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  3. Clémentine says:

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  5. Mollie says:

    So cute! & totally your style.. love it! xoxo Mollie www.molliebellezza.com

  6. Christina says:

    gorgeous coat Julie! I love it! Love, Christina from http://inlooovewith.com

  7. Justyna F (Elfie) says:

    Beautiful :)

  8. Sara says:

    Thank you for sharing this. I instantly fell in love with it! Are you shipping worldwide? xo, Sara thecuriousblueberry.com

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  15. Whit says:

    Gorgeous colour and love how you style it! Congrats Julie, so proud of you! x Love, Whit http://www.whitneyswonderland.com

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  17. camille says:

    Such a pretty dress Xoxo http://fashionbackyard.blogspot.fr

  18. Miha says:

    Obsessed with greys this season. Loving this dress so much!

  19. Paula Loreti says:

    You look perfect as always!! Savoy is just so classy, I love it www.blossomikebana.com

  20. Kathy says:

    For me, it's nothing special. Looks a bit like a nightie, would wear it when going to sleep.

  21. Margot from The Pastel Project says:

    Love this light grey hue, love the overall outfit! Perfect as always! xo Margot http://thepastelproject.com/

  22. AikA★ (@AikasLoveCloset) says:

    Yes!!!! So in love with the all grey look at the moment!!!!! Definitely in love with this minimal look <3 xo from Seattle, AikA❤︎ ★BLOG★ ★INSTAGRAM★ ★FACEBOOK★

  23. Jodi says:

    Love that this looks like a skirt and a sweater together. So pretty. www.throughmyowneyes.com

  24. Linda says:

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  34. Fatima says:

    This grey colour looks stunning on your tanned skin. Might have to pick it up before I leave for vaca. Xx, Fatima www.fatimasabri.com

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    I LOVE it in this grey shade! Shaheen | Lows to Luxe

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    So gorgeous, the colour is perfect! x adelelydia.blogspot.com

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  42. Rachel says:

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  45. Holly says:

    Classy, sophisticated but casual dress! Love this! ???? X

  46. Izzy says:

    Gray is the new black when the temperatures rise ;-) I love the model and the way you've styled it with that jacket! XO, Izzy http://www.nearnoise.com

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  54. Valentina says:

    Lovely! XoXo from Berlin Valentina | DAILY SUIT

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    Such a cute dress! I love the monochrome look! Jamie http://www.treatsandtrendsblog.com/

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    LOVE this color on you! So perfect with your skin tone <3 BlondieInTheCity.com

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    Absolutely adore the pearly grey shade and monochromes. Very beautiful. x

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    Love this pastel Jules! I have some of your T's so I'm excited to try this one :) Lauren www.shoesandsashimi.com

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    You wear simplicity so well <3 XoXoKMarie.com

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    Loving this dress! You look amazing <3 This color is just everything. Hearts from www.shebebutfierce.com XOXO

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    Love love love this cool neutral look! This is absolutely stunning! xoxo, Rabeeah www.mystylesketchbook.blogspot.com

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