately I’ve started to like them!

  3. LOLA Comment #3

    Estás preciosa!!! Tan bonita como siempre. Me ha encantado el post!

  4. The Fashion Brook Comment #4

    Completely in love with this look!

    The Fashion Brook

  5. Anita Comment #5

    Your outfit looks really fabulous!

  6. carol Comment #6
  7. Mira Comment #7

    You look adorable!! Love the cute denim overall :D

    xx Mira

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  9. In a Trendy Town Comment #9

    We love this clothes for spring, denim is the perfect fabric. We envy yor skin!

  10. MySecretFashionPoison Comment #10

    I really like your look, every detail is fine!
    Have a good day
    Viky — MySecretFashionPoison

  11. Natali Comment #11

    Lovely denim overalls! You look pretty!

  12. Peky Comment #12

    What size do you have on the AE DENIM SHORTALL? :)

  13. Faima Comment #13

    I’m yay, but the overalls aren’t for every figure. Not many ppl could rock it :P

  14. State Beauty Comment #14

    Love this outfit! I like how the overall fit in you.


  15. Thepinkinnuendo Comment #15

    Las sandalias son realmente bonitas, y me encanta como quedan con el peto vaquero. Un beso


  16. Samantha Comment #16

    I am fall in love with overall!!
    Pls tke a look @

  17. sweet freckles Comment #17

    Perfect combo dear !


  18. Julie Comment #18

    i love overalls so much!


  19. Mafalda Comment #19

    Overalls are such a cool trend, you look adorable!
    Mafalda ❤

  20. Emelie Comment #20

    so simple yet chic :) loving overalls right now … It would be great if you’d like to check out my little slice of the internet at :) xxx

  21. Huyen Comment #22

    I think you’ve styled those overalls perfectly!


  22. Sasha Comment #23
  23. Fashion Party blog Comment #24

    Hmm overals.. they look good on you, but I’m not sure I’d wear one..

  24. isida Comment #25

    Yay to overalls for sure ,especially when styled as per the above!

  25. Whitney V Comment #26

    I never say no to anything, it all depends on the person, an item can look amazing or terrible depending on how you style it and if it works for your type of body or not… So yes to overalls, of course!!

  26. Dominique Comment #27

    you loook absolutely stunning, love this summer outfit!


  27. STYLONYM Comment #28

    What a gorgeous outfit, great combo of the dungarees and the stripes!


  28. Joy Comment #29

    a great simple outfit perfect for the coachella!

  29. Alex Comment #30

    Ja uwielbiam! #Love#Cochella! #Poland

  30. Dana Comment #31
  31. Jint Comment #32

    This overall looks soo lovely!
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  32. Tamia Comment #33
  33. Vie de Penderie Comment #34

    Wow ! You’re beautiful ! The team Vie de Penderie loves that !!!

  34. nat Comment #35

    oh i love denim overalls

  35. Courtney Comment #36

    Love this look! Your overalls are perfect and they look great paired with the striped tee!

  36. Klaudia Comment #37

    This look is SUPER!

  37. Eva Comment #38

    Wish I could rock an overall like you do, love it! xx

  38. Marta Comment #39

    beautiful outfit! :)


  39. Camille Comment #40
  40. Ericka Garcia Comment #41
  41. Zhanna Comment #42

    Great look, I especially loved your hat, such a wonderful accessory to combine with a denim piece! <3

  42. Elifnaz Comment #43
  43. pia Comment #44

    I love that overall! You look so cute in it!

  44. Laëti Comment #45

    La photo est superbe.


  45. Sophie Comment #46

    I’m all over stripes atm

  46. Sasa Comment #47

    Love the overall, it’s the perfect look for Coachella<3

    New on

  47. Su nd Chris Comment #48

    Wow, you can definitely wear everything and you always look good :)

    xx Su

  48. lustingforleather Comment #49

    Love overalls! Thanks for wearing an affordable pair! What size did you get? I feel like AE runs small. Just trying to figure out what size to order. Great hat too!

    Check out my new outfit post when you get a chance. I would love to hear your thoughts.


  49. littlefashioncloset Comment #50

    Tu es vraiment canon!! Tous les styles te vont super bien et ce petit ensemble marinière salopette me donne envie dans acheter une pour cet été!! :)

  50. Grace Comment #51

    What a great look! Your sandals are darling! Such a fun weekend outfit!

