Layered Up.


Another look from my lovely trip to Paris! On this day, we decided to visit the Basilica of the Sacred Heart of Paris which is in the highest point of the city! It was a little journey to get there, but it was well worth the hills and all the walking once we got to the top because the view was incredible. The town which is called, Montmartre, was one of my favorite towns to visit on this trip. It was a charming little town filled with restaurants cafes and so many people just hanging out.

I got the goosebumps a couple of times because it felt a bit surreal to know that a few of my favorite artists like, Picasso, Monet, Van Gogh and Mondrian (to name a few), worked out of their studios in Montmartre! So cool! It definitely felt like a little town full of artists. Highly recommend taking a little day trip to Montmartre!

The weather turned out to be quite nice this day but I still layered up a bit just in case it got chilly during the evening. I scored this awesome Maje leather jacket in Paris at their Maje discounted stores.. ugh, wish they had those in the states! I paired it with my all-time favorite fanny back (i know, i know… you’re thinking fanny pack? really?) … well YES! I love them and they are completely convenient when you’re traveling, I swear. Especially when you’re sightseeing, the last thing I want to worry about it is lugging around a huge handbag! That’s not fun.

Anyway, hope you guys enjoy this layered look! Remember to keep it simple with basics!

Oh and thank you guys for cheering me on about my last post. I will keep going strong thanks to you guys! xxx

parisstreet leopardfannypackleopardfannypackparisparisleopard.jpg_effected-001leopardfannypack

Coat: J Crew (old)
Leather jacket: Maje
Fanny pack: Clare Vivier
Tee: Vintage tee ( Jcrew grey tee or Madewell grey tee)
Skirt: Asos leather skirt
Denim wrap-around: Madewell
Sneakers: Vans Checkered slip ons
Sunglasses: Ray Ban black aviators
Lipstick: Lipstick Noir

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  1. SweetMona Comment #1
  2. TERESA Comment #2

    Love the leather jacket and the leopard print crossbody bag. Nice layering!


  3. Su nd Chris Comment #3

    Wow, these layers are so cool! Such a great inspiration!!

    xx Su

  4. TERESA Comment #4

    I love that leather jacket and the animal print crossbody bag.


  5. Grace Denny Comment #5

    Lahhhvveee the look! Layering is on point and Montmartre is fab – took a visit a couple years ago. Beautiful little area!

  6. Alexandra Aimee Comment #6

    Very cool coat! I love how textured it is.

    – Alex at Cashmere Kangaroo

  7. monkeyshines Comment #7
  8. Samy Comment #8

    Love the orange leather jacket.

    Take a look

  9. cardiac Comment #9

    you got it girl

  10. QueenLina Comment #10

    love the orange details! :*

  11. Helen Grace Comment #11

    All of your pictures from your trip to Paris look stunning! I’m loving this outfit, especially the Vans shoes.
    -Helen Grace

  12. Natali Comment #12

    I can’t get over how amazingly layered is this outfit! Beautiful look!

  13. Anna Pauliina Comment #13

    Your outfits are always so street-smart! I think I need those Vans in my life! <3

    I'm a Finnish medical student/fashion blogger.

    New post on my blog Arctic Vanilla!

  14. STYLONYM Comment #14

    Gorgeous outfit, nice combo of pieces in the layering – your coat looks lovely!


  15. Stephanie Comment #15

    Cool outfit very Socal/Parisian chic, looove! I miss those slip on checkered Vans I remember how popular they were during HS times, I’m glad you brought them back in style ;) I loved Montmartre too, the view is amazing and the cafes are the cutest! Can’t wait for more pics :)


  16. nikki Comment #16

    love the print on that fanny pack! so cute!


  17. Marija Comment #17

    This is awesome, I’m so bad at layering pieces ;) xo

  18. My Style Diary Comment #18

    This is such a great look! Love all the layers.

  19. Camille Comment #19
  20. Joy Comment #20

    I love layered looks especially with shorts which are a contrast to the rather thick and warm top :)
    A great outfit, love the combination!

  21. Alena Comment #21

    All the lovely layers! You always perfect this look, really stylish!
    Inspiration of the day!

    Kisses from London,
    Alena | meet me stylish

  22. I Showed Up In Boots Comment #22

    Oh my gosh! I still can´t believe I was in Paris at the same time as my favorite blogger. I swear, we were so close to crossing paths. I think you went to Montmarte the day after I was there…CRAZY! Anyways, love how you did casual, yet chic tourist outfit. By the way, where is the discount MAJE store? I found a full-priced amaaaaazing leather jacket at that store when I was there!


  23. Laura Comment #23

    Great outfit!


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  25. LP Comment #25

    Oh I’m so jealous, I love Paris. Pop of leather colour looks amazing.

