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I’m the first one to say that basics will always be my top favorite pieces to wear/invest in/re-wear. I’d much rather stick to basics than fall into the trendy items…. basics just make more sense. For me, it’s all about versatility and longevity –  and that pretty much goes for everything in my book not just clothing- and basics have those two things that I look for when I’m buying clothes.

Since I believe in re-working your clothing over & over & over again, it makes it so much more easier to do so when it’s pieces like this adorable denim shirt dress. It’s a basic that will always be in season, year after year. It’s easy to wear, it’s versatile and I’d say a denim shirt dress is a must-have in every girl’s wardrobe!

I’m always on the hunt for sandals and these are right up my alley! I love the navy blue color… they’ll come in handy when I go to Mexico again next month!


Tip: Roll up the sleeves to add a little bit of styling flare!

everlane1 everlane17

The sandals are the perfect summer staple!


Tip: Unbutton an extra button more than your usual for a sleeker/sexier look… layer long necklaces!


Can’t forget to layer up this bracelets… a big mens watch is key too!

everlane19 everlane20 everlane21

Denim shirt dress: Everlane
Sandals: Everlane
Bag: Vintage Gucci

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  1. julissa perez Comment #1

    Love this denim look….you should really come up with your own styling book! i’d be the first to buy…
    have a great rest of your week!

    Julissa Perez

  2. Marta Comment #3

    Love the simplicity in this look. You look gorgeous :)

  3. Sarah Priestley Keogh Comment #4

    That dress is so beautiful xxx

  4. Adri Comment #5

    Not to say that the dress isn’t perfect, but your hair is the perfect beachy waves!
    xo Adri

  5. Grace Comment #6

    Love this! That shirt dress is fabulous. Perfect to wear over a swimsuit as well!

  6. Liz || Shopping My Closet Comment #7

    Great look on you!
    Liz @

  7. Tamia Comment #8
  8. nikki Comment #9

    i love that dress!


  9. Vera Sawicki Comment #10

    What a gorgeous outfit!

    Visit my blog here

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  11. Monique Comment #12

    Love this look! Basics are key in my wardrobe too! I love that this dress is affordable!
    Casually Chic by Monique.

  12. Rachel Comment #13

    So chic, love this denim shirt dress!

  13. Camille Comment #14
  14. Stay Styled OC Comment #15

    I couldn’t agree with you more about basic items. It’s true they always stay in style and work with every season. You look great. Love your hair. Has a pretty beach wave going on. Hope you had a great holiday weekend.

    Stay Styled,


  15. Archana Comment #16

    But you sport every trendy item in the market that costs way over anything you call ‘basics’ in this post.

    • Jules Comment #17

      Can you point out what is trendy and cost way over anything in this post? I’m focusing on the denim shirt dress in this post and thats what i’m calling a ‘BASIC’.. and for $68, I don’t think that’s costing a lot for a basic.

      If you think, sandals and sunglasses are trendy, then honestly, i don’t know what to tell you.

      • Archana Comment #18

        Didnt mean to offend you. I have seen you wear Isabel Marant sandals, her Birks, Stud pumps by Valentino, etc. None of them needed an explanation/justification. But somehow, a relatively inexpensive shirt dress did.

        Ofcourse it is a basic and basics do need to be high quality. I do love Everlane for what they deliver for the price.

  16. Kierra Comment #19

    Love this look! Im a little tall to be wearing the shirt by itself but i would easily throw on some shorts underneath. I also prefer my denim shirts rolled up too! Basics are always a must. Timeless pieces are a must.

  17. yvespink Comment #20

    I love this denim shirt dress, simple but unique.

  18. Belen Baquerizo Comment #21

    I agree with you… basics and classy pieces make much more sense to invest in.
    love this denim top/dress. the sandals and your purse are pretty too.
    xo, Belen

  19. Vivian Comment #22

    You look so effortless in that shirt dress! Gorgeous~



  20. Fortune Tarantola Comment #23

    Great dress. Looks super comfy. Awesome staple!

  21. Geraldine Comment #24

    Love the dress and hair!!!!



  22. jaclyn Comment #25

    your right basic staple pieces are absouletly important to invest in. Like that denim dress, classic and not even that expensive for a staple. love.

    check my blog:

  23. I Showed Up In Boots Comment #26

    Love how you styled this look and love the tip about unbuttoning the top an extra button:)


  24. Jasmin Comment #27

    a Denim look is always a super cool and casual look.

  25. Debbie Comment #28

    I also believe in basics! Very beautiful as always

  26. gaptoothedgirl Comment #29

    Jeans, Mini-dress, or long skirt, and flat sandals!!
    This works great!!
    xox, Gap.

