Oaxaca Diary.


Finally! My last share of photos from the beautiful state of Oaxaca.

Words can’t describe how much I love and adore my country- México, but most importantly how proud I am to be Mexican. States like Oaxaca definitely take my appreciation for my country, people, culture and history to another level. Oaxaca has definitely become one of my top destinations to travel to, get away and enjoy the richness of what they have to offer.


Take a peek at what I’m talking about… more than likely,  you’ll fall in love too. Enjoy!

Te quiero mi México lindo y querido!

ps- Also, check out the cool video from my good friend Fernando from one of my favorite Oaxacan restaurants in L.A, Guelaguetza, made of me during our first trip to oaxaca back in December… forgot to share the first time, so here it is (down below)!

oaxaca4.jpg_effected oaxacadiary1.jpg_effected oaxacadiary7.jpg_effected oaxacadiary.jpg_effected oaxaca5.jpg_effected oaxacadiary3.jpg_effecteddiary3 oaxacadiary2.jpg_effected oaxacadiary6.jpg_effecteddiary oaxacadiary20.jpg_effecteddiary1oaxacadiary19.jpg_effectedoaxacadiary10.jpg_effecteddiary6oaxacadiary4.jpg_effectedoaxacadiary22.jpg_effectedoaxacadiary23.jpg_effecteddiary4oaxacadiary18.jpg_effecteddiary5oaxacadiary16.jpg_effectedoaxacadiary11.jpg_effectedoaxacadiary15.jpg_effected

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  1. Mira Comment #1

    Wow wow wow amazing shots :)

    xx Mira

  2. Lisa Comment #3

    Wow. This looks so amazing.
    The pictures look breathtaking!

  3. Alexandra Comment #4

    Stunning pictures! Some of them are so hauntingly beautiful…

    — Alex at Cashmere Kangaroo

  4. Natali Comment #6

    So many beautiful photos! Thank you for the inspiration!

  5. Cristina Comment #7
  6. carol Comment #8

    wonderful pics ! must be an amazing place to stay or visit :)

  7. Corinna Comment #9

    I love Mexico! I enjoyed my time there so much. So colourful and the people are amazing. I didn’t get to try temazcal though, sounds amazing. I’ll have to try it next trip.

  8. Regina Comment #10

    Love you, your Posts and your Outfits sooooo much!! <3<3

  9. ivanasworld Comment #11

    great pictures :)

  10. Oline Ama Comment #12
  11. tiphaine Comment #13

    oh wow, these few shots are amazing jules!! thank you so much for sharing :)

    xx tiphaine

  12. Whitney Comment #14

    Looks so beautiful and rich with culture, great pics!! :)


  13. Purpurina Rebelde Comment #15
  14. Mónica Sors Comment #16

    Enjoy México, nice country!!

    Mónica Sors

  15. Patti Comment #17

    Oaxaca looks beautiful! Definitely one to add to my travel bucket list!

  16. Cris Comment #18

    The pics are amazing! They make me wanna travel there :)

  17. YZ Chan Comment #19

    Stunning photos! I would love to visit Mexico one day. x

    Nerve Wires

  18. YZ Chan Comment #20

    Stunning photos! I would love to visit Mexico one day. x

    Nerve Wires

  19. My Style Diary Comment #21

    Wow, everything looks so beautiful! Would love to travel there today even if it’s just for the delicious looking food!

  20. It's About LA Comment #22

    Such beautiful place, your photos are really nice, like your outfits 😉


  21. GAP Comment #23

    Realt stunning shoots! I’d love to be there!!
    XOX, Gap

  22. Saša Comment #24

    Great photos! Looks like an amazing place!

  23. tunuevolook Comment #25

    love your sandals!
    Visit my blog: Tu Nuevo Look

  24. STYLONYM Comment #26

    Stunning pictures, what a beautiful place!


  25. Joyce Comment #27

    Wow those are some beautiful pictures! Such great quality! And you looked gorgeous as always :)

  26. Savannah Comment #28

    What a lovely place xoxo

  27. Fashion Party blog Comment #29

    Lovely photos, I love your colorful bracelets!

  28. Shoshana Comment #30

    The architectural photos are absolutely stunning. Thank you for sharing with us.

  29. Grace Comment #31

    SO lovely. Love all of these detail shots! What a gorgeous place!

