Bonjour! Here’s a little glimpse of a few photos from my beautiful trip to Paris! I still have to sort through all my photos I took, that’s why it’s taking me forever to update the blog with the photos from Paris, plus we’ve been busy with the new orders from our new S/S collection making it really hard to update daily.

Anyway, enjoy these 4×4 photos via my instagram. Seriously, every little corner in Paris is instagram worthy. It’s just so perfect.

We were able to experience an incredible time because our close friends/family, Betty and Mathieu, who were the most amazing hosts and tour guides! We LOVE you betty and Mathieu!!!! Huge thank you to both of them for taking care of us during this trip!

Stay tuned for my looks from Paris + photos to come!

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  1. Marta Comment #1

    Wow this pictures definitely smell like Paris! I love them, specially the last one is just so cool. :)

  2. YZ Chan Comment #3

    Stunning photos, Paris looks so beautiful! x

  3. Kimberly Ann Comment #4

    Absolutely stunning pics!! I would LOVE to go to France. And your style always looks so effortlessly chic’


  4. Lifeisbeauty Comment #5

    Looks beautiful! :) I love Paris :)

  5. Jessica Rose Comment #6

    Gorgeous photo’s and how very generous of Betty and Matthieu to look after you so well….makes all the difference, good company..

  6. Tamara González Comment #7
  7. Su nd Chris Comment #8

    Wooonderful impressions!! Love your pictures, and your outfits of course :)

    xx Su

  8. Leesa Comment #9

    gorgeous pics! How I just love Paris!

  9. Tsangtastic by Jenny Tsang Comment #10

    Gorgeous insta shots, paying a visit to Paris sometime soon!! Hope you had a blast 😉

    xo Jenny

  10. Eye Like Fashion Comment #11

    Awesome travel photo journal. Makes me want to go now!! Your style is so spot on every time.

    NEW POST up…


  11. TERESA Comment #12

    Great pictures! Love the fur coat and the first look! Amazing documentation of your trip!


  12. Hanna Comment #13

    love the first leo jacket pic, so gorgeous and the style is THE !

  13. Natali Comment #14

    Such a beautiful photo diary!! Gorgeous photos!

  14. Natali Comment #15

    Such a beautiful photo diary!! Gorgeous photos! :) :)

  15. tatjana Comment #16

    Oh I love paris although I have never been to Paris but because of this it’s my next destination ♥ Hach I am so jealous that you could enjoy the city of love :)

  16. dba Comment #17

    Increíble Jules, preciosas fotos, maravilloso París!!
    Tus looks son para soñar
    Besos desde Barcelona:-)

  17. Belen Baquerizo Comment #18

    I love all these pictures! Paris is truly, truly beautiful. love your casual outfits too :)
    Xo, Belen

  18. Saša Comment #19
  19. pia Comment #20

    Amazing photos and incredible outfits!:)
    Fashion latte with vanilla

  20. SweetMona Comment #21

    amazing pictures, love Paris!!
    new look on my blog!

  21. Fashion Party blog Comment #22

    Such a cool vintage photos! And that orange fur coat is just amazing!

  22. Lucy Comment #23
  23. Camille Comment #24
  24. alice Comment #25

    cool pictures. looks like you had a great time

  25. Tamia Comment #26
  26. Wardrobe Online Comment #27

    Cute and Divine!

  27. Hannah Comment #28

    I love Paris so much! Very jealous of your trip!

    hannah x

  28. Tessa | Stylish Strangers Comment #29

    I just literally love them all! You’re so talented!

  29. Savannah Comment #30

    These pictures are so lovely, Paris is absolutely beautiful!

  30. Cheyenne Comment #31

    Love love love the photos!

  31. Vivian Comment #32

    Paris isn’t Paris without coffee! Love the leopard print coat~



  32. Pinja Comment #33

    Paris is such a beautiful city!

  33. Rachel Comment #34

    Beautiful photos! They are making me miss Paris terribly, though.

