the Beauty Corner.

As promised, my daily make up products! I figured that if I was sharing my daily facial products with you, I might as well share my daily make up products too!

These products are what I use for my everyday look. I have other products, which I will share later, that I use for special occasions or when I have to attend events, but I still always wear these basics. These are pretty much things that I can’t live with out!

Here is a little info about each of the products and why I love them!

COVERFX CC CREAM medium/deep- This cream is amazing because it helps protect your skin while also providing coverage. It is long lasting – great for a long day of running around- and is constantly helping your skin throughout the day. It is a great base to start with and is so easy to build on top of!

LAURA MERCIER ‘Silk Creme’ FOUNDATION hazelnut beige- This is a great full coverage foundation. It goes on super smooth and gives you an amazing glow all day long.

KEVYN AUCOIN BEAUTY ‘The Foundation’ BRUSH- This is my go to foundation brush. It works with any and every kind of foundation. (powder, creme, liquid) It helps foundation go on super smooth and even.

NYX WONDER PENCIL- I love a nude pencil. This one is amazing to cover up little blemishes that seem to creep out during the day. You can also use it to line your waterline to quickly brighten your eyes.

SEPHORA COLLECTION FELT EYELINER- This is the easiest eyeliner you will ever use! The felt tip makes lines super clean and fine and so so easy to apply. It won’t smudge, so even if you forget that you are wearing make up you are safe. The best part is that it is as easy to take off as it is to put on.

LAURA MERCIER ‘Smooth Finish’ FOUNDATION POWDER 07 bamboo-  An amazing moisturizing powder! This is a great powder to add a smooth layer to the top of your makeup. My favorite part about it is that if it’s one of those days where you need a little extra coverage you have the option of putting it on wet and instantly those issues are covered up. Usually powders instantly dry you out, but this one is incredibly moisturizing which makes it extra great for the winter months.

BOBBI BROWN CREAMY CONCEALER KIT natural tan/pale yellow- Dark circles? Not a problem! This concealer kit is amazing to cover any dark circles. The concealer goes on super smooth and the pressed powder sets it with out causing and lines or creases.

ANASTASIA OF BEVERLY HILLS BROW KIT medium brown- Perfect kit to achieve those perfect brows! Comes with a great brush, gel, and perfect color to fill in those brows how ever you prefer. They have awesome color options for any brow color.

MAYBELLINE LASH DISCOVERY MASCARA very black- No clumpy lashes here! This mascara is amazing because it has a mini brush that gets all of my lashes. It is super easy to build on for extra length and volume. I have been using this mascara forever and it is honestly the best!

ESTEE LAUDER ‘Bronze Goddess’ BRONZER medium- Best bronzer ever. Enough said!

DIOR ‘Vibrant Color’ POWDER BLUSH rose- This blush is the perfect color! I blends wells with any other makeup you already have on and stays on all day. It is great to keep in your purse because it comes with a brush. Perfect when you are on the go!

GIORGIO ARMANI ‘Rouge d’Armani’ LIPSTICK #511- Lipstick is always a hard one. Sometimes it is just too much for the outfit. This lipstick is a great pink that looks natural and can be worn on the daily. You can also build it up if you do want that extra pink pop on your lips.

There you have it! My daily makeup products! I hope this helps you guys out when looking for great quality basic makeup products. I live by these, so I promise they are great! Always remember to apply makeup onto clean skin. This will help add to a smooth application and will help keep your skin gorgeous and glowing.

Let me know if there is anything else you are dying to see in the Beauty Corner. I love anything beauty and would love to share anything you guys want to know! xo


the Beauty Corner.

Finally, my beauty regimen! Many of you constantly ask about the products I use everyday to wash + moisturize my face as well as my ‘everyday’ make-up products. So here they are!

It’s fairly easy to have great skin to be honest, but I must admit, I wasn’t always good about being consistent with my face routine. I would always have those days when I would get home so late that the last thing I wanted to do was take off my make-up and wash my face, I was lazy. Those little things can really hurt your skin! Of course working out, drinking water and eating healthy make it that much easier to see a difference in your skin.

After a few of those nights where I wouldn’t remove my make-up, I noticed I would break out with a couple of blemishes here and there. My skin is really sensitive therefore not washing my face, eating junk food, or even being stressed out really shows up on my skin. So I made a pledge to myself to always remove my make-up and wash my face no matter how tired I am, every single day – twice a day.

It took me a while to get a really good routine going, but now that I have one, I’m sticking to it and have noticed a major difference. I used to get facials once in a while but was never consistent (again, here we go with consistency, see?), but decided to really make that a top priority now. There should be no if’s, and’s or but’s when it comes to your skin. We splurge on material things we really don’t need, so saving that extra money every month for a facial is far more important. I now get one hour facials every 3 weeks and my skin loves me for it. I also try to stick to the same products as much as I can so that my skin doesn’t react in a negative way to something new.

Another big part of having great skin for me is working out. I’ve never been much of a fitness girl to be honest, but as I’m getting older I’ve realized how important it is to be healthy with working out + eating healthy. This year I’ve teamed up with one of my friends to train me. We work out 3-4 times a week and focus on upper body, abs and legs the most. This is probably one of the most obvious things that I’ve noticed has helped my skin dramatically. My skin looks so great, blemish free when I work out 3-4 a week, it’s crazy. It feels pure and makes my skin have an amazing glow too. When I don’t workout, I start breaking out so I try to be consistent with the gym but it’s hard when I travel a lot, my routine gets all messed up.

So, get into a groove and work out, not only will you feel and look great (hello abs!) but your skin will be radiant!

Drinking water is the number ONE thing we should be consistent with. Your skin and body will thank you later. It really makes all the difference.

My routine is fairly simple in this order:


So there you have it, my top products I use on a daily basis. I don’t have perfect skin, but the more consistent I am with drinking water, working out and (trying!) to stay away from sweet pastries, the prettier my skin will look. Stick to a routine and pledge to yourself that your skin will come first. Your skin is definitely YOUR BEST ACCESSORY so take care of it. Splurge on the right products and facials instead of heels you really don’t need.

Stay tuned for more of the Beauty Corner editions! Any specific products you want to know about? Leave a comment…. I have my ‘everyday’ make-up products coming up and a hair product edition too! xo


Falling for Fall.

KOOBA crossbody bag  /  FOSSIL ‘Nate’ watch  /  ABS by ALLEN SCHWARTZ star earrings  /  JANESSA LEONE hat  /  T by ALEXANDER WANG wool coat  /  ACQUA di PARMA parfum /  CHELSEY silk scarf  / J CREW striped turtleneck  /  ISABEL MARANT ‘Crisi’ boots  / NARS liptstick  /  BOYY satchel  /  J CREW boyfriend jeans 

Totally fallin’ for fall more than ever right now since LA’s heatwave was brutal this summer. Now it’s all about those cozy knit sweaters, broken-in boots, that perfect scarf and slouchy jeans to make you feel great head to toe. I’m all about about soft neutrals like browns + greys during this season- makes everything look so good, plus it’s easier to mix n’ match things with.

These are my fall picks that’s i’ve been craving/eyeing… totally loving that big watch for fall! A hat is a definite MUST for this season… you know those bad hair days? Yep, my go-to accessory for the season! I love this grey wool one and this floppy one.

 Shopping Reminder: Shopbop is having their Family & Friends sale that will go on until tomorrow, Oct. 16th, with 25% off your entire purchase (YAY! Fall shopping here we come!) using the code FAMILY25.

Here’s some of my picks for fall to take advantage of with the sale!: