Somedays Lovin’.


Hi loves! It’s been over a week that I last posted  and yes I feel terrible about it and I’m so sorry but there’s been a whirlwind of things going on and on top of that, I’ve been extremely sick with fever. I needed to unplug and really regroup myself because being sick while traveling definitely took a toll on me. I’m finally starting to feel well again, so bear with me!

This look makes me want to be back in Brasil. We visited Vila Madelena in São Paulo-  a super cool, hip middle class area where art, culture and a nightlife is very prominent.  It has a really great boho urban vibe and the walls (and sidewalks!) are covered in brightly colored murals, that are so incredible and undescribable. There are so many little hidden gems- coffee shops, restaurants, bars, samba clubs- scattered throughout the neighborhood. I really enjoyed walking around and exploring this amazing area of São Paulo.

We visited a few cool brand stores in the area like FARM and UMA with the ABEST team.  There is sooo much talent in Brasil that I left inspired to comeback and give 150% to our own Sincerely Jules brand. Their brands, their stores… I mean, they’re  really killin’ it out there.

This little ensemble was not only comfortable but it really did help blend in with the cool graffiti backgrounds. Nice to mix up a floral print with a pinstripe blazer- that casual cool vibe that I’m always into.

Stay tuned for more new photos as I have photos still from brasil + tulum! Can’t wait to share! Thank you guys for sticking around- I know I’ve been a mess, but happy to know you guys are right here still! Love you!

brasil.jpg_effected brasil3.jpg_effected brasil1.jpg_effected brasil12 brasil5.jpg_effected brasil4.jpg_effected brasil11.jpg_effected

RIVER ISLAND pinstripe blazer
SOMEDAYS LOVIN’ turnpike floral button up (sold out but similar here and here)
ANINE BING shoulder bag
VINTAGE 501 LEVI’S jean shorts
IRO PARIS heels (sold out but similar in black here)
RAEN sunnies




Olá from the city I have always dreamt of- São Paulo! (insert a million exclamation points here)

It feels so unreal to be here right now as I grew up wanting to come to Brasil my whole life. It’s been on my bucket list since I was a kid so this moment right now, right here, is super priceless for me. I’m fortunate to be in Brasil thanks to the amazing ABEST team whose lovely enough to have me.

I checked into the hotel a few hours ago and was greeted by all these wonderful gifts (above in the photo) from all the amazing Brasilian designers! Whoaaaa!!! Sweetest welcome ever…

I can’t begin to tell you guys how happy + thrilled I am to be in this beautiful country! I have a jammed pack itinerary full of meetings, interviews, showroom + store visits, parties and of course São Paulo Fashion Week! Would love to have you follow along my Brasilian journey with the ABEST team:

Instagram: @sincerelyjules + @abestoficial + @apexbrasil #abestoficial

Just wanted to say a quick hello and check in with you guys… can’t wait to have you see what SPFW is like! xoxox




So I’m a little devastated because my big external hard drive in which I work off of- I dump all of my photos in there instead of my laptop- got damaged two days ago! I accidentally dropped it and well the rest is history. Super worried, I ran to the nearest shop to get it fixed  but only to hear that it is completely damaged and they weren’t sure they could recover any information in there.

I almost sat there in tears as I listened to the young guy explain this to me. The hard drive was full of photos and a bunch of new photos I hadn’t posted yet from New York, Maui, and Los Angeles. We sent it off to hopefully get it fixed and so now all I can do is wait here, impatiently. I’m completely sad but hopeful. Who knew a set of photos can be so heartbreaking when you completely lose them? Anyway, so now that I’m completely out of photos to share with you until I shoot new content, OR until I get my hard drive back (fingers crossed!!), I will share with you instagram photos of my latest trip: Miami.

As some of you may know, I’ve partnered up with Macys as one of their influencers to help celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month. We’ve been touring across the country and stopping by key Macys department stores and having a panel discussion of what it means to be a Latina, how our heritage has influenced us and what the future holds for our heritage. It’s been a great conversation full of tips, stories and laughter. The goal is really to help inspire everybody in attendance with our stories. We’ve already made it through New York, Chicago and our latest stop, Miami.

I booked a couple of extra days in Miami after we finished my event at Macys to enjoy a little vacay with one of my best friends. We enjoyed beautiful weather, palm trees, sea food, neon bright bathing suits and  a little sun bathing!

Now keep your fingers cross for me that I can recover everything in my hard drive so that I can share with you new content/photos, and make sure to come out to our next Macys destinations to help celebrate with us #HHM! Our next stops are:

  • SANTA CLARA – Macys Valley Fair Mall, Today, Oct. 2 @ 6:00pm
  • SAN DIEGO, CA – Macys Fashion Valley, Oct. 4th @ 2:00pm
  • SAN ANTONIO, TX – Macys North Star Mall, Oct. 11th @ 2:00pm


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