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About two weeks ago, I had the pleasure of being invited for the second time (my first time was back in January 2013) to the very well known #Firenze4Ever event put together by the italian luxury retailer, Luisa via roma, which takes place in Florence. I was beyond thrilled to be asked to be a part of this years 9th Edition called “It’s Magic BRAZIL”, where everything was about color, life, prints, vibrant looks, texture and everything else in between.

Firenze4Ever is a bi-annual event (one in January and the other in June) where 35 international influencers/bloggers get invited to attend the 3-day trip and enjoy themselves over fancy dinners, drinks, music, amazing clothes, special treats and more! Most importantly, the event is for each influencer to style themselves or a model in Luisa via roma’s newest collection to help showcase what’s new and shoot photos around Firenze wearing these pieces. It’s a pretty fun and amazing event, I must say!

So, here is my first look out of two for my Style Lab photoshoot! This stunning Proenza jacket was the right touch to toughen up this look. Now- let’s focus on the print of this dress for a second, shall we? The stunning print and use of colors made it easy for me to make it the center piece of my look. It’s definitely something a little different than what you’re used to seeing me in since I don’t really wear long flowy dresses!

Hope you enjoy this look and photos that are all the way from Florence! Ciao! firenze4ever2firenze4ever15firenze4ever10firenze4ever13firenze4ever9 firenze4ever1firenze4ever18


[do action=”rstyle-post-links”]FABIANA MILAZZO printed silk jumpsuit
PROENZA SCHOULER biker leather jacket
GIUSEPPE ZANOTTI 120MM jeweled chain velvet sandals
GIANCARLO PETRIGLIA embroidered snakeskin bag[/do]


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  1. Martyna Comment #1

    You look amazing! Love this outfit <3

  2. Becky Comment #6

    Gorgeous jumpsuit – would have loved to have seen the whole thing without the jacket.

    Stunning all the same :) x

  3. Dominique Comment #7

    you look fabulous!!


  4. estrelladaa Comment #8

    i love the look, but the sandals… terrible!!

  5. Asia Comment #9

    This jumpsuit is GORGEOUS!! Love the pattern and of course sandals. So chic!

  6. claudia Comment #10

    Wow love that wide leg jumpsuit with the burgundy moto jacket! Sandals are gorgeous too!

  7. Nicole Comment #11

    Wow this is sooo gorgeous!! :) I love your dress and that jacket and those shoes are just too cute! :)

    I’d like to invite everyone to join my World Balance giveaway on GIRL ABOUT TOWN BLOG :)

  8. Leesa Comment #12

    what a stunning dress!

  9. Reichel Comment #13

    Wow, stunning!! 😀 – New new post <3

  10. lola Comment #14
  11. Naomi A Comment #15

    So exciting an opportunity! You look radiant!

    xoxo, The Occasional Indulgence

  12. Rhea Comment #16

    That jacket is purely beautiful! In love with this look!

  13. Laura Comment #17

    You look amazing! This jacket really is perfect!


  14. Josefine Comment #18

    Love the look!
    I’m going to Florence for 10 days, and I was wondering if you could made a guide for Florence, what to see and where to shopping? :-)

  15. Camille Comment #19

    Amazing look ! Especially love the jacket

  16. fashionaltitude Comment #20

    Fantastic look in Firenze. Abundance and luxury, that is all about Italy. Love love love it!
    You look fab’ in this outfit. The italian style suits you.

    Fashionaltitude. xo xo

  17. Jessica Rose Comment #21

    Everything about this looks amazing!

  18. carol Comment #22
  19. Gap Comment #23

    I love this outfit head to toes!!
    XOX, Gap.

  20. Marta Comment #24

    You look amazing! My favortite piece is the leather jacket and the jumpsuit.

  21. TERESA Comment #25

    The blend of textures is amazing. Love the dress, Love the jeacket even more. Gorgeous shoes and purse.


  22. Natali Comment #26

    You look absolutely breathtaking!!! Love, LOVE this dress!

  23. Tamia Comment #27
  24. Savannah Comment #28

    This outfit is stunning! I love your hair, the jacket is such a cool colour I’ve never seen a leather jacket in burgundy before! x

  25. It's About LA Comment #29

    Stunning outfit, love everything about this look, the leather jacket matche so well with the beautiful dress and those shoes are amazing!


  26. Marjolein Comment #30

    I just love your dress <3 this look is absolutely stunning.

  27. Maggiecallife Comment #31

    Wow! This outfit is so art! I love the dress, the colors are brilliant. And the leather jacket works perfectly with it, even I would want to buy it for myself :)

  28. Sabina B Comment #32
  29. Caroline Comment #33

    Oh wow, the jumpsuit is absolutely stunning, and couldn’t go better with the Proenza jacket, so lush !
    I don’t really like the Giuseppe, but of course you pull them off perfectly !

