Pit Stop.


This was a fun little weekend getaway to Palm Springs with one of my closest friends, Betty, when she was visiting LA last month! The drive to the desert is always the fun part-  you get to pull over and have an impromptu photo shoot against the windmills and that’s exactly what we did!

Coachella is just around the corner, so another impromptu desert shoot will take place!

Ps- I’m back from Paris, sorry for the week long hiatus! Needed to enjoy Paris and not blog or worry about posting! But if you follow me on IG you’ll know I was posting quite a bit..stay tuned for those photos!

springssprings3 springs1 springs2springs5 springs8 springs9

ONETEASPOON suede fringe dress
J CREW denim jacket
CHLOE susanna boots
SAINT LAURENT aviator sunnies




Giving you a little bit of beach and sunshine with these photos because I just got back from Tulum, México a couple of days ago and I’m already missing it!

Decided to take a mini getaway with one of my close friends, Betty. We debated between Hawaii or México and I convinced her that she would fall in love with México. Booked 5 days between Tulum and Playa del Carmen. Between the two, we definitely enjoyed Tulum a lot more. Its much more cool, hip and young. The bars and restaurants are beyond- I recommend getting a reservation at Hartwood if you visit Tulum. There were also other good spots like Gitano, Casa Banana and Casa Jaguar that we loved. Also, visit or try to stay at Coqui Coqui- freaking amazing little boutique hotel as well as a perfumerie!

Every little corner you turned was picture perfect, it really was hard to take a bad photo. It’s my third time getting away to Tulum in a year and half and I’ll probably make it a yearly ritual. It’s that good.

Enjoy these beachy photos and hope it inspires you to book a one way ticket somewhere!

xtulum15 tulum10tulum17 tulum tulum9 tulum7 tulum3 tulum6 tulum12 tulum13 tulum4 tulum16 tulum11


Oh, RIO.


Taking you guys back to Rio- oh what a beautiful place that was! This was a quick look into what I wore to visit Cristo Redentor. I wanted something airy and fresh to to help capture my mood.

The top I picked up in Sao Paulo while we had a couple of free hours to explore the city. We stumbled across this cool neighborhood/street (ah, I’m sorry I can’t remember the name right now) but it was almost like the Rodeo Drive of Sao Paulo. It was filled with their coolest stores, it was super hip and had a young stylish crowd. I fell in love with a couple of stores, including this store called Animale where I got this top from! So cute!

Anyway, I have a few random photos to sort through so I’ll get that going!

Stay tuned for more!

animale1.jpg_effected animale2.jpg_effected animale6.jpg_effected animale11.jpg_effected-001 animale.jpg_effected animale4.jpg_effected animale8.jpg_effected animale10.jpg_effected

ANIMALE top (from Brasil)
ONE TEASPOON ‘bandit’ shorts
CONVERSE chuck taylor sneakers
RAY BAN all-black aviators