  27. Elizabeth Hawn Comment #30
  28. Elise McVicar-Cassity Comment #31

    You have the best sandal collection ever!

  29. Marija Comment #32

    Super comfy simple and chic! Love it! xoxo

  30. El costurero de mamá Comment #33

    Such a perfect dress!! I love it :)

  31. PerfectMix Comment #34

    I really like your sandals!! They are a “must have” for this summer closet!!


  32. carol Comment #35
  33. monkeyshines Comment #36
  34. Cheyenne Comment #37

    I totally agree with you, you should invest more into basic than just trend items, you’ll be wearing them for so much longer and they always look nice.
    This shirt dress looks great on you!

  35. Rosie B. Comment #38

    I’m so in love with the shirt dress look, and this denim style is fab!

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  37. Su nd Chris Comment #40

    This is soo simple and beautiful, love it! :)

    xx Su

  38. Katy Comment #41

    I love a chambray dress!!! This one looks amazing on you! I love the bracelets and mens watch. Super cute!! I definitely need this dress. I’ve been looking for an awesome chambray romper or dress. This is perfect!! xo

  39. Melissa Comment #42

    Amazing look as always, it would be awesome if you did a post about what hair products you use. Your hair is by far the best!!

  40. Charlotte Comment #43

    Great look! This is pretty much how I want to dress this whole summer…a shirt dress and some great sandals.

  41. Makayla Comment #44

    The denim dress looks really nice on you!

  42. Priscilla Comment #45

    You look great! Beautiful dress!

  43. kendall Comment #46

    love this dress!! x

  44. Donna Comment #47

    I’m obsessed with Everlane! Not only are they a local SF brand but their tees are amazing quality and at an affordable price. I own their sandals too and love how simple and chic they are. Need to add this shirt dress into the mix.


  45. WEAR EAT LOVE Comment #48

    Soooo beautiful!!!

  46. Joy Comment #49

    Great casual look, love the jeans style on you!

  47. Rose Comment #50

    I love a good shirtdress, especially when it fits well! Everlane make some of the best basics :)

    Blonde in this City

  48. Lindsey Comment #51

    I love that dress!

  49. The senegalese fashion blogger Comment #52

    Easy and relax , I love it

  50. Courtney Comment #53

    Love this denim dress!


  51. laura Comment #54

    Love this! it´s so beautiful!!

  52. Angelie Comment #55

    You are perfect, Jules! I love your laid-back style. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do a hair tutorial on how you get those gorgeous beach waves. Do you use a curling wand? What’s your technique?


  53. Erica Comment #56

    You look amazing! Is this an x-small?

  54. Dallastyle Comment #57

    How do you always make everything look so chic & easy? Ugh 😉


  55. Peyton Taylor Comment #58

    Love this whole look! So cute!!


  56. Niss Comment #59

    love those sandals I really do.

  57. Carolyn Comment #60

    have been searching for a denim dress and I think this is it!

  58. Kiki Comment #61

    Great relaxed look

  59. Kacie Comment #62

    So cute, that is the most perfect denim dress!

  60. Agnes Comment #63

    this is so effortless and cool. love it!

  61. lulu Comment #64

    Love your outfit!!!

  62. Jeanne Comment #65

    Perfect casual look!

  63. Alina Ermilova Comment #66

    I absolutely love this shirt dress! Looks so cool!


  64. Feyi A Comment #67

    simplicity is always the best, great look (:

  65. S. Jones Comment #68

    I love the sandals, but was wondering if you got in your normal size or had to go down half a size?
    Would love your insight so I know what size would be best to order.

  66. Helen Comment #69

    Great look Jules. I love your sandals xx

  67. Eni Comment #70

    Love shirt dresses and in denim it looks really great! Perfect outfit for summer!

  68. Raina W. Comment #71

    Denim shirt dresses is the greatest clothing creation! Love this simple chic look!

  69. Natalia | Fashioned by Love Comment #72

    This dress is such a classic! Absolutely gorgeous! x

  70. XtL Comment #73

    Everlane doesn’t ship to France …. #bigfail

  71. It's About L.A Comment #74

    Simple yet cool, love that denim shirt dress, looks great on you!


  72. Romy Ashley Comment #75

    You look great, the way you match your clothes are always so inspiring I love it! x

  73. Julie Comment #76
  74. QueenLina Comment #77
  75. Eva Comment #78

    Love this denim dress. I’ve been on the arch for something like this for ages but somehow every time I find one it’s way too short! xx

  76. Faraloo Comment #79

    I love this casual denim look! Nice dress!