  51. Kristi Comment #52

    Love this cute outfit and the hat is perfect! I’m a fan of short overalls – especially when they’re styled like this…


  52. Emma Comment #53

    This is such a cute and casual look for overalls!

  53. Coralie de Made In SisterS Comment #54

    Lovely the overalls! and the sandals are very nice!

  54. Marija Comment #55

    Love your overalls and this effortless look! xoxo

  55. hyesoo Comment #56

    I really like the red and white striped shirt but on the site they only have that for long sleeve. I really want to know where you bought it from. Its hard to find basic shirts like that nowadays. Thanks! Btw your outfit is beautiful

  56. Savannah Comment #57

    This outfit is adorable! It’s perfect for a festival or just summer in general!

  57. Adrienne Comment #58

    Such a great look!
    I love those overalls!
    -Adrienne. xo

    Citizen of the World
    Citizen of the World

  58. Makayla M. Comment #59

    I am so envious of your tan! You pull everything off, including this look! You are so cute.

  59. Elizabeth Hawn Comment #60
  60. QueenLina Comment #61
  61. claudia Comment #62

    Love that denim overalls! They look super cute with stripes!

  62. Jen Comment #63

    Loving this look. Overalls are so cute when styled right. x

  63. Melissa Comment #64

    Love this look Jules! So cute :)
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  64. Kacie Comment #65

    Yay! I’m in love with overalls and this look is so cute!

  65. Lua Comment #66

    Oooh!! Love, love, love!! I like it very much!

    ¡Nuevo post en mi blog!

  66. Hana Comment #67
  67. Melissa Comment #68

    You are making me want overalls and ive never liked them before! you look awesome:)

    Check out my fashion blog at

  68. Helen Grace Comment #69

    I’m so hesitant to wear overalls, but you make them looks so cute. They seem so convenient and comfortable enough to wear to a music festival.
    -Helen Grace

  69. monkeyshines Comment #70
  70. Linda Comment #71

    Such a cute outfit, love the overalls! You styled them perfectly :) Can’t wait for the warmers months here, so I can wear mine too :) Also amazing pictures and definitely an amazing location to shoot! Your posts are just always so awesome xxx

  71. Paige Comment #72

    I’m loving the stripes and overalls combo!


  72. Fortune Tarantola Comment #73

    Loving the overalls! I’ve been looking for a pair for the summer & these are perfect! Great price & awesome laid back fit. I’ll have to check them out – thanks!

  73. Rebecca Huynh Comment #74

    Jules, you seriously can pull off anything.

  74. Adri Comment #75

    I definitely think overalls can be a hit or a miss. But they do seem perfect for Coachella! Plus, they will be perfect as a beach cover up!
    xo Adri

  75. Marie Comment #76

    Oh J’ADORE ta salopette.
    Sa fais hyper longtemps que je cherche une pareil.
    Sinon super look comme t’habitude♥ le tient parfait ♥

  76. ediot Comment #77

    You look fantastic.
    dig this look on you. you look so cute

  77. arin Comment #78

    love that overalls are back in style! bring me back some 90s baby!

  78. stephanie Comment #79

    Such a cute look. I wish i could look that good in overalls.
    xx Stephanie (

  79. d'melo Comment #80

    Superinteressante casual hat amounted to much. Loved!

  80. M A R T A Comment #81

    You look very cute in these photos! Simple but perfect outfit!
    New post…..PINK SKIRT!

  81. ana rita Comment #82
  82. alix de beer Comment #83

    Love the overalls!! Just beautiful on you!!

  83. Katy Amezcua Comment #84

    I love this overall look! You pull it off so well. I love the red stripe tee underneath!! xo

  84. melollevoen3colores Comment #85
  85. Erin Comment #86

    Adorable! I haven’t worn overalls since I was 10, but these are very flattering. I might give it another try.

  86. Mariah Comment #87

    So cute! I really need those havaianas they’re so cute and I love how they’re not your typical flip flops :)

  87. It's about L.A Comment #88

    Nice look, perfect for summer


  88. Loïs Comment #89

    Your outfit is so cute! I really like it.
    Loïs from

  89. Vivian Comment #90

    SO cute, a definite yay!

