White Oaxaca.


Finally sharing my photos from Oaxaca! Seems so long since I was there, but happy I’m sorta catching up with my photos.

We visited Oaxaca, México last December for the first time and I immediately fell in love. It has so much charm that it was hard not to comeback to visit soon. From the colorful pebbled streets to the beautiful ornate churches and the most amazing food you can ever taste, Oaxaca has definitely become my go-to destination! It’s beauty and culture definitely make it easy for me to love and appreciate my Mexican heritage.

This second time around, we decided to invite our close friends, Amber + Baxter, to join us. We contacted our dear friend and “Oaxaca King”, Omarsito, to help plan our trip. He put together the most fun and adventurous itinerary for us and helped score us brownie points with Amber and Baxter… they were pretty impressed with the itinerary! Yay!

We stayed at this super darling B&B, El Secreto, which is centrally located and walking distance from cool bars, restaurants, shops and the main cathedral. For Day 1 of our trip, we had breakfast at our B&B and headed off to Monte Alban to see the ruins. We spent most of our morning at the archaeological site exploring and taking photos.

We then headed to CASA to check out the art center and recycled paper factory. There were these beautiful jewelry pieces made out of paper (see below in cream sweater + navy blue necklace) and I couldn’t help but try on almost every single piece with admiration. For lunch, we ate at this very home-y place called La Biznaga. We enjoyed yummy micheladas and homemade tlayudas (aka mexican pizza). We stopped by downtown to enjoy ice cream and people watch! Best combo!

We wrapped up our busy, but fun, day back at our B&B for snacks and to freshen up before we headed to dinner. Seriously, the best thing about Oaxaca is the food, so I was happy that we had plans to eat all day long!

Here’s a a small glimpse of what my first day in Oaxaca consisted of! Enjoy!

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  1. Mahsa (the Crushworthy) Comment #1

    Love the white hot for summer! Great shots!

  2. Daisy Comment #4

    I love love your outfit! All white outfits are everything!

    Daisy x

  3. mIchele lobosco Comment #6

    Super beautiful pictures…!


  4. jasmin Comment #7

    love the total white look, as always beautiful pictures. enjoy your time in london.

  5. TERESA Comment #8

    Great pictures! I like the white top!


  6. Emma Comment #9

    Super cute crochet top. This all white look is making you look gorgeously tan!

  7. Suzie Q Comment #10

    Beautiful photos! Looked like an amazing trip! Love the all white ensemble. So summer perfect!

    Suzie Q

  8. Terra Comment #11

    Gorgeous pictures! I love the all white is so crisp and chic!

  9. Andres Poiche Comment #12
  10. Lauryn Comment #13

    You look beautiful! And tan! Wish I was there.

    xo Lauryn
    Lauryncakes | Beauty & Fashion

  11. Rhea Comment #14

    Such beautiful pictures! Love what you’re wearing!

  12. Cheyenne Comment #15

    Beautiful photos Jules, you look amazing!

  13. anastasia Comment #16

    What a picturesque travel-diary! I love how you combine travel landscapes with personal outfits pictures!

  14. Ari Comment #17

    Beautiful pictures!! I love Oaxaca, it is one of the most beautiful places in Mexico! xx- Ari

  15. monkeyshines Comment #18
  16. Nidia Comment #19

    I need to tan! Haha love how gorgeous this white looks! Beautiful as alwaysb

  17. Kiara King Comment #20

    This place looks absolutely incredible! I love your collection of photographs, especially how they put a less ‘touristy’ and more personal perspective on the location.

    I adore this white-on-white outfit, but especially the espadrilles! You’re so damn tan girl!

  18. Janina Comment #21

    These photos look amazing!!
    XO Janina

  19. Helen Comment #22

    Great photos Jules! I love your white outfit xx

  20. Jenelle Comment #23

    What stunning views and buildings. It reads like a great trip. I love this fresh knit on you Jules. Thanks for sharing- better later than never.
    xx Jenelle

  21. Natali Comment #24

    Beautiful photos and location is outstanding! You look great in this all white outfit :)

  22. BARBARA Comment #25

    Great photos! I’m planning on going to Mexico to spend our honeymoon. It looks like a beautiful country. We want to go to Riviera Maya and visit Tulum. I know you’ve been there, would you recommend it?
    Kisses from Spain


  23. Asia Comment #26

    Great all-white outfit, it goes so well with your beautiful skin :)

  24. Jenny Tsang Comment #27

    Love the crochet top, and the sandals are lovely.

    xo Jenny

  25. It's About L.A Comment #28

    Love this outfit, the design of the knit at the back is very nice, great styling!


