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Finally a make-up post! I was constantly getting asked through emails and comments about the make-up
I wear daily, so you guys asked, I delivered! Hope this answers most of your questions, if not, feel free to email me! 
*Most of you were interested in knowing why my cheeks always have a natural glow to them…well the trick is to add a highlight on the apples of your cheeks once your powder and blush are set in. I recommend the one above by MAC, but I also use Jane Be Pure Mineral bronzer in 30 Golden Dust (buy at the drugstore) or for something really inexpensive try Wet N’ Wild’s Mega Shimmer Shimmer Dust in White Lotus, $3.
Hope this was helpful and I’m planning on doing these more often, so if you want to know anything
let me know! Planning one on my hair since you guys always ask!
Stay tuned!
*Happy News: Was featured on NYLON blog yesterday as the Site of the Day! Wooooo-hoo!
Thank you guys for all your positive support and comments on my MANGO post!