Coachella with Havaianas.


Coachella came and went and now it’s time to reminisce through a recap. It was a fun filled festival weekend full of palm trees, hot weather, great food and parties, eye candy street style, friends from all over the world, awesome performers/music and of course a whole lotta of cute Havaianas to get me through the weekend!

I had the pleasure to attend the most anticipated festival of the year with one of my favorite brands, Havaianas! I was thrilled they wanted to partner up with me during one of my favorite times of year. I had so much fun taking over their instagram all weekend long and wearing their newest collection all while frockling around the Coachella fields.

I’ve been a huge fan of their classic Top flip flops that I was excited to style their other new styles like Luna & Flash Urban.

Here’s a glimpse of what my Coachella weekend looked like with Havaianas on my feet! Special thank you to Havaianas for allowing me to have an awesome time this past weekend!


My house for the weekend! It felt like paradise. // Wearing a classic combo of striped tee, cut offs and red Top flip flops!

coachella13 coachella5.jpg_effected

Packed house! Great energy!


Relaxing by the pool as I eat a bowl of fresh strawberries in the morning.


Those palm tree views are priceless. It just never gets old.


I loved how cute this combo looked, the colors matched perfectly! //  Luna sandals.


Teepee love!

coachella9 coachella28.jpg_effected coachella17 coachella1

This pretty little color palette of metallic and baby blue hues definitely felt fresh against all the bright and dark colors.


Too many cute options to pick from! Guess which ones were my go-to favorite ones…

coachella14 coachella20coachella23

Palm trees x Havaianas= best of both worlds.

coachella30 coachella3.jpg_effected

A little time out to freshen up with the misting fan!


More photos and details of this overall look coming up on a full post, stay tuned.

coachella22 coachella16

Major fun at Neon Carnival!

coachella29.jpg_effected coachella24 coachella21.jpg_effected

Some essentials: hat, sunnies x fruit print flip flops!


See you next year Coachella!

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  1. Emily Comment #1

    so much fun! Great photos! :)

  2. monkeyshines Comment #2
  3. Shanice Comment #4

    my jealousy is on fire!!
    omg everything is so lovely!

  4. Fashion Musings Diary Comment #5
  5. Seppy Comment #6

    Amazing pictures! Looks like the weekend was filled with sunshine and fun!

  6. Stay Styled OC Comment #7

    LOVE all your pictures from Coachella. It looks like you had a blast. Can’t wait to see your New York pics :)

  7. Stephanie Comment #8

    Beautiful post, I loved your outfits!!


  8. StyleGodis Comment #9

    Awww so cute!!! Saw you at the Lacoste party from far away. Wanted to say hi but I’m too shy! Haha. <3 Love your style!

  9. Natali Comment #10

    Aaaah Coachella! Great vibe on the photos, love your outfits!

  10. Helen Comment #11

    Gorgeous photos Jules!! I love your Coachella looks and the Luna sandals are so cute :)

  11. Josefine Comment #12

    Lovely pictures!!

  12. Lucy Comment #13
  13. Alexandra Aimee Comment #14

    What a fantastic piece!! I love Havianas, and they look like they were perfect for Coachella.

    — Alex at Cashmere Kangaroo

  14. Beatrice Balaj Comment #15

    SUPER cute photos!

    You make simple look good. :-)


  15. LP Comment #16

    I LOVE the litte tents! Fabulous photos and the havaianas look good too. Hope you’re all recovered.

  16. Kali Comment #17

    Beautiful photos, and so cool to see you with Aimee Song and her sister! The LA blogging world collides! x

  17. Rachel Comment #18

    I adore the Flash Urban style, and I’m so glad they’ve brought them back; they did them a few Summers ago when I worked with them in London, and I wore my two pairs to death; they and my trusty Toms were practically what I wore all the time I lived in Los Angeles!

  18. Leesa Comment #19

    Wow, that looks like a really good time!

  19. daria Comment #20

    I’m so jealous because of coachella

  20. Georgia Comment #21

    Oh my gosh, Coachella looks like a dream! Love the new sandal-y type Havaianas too!

  21. pipa Comment #22

    Amazing pictures!!!!

  22. Su nd Chris Comment #23

    Amazing photos and great post! Love the sand grey flip flops :))

    xx Su

  23. Thefashiongals Comment #24

    Great post! The photos are amazing!.. You gave us a taste from the Coachella!

  24. Tessa | Stylish Strangers Comment #25

    Beautiful pictures! You look gorgeous!

  25. Megan - StyleDepartment Comment #26

    What an awesome diary! Loved looking at all your pictures and you totally rock the Havaianas!
    Where are your dungarees from in the second-last picture?

  26. Joy Comment #27
  27. Fashionindividuals Comment #28

    Best decision. Beautiful fots.. Love ur stxle soo much.

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  29. SweetFreckles Comment #30

    Perfect outfits at all ! Love the Havaianas !


  30. QueenLina Comment #31

    love the polca dot ones! :*

  31. Sophie Comment #32

    Incredible moments. I love havaianas… So simple to chuck on.

    Sophie x

  32. Tamia Comment #33
  33. Camille Comment #34
  34. Alice Comment #35

    Your shoulder bag is really great! I would totally wear it!

  35. melollevoen3colores Comment #36

    You look amazing, i´m ifalling in love whit the shirt

  36. Julie Comment #37

    Beautiful pics!
    So lucky to go to Coachella!


  37. Emma Comment #38

    Love your photos, everything looks so colourful & fun!

    Love from London x


  38. What Sasha Wears Comment #39

    Amaaazing photos!!

  39. Whitney V Comment #40

    Great photos and looks! So fresh, loving the silver havaianas, must get ’em for summer!! x

  40. idareyoutobefashion Comment #41
  41. Its About L.A Comment #42

    Great photos, that seem to be so fine!


  42. Elizabeth Hawn Comment #43
  43. Vivian Comment #44

    The Luna sandals are very cute, great outfits!

    LIVE . IN . LOVE ✞


  44. Mayara Furtado Comment #45

    Adorei o seu post, sou apaixonada por Havaianas também. Aqui no Brasil usamos muito, eu adoro!


  45. Sofia Comment #46

    Thanks for sharing these beautiful pictures.


  46. Alina Ermilova Comment #47

    I’ve always wanted to go to Coachella! Amazing photos!


  47. Johanna Comment #48

    Wow, insanely gorgeous pictures! ♥

  48. CoolAllure Comment #49

    Very nice pictures!Love your outfits!

  49. STYLONYM Comment #50

    What a great photo impression, Coachella looks too good..! Also – great outfits. Really like your dungarees and the striped tee/ shorts combo .. Perfect!


  50. Kristi Comment #51

    So much fun at Coachella this year! I love those fruit print ones the best…


  51. Kate Comment #52

    You define Boho chic! This look is so you. Great photos!

  52. Cheyenne Comment #53
  53. liz Comment #54

    im attending weekend 2! your photos have me so excited!

    xo, Liz

  54. Blair @ The Perennial Style Comment #55

    I love the new Havaiana’s style!! Super cute outfits! I hope I can make it to Coachella next year!

  55. Hana Comment #56
  56. Zizi Comment #57

    Love and need your boho cream top! Where’s it from? Thks

  57. Jen Comment #58

    Your photos of Coachella are amazing! Looks like fun and your outfits are too cute. x

  58. Paige Comment #59

    These pictures all look so fun and fabulous! What an awesome trip!


  59. Fashion Party blog Comment #60

    Looks like sooo much fun at Coachella.. I wish it was closer to me though..

  60. My Style Diary Comment #61

    Wow, looks like your were in freaking heaven! Amazing photos.

  61. Rocío Comment #62

    amazing pictures and amazing hawaianas!
    New post up on my blog! Check it out!

  62. Beth Norton Comment #63

    This post is amazing! The photos are absolutely gorgeous and you managed to style the different Havaianas in so many ways! You have fantastic style.

    Beth xo.

  63. Daisy Comment #64

    The first photo look so unreal, it’s so beautiful!! I loved looking at the Coachella photos! wish I was there! & I love all the outfits!


