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FOAM Magazine; the Blogger Issue

Words can’t describe how cool this was to be part of FOAM’s Magazing Blogger issue…
we’re on the FRONT COVER! Wowsers! Pretty major!
Shared the cover with the one & only’ssss : Geri , Natalie , Erica & Lauren and Rumi !!
and I think Geri said it best:
  Had such a blast on the shoot and I think we were all pretty humbled to be part of a movement that put blogging on the cover of a magazine.”
I concur.
Thank you Foam + team, it was an honor!
and my bloggas, thank you it was so much fun to be in the same room with 
you girls!

Pick up a copy of the Blogger Issue- it’s filled with tons of other bloggers inside!
(on foammagazine.com or newstands!)



floppy hat courtesy of lulu*s  // vintage knitted sweater
There’s something about black & white photos that make me jump with joy.
They just seem much more romantic and tend to capture the moment a lot more for me than colored
photos. Finally figured out how to set it with my camera, ha, i know pretty lame. I would
usually do it through iphoto once I uploaded them but now I can just do it with my camera, which I’m excited about! Definitely more to come…

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