  77. Cosetes de Marta Comment #80

    I love this outfit.
    The denim shirt dress is amazing

    New post. Birthday Kit. The Jungle

  78. Oksana Comment #81

    You look stunning!

    ♥ Oxana
    O X A N A  M.U.A makeup blog
    Bloglovin | Facebook | TumblrInstagram

  79. Fashion Party blog Comment #82

    Great look! I was thinking about stealing my dads’ shirt and wear it as a dress :)

  80. Beth Norton Comment #83

    I absolutely love this look, your style is so on point.

    Beth xo.

  81. Nicole Comment #84

    Perfect! Love that denim shirt dress :)

    New post on GIRL ABOUT TOWN BLOG

  82. Look & Chic Comment #85

    Loooove denim!! Gorgeous!! xx

  83. Becky Newham Comment #86

    I love this dress, I’ve been looking for one similar in the UK but can’t seem to find one anywhere.

    Stunning as always.

    Check out my blog.

  84. Claudia Comment #87

    I think I will buy a shirt dress this season! It’s great!

    el y ella fashion

  85. Ana Comment #88

    Love the denim dress! You look so cute :)

  86. claudia Comment #89
  87. christyw Comment #90

    Love the bag! :X:X:X
    Check out this blog, I’m sure you’ll like it

  88. Whitney V Comment #91

    Couldn’t agree more, trends fade while a good style and quality clothing remains…

    Btw I wanted to invite you guys to participate in this summer’s giveaway I’m hosting for Garite, super easy to participate if you’d like:

    Only 2 days left, don’t miss your chance to win it!!

    Good Luck and lots of love,

  89. sasa Comment #92

    Love the denim shirt:)

  90. ShadowOfStyle Comment #93

    You’re looking amazing! <3

    Shadow Of Style

  91. Vanessa Comment #94

    Great ♥ I´m so in love with denim!

  92. Kristi Comment #95

    Such a cute shirt! Love your styling of it and your styling tips are great…
    Cute sandals, too!

    xx, Kristi

  93. Ángela Bastos Comment #96

    Guapísima!! Un look genial.

    Un beso

    Yo, yo misma y mi armario

  94. Nancy Comment #97

    Absolutely love shirt dresses, and absolutely love denim! This is my dream come true! Here is my fav denim look right now

    Do you like it?
    N xxx

  95. Hanna @ Gold Polka Dots Comment #98

    I couldn’t agree more! I recently heard of Everlane and couldn’t be happier to have found a brand that cares about transparency in the clothing production process. My last post is with an Everlane t-shirt!


  96. Maes Comment #99

    Considero que siempre llevas unos looks impecables y muy acertados, con una combinacion de colores, tejidos y accesorios muy armoniosa, pero con el look de hoy te has superado…. viendote, entra ganas de verano, de tardes de paseo con un sorbete en la mano, de risas, terrazas y…wowww
    Me ha encantado como un vestido denim y unas sandalias basicas pueden ser tan perfectas!!!!

    TE esperamos en

  97. Klaudia Comment #100
  98. Jessy Comment #101

    Love your style! The dress is gorgeous.

    xoxo Jessy

  99. Elena Comment #102

    I love this look, so simple and comfy. The sandals are so basic, they match with everything!!

  100. Nicole Comment #103

    OMG perfect outfit! Love that shirt dress :)

    New post on GIRL ABOUT TOWN BLOG

  101. Hana Comment #104
  102. Coralie de Made In SisterS Comment #105

    the dress is so beautiful and I like the sandals! Perfect!

  103. maría Comment #106

    I love your shirt dress!!!
    Lovely outfit!

  104. paige Comment #107

    I’m loving this denim shirt dress paired with those sandals! It’s the perfect summer outfit!


  105. sheisnotaprincess Comment #108

    In love totally with ur sandals… XXX

  106. Madison Martine Comment #109

    Loving your shirt dress!

    Madison Martine

  107. Laiyin Comment #110

    You look great in this denim look!!

    Love from Munich, L


  108. Danne Comment #111

    El vestido esta genial, muy apropiado para el verano y muy original <3


  109. Jazmin Comment #112

    I’ve been looking for a pair of sandals and I think I’ve just found them!
    Thank you for posting a sandal that is under $100! That blue is stunning!
    Would you mind telling me if they are true to size?

    XOXO, The Cheao

  110. melissa Comment #113

    Love the chambray! So cute on you :)

  111. The Many Lives of Line Comment #114


    Love the white manicure + denim = smashing!


  112. Karen | Char Co. Comment #115

    Love your relaxed look.

  113. Kim Comment #116

    Perfect, I love the simplicity of this look!


  114. VIVIANA Comment #117
  115. Purpurina Rebelde Comment #118

    Un look sencillo pero queda espectacular.