    Suppose Anything Goes

  34. Miss Key Comment #35

    Oh Paris Paris! Love so much this beautiful city. All these photos are amazing, the first look is my favorite and every look is so chic and cool.

  35. kcomekarolina Comment #36

    this look is fantastic!

    xoxo from rome

  36. Chic Diary Comment #37

    omg I’m sooo jealous of your trip to paris, I follow all your photos by instagram

  37. Faima Comment #38

    Amazing photos! Paris is adorable place, can’t wait to back there…

  38. Eni Comment #39

    Wonderful photos! I love Paris, however I’ve never been there, it is so beautiful!

  39. Fashion Rookie Comment #40

    When I see your pictures from Paris , I’m really looking forward to my trip there in June .
    Love your Instagram by the way :)

    xx Julia

  40. Seppy Comment #41

    These pictures are so dreamy..

  41. Marija Comment #42

    Ah Paris! Such a beautiful photos!!! xo

  42. Anastasia Comment #43

    Totally agree – any corner of Paris and actually all the France is instragram worthy!


  43. dario fattore Comment #44

    love paris, next weeek I’ll be there, you are always so pretty
    dario fattore –

  44. Beth Norton Comment #45

    These photos are absolutely beautiful! Paris is so photogenic, it’s just incredible. I am SO jealous of all the travelling you get to do!

    Beth xo.

  45. Feyi A Comment #46
  46. Marie Comment #47

    Waouuuh PARIS ♥

  47. monkeyshines Comment #48
  48. My Style Diary Comment #49

    Lovely photos, can’t wait to see the rest of them!

  49. kiwifashionblog Comment #50

    Beautiful snapshot of Paris!

  50. Makayla Comment #51

    I’ll be in Paris in June! I’m so excited! Instagram is the best for pictures..

  51. Elizabeth Hawn Comment #52
  52. fashionsbit Comment #53

    Cool pics! I am so happy to know almost all the corners you shoot:) lovely:)

  53. Cassidy White @ Comment #54

    Wow! What gorgeous pictures. And an incredible trip! Thanks for sharing! Love your style btw!

  54. Lauren Comment #55

    Paris is so beautiful, looks like you had a great time!


  55. Kristen Conahan Comment #56
  56. Nicole Comment #57

    Every last picture is amazing! I would so love to visit Paris..!

    xx Nicole

  57. Veronica Comment #58

    Lovely photos!

    There is a pretty awesome GIVEAWAY on my blog to snag!

    Fancy To Go

  58. Kacie Comment #59
  59. Stephanie Comment #60

    Simply STUNNING pictures, you’re such a great photographer, love every detail you capture so artsy and full of life! I miss Paree <3


  60. amodeworld Comment #61

    so beautiful. looking forward to more! x

  61. Daisy Comment #62

    I really love the photos! Beautiful photos!

    Daisy x

  62. Subin Comment #63

    LOVE IT! I wish I was in Paris! such a lovely photos!

    Check out my blog for daily OOTD & More! :))))

  63. Carolina Comment #64

    I’m so jealous of you! I wish I could go to Paris!

  64. kiri Comment #65

    These are LOVELY photos and I am very jealous of your trip.
    You look lovely and I love the roses photo and macaron photo!

  65. Jeanne Comment #66
  66. fashionaltitude Comment #67

    Seeing Paris through your eyes makes me say Wow It’s cool I live in Paris!
    Your pics and outfits are fantastic!!
    xo fashionaltitude

  67. Johanna Comment #68

    Wow, wonderful pictures! ♥

  68. Ericka Garcia Comment #69

    Photos are absolutely beautiful! Wish I could visit Paris! 😀

    Ericka of

  69. Joy Comment #70

    love the pictures, paris is such a beautiful city! I loved it there

  70. It's About L.A Comment #71

    This city is perfect, love your photos !


  71. Huyen Comment #72

    I have bern obsessed with your instagram feed from Paris, lovely impressions!


