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San Francisco.

Dress: Three Floor via Lefties Showroom  |  Coat: Three Floor  |  Heels: Zara  |  Bag: Rebecca Minkoff (cool ones here + here)  |  Necklaces: Alimonada + Albeit

photos by: big sis, Lily.

Spent the weekend in San Fran with my family and was thrilled to be back!
 It always feels like I’m in NYC but on a much smaller scale when I’m here (not sure why)
- plus the weather was great and bearable this time, total plus!
I wore this on Friday night for my brother’s opening art show- which was amazing!

Since SF weather is alot more cooler than LA, I definitely came prepared this
 time and brought a cozy + stylish parka with me!
Happy Memorial Day-
Today we remember those who have fought for our nation and those whose 
families lost a member because of it.. 
thank you, we salute you.



Color Me.

Source: SaraSingh
Coming from a very talented and artistic family, I’ve always been drawn
 to art, fashion & photography. Lately though, I’ve been into finding amazing
 illustrators and found one by the name of Sara Singh. I love how its watercolor 
based and how she uses different shades of color to beautifully form her art pieces. 
Do you guys have any favorite illustrators that I might like and want
 to check out? Tell me!!