  30. Elizabeth Hawn Comment #32
  31. Nadine Comment #33

    These photos are so, so beautiful. I miss Mexico very much!


  32. WEAR EAT LOVE Comment #34

    Beautiful place!

  33. Kimberly Ann Comment #35

    Wow – that looks gorgeous! I’ve never gone but I would love to go to Mexico one day. It seems beautiful!!


  34. SweetMona Comment #36

    beautiful pics, love it!
    new look on my blog!

  35. You Had Me At Vogue Comment #37

    you always have amazing photos! xx

  36. Valerie Comment #38

    Beautiful photos Jules!

  37. Cynthia Comment #39

    Great travel photos and video!
    Still haven’t been to Mexico but would love to go there in the near future!
    Also can’t believe you were able to wear a leather jacket– would have thought it is extremely hot there! x


  38. Jen Comment #40

    lovely photos, a beautiful city and you captured it well! :)

  39. Laiyin Comment #41

    Beautiful travel diary!!

    Love from Munich, L

  40. Ari Comment #42

    Oaxaca is one of the most beautiful places on earth!! You really transmit that vibe in your diary and video! xx- Ari

  41. francesca Comment #43

    beautiful photos! I can’t wait to go there!
    Frank Vinyl

  42. Caroline Comment #44

    The first outfit has to be one of my favourite of yours !
    The pictures are beyond stunning, some of them should even be framed !

    Would love to visit Mexico one day :)

  43. Alina Ermilova Comment #45

    I really loved the video and the photographs! This place is gorgeous!


  44. Hana Comment #46
  45. Maria Comment #47

    Beautiful pictures! It seemed like such a lovely and relaxing trip.

  46. Cara Sivara Comment #48

    Love these beautiful pictures! So much color & details!!
    xx Cara

  47. Cheyenne Comment #49

    Beautiful photos Jules, Mexico really is such a beautiful country. It’s also great that it’s not too far from Cali :)
    xx Cheyenne

  48. Yashira Comment #50

    Wow love your photos, they are so colourful, really captures the essence of the culture!

    xoxo from

  49. lola Comment #51

    Estás guapísima como siempre y las imágenes fabulosas!

  50. julie Comment #52

    what an amazing time and that spa treatment sounds amazing glad you had a great time! Would def love to see Oaxaca someday it’s so rich in architecture and culture…loved the video as well loved when u were hugging that stone pillar so cute! xo


  51. Adri Comment #53

    I’ve never been to Oaxaca and you really captured so much of it’s beauty that it’s now on my travel list.
    xo Adri

  52. melissa Comment #54

    Gorgeous photos Jules and that video was awesome!

  53. Miri Comment #55

    WOW! Beautiful photos!


  54. Jaclyn Comment #56

    My mom went to Oaxaca and she felt the same way you did. She said it was absolutely charming and one of the best places she’s visited in Mexico by far. Gorg photos, btw.

    check my blog:

  55. María Comment #57

    Wow. What a beautiful place! Love the pictures. The blue and black dresses are my favourites. Incredible outfits dear!
    Lots of love, xx

  56. Claire Comment #58
  57. Enikő Schmidt Comment #59

    Wonderful photos! I’ve never been to mexico, but would love to good there one day.

  58. Fiona Comment #60

    LOVE your little outfit! you photos are amazing too!

    would love if you would check out my new blog!


  59. Stephanie Comment #61

    Beautiful pictures for sure! Love love them!


  60. Chris Comment #62

    it’s good to be proud of your country. The pictures are lovely, just like the previous! Love the outfit with the black dress!

    X Chris

    • Katie Comment #63

      Beautiful photos! I agree. I love the black dress! Where is it from?

  61. ediot Comment #64

    obsessed with these photos
    so nice
    thanks for letting us in on your trip your stunner.

  62. Sanja Comment #65

    Beautiful pics and perfect outfits!

  63. jaclyn hand Comment #66

    Looks like an amazing place to visit!

  64. Reichel Comment #67

    I would love to visit, looks really amazing :)

  65. Idalia Comment #68

    Im planning on visiting for my bday! thanks for the lovely photos!


  66. Annie Comment #69

    lovely photos!!! I love anyone on here to check out my blog, follow me and leave a comment and I’ll follow you back!!

