my style

my style

Rockin’ Gray.


When I’m at the SJ office, I try to wear pieces that can take me from running errands to having an unexpected meeting. It’s important for me to stay comfortable throughout the day but also looking great in a pair of statement heels, flats or fancy clothing item.

I’m very aware of the kind of silhouettes that flatter my body, I know what works and what doesn’t. I try to stay away from body-con type items because 1) it’s not my style and 2) it’s not really for my body type. I stick to flowy items because it complements my slim frame. When I do wear body-con pieces, I always try to make it more “me” by adding a leather jacket over my shoulders or plaid shirt/denim jacket as a wrap around.

I normally don’t ever wear body-con skirts but the comfiness of this one, sold me. I managed to make it more casual and added my own flavor by dressing it down with a simple tee and denim jacket. The fancy flats definitely added that extra oomph!

Are there any specific styling tricks you’d like for me to post about? Or maybe, my wardrobe essentials picks?  How to style a certain item a couple of ways? beauty routine? etc. let me know in the comment section below what YOU want to know and would like to see on SJ! I’m more than happy and excited to make a post dedicated to just that!

xrockstud.jpg_effected rockstud3.jpg_effected rockstud1.jpg_effected rockstud2.jpg_effected

EXPRESS mini skirt (bright color here + here)
ARITZIA Talula Edo denim jacket (similar here + here)
VALENTINO rockstud ballerina

my style

Dream Believe Achieve


Super quick post from today to let you know that our favorite, the one that started it all, Dream Believe Achieve tee is now back in stock at our shop, HERE! Yay!!!

It’s one of those classic tees that will never go out of style, it’s easy to style and the saying is my absolute favorite motto- definitely something we should all live by!