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B is for…

B is for believe. Believe in yourself. I know it may seem hard to find success in whatever it is that you want to do especially if you have everybody telling you don’t do this, don’t do that. To be completely honest, no one will ever believe in you more than you ever will. Sure, family and friends love you and of course they believe in you, but they don’t want to see you fail so they rather you stick to something “safe”.

I say, forget that.. dream BIGGER and go HARDER, even it it’s something in your wildest of dreams! Everything is possible.. just takes a little time, patience, willing, hard work, passion and dedication. If you’ve always dreamt of opening up your own store, write out a business plan. If you want to get into fashion school, start researching the best schools. What I’m trying to say here is that.. no matter what you want to do, there’s always a way. You gotta want it more than the next person; if not, they will take it from you.

I get hundreds of emails from you guys saying you want to do what you always loved to do but don’t know where to start. I know it’s hard and may seem unreachable, but start with taking baby steps. Write out a plan, your short terms + long terms, start working towards the first step of your plan etc. and soon you’ll see everything will fall into place like it’s supposed to. Life is about taking chances, not about having them slip away. Put your fear of failing away and look to tomorrow for an opportunity to reach your dreams.

Remember, if you Dream, then you gotta Believe, and if you believe you will Achieve!

ps- Currently in NYC for a fun little trip.. photos to come soon!

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[do action=”rstyle-post-links”]Shirt: Denim & Suppy by Ralph Lauren
Shorts: Denim & Supply by Ralp Lauren
Heels: Isabel Marant
Baseball cap: JCrew (mens)[/do]

Also, the Billboard Music Awards are this weekend, Sunday May 19 (yay!) so make sure you tune in and watch… Follow Buffalo jeans ( on twitter and instagram)  for some fun converage!