    LIVE . IN . LOVE


  90. WEAR EAT LOVE Comment #91


  91. Stephanie Comment #92

    Love this casual cool look, I love how its simple and not too over the top (like other Coachella overly exaggerated boho looks) :P

    I’m actually a fan of overalls, you totes rock them!


  92. Bárbara Comment #93

    Love this casual look! You look so cute on it! IDEAL!


    XOXO from Spain

  93. Chrystin Comment #94

    Loving the overalls with the striped top underneath! I’ve always been a fan of overalls :)
    If you get a chance, check out how I styled my overalls here:
    Kisses from Buenos Aires xx

  94. jasmin Comment #95

    yes yes yes to the overall. love that outfit.

  95. fashionaltitude Comment #96

    I love overalls and wear them during summer vacation.
    Just love the wya you styled these

  96. Heartbeat Comment #97

    A perfect look to go to the beach!

    heartbeat blog

  97. kiwifashchionblog Comment #98

    Oh Jules you look adorable in this jean overall!

  98. vanessa Comment #99

    Hi, a perfect summer look. Greetings.

  99. Jamie W Comment #100

    Cute overalls!

    Jamie W

  100. STYLE BY ALINA Comment #101

    Love this cute and casual look Jules. Short overalls are perfect for this warm weather!


  101. Jess Comment #102

    Yay!!!! So cute!!!! What size did you end up getting for a baggy look? One or 2 sizes up?

  102. Carolyn Comment #103

    I’m yay about these overalls on you!

  103. Julia Comment #104

    I’m a huge fan of overalls, and I’m super happy they’re coming into fashion! I think they’ll be perfect for the upcoming summer :)

    Check out my latest fashion post!:

  104. Makayla Comment #105

    cute & simple!
    I’d appreciate if you’d take a look at my blog! I just did a post on “The Truth About Perfection”

  105. Kim Comment #106

    The overalls look super cute on you, love them with your striped tee and hat!


  106. Aldo Ponce Comment #107

    Lovely denim overall <3
    Check my post:

  107. Daisy Comment #108

    I love the combination of the overalls with the striped top!! Love overalls for the Spring season!

    Daisy x

  108. Stay Styled OC Comment #109

    Overall…I love this look :) So casual and perfect for Coachella. You were smart to wear a hat! I feel like overalls are totally in right now. I keep seeing them on everyones blog with a different twist. Can’t wait to see your pics for NYC!

    Stay Styled,


  109. Diana Comment #110

    Love how you make a casual look look so chic!

    xoxo, Diana

  110. Helen Comment #111

    Yay I love them :) You look great xx

  111. pipa Comment #112

    Sooo chic!!!!!

  112. Takeitandwearit Comment #113
  113. Thefashiongals Comment #114

    I am in love with overalls!.. I am glad that they are making a huge comeback this season!… Love that you paired it with a striped tee…

  114. My Style Diary Comment #115

    I love this look! The overalls are awesome, I’ve been wanting some for years now, but never found the right pair..

  115. Claire Comment #116

    Just so in love with your style – fantastic blog for inspiration!
    Thank you for posting, Claire :) x

  116. Chris Comment #117

    The overall is perfect for you! Love the fit and the color! Nice how you combined it with the shirt.

    xxx Chris

  117. Anita Comment #118

    Your denim jumpsuit is great!
    Sincerely, Jules

  118. patricia Comment #119
  119. vicky Comment #120

    hey honeyyy!!!

    I just found your blog and I looooove it!!!

    Your blog is design is fantastic and your posts

    as well :):)

    Would you like to follow each other????

    Just let me know:) Keep in touch gal!!!



  120. Ángela Bastos Comment #121

    Beautiful!! love the t-shirt.


    Yo, yo misma y mi armario

  121. CIndy Comment #122

    Love this look, super relaxed for the weekend <3

    Cindy’s Little Black Book

  122. Who is Mocca? Comment #123

    You look great, I love the whole outfit!!

    Verena from
    Bloglovin’ // Facebook

  123. MARIA Comment #124




  124. nikki Comment #125

    those overalls are perfect! great fit!


  125. nikki Comment #126

    those overalls are perfect! great fit!


  126. Eline Comment #127

    Love the look!!!

  127. Deanna Comment #128

    You’re adorable! I can’t wait for the weather to warm up so I can wear my overalls!