  26. Franzi Comment #26

    Jeez, you can even make a fanny pack look stylish! Way to go xx

  27. Gemeladas Comment #27

    You look awesome!! love the colour of your skin!!!


  28. sinead Comment #28

    Love how this is casual but still cool – perfect for a day wandering around Paris!

  29. Rachel Comment #29

    Wow, gorgeous layering here! Love the sneakers!

  30. Sara Vale Comment #30

    Love it ! The perfect mix!

  31. Abbie Comment #31

    Amazing look, love the bum bag <3 fabulous! xx

  32. Daisy Comment #32

    I love that coat!! Such an effortless outfit!

    Daisy x

  33. Vivian Comment #33

    Awesome layering! Love the red lips~

    LIVE . IN . LOVE


  34. LISSIS Comment #34

    so fantastic look<3

  35. vanessa Comment #35

    Hi, great look. The bag it’s so cute! Greetings.

  36. State Beauty Comment #36

    Great outfit! I live this comfy bag! It’s perfect to travel! A big kiss beauty!

  37. Makayla Comment #37

    I’ll be in Paris in June! Any recommendations?

  38. Kacie Comment #38

    Love this! your layering is awesome!

  39. tatiana Comment #39

    you don’t need tights with these tongue legs ;)
    I love how you have styled all the garments

  40. Judith & Carmen Comment #40

    what an amazing outfit! you are by far our favorite blogger :) xx

  41. Tamia Comment #41
  42. Courtney Comment #42

    Great execution of layering! Love your sneakers!

  43. Eden Comment #43

    Loving this look! You look too cool for school! x

  44. Fashionindividuals Comment #44


  45. jasmin Comment #46

    amazing outfit, love your leather jacket.

  46. Ellen Faith Comment #47

    That looks like a crap ton of layers. As in, how were you not melting kind of layers? :O


  47. jaclyn andrade Comment #48

    totally obsessed is all I got say girl! like on point. can’t deal.

    check my blog:

  48. Stephanie Comment #49

    I love this outfit and who cares, the fanny back is cute!

  49. Priscilla Comment #50
  50. lustingforleather Comment #51

    Love the layered look. That fanny pack is actually super cute!

    That town sounds amazing. I was an art major, so I would definitely get major goosebumps!

    Check out my new outfit post when you get a chance. I would love to hear your thoughts!


  51. Peyton Comment #52

    LOVE the fanny pack!


  52. Diana Comment #53

    Loving all the layers, you make it look so chic!

    xoxo, Diana

  53. Erica Comment #54

    Absolutely loving all the layers! It must have been freezing in order to maintain all the layers. But the coat is absolutely gorgeous!


  54. Julia Comment #55

    Jules, your style is just so laid back and perfect! I love how you don’t kid your readers: fanny packs are practical, as are comfy shoes when it comes to exploring Paris. And that makes you totally fabulous! :)


  55. Mariska Comment #56

    Amazing! Wish I was that tanned like you, then I could wear dresses and skirts alll the time:) You look great!

  56. nuria Comment #57

    Muy guapa, me encanta el look


  57. pipa Comment #58

    Gorgeous outfit!!!!

  58. joy Comment #59

    wow love this combo

  59. cool hunter Comment #60

    Perfect look!!!!!

  60. Eline Comment #61

    Love the outfit and I love your shoes!!

  61. Roos Comment #62

    i love this look!! so stunning :) slipons looks so good on you! great post :)

    kisses from the netherlands,

  62. StyleSpectra Comment #63
  63. claudia Comment #64

    Love the laye ring in this outfit and the mix of prints!

  64. Emma Comment #65

    Such a beautiful outfit, Paris looks amazing!

    Love from London x

    Emma from

  65. Mafalda Comment #66

    Love that gorgeous layering, you look amazing!
    Mafalda ❤

  66. Thepinkinnuendo Comment #67

    Me encantan los looks a capas, son perfectos para el entretiempo. Un beso


  67. Anita Comment #68

    Great outfit! Love the Asos skirt!

  68. It's About L.A Comment #69

    Amazing look, as usual !


  69. Dorothy Comment #70

    Wow you’re so beautiful!!! great outfit!

  70. monique Comment #71

    cappotto e gambe nude, no!!!

  71. Shamenth Comment #72

    love outfit

  72. Evi Comment #73

    Love this chic-casual look!

    Evi xoxo

    The Notebook of a Fashion Lover

  73. Klaudia Comment #74
  74. Estefanía Comment #75
  75. tunuevolook Comment #76

    me encantan las zapatillas!
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  76. Cosetes de Marta Comment #77

    I love this outfit.
    Love your style!!
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    Te dejo mi nuevo post. Nueva colección Capazos pintados a mano

  77. Natalia | Fashioned by Love Comment #78

    What a fantastic outfit and genius layering! Love this look and wish I could be in Paris right now… x

  78. Jeans Please Comment #79

    Wow! U look really awesome! Love ur purse!

