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Desert Camp.

I am SO excited to share the second edition of my trip to Morocco with Soludos! Looking at these photos brings back so many memories. The two days that we spent out in the desert were probably the most beautiful and peaceful days I have ever experienced. The red sand, clear skies, and utter silence were so amazing.

We traveled for about an hour outside of Marrakech to the Scarabeo Desert Camp. The camp was set up with stark white tents, large wooden tables, and silver lanterns strewn about. When we were arrived I was so shocked by the silence there. I almost felt like I needed to whisper, as to not disturb the nature. Once we walked into our tents I felt like I was in a magical place. It was so surreal. The tent floors were covered in Moroccan straw and wool carpets. The beds were piled with beautiful wool blankets and linen bedding. There are tons of little vintage trinkets all around. It was such a special set up and I, of course, fell in love.

Our second day in camp we got to ride CAMELS!! I decided to wear my Soludos Leather Huarache Sandals because I had to buckle them, so there was no way they were falling off! We hiked down a little hill and at the very bottom were 5 very clam camels laying down. Their humps were covered in beautiful tapestries and they had such sweet looks in their eyes. We all hopped on and one by one each camel stood up. There we were, in the middle of the Agafay desert riding camels. So surreal! After saying bye to our camels, we sat for a beautiful traditional Moroccan lunch. The large table was covered in tons of bowls, each with something different and delicious in them. We enjoyed our food and topped it all of with delicious Moroccan mint tea.

Later that evening we met with an Astrotnomist. We spent several hours with him looking at all of the stars and constellations in the sky. The night was SO SO clear, not a cloud in sight, so we could see everything. He then set up his telescope and we were able to see the moon up close and personal. Just thinking about it now gives me goose bumps! It was such an amazing and breath taking moment – something I can’t even properly describe.

All in all, this was an amazing two days. If you guys ever get the opportunity to go to Marrakech you HAVE to try to make it out to the desert. I hope you enjoy these photos!

soludosdesert33soludosdesert10soludosdesert18Loving the lace up detail on these Platform Gladiators.soludosdesert39soludosdesert17soludosdesert6soludosdesert38soludosdesert16soludosdesert29 soludosdesert30 soludosdesert11 soludosdesert2 soludosdesert31 soludosdesert8soludosdesert5 soludosdesert32 soludosdesert15Hi Fatima! Miss you!!solduosdesert37 soludosdesert7 soludosdesert23 soludosdesert34 All of the textures were a perfect match with these super cute Leather Slotted Sandalssoludosdesert1 soludosdesert40

SOLUDOS leather platform gladiator sandal

SOLUDOS vachetta leather huarache sandal

SOLUDOS leather slotted thong sandals


Mykonos with Mr. & Mrs. Smith.


Welcome to Mykonos! As you guys remember, I went from Athens to the two most popular islands in Greece, Santorini and Mykonos with Mr. & Mrs. Smith, a site dedicated to curating the best hotels for you.

We headed to Mykonos to enjoy two nights on the beautiful island and checked into one of the hotels from Mr. & Mrs. Smith, Grace Hotel. The cute, minimal look of the check-in area felt refreshing, as we sipped cold glasses of water. We were escorted to our room where we had a small, yet charming balcony that overlooked the beach. Cutest! I was greeted with a bowl full of fresh fruit that looked too pretty to eat (check below for photo). What I love about the Mr. & Mrs. Smith site is that it gives you a breakdown of what to expect and some key points to keep an eye for for each hotel, it’s kind of a life saver!

The yummy breakfast was always worth waking up to, followed by quick dip in the pool before we headed out for the day. The hotel was a few minutes away from the little town where all the shopping and restaurants were, so it was easy to grab car service from the hotel to take us. We enjoyed strolling through the narrow streets that almost felt like alleyways. They were filled with high-end and kitschy shops and the cutest restaurants serving some of the best Mediterranean food you’ve probably ever tasted.

Although, everyone kept telling us that Mykonos was party town, we must of gone during off-season because it was extremely calm. We didn’t do any partying, but I genuinely enjoyed having a relaxing time with one of my best friends. Here’s a little glance of what Mykonos is all about!

Stay tuned for my last stop in Greece, x.  mykonosmykonos

How cute was my balcony? Every morning I would step out and look onto the beach. So calming.

mykonosmykonosmykonosmykonos mykonosmykonos

Some of the yummiest gelato! I also had their crepes….. sooo good.


Every little corner was picture perfect- from the windows to little chairs.


Real sea shells, how pretty are they?


The weather was a little too warm for us to take a proper ice-cream photo hence the melting of them. I, of course, got the bubble gum flavor.


This little shop had the most stylish sunnies, from Karen Walker to Miu Miu.


Kitten! They were everywhere!


How pretty is our hotel? Loved loved loved it.


I fell in love with these pillows outside of a store. It’s so whimsical looking… my hat was the perfect prop.


On of my favorite purchases from my travels has to these sandals. They are the perfect buy to get me through next summer!

mykonosmykonosmykonosmykonosmykonosmykonosmykonos mykonos24.jpg_effected

Mykonos, you’re so cute! Can’t wait to come back soon! NEXT stop, Santorini!


Just Do It.


Taking you back to Paris! (still a few photos to share!) The weather was not too cold , it was just right for my cold weather standards because I’m definitely not the cold weather kind of girl, I hate the cold.

For this day, Betty and I visited my dear friends Morgane and Corentin from one of my favorite brands, Sezane. I always make sure that when I’m in Paris, I swing by to visit them at their dreamy studio- which is so beautiful btw! So we headed over to their studio for an early breakfast and a 3 hour catch-up session. Every time I’m with these three, time flies because we spend hours talking  and talking without ever looking at our phones!

Soon after, we headed back for a power nap and then woke up to grab lunch and roamed the city with all its beautiful backdrops!

I picked up these cool Nike sneakers at &OtherStories the first day i arrived. Walking around in sneakers and rad leather pants in Paris is definitely the way to go!

Can’t wait to go back to the city of lights soon! Stay tuned for a couple other Paris photos!

huarache9.jpg_effectedhuarachenike.jpg_effectedhuarachenike6.jpg_effectedhuarache12.jpg_effected huarache10.jpg_effectedhuarache13.jpg_effectedhuarachenike4.jpg_effected huarachenike1.jpg_effected

UNIQLO faux fur coat
ANINE BING sweater
J BRAND leather skinny pants (similar here, here + here
NIKE huarache sneakers
BALENCIAGA papier envelope crossbody