  72. nuria Comment #73

    Que fotos tan bonitas, me encanta París, disfruta mucho


  73. WEAR EAT LOVE Comment #74

    Amazing, can’t wait to see more!

  74. Dominique Comment #75

    i love the orange faux fur coat!

  75. Lisa Comment #76

    Great photos!! Thanks for sharing.
    L x

  76. Patricia Comment #77

    I’ve never been in Paris! But theese photos are so damn pretty and wondeful, that I will travel to Paris as soon as possible. Your pictures are awesome and so lovely. Paris look so romantic and beautiful – It seems to be my next place to be :)

    Lovely P
    THEVOGUEVOYAGE – Fashion adventures by Patricia Sophie Petit

  77. Vanessa Comment #78

    Stunning moments and pictures of Paris! Have fun! <3
    All the best from Munich,


  78. Emma Fox Comment #79

    I am beyond jealous!! Can’t wait to go back to Paris – check out my Been There, Done That : Paris blog post here

  79. Alina Ermilova Comment #80

    Beautiful Paris! Love your photos!


  80. Chrystin Comment #81

    Beautiful pictures!! Paris is just so magical!

    By the way, LOVE your orange fur coat. It’s awesome.

    Kisses from Buenos Aires xx

  81. Jeans Please Comment #82

    Amazing pics! I totally love ur orange fur!

  82. Kristi Comment #83

    Lovely shots! I can’t wait to visit again! Perfectly colorful and beautiful!

  83. Whitney V Comment #84
  84. Cassandra Comment #85

    SO beautiful pics from Paris !! I love your selfie in front of the Eiffel Tower 😉

  85. Cassandra Comment #86

    SO beautiful pics from Paris !! I love your selfie in front of the Eiffel Tower 😉

  86. Hana Comment #87
  87. Laura Comment #88

    Paris is so amazing, i already miss the city! Nice photos

    You four guys are a great team


  88. Ellen Keating Comment #89

    This looks like an amazing trip Xx Elle

  89. Jasmin Comment #90

    Beautiful pictures. Cant wait for Paris in Summer.

  90. Lua Comment #91

    Lovely photos, lovely places, lovely looks, very goodlooking food…amazing!

  91. kate Comment #92

    WOW! These photos look amazing, I’d love to go back to Paris 😀

  92. Jessturenyc Comment #93

    March 31st was the 15th anniversary of the eiffle tower!
    Beautiful photos of it!!

  93. Jessturenyc Comment #95

    March 31st was the 125th anniversary of the eiffle tower!
    Beautiful photos of it!!

  94. Frenchies Under The Sun Comment #96
  95. Claire Comment #97

    Great post, beautiful pictures!

  96. fashiondreamzz Comment #98

    Amazing pictures!! I really love the outfit with the leopard jacket!

  97. Xenia Metelski Comment #99

    I’m even feeling, smelling and seeing Paris right now, merci for that feeling :)

  98. Helen Comment #100

    Loving your Parisian photos!!!

  99. Laëtitia Comment #101

    Your pictures are truly beautiful. I love the one with the Eiffel tower and the flowers :)

  100. Laura Nathalie Travels Comment #102

    Thanks for sharing, I love your blog and Paris! xx

  101. CHAMA FASHION Comment #103

    Lovely pics


  102. Sonakshi Comment #104

    Which nail paint are you wearing in the picture outside cafe Kitsune?? I’ve been trying to track that greige down!

  103. Eline Comment #105

    Love the pictures! They are beautiful ^^

  104. Emilie Comment #106

    Paris is so beautiful when the sun is bright! I love the orange fur. Everything seems to look good on you haha!

  105. Noir et Doré Comment #107

    Wahou you did all the good things in Paris :)

  106. Hayley Willetts Comment #108

    I was in Paris the same time as you I think. Your pics are beautiful!! xx

  107. Morgane JoliesChromes Comment #109

    Hope you enjoyed your trip ! Your pics are amazing <3
    Thnks for sharing with us

  108. Rocío Comment #110

    lovely pictures!
    New post up on my blog! Check it out!