  79. Zhanna Comment #80

    The grey coat is absolutely gorgeous! <3

  80. Eva Comment #81

    Love the layering on top in combination with the bare legs! Also a nice combination of prints and textures, amazing look! xx

  81. Belen Baquerizo Comment #82

    This is really layered pieces! I looove it! you are the queen of casual.
    love the leopard accent and your darker red lip color
    Xo, Belen
    Androbel Insider

  82. Elizabeth Hawn Comment #83
  83. noémie Comment #84

    Amazing look as always !!
    Isabel Marant great shopping :

  84. Laura Comment #85

    So effortlessly chic! Sounds like your trip was amazing!

  85. Oxana Comment #86

    Love the outfit! It looks so beautiful on you!

    ♥ Oxana
    O X A N A  M.U.A makeup blog NEW! >> backstage/sneak peek
    Bloglovin | Facebook | TumblrInstagram

  86. Kristi Comment #87

    Fantastic layers and love the slip-on’s…
    xx, Kristi

  87. sasa Comment #88

    Love the layers<3

  88. Paige Comment #89

    Loving all the layers in this look!


  89. Adri Comment #90

    You’ve definitely mastered layering! Definitely need to remember this when it’s Fall in LA. And if all fanny packs were done in leopard I think more people would wear them! I know I would:)
    xo Adri

  90. Jint Comment #91

    Love this look! Great mix

  91. Rocío Comment #92

    I love this outfit, so funny and it fits you so well
    New post up on my blog! Check it out!

  92. Purpurina Rebelde Comment #93

    Me chifla la riñonera de leopardo, el verano pasado me compré una en negro…vuelven a estar de moda.
    Visitar mi nuevo blog, espero que os guste.

  93. Whitney V Comment #94

    Cool outfit, so chilled! ;)

  94. Chiara Comment #95
  95. Mariah Comment #96

    This outfit is perfect. Love it :)

  96. Fortune Tarantola Comment #97

    You are the queen of layering. Cool shoes!

  97. Stay Styled OC Comment #98

    My favorite part about your outfit is your leopard fanny pack. I love the simplicity of everything. Great tip on sticking with the basics :)

    Stay Styled,


  98. Fashionandcash Comment #99

    You look very cool and fantastic!

  99. Jen Comment #100

    Loving this layer look. So fresh and fun! x

  100. Rändi Comment #101

    You are just gorgeous, girlfriend!!

  101. Sharon (Style-Chameleon) Comment #102

    Perfect layering!

    And I’m in love with the slipons!


  102. Hana Comment #103
  103. Sarah Comment #104

    The leather jacket is amazing!

  104. ana rita Comment #105
  105. Chrissabella Comment #106

    Love this layered up look and the red leather jacket is so cool!

  106. Deepta S Comment #107

    They do say Paris is always a good idea! As always, gorgeous and effortlessly chic!

  107. liz Comment #108
  108. Jose M. Comment #109

    Hello, I’m a boy from the OC and fairly new to blogging.
    I just have to say that when I first checked out your blog a couple of months ago, I just about cried with emotion. The outfits, the backdrops, the lovely international cities ; I went on a trip — with you! So, thank you for the very uplifting inspiration.
    Your blog really does a number on peoples’ moods, whisking away our depressed states of mind.
    So its quite normal to get into unhappy funks; it’s our subconscious trying to tell us something. I’m sure you’re happy with your lifestyle & probably wish you could take some time off due to the demands for your time and hectic travel(very taxing on body)…future ‘uncertainties’? or worries like starting a family?… perhaps, set some personal/family goals dear!
    For the sake of us all, please hang in there.
    Besos, desde la naranja

  109. Helen Comment #110

    I love this part of the city ..Great outfit xx

  110. mimi Comment #111

    Lovely lovely lovely

  111. In My Dreams Comment #112

    love the combination here!!

  112. fashionsbit Comment #113
  113. Simon's cat Comment #114

    huh… unfortunately you look like a kind of homeless person who wears on himself all clothes that he’s got. France has a warm climate and at this moment there should be – let me guess- about 20 ° C. You really need all these clothes? It looks so stupidly with naked legs.

  114. GapToothedGirl Comment #115

    LOVE, GAP.

  115. Caitlin Comment #116

    I love love love the layering you’ve done it’s so chic but still kind of looks like you didn’t try. Beautiful as always. Xo Caitlin

  116. Anastasia Comment #117

    Love this look with lots of layers!)



  117. cristobal Comment #118

    Love your coat, it is stylish and great.

  118. karma Comment #119

    you look chic and stylish in this entire outfit.