  64. Michelle Comment #65

    I love the luna pair!! Soo cute! Looks like you had an amazing time at coachella.
    Michelle xo

  65. Karen | Char Co. Comment #66

    Where is your ivory top from? It’s so beautiful!

  66. Carlotta Comment #67

    .. Love your photos!!

  67. Eva Comment #68

    This really looks incredible. I hope to be there someday! xx

  68. Marija Comment #69

    They are so pretty and comfy, love both silver and gold ones!!! xo

  69. Caroline Comment #70

    Wow amazing pictures..
    Best wishes from Germany

  70. ana rita Comment #71
  71. Anastasia Comment #72

    It feels so relaxed and beautiful

    Cheers from Santiago de Chile


  72. Makayla Comment #73
  73. Nicole Aguinaldo Comment #74

    Love all your looks! You’re such an inspiration! I’m your avid follower on instagram! All the best always!

  74. melissa Comment #75

    Looks like you had a complete blast Jules :) So great meeting you again tonight at the Piperlime shop in Soho! I actually did a post about it on my blog –>
    Check Out My Blog Today To Enter The Lucky Fabb Beauty Swag Giveaway –>

  75. Takeitandwearit Comment #76

    Amazing pics ! Love this place! ♥

  76. Jaana Ijäs Comment #77

    That place looks like heaven! Lovely pics <3

  77. Ericka Garcia Comment #78
  78. Beatriz Comment #79

    I’m soooo jealous right noW!! Coachella is on my bucket list =P
    Great photos !! Love your style girl!

  79. Boulevard ACH Comment #80

    Love yours havaianas!!!

    Boulevard ACH

  80. WEAR EAT LOVE Comment #81

    Love your Coachella style. Amazing pictures!

  81. fashionaltitude Comment #82

    Love the havaianas you picked. Those will be a great addition to the ones I have, plus
    it gives me ideas how to match with your tee shirts collection.
    Love your dungarees too!

  82. Leonie Comment #83

    Amazing pictures! Looks like you had Fun at coachella :)
    Where did you buy the Overall?

  83. Cassandra Comment #84

    Such amazing time !! Beautiful photos !
    You look so nice 😉

  84. Eni Comment #85
  85. Cable Car Chic Comment #86

    I LOVE how creative Havianas are getting. Also- Coachella was amazing. Take me back to last weeks.

    Please check out my posts if you have a moment, I would really appreciate it!


  86. Viviana Comment #87

    Love it!! Your style is amazing!

  87. Jamie W Comment #88

    Pretty pictures!

    Jamie W

  88. Nicole Aguinaldo Comment #89

    Love your Coachella pictures! I’ve put it on my bucket list to attend this event someday soon! For now, i’ll drool with envy at these dab images! By the way, im your avid follower on instagram! You are such an inspiration to a new blogger like me!
    More power!

  89. Evi Comment #90

    Great photos, great experience!

    Evi xoxo

    The Notebook of a Fashion Lover

  90. Savannah Comment #91

    Love your outfits and the Havaianas! They used to be my all time holiday favourites!
    x Savannah

  91. lucia Comment #92

    Love this, one of the best Coachella posts I’ve seen! Your Havaianas are so cool! x

  92. Chris Comment #93

    Wow, ok jealous. What a lovely place and great photos!

    Love, Chris

  93. Konstantina Bourtzou Comment #94

    Every single one of these pictures, is so freakin gorgeous! Awesome job, dear! 😉

  94. gerlinde Comment #95

    omg, those two girls in the tent look like your scary clones!

  95. Jeans Please Comment #96

    I’m jealous! Must had a really great time!

  96. Allie Comment #97

    Looks like you had a great time! Love all of the outfits <3

  97. fashiondreamzz Comment #98

    Love all of these pictures, your outfits are amazing and you look stunning as always!

  98. Eline Comment #99

    Love the photos!!

  99. An-Katrien Casselman Comment #100

    I love the new design of the Havaianas! You seem to have had a nice time at Coachella :)
    Great pictures!