  26. alix de Beer Comment #29

    You’re just gorgeous all in white!! It’s perfect with your tanned skin!!! Love your crochet top!!!

  27. Marta Comment #30

    Love the whole outfit.. a total white outfit looks great on you!

  28. ReCreándome Comment #31

    Pretty amazing pictures!!! In especial, milkshakes umMMMM

  29. The Provoker Comment #32

    Once again proof that accessories really makes the look here, the necklaces and dainty bracelets are all wonderful Jules! Also, you must check out my recent big collaboration with luxury retailer and feature their rare HERMES BIRKIN BAGS! I had soooo much fun with the styling, please tell me what you think. Items feature include acne bikers, dries shirts, msgm shoes, karen walker sunnies, celine trousers etc.. Very #PROVOKING!

    xx The Provoker

  30. Albertine Comment #33

    Beautiful outfit and beautiful location!

  31. Sanja Comment #34

    Love white outfits! Great top and beautiful pics!

  32. Valerie Comment #35

    Love this outfit!!

  33. Reichel Comment #36

    You look so so beautiful! Love your espadriles <3 <3

  34. Su nd Chris Comment #37

    Awesome! Love your white look so much!

    xx Su

  35. Laura Comment #38

    You look amazing! I love this outfit


  36. claudia Comment #39

    Love this total white look, it really brings out your tan!

  37. Mediamarmalade Comment #40

    Love his look and the double white! You look fab and the pics are perfect

    Mel x

  38. Debbie Comment #41

    White clothes on dark skin = love!

  39. Mary Comment #42

    beautiful pictures! I love visiting historic old towns, they hold so much charm and romance! I can’t wait to visit Mexico one day xxx


  40. Julie Comment #43

    Beautiful pics and outfit!


  41. Vivian Comment #44

    Loving the white on white, gorgeous photos~

    LIVE . IN . LOVE ✞


  42. Whitney Comment #45

    Beautiful pictures, looks amazing!! The necklace is so pretty, I love getting unique, crafted pieces in my travels, too!! Love the fact that they’re special and have a good memory attached to them!! x



  43. Cristina Comment #46
  44. Laiyin Comment #47

    Love this all in white look!!

    Love from Munich, L

  45. Paulina Comment #48

    I love the total white look. I am Mexican too and I love it when fashion bloggers promote Mexican places, particularly ones as beautiful as Oaxaca. Well done Jules!

  46. Dominique Comment #49

    you look amazing!


  47. Dominique Comment #50

    you look amazing!


  48. Miss Key Comment #51

    These photos are amazing, they are perfect for a magazine. Love the look, it have a simple lines and neutral colors. It’s so easy and chic. Love the sweater and these shoes are so cool

  49. STYLONYM Comment #52

    Beautiful pictures, great white outfit .. looks like a perfect day :)


  50. Eva Comment #53

    Love this all white look. So fresh and clean! xx

  51. Heartbeat Comment #54

    Great look!
    best regards from Spain :)

    heartbeat blog

  52. SweetMona Comment #55

    I love white look in summer!

  53. Saša Comment #56

    You look amazing!

  54. Vilamores Comment #57

    I really love the top!!! The back is beautiful!!
    Kisses from Madrid!!

  55. Klaudia Comment #58
  56. anita Comment #59

    your outfit is simple, perfect and fresh

  57. Jessica Comment #60

    I love those espadrilles! All your photos are amazing!

  58. Monique Comment #61

    You look gorgeous in all white! I have never been to Mexico but these pictures are awesome, I hope I can go someday!
    Casually Chic by Monique
    Follow me on: bloglovin’ & facebook

  59. Megan Comment #62

    Oaxaca is such a colorful, vibrant place..all white is very fitting <3

  60. Laura Gorshe Comment #63

    All photos are so beautiful.
    Your outfit is really lovely and I love your shoes.
    Really nice :)

  61. Elizabeth Hawn Comment #64

    absolutely love this outfit!

  62. Grace Comment #65

    What a beautiful place! I love the all white look…and these photos are just gorgeous!

  63. WEAR EAT LOVE Comment #66


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  64. Isida Comment #67

    Love the pics and your outfit!

  65. Nissi Mendes Comment #68

    Love the Look!


