my style

my style



My halloween look at the office- cool kitty! A little impromptu shoot at the office right after our little party is always a good idea, right?

I always say I’m going to make my costume and be creative but honestly, I leave it ’till the night before and always have to end up being a cat because well… it never fails.

Pretty uncreative and boring of me, but cats always make the cutest costumes anyway. There’s always next year!

Wishing everyone a happy and safe Halloween! xo

kitty15.jpg_effected kitty.jpg_effected kitty3.jpg_effected kitty1.jpg_effectedkitty10.jpg_effected kitty2.jpg_effected kitty6.jpg_effected kitty11.jpg_effected kitty13.jpg_effected kitty12.jpg_effected kitty5.jpg_effected kitty8.jpg_effected

MAURIE & EVE chimera sweater
ZARA leather skirt
SAINT LAURENT rangers studded boots
ANINE BING shoulder bag

my style



I love how easily a pair of bright, cool sneakers can elevate my look into sporty-chic (<— kinda  hate that word!) while being so comfortable working in the office and running errands around town.

Sneakers can be tricky sometimes to style especially if you feel/think you just left the gym when you wear them outside of the gym. Let me re-assure you that sneakers & sporty elements is definitely “in” and you don’t have to worry about feeling like you just ran 3 laps around the park because you’re wearing sneakers. The thing about fashion is that you’re supposed to have fun, try new things and experiment… so why not try a a pair of sneakers instead of your stilettos?

There’s a couple of things to remember when you feel like buying a pair of sneakers or wearing ones you already have.

  • Start slow- with classics. Don’t go all crazy (yet) and buy a bold pair of sneakers if it’s never been your thing or you’re not comfortable styling them. Start slow and ease into the whole sneaker thing. I suggest sticking to classics sneakers like New Balance 420s or 574’s with neutral colors like black, grey, navy blue. These colors go with pretty much everything.
  • Play it safe. Keep everything pretty simple and play it safe, that never fails. Wear easy silhouettes, like skinny jeans or leather skirts, to make the sneaker the center focus.
  • Find a style. Look for different style of sneakers and try a bunch of them on so that you know what looks great on you and what doesn’t. Make sure they complement your legs + ankles- you know, not too bulky, or too high that it cuts you off at the ankles, just some examples.
  • You wear the sneaker, don’t let the sneaker wear you. Wear those sneakers with confidence. It takes guts to be different, so why not start by wearing cool sneakers with an unexpected combo?
  • Be daring. Get out of your comfort zone and try different sneakers with bright, bold colors. They might feel loud and like you can’t pull it off, but trust me, you can. Remember, you can keep everything else super easy breezy and in neutral colors so you don’t feel like its too much. Daring is sexy.

Sneakers are my thing so I try to have fun with it and buy different kind of styles to fit my moods. For many of us who are always on the go, running to school from class to class or moms who chase their little ones around, sneakers are a girls best friend. Just have fun and don’t be afraid to try new things.



Keepin’ it extra neutral since the sneakers are neon and bright.


Crossbody bags are always a great way to wear sneakers- they complement each other so well!

newbalance9.jpg_effected newbalance10.jpg_effected

Pops of color definitely add such a cool detail to your overall look.

newbalance13.jpg_effected newbalance8.jpg_effectednewbalance1.jpg_effected

NEW BALANCE ‘Classic Traditionnels 574′ sneakers
JAMES JEANS ‘Twiggy Dancer’skinny jeans (new fave! Comfiest pair I own!)
FRENCH CONNECTION sweater ( i love this one, this one + this)
VALENTINO ‘Lock flap’ bag

my style



A little denim, tee and oversized jacket to ease into the new week! Yeaaaah!

Loungin’ in the new office… natural lighting everywhere with pretty windows. My kinda thing! Be prepared for more outfit photos inside the office, the lighting is just too perfect not to take photos!

The new office is currently on pause with decorating as I haven’t had time to get new furniture… but once I feel like it’s ready to go, I’ll do a full post on the SJ office tour!

Stay tuned and happy monday!

xmuse3.jpg_effected muse1.jpg_effected muse5.jpg_effectedmuse11

CANDELA utilitarian jacket
LEVI’S 501 shorts