  100. Courtney Comment #101

    Coachella looked so amazing this year, wish I could go

  101. Sandra Comment #102

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  102. Dimitra Comment #103
  103. thelifepink Comment #104

    très belles photos ! D’où vient ta combinaison short en jean ? <3

  104. Victoria Comment #105

    It seems to be so awesome :(

  105. Michelle Lee Comment #106
  106. lustingforleather Comment #107

    Love the blue and white top and the overalls. You always look so fashionable, yet laid back and effortless at the same time…not an easy look to achieve!


  107. Laura Comment #109

    How awesome is this post! I loved it
    You look gorgeous hun!


  108. McKenzie Comment #110

    Everything looks wonderful!

  109. Seasonal Soul Comment #111

    Oooh, what an amazing time you must have had! I wish I could go to Coachella! The music, the weateher, the boho-chic style… it has to be so great and funny! Anyway, I loved the outfits you choose for the festival, and the Havaianas look cute! :)
    I seriously died with all those picures, they’re great and it looks so amaaaazing <3 :)

  110. jenaly Comment #112

    I love those Havaianas and your outfits!!

  111. Rebeca Comment #113

    This is amazing! <3 love it your blog :)

  112. Takeitandwearit Comment #114

    Dream, Heaven, All we need is coachella ! ♥

  113. Casey Comment #115

    You seriously know how to style shorts, love that gauzy top. Amazing pictures.

  114. Fatima Comment #116

    That light aquamarine top!!!!! Love it…please couf you send it to me to Spain, I’ll pay the shipping costs 😉

  115. Gabrielle Comment #117

    Amazing Coachella photos !! So cool :)

  116. nikki Comment #118

    i love that mint top!


  117. Meruert Comment #119

    Beautiful photos!
    Making Magic

  118. Fortune Tarantola Comment #120

    Absolutely love the ‘Flash Urban’ Havaiana sandal! Such a cool spin on the every day sandal. BTW- it was great meeting you last week at your Piperlime event!

  119. The maiddiction Comment #121

    You look stunning Your look is so gorgeous and stylish. I love all those sandals!!! I invite you to visit my blog NEW POST


  120. Coolallure Comment #122

    OMG! Love them all ! You look stunning and really cool in them!

  121. Malena Comment #123

    Love your laid back outfits, you look incredible!

    X Malena

  122. Rüga Comment #124

    You look great!!


  123. Kiara Comment #125

    Perfect look for Coachella! Love it!
    XoXo K. Marie

  124. stacey walden Comment #126

    Who makes the blue and white tunic you are wearing??

  125. Megan Comment #127

    Looks like you had a blast!!

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  128. Ailén Comment #130
  129. Carolina Santos Comment #131

    Where did you buy your t-shirt with red stripes?
    BTW i love your blog

  130. thania peck Comment #132
  131. amir Comment #133

    Very great pictures very beautiful

  132. Emily Comment #134

    Where did you get your mint top!? I love it!!!

  133. About Comment #135

    Nice pics,thanks for sharing!!!

  134. Viviane Paiva Comment #136

    Hi Jules, do you know that this Havainas Sandals is made in Brazil? Yeap! My country is beautiful, i hope you can come here some day. Love your blog. xoxo

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  136. Julee Comment #138

    Love the lacy mint blouse. Really like to know where did you get them? Thanks!

  137. Lulu Paulson Comment #139

    I have to know where you got that gauzy blue peasant top! It’s gorgeous.

  138. So Cheap So Sexy Comment #140

    Here’s a glimpse of what my Coachella weekend looked like with Havaianas on my feet! Special thank you to Havaianas for allowing me to have an awesome time this past weekend!

    I agree, Coachella , that is what many want to have !

    //Just Shop it Fashion Accessories

  139. Alexis Comment #141

    Love all the Coachella outfits.

    Check out Lola & Lex for all your boho style needs!

  140. Emma Comment #142

    I love your look…so simple yet chic at the same time!

  141. VICZA Comment #143

    it´s so beatiful!!!!

  142. Ysabel Comment #144

    Love your style hippie chic and elegant of this post.