  66. Caroline Comment #69

    You wear white like no other with your tan ! LOVE the Céline sandals you paired the ensemble with, and the fabulous pics really make me want to go to Mexico :)

  67. Michelle Lee Comment #70
  68. Sabrina Comment #71

    I love that navy necklace, and it’s even more awesome that it’s paper out of paper! The bright colors and livelihood are my favorite things about Mexico.


  69. nikki Comment #72

    love those sandals!


  70. Catarina Magalhaes Comment #73
  71. In My Dreams Comment #74

    love an all white outfit!!

  72. Cris Comment #75

    Great outfit! The sandals look so comfy!

  73. Heidi D. Comment #76

    Love the all-white! These photos are so stunning.

    Heidi D.

  74. Madison Martine Comment #77

    Gorgeous pictures! Love the all white outfit!

    Madison Martine

  75. Hana Comment #78
  76. Hazel Comment #79

    Wow.. So jealous of your tan. Plus I love that sweater!!!

    Follow me on Instagram: @theskimplelife

  77. ROMANTIC TEA Comment #80

    This place is truly beautiful ! Nice outfit as well :)

  78. Fashionandcash Comment #81

    Beautiful sweater, I love it…

  79. Leesa Comment #82

    love the skirt!

  80. Adri Comment #83

    Your travels to Mexico really have me craving to go! Loving this all white look especially with your tan!
    xo Adri

  81. Lauren Comment #84

    Looks like you are having a fab vacay

  82. Erica M Comment #85

    Your tan skin glows beautifully against the white outfit. The sweater is gorgeous.
    I’ve never been to Mexico before, but your photos make it seem like it’s such a cultural and lively place.


  83. Makayla M. Comment #86

    I love this crisp white look! That sweater is a must have.

  84. Elise McVicar-Cassity Comment #87

    The all white looks amazing on you – absolutely love those sandals! Thanks for sharing those pictures with us, looks incredible there.

  85. PayLess4Brands Comment #88

    Very nice location, would like to visit one day for sure!! And the outfit is great! Love white, and that sweater is a killer!

  86. nicole Comment #89

    love your all white look so much :)
    xx nic

  87. Stessy Comment #90

    What beautiful pictures, and a gorgeous and minimalist outfit; loving the all white trend!

  88. Camille Comment #91

    Gorgeous pictures

  89. Paige Comment #92

    I’m loving this white out look! It’s so perfect for summer!


  90. Peppermint Dolly Comment #93
  91. Marina Comment #94

    SO beautiful! Love your style!!

  92. Katarzyna Comment #95


  93. Miri Comment #96

    Beautiful photos! You look stunning as always!


  94. Alexa Comment #97

    Hi Julie. I don’t know if you went while in Oaxaca, but if not, next time you should totally check out this beautiful place called Matria. It’s an “arterapeutico” garden. It’s a really inspiring place and I think it goes great with your bohemian style. You would love it.

  95. Jen Comment #98

    Love love love this! Such a fresh looking outfit! And that ice cream made me crave something sweet! x

  96. lucy Comment #99
  97. Ann Comment #100

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    Love de look! Today in mi blog bikini always!

  99. fashiondreamzz Comment #102

    Really love the pictures and the outfit!

  100. Jen Comment #103

    Love the all white look for summer, beautiful pictures!

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  102. Taylah Comment #105

    I am so in love with this outfit! And you’re photos are absolutely beautiful

    • Taylah Comment #106


  103. Annie Comment #107

    Fabulous photos!!!!! Love the white!!!!! Check out my blog, comment and I’ll follow you back!!!!

  104. Chris Comment #108

    Thanks for sharing, love it. Seems like a great place to go!!

    The white outfit you wearing is great, loving white in the summer (and black in winter :-) )

    Xo Chris

    ♥ ♥

  105. Albertine Comment #109

    Love this all white look and the location is fabulous!

  106. Mónica Sors Comment #110

    Amazing place, and lovely pictures!! Like it so much!!

    Mónica Sors

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  108. Purpurina Rebelde Comment #112
  109. Marika Comment #113

    I really love this total white, with your amazing tan it is just a perfect match!

  110. mvd Comment #114

    I can’t find the white mini skirt of Armani Exchange… And the other one you sugested from GAP is for children…

  111. Claire Comment #115
  112. Ketty Comment #116

    i like your all pics. location is also nice but i love the most is your dress.