  30. Cosetes de Marta Comment #34

    What a lovely dress!
    Is spectacular!
    The sandals are the most beautiful that i’ve never seen!!
    New post. Beach Bag. Light BLue and name.

    Te dejo mi nuevo post. Capazos para el verano. Light Blue & Name.

  31. Whitney V Comment #35

    The dress is stunning, you should def wear maxis more!! The shoes are to die for, amazing!!! I do love your jacket but not with the rest of the outfit, maybe different shoes and clutch as they’re very very elegant? But as usual, looking gorgeous :)


  32. Eni Comment #36
  33. Alina Ermilova Comment #37

    WOW! You look incredible! I love absolutely everything about this look!


  34. el armario de la nena Comment #38

    this is a fabulous outfit. I´m in love :)

  35. The Fashion Brook Comment #39

    Wow! Amazing!

    The Fashion Brook

  36. The Fashion Fraction Comment #40
  37. claudia Comment #41

    You’re amazing!! I really love everything but specially the jacket

  38. Debbie Comment #42

    Your look is stunning!! I hope you enjoyed Florence!

  39. patricia Comment #43
  40. SweetMona Comment #44


  41. Dimitra Comment #45

    In love with this outfit!! Perfection!!

  42. vilamores Comment #46

    The print of this dress is incredible. What colors!
    I invite you to visit my blog. Today Elvira Madigan, a wonderful movie…

  43. Kiki Comment #47

    Love it.

  44. Tamara Comment #48

    Nice sandals and jacket!

  45. Gemma Talbot Comment #49

    Your whole outfit is absolutely stunning! I love all the finishing touches too with the heels and clutch x

  46. fran Comment #50

    I love your amazing style!!!!kisses

    I have the most beautiful spanish sunset in the blog today, with one outfit

    NEW SPECIAL OUTFIT IN MY BLOG: atlantic sunset

  47. nat Comment #51

    wow such a beautiful outfit!
    love the jacket and bag

  48. Alexsandra Bernhard Comment #52

    Such a gorgeous look, love your hair here x


  49. Grace Comment #53

    What a gorgeous dress! Love that dark jacket! Adds such a great touch to the whole look!

  50. Kate Wilson Comment #54
  51. María Liberatto Comment #55

    love love love the bag and the sandals

  52. Eva Comment #56

    Oh wow, the print of the jumpsuit is amazing. And with the touch of that clutch, gorgeous xx

  53. Karina Cretu Comment #57

    Your look is to die for! Great styling.
    NEW POST on

  54. Fashionably Sparkly Comment #58

    WOW! I love the print of the jumpsuit! but the embellishment on the handbag is my favorite part of the outfit.

    Fashionably Sparkly

  55. Paige Comment #59

    I’m loving the print of your jumpsuit!

  56. Heidi D. Comment #60

    OMG, you look insane! So beautiful!

    Heidi D.

  57. Klaudia Comment #61
  58. Amalia Comment #62

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  59. Elizabeth Hawn Comment #63
  60. Kimberly Ann Comment #64

    This whole outfit is amazing, but I seriously LOVE that jacket! The color is perfect!


  61. Lidia Comment #65


  62. Lidia Comment #66

    I love your style so much- greetings from Europe!

  63. Janina Comment #67

    Omg I love the print of that dress. Also the slit on the side looks great
    XO janina

  64. Pinker Please Comment #68

    Amazing outfit!! You look gorgeous!

  65. Grace Denny Comment #69

    So so jealous of all your Florence snaps! It’s one of my favourite cities!! Love the way you styled the dress. That clutch is STUNNING!

    XO, G from grace’d

  66. StyleSpectra Comment #70
  67. Andres Poiche Comment #71


  68. Purpurina Rebelde Comment #72

    Guauuu me encanta todo. Un beso guapa

  69. Adri Comment #73

    Amazing amazing look! The print of the dress is stunning! Love the mix of edge you added!
    xo Adri

  70. Madison Martine Comment #74

    Gorgeous outfit!

    Madison Martine

  71. Fortune Tarantola Comment #75

    You look fabulous! The addition of the leather jacket definitely made this look more you. Those shoes are to die for!

  72. Stephanie Comment #76

    Wow amazingly beautiful styling, love how you put this look together, everything compliments each other well 😉


  73. monkeyshines Comment #77
  74. Adriana Comment #78

    Love the jumpsuit it is so you 😉

  75. Lauren Comment #79

    love this combo of pieces, i really love your hair too the colours reflect it so well :)
    Lauren x
    Britton Loves | Fashion Lifestyle + Photography –

  76. Sasha Comment #80

    I’m in love with those shoes!

