Happy 2017!

· Los Angeles, CA. January 2, 2017

HAPPY NEW YEAR guys! I can’t believe we are here celebrating 2017 and setting brand new goals, dreams and wishing for an even better, safer, healthier year than last year.

I wanted to take a moment to say thank you for the incredible love and support you showed me, my brand, my blog and relationship with Kevin in 2016! We are truly so grateful for you and for us to share a big part of our lives with you. Last year was a year full of adventure, discovery, surprises, happiness, opportunities, struggles, success, sacrifices, but all in all, it was one of the best years of my life! I grew personally and learned to say “no” a lot which was always something I struggled with. I grew to have a different perspective on life and the importance of it and everyone close to me, made many mistakes but learned from them instead of beating myself up for them. I loved deeper than ever before and let my guard down. I was able to fall in love with someone overseas and learned to trust, have better communication, and be completely honest and open about anything and everything than ever before. I wasn’t afraid to take risks and do things out of my comfort zone. Most importantly, I grew to be more comfortable and feel more confident in my own skin and I owe that to Kevin who made me feel this way. Life has a funny way of throwing things at you but I’m proud to have one of the most memorable and sweetest years of my life last year! Definitely going to miss it but I’m so excited for 2017 as we have big plans for this year- main one is our wedding! ahhhhhh!

I’m completely blessed to be able to do what I do and connect with so many of you, to be creative and dream bigger everyday day. If there’s one thing I want to wish you all is happiness and growth. You can have everything in the world if you work hard at it- material things, to be able to travel, a nice paying job, but if you’re not happy, it will never feel right. I want you all to be happy, to make mistakes, learn to say “no”, accept your flaws and embrace them, to love deeper and to never let anyone tell you, you “can’t” do something. Let’s be kind to people, and always try to help the less fortunate. Let 2017 be the year you reach your ultimate dream and not be afraid to do it all! Wish you all a blessed new year full of gratitude, love, good health, happiness and prosperity!! THANK YOU for everything you guys, I truly mean that.

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    […] you for the incredible love and support you showed me, my brand, my blog and relationship with … Continued Source: Sincerely Jules HAPPY […]

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  4. Beth Norton says:

    Such beautiful images and such a beautiful article too. You're an inspiration Jules; a strong and successful businesswoman yet also so down to Earth and open with your audience. I've always admired you and wish you nothing but happiness and even greater success in 2017. Beth x www.bethnorton.co.uk

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    […] HAPPY NEW YEAR guys! I can’t believe we are here celebrating 2017 and setting brand new goals, dreams and wishing for an even better, safer, healthier year than last year. I wanted to take a moment to say thank you for the incredible love and support you showed me, my brand, my blog and relationship with … Continued […]

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  32. Ellese says:

    Aw! I really loved reading this! I think it is the first time reading something very near to your heart. I love your advice on success and how it never feels right unless you are happy. I also appreciate you sharing it is okay to make mistakes, no need to beat yourself up over it. Thanks for this beautiful message and words of wisdom! XO, Ellese Rock.Paper.Glam.

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  46. Audrey & Steph says:

    These photos & this post is so beautiful. Thank you for opening up and sharing about your year- sounds like one for the books! Love how you said you learned to say "no" that's definitely a difficult thing to achieve! You're such an inspiration, keep doing what you do, love. xo TMP

  47. Celeste Knight says:

    Hi Jules! I have been following you since you started! and to see how far you've come is truly an inspiration. I wish you all the best. Enjoy every minute of wedding planning it's one of the most precious moments you will have. I started my blog last month after years of thinking about it. If you are ever able to take a peak and share some tips I would greatly appreciate it. Happy new year! xo Celeste www.doseofdetails.com

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    This is beautiful, I'm so happy for you that you had such an amazing year of love. Happy new year Jules <3

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