White Rose.


One of my last and favorite looks from my short trip to Oaxaca. A little 501 denim won’t ever hurt anyone, right?

On our last full day, we tried to squeeze in as much as we could so we made sure to book a massage and cleanse ritual called, Temazcal- a must when you travel to certain parts of México. I was a bit hesitant at first, but after reading a little bit more about what Temazcal was, I caved in. In simpler terms, a Temazcal is a steam bath in which it’s supposed to help cleanse you from all impurities. (Read more about it here)

We crawled into a really small cave-like room, with a low ceiling, and a lodge burning on one corner. We sat for about 45 mins in the steamy room while we dripped in sweat… major dripping. The lady in the room with us hummed a song and did a prayer as we just closed our eyes and tried to focus on positive things. The 45 mins definitely felt like an eternity as we sat there taking in all the steam and heat. I struggled a few times and had to ask her to open the door so I can get fresh air to breathe.

Once the time was up, we crawled back outside, took off our bathings suits and laid in a comfy little thin bed on the floor. The steam bath was followed by an hour massage- the best massage I’ve had to date. It relaxed us for sure and I even knocked out for most of the massage. It was by far one of the most unique experiences I’ve had and I would love to experience it every time I get to go back.

I highly recommend booking one for yourself next time you go to Oaxaca or México- you will not be disappointed.

For the rest of the day, we just explored downtown, jumped from restaurants to bars and even a cool museum about vintage stamps. We wrapped up our night at one of the coolest restaurants and as we walked out into the plaza to head back to our B&B, we noticed a lovely mariachi band of 8 and immediately hired them to serenate my girl Amber and I with a few songs! It was the perfect moment to end such a wonderful day/trip!

Already missing Oaxaca! Going to try to wrap up a set of diary photos from Oaxaca- so stay tuned!

oaxaca2.jpg_effected oaxaca3.jpg_effectedoaxaca13.jpg_effectedoaxaca11.jpg_effectedoaxaca15.jpg_effectedoaxaca10.jpg_effectedoaxaca7.jpg_effected



[do action=”rstyle-post-links”]ARITZIA rose blouse (sold out but similar here)
LEVI’S 501 vintage shorts
ANTIK BATIK embellished clutch (similar here + here)

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  1. Vivian Comment #1

    Absolutely adore your embellished sandals!

    LIVE . IN . LOVE ✞


  2. Cristina Comment #5

    NEW LOOk in my post!!

  3. Mira Comment #6

    Wow the blouse looks adorable and I love the cute clutch too 😀

    xx Mira

  4. StyleSpectra Comment #7

    What a gorgeous clutch!

  5. Giulia Comment #8

    This is such an adorable Look, the blouse is extremely delicate and lovely! I’m in love with the clutch, it’s so cool! :) You look gorgeous as always!
    Have a lovely day!

  6. ivanasworld Comment #9

    Awesome pictures and the blouse is perfect :)

  7. Miri Comment #10

    Such a beautiful look! You look stunning!


  8. Natali Comment #11

    Beautiful outfit! That blouse is gorgeous!

  9. TERESA Comment #12

    I love that blouse and those studded sandals!


  10. Rhea Comment #13

    This outfit is so cute! Love the sheer shirt.

  11. Julie Comment #14

    I love clutch so much!!


  12. Oline Ama Comment #15

    I loooove the ARITZIA blouse!!!

  13. Mónica Sors Comment #16

    Lovely pictures, your outfit is amazing!!

    Mónica Sors

  14. Whitney Comment #17

    Sounds amazing, I just went to Morocco and experienced something very similar!! Weird at first, but then I loved the whole treatment!! Vey cute outfit too, love the cute clutch xxx


  15. It's About LA Comment #18

    This outfit is really nice, such a great sens of style and those sandals are very beautiful!


  16. jas Comment #19

    love that blouse. so floaty and feminine.

    reckless abandon

  17. Gap Comment #20

    I love these shoes!! Stunning clutch!
    XOX, Gap.