    Because I’m Obsessed

  128. Cassandra Comment #129

    Love your outfit !! So beautiful !

  129. Sofia Comment #130

    Great casual look on you. Love it for vacationing or weekends.


  130. Rocío Comment #131

    New post up on my blog! Check it out!

  131. alix Comment #132

    Amazing pics, refreshing! love your combo stripped top + salopette!!! so cool

  132. Olivia Abdelmalek Comment #133

    Love the overalll!! Nice choice of undershirt!

    Olivia Abdelmalek

  133. Liz || Shopping My Closet Comment #134

    You’re rocking it!

    Liz @
    Stop by and enter my J.Crew giveaway!

  134. fashionsbit Comment #135

    Overall looks gorgeous on you but to me its nay as my bıdy shape is not suitable for it!

  135. Tatiana Katzoff Comment #136

    Lovely outfit, Jules! This is great for a summer vacation too! :)


  136. Vivian Comment #137

    I think you pull off the overalls well.. not everyone looks as casual cool as you do wearing them. Great to know they are from American Eagle, would never have guessed!

  137. Taylor Comment #138

    Love!! Such a cute outfit for summer. Must keep it in mind and keep the pictures coming!


  138. Wonderain Comment #139

    looks amazing,,,love this kinda of style

  139. Chris Comment #140

    Adorable outfit, i’m not a huge fan of overalls but it fits you perfect, especiallywith the striped tee!

    XoXo Chris

  140. a Comment #141

    I personally don’t like overalls…mostly because I think it’ll make me look even younger…
    but on you they look so relaxed and cute! Plus the hat is a great accessory to make it look more grown up while keeping it fun at the same time. thumbs up for sure

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  142. Jordanna Comment #143

    YAY to overalls!!! Love how you styled yours…great festival look :)


  143. Anastasia Comment #144

    Yes to overalls!



  144. Layla Comment #145

    Love the way you styled this, can’t wait to find the right pair and have a chance to wear them once Canada warms up! Please visit:

  145. Auna Comment #146

    Always love your laid back style! You look adorable in overalls!

    xxAuna |

  146. Alissa Comment #147

    Love this look! So cute!!

  147. What the L Comment #148

    I love the way you wear this overall, you always know how to make things look cool and stylish <3

  148. Susan Comment #149

    I felt exactly the same about dungarees/overalls but, like you, I found the perfect pair and I absolutely love them! I have pics on my blog here

    I also did a “how I style” video on youtube

    Definitely think if you can find the right pair, they are a definite must x

  149. tunuevolook Comment #150

    mee ncanta el mono!
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  150. Claire Comment #151

    You’re beautiful!

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  152. Cosetes de Marta Comment #154

    I love this festival and your look.

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  153. Ksenia Comment #155

    Love this!
    Check out my fashion blog :)

  154. Zoe Comment #156

    Love the overalls and a perfect backdrop also! All the white is beautiful!

  155. Josie Comment #157

    Love overalls! I can’t wait to find a pair that really work for me. You pull them off so well! :)

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  157. Sandrine Comment #159

    Waouhh, i love your blog <3

    Please can you tell me what size you take for the overalls: American Eagle ?
    Thanks a lot XoXo
    Sandrine from France

  158. GapToothedGirl Comment #160

    I like the Coachella style. You rock it!
    Love, Gap.

  159. Rhi Rhi Comment #161

    You are the perfect definition of Casual Chic ! I really do admire how effortlessly you carry your clothes and how good you look in everything you wear….plus your photos and images are just so inspiring that I can’t wait to see you post news ones. I hope you can take the time to check out our online store StyleCloset which carries Australian Clothing Brands that are playful, fun, sophisticated, elegant and chic. Keep up the great posts. Cheers! :)

  160. Darya Comment #162

    It’s realy WOW!!! (: I like denim overall and have light blue those cloths! It’s very cute and handy in hot summet days, And in the evening time You can ad a floral kimono for your look. It’ll be cool (:

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  162. Myboxercraft Custom Boxers Comment #164

    Love Your Pictures! Awesome………..

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  164. karole Comment #166

    your overall look is wonderful, I like your hat especially.

  165. Jenny Comment #167

    Overalls are so amazing! I’m so happy they’re back in style.

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