  67. monkeyshines Comment #70
  68. Marie Liv Comment #71
  69. Grace Comment #72

    Oh ! god.. it looks like such a beautiful place!!!!!!! with an amazing culture!!!
    Love your outfits there!

  70. Chrisslee Comment #73

    Fuhreakin’ gorgeous! Definitely putting this on my bucket list


  71. ALbertine Comment #74

    I’ve never been to Mexico but it looks amazing in your pics!

  72. nogagui Comment #75

    Las fotos estupendas!

    Me encanta el bolso!!

  73. Cosetes de Marta Comment #76

    What a lovely trip!!!

    I let you my new post. Beach Bag Light Blue and Ballarines
    Te dejo mi nuevo post. Capazo Light Blue y Bailarinas

  74. Helen Comment #77
  75. 2minutos Comment #78

    Wowwwwwww, amazing pics!

  76. Purpurina Rebelde Comment #79
  77. ByMe Comment #80

    Love this photos…

    ( )

  78. Michelle Lee Comment #81
  79. Sassique Comment #82

    Nice! Those photos are perfect, they are the illustration of a perfect summer

  80. Sarita Comment #83

    Amazing photos!!
    with love <3 <3

  81. amanda fontenot Comment #84

    This is seriously the coolest post!! Photography is amazing and so are your looks! Love it.

    xo, a.f.

  82. jasmin Comment #85

    beautiful pictures, love your white shirt. Cant wait to be soon in mexico.

  83. Jessica Comment #86

    What a beautiful place!

  84. Rachel Comment #87

    Beautiful photos! Love your shoes! I think these Chinese Laundry sandals would be perfect for a vacation getaway!

  85. Anastasia Comment #88

    Sure, Mexico has so much beauty and history to offer! Love your point of view on travel destination and the attention to the beauty of little details:)

  86. Xenia Metelski Comment #89

    amazing pics, wanna visit it too :) so much colours!

  87. Elena Comment #90

    Por que, siendo mejicana, no escribes un poquito en español?

  88. MI MUSA DREAMS Comment #91

    Great post, it’s nice to see how proud you feel about your country. I’m going to mexico in October. So excited!!!
    Besos desde España.


  89. Su nd Chris Comment #92

    Awesome pictures, the food looks so good!

    xx Su

  90. Tonya Comment #93

    I always love seeing all of your travel pics on Instagram! Gives me more desire to go explore. Beautiful photos!

  91. alix de Beer Comment #94

    Waouuuuh looove the video! so cooool!
    Beautiful moments, thanks for sharing your amazing trip with us! 😉

  92. Amarílis Alves Comment #95

    Come to Brazil, please!!! Lov u

  93. Fashionandcash Comment #96

    I love you pictures from travel, your last outfit is amazing!

  94. Camille Comment #97

    That video was great !

  95. Georgina Comment #98

    I feel so grateful to be able to visually experience your beautiful country even through your blog post. Your pride in where you come from is wonderful Julie and thank you so much for sharing. I have been following for some time but this is the first time I have commented, but thank you for all that you do xo

  96. Niz Cherradi Comment #99

    This post really makes me wanna visit Oaxaca!!

    Thanks for sharing Jules.

    -X- Niz

  97. Lynn Comment #100

    Stunning! The only thing I know about Oaxaca is Guelaguetza – what do you like to order there?

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  99. Jenaly Comment #102

    Beautiful photo diary…jealous!!!

  100. Andres Poiche Comment #103
  101. Abby Comment #104

    Im so jealous! Makes me want to go back soon!

  102. Oana Comment #105

    These are amazing photos, looks like a fantastic place to visit!
    I just got back from Paris and Barcelona: check out my photos if you have the chance!

  103. Infinity Lo' Comment #106

    Mexico el pais de mi corazon <3
    Que bonitas fotos y me encanta tu blog.
    Have a nice day :)

  104. Regie Esor Comment #107

    Me encanto, Oaxaca es un estado maravilloso !! Loved it, Great pictures and video clip too.

  105. Jordan Cortés Comment #108

    I see you love Oaxaca! you must visit my town, Putla Villa de Guerrero on February 6th, 7th, 8th and 9th we celebrate a Carnival. My town is a few hours from Oaxaca. you are going to love and you are going to see an other part of Oaxacan Culture and testing the most delicious food of Oaxaca.