White Rose.


One of my last and favorite looks from my short trip to Oaxaca. A little 501 denim won’t ever hurt anyone, right?

On our last full day, we tried to squeeze in as much as we could so we made sure to book a massage and cleanse ritual called, Temazcal- a must when you travel to certain parts of México. I was a bit hesitant at first, but after reading a little bit more about what Temazcal was, I caved in. In simpler terms, a Temazcal is a steam bath in which it’s supposed to help cleanse you from all impurities. (Read more about it here)

We crawled into a really small cave-like room, with a low ceiling, and a lodge burning on one corner. We sat for about 45 mins in the steamy room while we dripped in sweat… major dripping. The lady in the room with us hummed a song and did a prayer as we just closed our eyes and tried to focus on positive things. The 45 mins definitely felt like an eternity as we sat there taking in all the steam and heat. I struggled a few times and had to ask her to open the door so I can get fresh air to breathe.

Once the time was up, we crawled back outside, took off our bathings suits and laid in a comfy little thin bed on the floor. The steam bath was followed by an hour massage- the best massage I’ve had to date. It relaxed us for sure and I even knocked out for most of the massage. It was by far one of the most unique experiences I’ve had and I would love to experience it every time I get to go back.

I highly recommend booking one for yourself next time you go to Oaxaca or México- you will not be disappointed.

For the rest of the day, we just explored downtown, jumped from restaurants to bars and even a cool museum about vintage stamps. We wrapped up our night at one of the coolest restaurants and as we walked out into the plaza to head back to our B&B, we noticed a lovely mariachi band of 8 and immediately hired them to serenate my girl Amber and I with a few songs! It was the perfect moment to end such a wonderful day/trip!

Already missing Oaxaca! Going to try to wrap up a set of diary photos from Oaxaca- so stay tuned!

oaxaca2.jpg_effected oaxaca3.jpg_effectedoaxaca13.jpg_effectedoaxaca11.jpg_effectedoaxaca15.jpg_effectedoaxaca10.jpg_effectedoaxaca7.jpg_effected



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Travel: Hierve el Agua.


Hi loves! Here is another set of photos from my trip to Oaxaca a couple of weeks ago. We visited Hierve el Agua, an amazing site where you’ll see a natural infinity pool overlooking the valley and a rock formation that resembles cascades of water, as a day trip and I must say, it’s been the coolest experience to date. 

It took about an hour to arrive to our destination plus some hiking, but once we saw the killer view, we couldn’t help but jump with joy! The windy road was tough but spending the day in Hierve el Agua made everything worth it. It was beautiful.

Made me reflect on life, made me appreciate everything I have and admire the beauty that surrounded us. It gave me such a happy feeling to be there.

Here you’ll see what I’m talking about… enjoy! xohierveelagua.jpg_effected

Natural infinity pool? Heck yes!!!


This cute little dress was the perfect piece to stand out amongst all the mountains and greenery!

hierveelagua9.jpg_effected hierveelagua1.jpg_effected

The rock formation in the background that resembles a waterfall- freakin’ amazing!!!

hierveelagua4.jpg_effected hierveelagua5.jpg_effected-001hierveelagua5.jpg_effectedhierveelagua6hierveelagua7.jpg_effected

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more pretty dresses:


White Oaxaca.


Finally sharing my photos from Oaxaca! Seems so long since I was there, but happy I’m sorta catching up with my photos.

We visited Oaxaca, México last December for the first time and I immediately fell in love. It has so much charm that it was hard not to comeback to visit soon. From the colorful pebbled streets to the beautiful ornate churches and the most amazing food you can ever taste, Oaxaca has definitely become my go-to destination! It’s beauty and culture definitely make it easy for me to love and appreciate my Mexican heritage.

This second time around, we decided to invite our close friends, Amber + Baxter, to join us. We contacted our dear friend and “Oaxaca King”, Omarsito, to help plan our trip. He put together the most fun and adventurous itinerary for us and helped score us brownie points with Amber and Baxter… they were pretty impressed with the itinerary! Yay!

We stayed at this super darling B&B, El Secreto, which is centrally located and walking distance from cool bars, restaurants, shops and the main cathedral. For Day 1 of our trip, we had breakfast at our B&B and headed off to Monte Alban to see the ruins. We spent most of our morning at the archaeological site exploring and taking photos.

We then headed to CASA to check out the art center and recycled paper factory. There were these beautiful jewelry pieces made out of paper (see below in cream sweater + navy blue necklace) and I couldn’t help but try on almost every single piece with admiration. For lunch, we ate at this very home-y place called La Biznaga. We enjoyed yummy micheladas and homemade tlayudas (aka mexican pizza). We stopped by downtown to enjoy ice cream and people watch! Best combo!

We wrapped up our busy, but fun, day back at our B&B for snacks and to freshen up before we headed to dinner. Seriously, the best thing about Oaxaca is the food, so I was happy that we had plans to eat all day long!

Here’s a a small glimpse of what my first day in Oaxaca consisted of! Enjoy!

allwhite.jpg_effected-001 allwhite8.jpg_effected allwhite4.jpg_effected allwhite17.jpg_effected allwhite 23.jpg_effected allwhite6.jpg_effectedallwhite30.jpg_effected allwhite11.jpg_effected allwhite14.jpg_effected allwhite10.jpg_effected allwhite20 allwhite15.jpg_effected allwhite22 allwhite5.jpg_effected allwhite19allwhite12.jpg_effected allwhite24.jpg_effected allwhite28.jpg_effected allwhite3.jpg_effected

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