  77. Fashionandcash Comment #81

    WOW! beautiful dress and bag

  78. Jen Comment #82

    Such a gorgeous dress! Looks lovely on you. x

  79. Alice Young Comment #83

    You look soo amazing, you beaut! Love the clutch!

    The Velvet Black // UK Style, Beauty & Lifestyle Blog

  80. Lindsay Comment #84

    Love the dress!

  81. Gabriela Merino Comment #85

    Pretty!! Check out my blog

  82. Faraloo Comment #86

    Great look! Love the jacket <3

  83. Kelsey Comment #87

    I’m in love with that jacket! You look amazing!! What an honor to be chosen for that experience! Congratulations!


  84. Christina Comment #88

    Holy crap, this is a FABULOUS look! I literally LOVE everything…the dress, the clutch, the jacket, the SHOES! WOW! Great styling! Sounds like such a fun event. I studied in Florence years ago and used to go there often. It is a magnificent city!

    Check out my latest blog post when you get a chance. Would love to hear your thoughts!


  85. Anastasia Comment #89

    Bordo color suits you perfectly well!

  86. Chrystin Comment #90

    Everything about this look is just perfection! What a gorgeous colored jacket, as well! And, I have to say that I LOVE your new haircut—it really suits you well!

    Kisses from Buenos Aires xx

  87. Dreamy Gamine Comment #91

    You’re such a goddess! Xo

  88. Courtney Comment #92

    Love pants like these! Perfect for the summertime!

  89. StyleGodis Comment #93

    Such a cute outfit Jules!! <3

  90. pipa Comment #94

    Stunning look!!!

  91. Kierra Lofton Comment #95

    That bag is a show stopper. The entire outfit is beautifull. Its refreshing to see such dark colors in summer. I love leather and deep burgundy!

  92. Mar Comment #96

    Un vestido genial!!! Me encanta!!
    Un acierto con todos los complementos!!
    Un beso y feliz fin de semana!!!

  93. Julie Comment #97

    OMG!!! Dress is amazing!!


  94. Mónica Sors Comment #98

    Wow, lovely style, love the shoes!!

    Mónica Sors

  95. Sassique Comment #99

    Love everything about this look! The burgundy motorcycle jacket brings an interesting touch to your glamorous dress

  96. Elli M. Comment #100

    Your hair is PERFECT!!

  97. Purpurina Rebelde Comment #101
  98. I Showed Up In Boots Comment #102

    BEAUTIFUL! This dress is so stunning and love how it looks with the dark purple jacket.



  99. Laiyin Comment #103

    What a beautiful look in amazing colours!!

    Love from Munich, L


  100. Q Comment #104
  101. The Provoker Comment #105

    THAT print is beyond stunning, am totally blown away by this look with the perfect accessories! Loves it JULES! By the way, I just bought the new DIOR COUTURE EMBROIDERED SNEAKERS by Raf Simons! They are guaranteed to be the most provoking footwear I owned till date, please do tell me what you think, you seriously need to check them out! #DIOR

    xx The Provoker

  102. Monica Comment #106

    that print is absolutely amazing – love it paired with that deep maroon leather jacket. the answer to leather is always yet.
    majestic as fcuk.

    mon |

  103. Elianass Comment #107

    Yeeeeeah! Like This! ❤️❤️❤️ Aamazing! ❤️

  104. Valencia M. (Seams of Style) Comment #108

    That jacket is so killer! Goes beautifully with that dress! <3


  105. ivanasworld Comment #109

    so beautiful :) Love it :0

  106. In My Dreams Comment #110

    Beautiful and I love your hair!!

  107. Haine bebelusi Comment #111

    This jacket really is perfect!

  108. Jint Comment #112

    Wauwwww your jacket is to die for!!!

  109. María Comment #113

    Gorgeous jacket. Amazing color.
    Lots of love, xx

  110. Makayla Comment #114

    This dress is gorgeous!

  111. Joyce Comment #115

    Wow, gorgeous! The print on that dress looks amazing and the clutch is stunning. I’m speechless, I think I’ve never seen a look this great. Wow…
    Would you like to check out my blog?

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  113. Anne del Socorro Comment #117

    WOW! That outfit and those pictures are stunning.

    Anne del Socorro

  114. Alena Comment #118

    This post is just beautiful! Loving this collaboration!

    Take care,
    Alena | meet me stylish

  115. Thankfifi Comment #119

    The dress is divine! It’s a dream of mine to one day be invited – maybe I’ll see you there…x


  116. Justine Erica Comment #120

    That bag is gorgeous! Two of my favorite colors – baby pink & blue!

    Miss Justine E

  117. Marle Comment #121

    Gorgeous dress! I also love your hand jewellery and nailpolish!

  118. Erika Comment #122

    This look is beyond fantastic! You look incredible—I’m in love with the color palette! :)

  119. Natasha Comment #123

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