  113. Jessica Comment #117

    Beautiful and very clean look! I really like it! 😀
    Please, check out my blog!


  114. Comtesse Sofia Comment #118

    This total look is gorgeous, above all with your tanny skin, your photos look great 😉
    I published a new post on my blog, don’t hesitate to read it! 
    Comtesse Sofia

  115. EMA Comment #119

    What a great look! We recently did an all white inspiration post, this should´ve been in it!


  116. I Showed Up In Boots Comment #120

    Love the crochet top, looks so fresh and crisp, especially against your olive skin!


  117. Julie Comment #121

    Love the outfit! and what a unique necklace, great piece :)

  118. Kate Comment #122
  119. Sarah Comment #123

    Those Vince espadrilles may be my favorite thing you feature on your blog. I’m always very drawn to them!

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  120. Nicole Comment #124

    Such a cute outfit!! I love your top and sandals! :)

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  121. Elianass Comment #125

    Totally white… so cute!! Nice casual outfit <3

  122. melissa Comment #126

    Such a gorgeous look Jules! Loving the all white ensemble!

  123. the fashion bloom Comment #127

    love everything about this outfit! please check out my fashion blog!

  124. Comment #128

    amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CHEK OUT MY NEW FASHION BLOG!

  125. Fortune Tarantola Comment #129

    Awesome photos. I love the all white outfit & that navy beaded necklace – so pretty!

  126. ivanasworld Comment #130

    Great white combination , perfect for the summer :)

  127. Stephanie Comment #131

    Perfect pics and outfit love, love it! Oaxaca looks amazingly beautiful :)


  128. Julieza Bee Comment #132

    Wow looks amazing there!!!! And your outfit definitely suits your trip :) You can never go wrong with all white!

  129. Purpurina Rebelde Comment #133
  130. el armario de la nena Comment #134

    fabulous outfit and pictures!

  131. Niz Cherradi Comment #135

    Great text and wonderful photo’s.
    Truly a perfect glimpse of your first day, impressive!

    I recently visited to Paris, see what it was like on

    Stay shining,


  132. patricia Comment #136

    beautiful white outfit! you look great :)

    xx Cashmeremafia

  133. Jackie Comment #137

    Love this sweater so much!


  134. María Comment #138

    Perfect sandals. Looks so comfortable.
    Lots of love, xx

  135. vanessa flores Comment #139

    Me encanta el look, eres genial. Eres mi blogger favorita. Un besazo enorme.

  136. Eni Comment #140

    Totally in love with your look…so stylish, so cool!!!
    Have a nice journey.

  137. Lindsay Comment #141

    Cute sweater!!

  138. Juan Comment #142

    I love your look! It is an elegant and casual style, full of puereza, neutral, colorless, natural … Good choice and I also love it because it is a comfortable look and perfect for walking. MINIMAL and “Less is more”

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  140. Chritina Comment #144

    Elegant, beautiful, wonderful, perfect? Those words can’t express my feeling. But the post is so amazing.

  141. You Had Me At Vogue Comment #145

    You are amazing, how do yout outfits always look amazing? xx love the gorgeous pics

  142. Juliet Comment #146

    This look from head to toe is pure perfection!!!

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  143. Nissi Mendes Comment #147

    Beaufitul! Angel in white :-)
    Instagram @nissi__

  144. Sofia Comment #148

    I just love your whole white outfit. I really get inspired by your beautiful chill look and the fact that your accessorizes are always perfect. My favorite blog ever :)

  145. Sofia Comment #149
  146. Doro Comment #150

    Pretty in White :-)

  147. Fashionista in the Oven Comment #151

    Great pics!! I love everything…


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    Love the sweater! Simple, causal and great for summer!

  151. Ksenia Sles Comment #155

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  153. ona Comment #157

    WOW! you look so wonderfully tanned, and such a great monochromatic look!

  154. Catarina Comment #158

    I’m going to oaxaca soon and came across your site. Any chance I could take a peek at your itinerary? :)

  155. Souri Comment #159

    Makes me dreaming of travelling again. Enjoy Oaxaca!

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  157. Ashly Comment #161

    Both of my parents are both from Oaxaca and visit Oaxaca at least once a year. Every time I visit I learn something new and it never gets old to me. I am completely in love with Oaxaca and I’m super glad you love it. In love with all of your pictures!!

  158. sisilalala Comment #162

    The scenery is so wonderful

  159. lanyding Comment #163

    Amazing outfit!!! It is good for summer~

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