  116. alela sirah Comment #119
  117. Lifeisbeauty Comment #120

    Gorgeous!! Love the simplicity :)

  118. lustingforleather Comment #121

    Love Everlane! I have a J. Crew shirt dress very similar to that and I wear it all the time. Those sandals are perfect…stylish and comfortable.


  119. Jenay Antoinette Comment #122

    Sooo in love with this denim dress! & Those sunnies are too cute!

    xoxo Jenay Antoinette –

  120. Monica Comment #123

    yep. pretty much the best denim shirt dress i’ve seen. i totally love this. i’ve been on the hunt for the perfect one. i’ve found a winner.

    come check me out!
    mon |

  121. Idalia Comment #124

    obsessed with those sandals!


  122. Alison Du Pras @ Comment #125

    Love this so much! Denim dresses are way underrated, and those sandals seriously are perfect

    Pretty in Python

  123. Mariah Comment #126

    I know exactly what you mean! I don’t often buy trendy pieces just because I don’t always have the budget for it. I much prefer more versatile quality pieces I know I can wear again and again. This dress is gorgeous on you and I love the sandals :)

  124. yourdoseofcoffee Comment #127

    Love Everlane too <3

  125. Miss Key Comment #128

    A denim dress??? It’s very original, easy and cute. Perfect look, these sandals are absolutely chic and the handbag is beautiful. Love the gold watch

  126. Kelsey Comment #129

    Love the dress! I also totally believe in investing in pieces that you can wear year after year, while spending less on items that will go in and out of style. Thanks so much for sharing!


  127. Eva Comment #130

    Love your Denim Shirt dress… Kisses!!

    New look!!

  128. andrea Comment #131

    Me encanta!! creo que pongas lo que te pongas iras perfecta!!! tienes mucho estilo y eso se nota!!

    Te invito a visitar mi blog

  129. patricia Comment #132
  130. Benedetta Comment #133

    Amazing look.. love it!
    Be Happy with Fashion

  131. CHAMA FASHION Comment #134

    I love your hair, its the perfect color


  132. Chiara Comment #135

    You look gorgeous!

  133. Yasmin Browne Comment #136

    Loving the denim shirt! Beautiful outfit.

    Lovely Post!


    • Shelly Comment #137

      The shirt make you look slim and tall, I like it.

  134. Fedora Comment #138

    everything fits you so well

  135. My Style Diary Comment #139

    That shirt dress is perfection!

  136. Comment #140

    I like to wear denim dress in hot summer days. Your look is so good, just and perfect for weekend walking (:

  137. Barbara Comment #141

    What size are you wearing? Xs is sold out

  138. Eilene Comment #142

    I love your blog. You do an amazing job at picking out basic items and incorporating them into beautiful trendy every day wear, and I love that you repeat some signature pieces yet make the look so versatile and effortless.

    Question on the everlane dress (I love the way it looks!), I’m in between small and medium size, any recommendation which to choose?

    • Jules Comment #143

      Thank you so much for your sweet comment! Appreciate it!

      It runs a little big, so I’m wearing a size XS.


      • Eilene Comment #144

        Thank you!

  139. PSLily Boutique Comment #145

    Simple yet chic look! Love your shirt dress :)


  140. thefashiongals Comment #146

    I love this denim dress… so simple but super stylish!.. the accesories you styled it with elevate it!

  141. Anastasia Comment #147

    Totally agree with you, basic pieces are MUST. Great dress!


  142. Takeitandwearit Comment #148
  143. arletta Comment #149

    The demi dress really rocks.

  144. In My Dreams Comment #150

    I love this dress, great outfit!!

  145. hwa Comment #151

    This denim skirt is so special. I like how you style it.

  146. Brenna Comment #152


    is this the light or dark denim? thanks!

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  148. lana Comment #154

    I have been looking for a denim shirtdress for a long time-saw you in yours. Darling. I ordered it in S & i feel like I’m swimming in it. I’m usually a size 2 or 4. I see you got the XS. What size are you typically in # size? It will help me determine if i should order the XS or not. Thx

  149. leela Comment #155

    I would like to buy this jean dress. Where can I find it?

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  151. Hannah Goldstein Comment #157

    I love this look so much I featured it in a post I just wrote about the best ways to wear denim! Here’s the link if you’d like to check it out:

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  157. Jamie Garrison Comment #163

    I can’t find this long sleeve denim dress on your web site. Help please!

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  160. Pamela Salahub Comment #166

    i would love to order this shirt dress but I’d like to have it within the next two weeks. Would that be possible. I live in Ft Worth, TX.
    Thank you-

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