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my style



A little floral on denim action.. I hardly wear floral print blouses, but this print was subtle enough that it didn’t look like flowers which I loved.

For boyfriend jeans, there’s a couple of things I look for when buying a new pair:

  • FIT. Obivously the fit is the most important element here… it has to have the right slouchy and bagginess. I like them a little low-rise, perfect for it to hit right on my hips.
  • LENGTH. I always make sure to roll them up when I’m trying them on in the fitting room. I like to roll them up either one big one or twice and if it’s still a good length when they’re rolled up once or twice, then i’ll snatch them up!
  • WASH. I’m very picky when it comes down to the wash. The right color is key for me. I usually gravitate towards two washes: a medium-dark wash and a light-distressed wash. I don’t really like any particular bleach stains or anything like that just because that’s hard to wear more often. I also do love distressed holes- not overload but just about two holes, one on each leg for the right detail.

Now, I’m off to enjoy a happy weekend with loved ones! Hope you guys have one too! See you in my next post! xo

floral.jpg_effected floral1.jpg_effected floral2.jpg_effected

Blouse: Rebecca Taylor ( in short sleeve blouse)
Jeans: NSF
Boots: Isabel Marant
Sunglasses: Ray Ban 

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my style



You may or may have not notice but I re-wear a lot of the same pieces in my wardrobe quite often. I think style is about staying creative and being able to re-work what you already have over and over again..

Like this denim shirt… I lost count on how many times I’ve worn this, not including all the times I never photographed it for the blog. I somehow manage to freshen it up every time I end up wearing and its fun!

I’d say this outfit is a true example of what 1) summer should be like- easy breezy! and 2) all the right staples to get you through summer.

birks16.jpg_effected birks.jpg_effected birks1.jpg_effected birks6.jpg_effectedbirks8.jpg_effectedbirks12.jpg_effected birks11.jpg_effected birks4.jpg_effectedbirks3.jpg_effectedbirks9.jpg_effectedbirks15.jpg_effected
DURINGTHEDAY duringtheday3 duringtheday4

A couple of glimpses from my day: 1) Essentials at the office, 2) Picked up my favorite flowers at my favorite flower shop, Clementine Floral Works in Silverlake, 3) Lunch with the SJ team at one of our favorite Silverlake spots, Cafe Stella, 4) Enjoying my iced coffee.

Shirt: Madewell
Shorts: Madewell
Hat: Aritzia 
Sandals: Birkenstock
WatchL: Emporio Armani

my style

the Right Nude.


Sometimes all you need is three neutral colors: black, white and nude. The perfect nude is one of my favorite colors to wear in clothing but also in nails- it’s just so effortlessly sexy.

Kept it extra simple with this perfect nude color blazer and gorgeous star necklace FTW. Meetings should always make you feel determined and confident… this outfit for my meeting with a fun brand a couple of weeks ago definitely make me feel just that.

As you can tell from this look and my previous post, my hair is a lot shorter. I got some lengths chopped off a couple of weeks ago and although I was a little hesitant, i ended up loving the shorter hair. Now I can’t wait to go a bit shorter next week! Excited!!!

For all those that always ask about my hair and how I waved it/products I use- will try and put something together for you soon!


Blazer: Aritzia (similar color here, save + splurge)
Tee: Urban Outfitters
Suede skinnies: Anine Bing
Heels: Celine
Star necklace: Gabriela Artigas