  18. Su nd Chris Comment #21

    Such a cool look, the top is so beautiful!

    xx Su

  19. Reichel Comment #22

    So so beautiful! Love the top :)

  20. Alina Ermilova Comment #23

    Wow! The clutch and the sandals are totally stunning!


  21. María Liberatto Comment #24
  22. Karina Cretu Comment #25

    You looks so cute! Love the clutch, so bohemian. Gorgeous!

  23. Nadine Comment #26

    I ADORE that clutch! So beautiful!


  24. Cherish Comment #27

    This outfit is so gorgeous! Beautiful


  25. carol Comment #28

    pretty dope clutch hun !! :)

  26. Maya Comment #29
  27. ediot Comment #30

    cool look. love the shorts and the bag

  28. Mahshid Comment #31

    Your outfit is delicate and tough at the same time. Fantastic choice for Mexico.

    Mahshid مهشید

  29. Savannah Comment #32

    This outfit is so lovely, the top is perfect x

  30. Eva Comment #33

    Beautiful outfit, love the embroidered clutch with the ruffles white top and the tough ripped shirts. Sounds like wonderful day too! xx

  31. SweetMona Comment #34

    amazing top, love it!!!

  32. Cris Comment #35
  33. Pinker Please Comment #36

    Love the complete outfit!! So cool and elegant!!

  34. claudia Comment #37

    Such a cute outfit with that boho chic accents! Love the sandals and the blouse!

  35. Paulina Comment #38

    I love the shoes! I love Oaxaca!

  36. Ellie Comment #39

    That purse is absolutely gorgeous! As was the editing, as per usual. I always find your posts very inspiring, both for outfits and blogging.

    Ellie Rose

  37. Carmen Chapell Comment #40

    That bag is to die for! Beautiful as always!

  38. Purpurina Rebelde Comment #41
  39. Emma Comment #42

    The top has such a pretty structure with the peplum hem and it looks gorgeous with the colorful beaded clutch

  40. Laiyin Comment #43

    Oh love your blouse and it’s sheerness!!

    Love from Munich, L

  41. LUCSLOOK Comment #44


    Like and greetings from

  42. Beatrice Comment #45

    Love this organza top so much! Amazing look!

  43. Konstantina Bourtzou Comment #46

    I love you boho-chic outfit! You look absolutely gorgeous, dear! 😉

  44. Fashion Party blog Comment #47

    Such a fun outfit, this girly top is so cute!

  45. lola Comment #48

    Nice, nice, nice.


  46. Vilamores Comment #49

    I love your shirt and the bag…

  47. Grace Comment #50

    Such a beautiful look! And I can only imagine the heat index in that cleansing ritual! Crazy! But what a great experience and memory!

  48. CHAMA FASHION Comment #51

    You look amazing!


  49. Estefania Comment #52
  50. Andrea Comment #53

    You have one of the best blogs for fashion! I always look at your blog when I need some style inspiration. Beautiful outfit :)

  51. Julie Comment #54

    I love the bag! 😀

  52. Monique Comment #55

    I love this look! Especially this adorable sandals!
    Cheers, Monique
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  53. Vintage Chic Comment #56

    Love this look! So casual and cool and that clutch is everything!!

  54. Julia Comment #57

    Love this outfit, and that massage sounds heavenly!! Zara also has blouses similar to the one you were wearing :)

  55. Kim Comment #58

    I am loving these 501 vintage Levi shorts! Sweet look the way you styled them.

  56. Caroline Comment #59

    I agree 100%, one of my fav looks too ! The shorts and top look like they belong together, and you wear the 501 denim like nobody’s business !

  57. Sasha Comment #60

    This bag is amazing!

  58. Elise McVicar-Cassity Comment #61

    That massage experience sounds incredible – definitely have to try it when I go to Mexico! Love that bag, the details are amazing!

  59. Fashionista in the Oven Comment #62

    So cutee! I love it!