    Have a nice day,

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  144. Claire Comment #146

    Love your top!! Is that free people?

  145. Nicole Comment #147

    I can really feel the coachella vibes just by scrolling through these photos… And that little teepee.. oh my lord I want one!!

  146. mammaaltop Comment #148

    beautiful photos..kiss

  147. Daiane Comment #149

    Looks like you had an awesome time! LOVE this visual diary :)

    Check us out:

  148. twoseashellsbytheseashore Comment #150

    Looks like an event of a life time.

  149. Moda two Coma Comment #151


    • KissyHair Comment #152

      Love your skirt. Cute!

  150. PayLess4Brands Comment #153

    Those flip flops look so great!! I just like them all! Being a Florida girl, the flip flops are everyday must haves, you never have enough!

  151. Cate Adair Comment #154

    Love the patchwork style bag and the flowy white top! Very bohemian chic. For more boho chic ideas, check this out:

  152. Vibrador Feminino Comment #155

    I’m a huge fan of his work. Love your articles and your blog. I love your tips and I hope it continues. I have already indicated your blog to several people and will soon be millions. thank you

  153. PIETERNEL BAAK Comment #156

    So incredibly jealous

  154. Naz Comment #157

    Please tell me where that patterned blue top is from???


  155. Maribel Comment #158

    Very nice looks! You are such an inspiration for young girls! Thank you.

  156. Guillermina Comment #159

    Que estilazo tiene usted señorita :)

  157. Il Filo di Arianna13 Comment #160

    Great Photos…Kiss from Italy

  158. Anna Comment #161

    Star Mela is also gorgeous for Festival bags!

  159. Cynthia Comment #162

    Adore this!

    Please check out my blog :)

  160. Fashionista in the Oven Comment #163

    Great pics!! I want to be there next year!! It’s amazing!


  161. womensmax Comment #164

    Amazing and graceful pictures! Just loved it..

  162. mah Comment #165

    Amazing blog! kiss from Brazil.

  163. Ivory Comment #166

    This blog is soooo adicting
    Girl im beginning in the blog world, so.. here it´s my blog hope you like it!!!

    XOXOOOOO ::)

  164. Kristin Comment #167

    amazing photos!

    • Soho Comment #168

      Awesome :-)

  165. Ashleigh Comment #169
  166. Melissa Comment #170

    Loving all of your coachella pieces and their whimsical feel!

  167. Anais Comment #171


  168. Eliza Comment #172

    Coachella, mmm amazing post, and photos. Eliza

  169. Jason Sayers Comment #173

    Really amazing collection of fashion here. Can you get free…

  170. Emma Comment #174

    Great fotos & great outfits!

  171. Travel and Fashion Comment #175
  172. Julie Comment #176

    So pretty photos! 😀

  173. patrizia Comment #177

    great pictures and cute looks…i like it!

  174. Giselma Ramos Comment #178

    Loved the photos: D Congratulations * – *
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    We are 6 girls we rule this blog, we started a little while ago and so far only have 2 posts but the future will have more of course haha. We would be grateful for your visit ♥
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  176. Ropa Online Comment #180

    Such a lovely trip, nice places, great company, perfect place, I am really jealous hehehe I hope you enjoyed it as much as possible!!

  177. appel d'offre Algerie Comment #181

    J’adore les photos
    Elles sont magnifiques
    J’aime cette tenue

  178. Vestidos Cortefiel Comment #182

    Hola Amiga me encanta tu blog y tu estilo gracias por compartir, besos!

  179. Giselma Ramos Comment #183

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  180. Tili Comment #184

    Hi, were did you get the bag that matches the grey/platinum havaianas?? Thanks!

  181. Jeriffer Comment #185

    I love your laid back outfits!! Everything looks wonderful! ♥

  182. Veronica Comment #186

    Do you have the havaianas color paullette of metalic?

  183. Nicole Comment #187

    What do you think of the Luna Havaianas? Are they as comfortable as the regular flip flops? Which are your favorite? I was thinking about getting a pair of the Luna style. They look really cute.

  184. style advisor Comment #188

    i always dream to be at coachella

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