  109. ivanasworld Comment #111

    Awesome pictures 😉 Love Paris :)

  110. Melissa Comment #112

    Great shots from Paris! Looks like you had a lovely time. So excited to meet you tomorrow night in Beverly Hills!

  111. nogagui Comment #113

    Unas fotos preciosas!

  112. The Fashion Brook Comment #114

    Amazing pics and your looks just perfect!

    The Fashion Brook

  113. nadya Comment #115

    como siempre sin desperdicio las fotos, los paisajes, comidas y tus outfits la verdad
    perfecta como siempre
    saludos linda!

  114. patricia Comment #116
  115. Thefashiongals Comment #117

    The photos are incredible!!… It’s like I magically got in Paris! Loved the leopard coat!!

  116. sasa Comment #118

    So many cute pictures in Paris<3

    New on

  117. tunuevolook Comment #119

    unas fotos geniales!
    Visit my blog: Tu Nuevo Look
    Follow me Facebook Tunuevolook

  118. Jamie W Comment #120

    Lovely photos! Can’t wait to visit Paris one day!

    Jamie W

  119. Svetlana Comment #121

    You are so lovely :-) Like always :-)

  120. Adri Comment #122

    This Paris trip sounds so fun, but I mean when would Paris be a bad time?
    xo Adri

  121. Madeliene Rose Comment #123

    Captured what anyone would except from this magical city…I can’t wait to visit Paris again!

  122. Madison Martine Comment #124

    Amazing pics!

    Madison Martine

  123. Emily Comment #125

    This all looks so lovely! I love your combo of the orange fur with the stripes! It’s cool to see how you translated your L.A. vibe to Paris chic. Looks like you had a wonderful trip.


  124. Gabrielle Comment #126

    Oh Paris ! J’adore.. lovely shots :)

  125. Jen Comment #127

    Loving these images from Paris. I was there in November and now want to go back asap! x

  126. Sophie Comment #128

    You’ve convinced me, I’m adding you on Instagram.

    Sophie x

  127. Paige Comment #129

    So jealous of all the traveling you get to do! Paris looks amazing!


  128. Sofia Comment #130

    Wow to be in Paris now! Have a wonderful time . It looks like the weather is great over there. May your day be filled with great memories.

    Hope you had a wonderful and relaxing weekend.

  129. Lubica Comment #131
  130. teeney Comment #132

    these pictures are insane!!! L O V E !!! especially diggin those boots with the tassesls!!



  131. Sorana Comment #133

    Hello Jules, love the leopard coat. Could you tell me what brand it is? I ‘m looking for a long time now for a leopard coat but haven’t found the right one. Thank you so much. Love, Sorana

  132. Carole Comment #134

    I saw you rue Montorgueil and I thought : ” whaou, this leopard printed coat …she looks like the girl from Sincerely Jules”.
    now I see your photos…it was you !
    Feel like I just saw a star 😉

  133. Fashion by idag Comment #135

    Amazing, can’t wait to visit Paris myself :)

  134. Sarah Comment #136

    I love your instagram photos! So fun!

  135. Julia McGregor Comment #137

    Just what I needed, a Paris hit to cure my Franco-phile obsession. Can’t wait to see the final edited pics from your time in Paris when you get the chance to post them. Obviously I’m not the first, and certainly won’t be the last to say this, but I’ve gotta add that I love your fusion of travel with fashion… perfect portrayal of the creative expression within all of us.

  136. Nikki Soliz Comment #138

    This is so inspiring and beautiful!!!!!!!!

  137. Abena Antwiwaa Comment #139

    I love love your style! Your tee line is also amazing. Keep it up. visit natural

  138. Susan Comment #140


  139. Melanie Comment #141

    your style is amazing! This is so inspiring !!! ♥