  60. Chottie Comment #63

    I’m obsessed with this look! Especially the bag and shoes.

  61. Heidi D. Comment #64

    So obsess with this Antik + Batik pouch and your effortless style!

    Heidi D.

  62. Elizabeth Hawn Comment #65

    obsessed with that top! too bad its sold out

  63. Coralie de Made In SisterS Comment #66

    lovely your clutch 😉 this look is perfect!
    bisous bisous

  64. Shoshana Comment #67

    This ensemble is adorable. However it’s the shoes that do it for me. I love anything embellished. Not to mention the low stacked heel looks incredible comfortable.

  65. Marija Comment #68

    You look so pretty and fresh, I love that top adds a boho vibe the whole look! xoxo

  66. Klaudia Comment #69
  67. Maria Inês Ribeiro Comment #70

    love this look! one of my latest favorites 😀

  68. Adri Comment #71

    Sounds like you had a great trip! The steam bath seems intense but really worth it! And totally in love with this cute summer look!
    xo Adri

  69. State beauty Comment #72

    Love this blouse, it’s so cool!! Lovely pictures!


  70. Belen Comment #73

    Loveee this outfit for a day full of visitings!
    the top is beautiful
    Xo, Belen
    A Hint of Life

  71. Hana Comment #74
  72. Cara Sivara Comment #75

    Love your clutch, and the shoes are to die for!! Great pictures!
    xx Cara

  73. Jamzin Comment #76

    Wore something similar to this recently! Great minds think alike! Love this top!
    XOXO, Jazmin @

  74. Fortune Tarantola Comment #77

    This blouse is everything! So chic & I love the long gold necklace with the round pendant — looks amazing!

  75. Angie Comment #78

    I love the subtle peplum in the top and all the details in the shoes and handbag!

  76. Makayla M. Comment #79

    I love this look on you!

  77. Lisa Comment #80

    I’m obsessed with the bag! You look lovely as ever, dear!
    Awesome outfit.

  78. Sara H-B Comment #81

    Great look, what a perfect outfit for Mexico – especially that bag. Your photos are making me CRAVE Mexico even more than i usually do on a daily basis, I would move there in a second if I could. Overall, great travel inspiration too!

  79. monkeyshines Comment #82
  80. Sandra Comment #83

    Beautiful Pictures!



  81. Mindy Rohr Comment #84

    Jules, please please do a hair post soon. No matter what I do, my waves are always “to done” and I love how your’s turn out. As always, love your blog and posts.

  82. Cheyenne Comment #85

    Beautiful photos, love you’re outfit.

  83. Sarah Comment #86

    I adore that white top! I love it paired with the patterns in the Antik Batik clutch.

    I’d love to hear your thoughts on my latest outfit post:

  84. kiwifashionblog Comment #87

    I love the tropical cactus background with your embellished clutch! The flowy white top looks perfect with the rest of the outfit! Hope you are having a fantastic time! <3

  85. Heather J Comment #88

    I absolutely adore this look, and your overall style! You are an inspiration… I look forward to reading your blog each day! I would be honored if you have a moment to take a peak at my new life and style blog “a little casual” at

    Have a beautiful and blessed day!

  86. Nicole Comment #89

    I love your top and bag!! Amazing outfit as always <3 you look gorgeous!! 😉

    New post on GIRL ABOUT TOWN BLOG

  87. Carolyn Comment #90

    such a cute top! looks like organza

  88. Paige Comment #91

    Loving this look!


  89. mywhiteT Comment #92

    Love the top, the cut looks great on you and love sandals that you paired it up with.

  90. tatjana Comment #93

    I love the clutch ! ♥

  91. Asia Comment #94

    Wow, shoes are gorgeous, I love them :)

  92. anastasia Comment #95

    Beautiful outfit, and the background of huge aloe. When abroad, I always aim to match my look with the general atmosphere of the place too)))

  93. anastasia Comment #96

    Beautiful outfit, and the background of huge aloe. When abroad, I always aim to match my look with the general atmosphere of the place too)))

  94. Rebecca J Comment #97

    Absolutely love the blouse! Perfect outfit with embellishment and casual with the shorts.

    B xxxxx

  95. María Comment #98

    Love the shorts and top! Lovely, really.
    Lots of love, xx

  96. Jessica Comment #99

    Aww sounds like fun! Would love to see more photos from this trip, like all the fun restaurants you went to!

  97. Matira Comment #100

    The bag and the sandals are fantastic! Love them, but..not together :p

  98. Tip & Tink Comment #101

    Love this look – the shirt + clutch are so cute

  99. Jessi Malay Comment #102

    Love the clutch and the shoes!! So cute :)
    xo – Jessi

  100. Tamia Comment #103
  101. Helen Grace Comment #104

    I love that sheet white top, and all of your photos that you have been posting from your trip to Oaxaca are so beautiful. Good for you for going outside of your comfort zone and booking a Temazcal. It actually sounds like a really relaxing experience.

    -Helen Grace

  102. Janina Comment #105

    Your hair is so stunning!
    XO Janina

  103. Allie Comment #106

    Those shoes are to die for <3

    Sweet Madame Blue

  104. Stephanie Comment #107

    Absolutely favorite look of yours from summer so far! I would seriously wear this head to toe look :)
    great styling & great tips of things to do in Oaxaca, would love to visit one day 😉


  105. yourdoseofcoffee Comment #108

    Love this outfit <3

  106. Jessica Comment #109

    That clutch is beautiful!

  107. Christina Comment #110

    Love that bag and those shoes! Such amazing details! Great mix of casual and dressy items.

    Would love to hear your thoughts on my post when you get a chance!


  108. daria Comment #111

    i want your hair !!

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  110. nikki Comment #113

    that clutch is gorgeous!


  111. melissa Comment #114

    Such a pretty look Jules! Those sandals are great :)

  112. neni Comment #115

    Obtuve la contraseña de un facebook 😮
    Es fácil y Sencillo hacerlo 😀
    Aca te dejo la aplicacion para que tu tambien lo hagas:

  113. Haley Comment #116

    Where can u order this clutch? Can u send me the link

  114. Helen Comment #117

    I love the rose blouse!!!

  115. Nissi Mendes Comment #118

    Beautiful Diary!!

    Instagram @nissi__

  116. Lauren Comment #119

    your blouse is so unique and pretty, i love the sheer layers
    Lauren x
    Britton Loves | Fashion Lifestyle + Photography –

  117. Rebecca Comment #120

    Your photos are so beautiful and your outfit is perfect as always. Love the colorful clutch in combination to the white shirt! xx

  118. Chiara Comment #121
  119. Diana Comment #122

    Love the handbag!!

    xoxo, Diana

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  121. liv micheli Comment #124

    Love the outfit!
    Love Liv
    visit my blog

  122. Eleonora Comment #125

    That shirt is super cool!

  123. Kiera Comment #126

    The shirt is so cute! Ive never seen anything like it before! Love the bag also!

  124. Kelly + Katie Comment #127

    Gorgeous! Absolutely love that clutch!

    Katie & Kelly

  125. TwoBetterThanOne Comment #128

    Love this look! You look beautiful

  126. Jenaly Comment #129

    great outfit, stunning top!!

  127. Robyn Comment #130

    Love the outfit, that bag is gorgeous! x

  128. Oana Comment #131

    amazing clutch, and I’m in love with your top, so wonderfully feminine!

  129. brenda Comment #132

    I love the outfit! Is there a website to buy there from? Thanks

  130. Jennifer Comment #133

    I need this shirt!! I do not see where I can purchase it. Please tell me.

  131. Ashten Comment #134

    What color/brand is your nail polish?

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  133. Mava mazin Comment #136

    hi I like very much this bag , weher can I by it? Thanks