Ruff, Ruff.


Ruffled sweater? Yes please! For fall and winter, you’ll usually see me in a knit chunky sweater but this pretty little ruffled sweater was a nice change of wardrobe. It simplicity makes it look so feminine and pretty.

This storets sweater came in perfect for holiday parties and work days at the SJ studio! When they say less is more, less is definitely more. Sticking to neutrals will never go out of style and adding delicate details like ruffles is the icing on the cake!

stoertsstoretsstoretsstoretsstoretsstoretsstorets stoerts10.jpg_effected storets11.jpg_effected

STORETS ‘Carolin’ ruffle sweater
LEVI’S vintage jeans
VALENTINO rockstud flats




When the Fall season comes and the weather drops, finding the right pieces that you can mix and match with the rest of your wardrobe becomes essential. Essential, because relying on those ‘key’ pieces will help re-work some of yours favorites into new, fresh looks.

I have an ongoing list for the things that I need to add to my closet, makes things easier to check off. I check my current closet situation and make a list of items that are a must-have for the season and make sure it goes hand-in-hand with the rest of my wardrobe.

First on the list is always, yes always, a pair of black booties. There’s nothing more classic and essential that a pair of Chelsea booties. These Everlane ‘Chelsea’ boots are the ideal pair, so stop your hunt for the perfect boot! These are the perfect height, soft leather and so comfy! Versatile too!

Second on the list, I aim to find a great cozy turtleneck because it’s such a luxe essential. I hate when any kind of sweaters are itchy and uncomfortable, it’s the worst feeling. This  awesome cashmere turtle neck is not only super soft but it’s lightweight enough to wear it by itself or layered with another jacket.

Turtlenecks, booties and wide brimmed hats are some of my go-to’s each Fall season. I have officially found my top two items that I can check off list this season from Everlane!


EVERLANE ‘Chelsea’ boot
EVERLANE ‘Donegal’ cashmere sweater
THE KOOPLES dress worn as skirt




When it comes to fitness, I try to stay active as much as I can and try to have a consistent workout regime. It gets a little tough at times especially when I’m constantly traveling back to back. It tends to break my momentum when I’m not at home.

For the most part though, I go to the gym three times a week and try to go running once a week. I workout at home on the days that I don’t go to the gym and try to work on eating healthier. Eating healthy is more of a challenge for me and I’m still trying to work on that but I’m slowly getting better at it. I’m learning about portions and having a solid diet to go hand in hand with working out. It’s challenging but it’s become my goal.

With all my constant traveling, working out becomes difficult to get to sometimes while I’m away. I usually have jammed packed days from morning to night leaving me no time to workout while I’m overseas. So I have to rely on watching what I eat, drinking water or having My MiraFit on with me.

Since I’m still slowly working on what I eat, the MiraFit bracelet is my alternative to keeping me on track. It’s a super stylish bracelet that helps you capture your daily activity. It is built to help women live healthier lives while not compromising looking and feeling stylish. It helps capture data from your daily activities and discover your daily habits, pretty damn good right?

I love this beautiful statement piece that looks so chic but also helps me live a healthier life, especially when I’m unable to hit the gym! Gotta keep my focus, my consistency and my goal! Looking good and being healthy takes a lot of work..but wearing smart technology like this makes the process a lot easier!

Side note, do you guys have any tips on how to be strict with a diet and be consistent with it? I just love sugarrrrrr and pastries and pasta! Help me!

With love…. xx

mirafitmira6.jpg_effectedmirafitmirafit mira8.jpg_effectedmirafitmira14.jpg_effectedmira9.jpg_effected

MIRAFIT bracelet 
ANINE BING fuzzy cardigan 
STYLESTAKER ‘Anna Wintour’ tee
GOLDEN GOOSE ‘Superstar’ low sneakers
CHLOE ‘Drew’ cross-body 
RAY BAN ‘original aviator’ sunnies