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Golden Touuuuch.

Silk blouse: Vintage, Denim shorts: Quiksilver, Clogs: Steven Madden, Snake skin purse: Vintage
photos by: asubtleapproach*  

I’m kinda bummed that all the sports I like to watch are finally over but relieved
because I felt that it was consuming my life. I would plan my days around my teams’
schedule….especially when the lakers were in playoffs. 
Very happy and excited that Spain won
the World Cup, they were the 2nd team I was rooting for after my Mexico team, of course!
So Congratulations to Spain and all my lovely readers that are from Spain..big shout out to
Olga from O’Style and Francheska from Fashion Canvas , I’m sure its one hell of a 
party over there!! 


dOt, dOt, dOt.

Polka dot dress; vintage/ socks; Target/ clog heels; Nine West/ cardigan; Topshop
photos by asubtleapproach <3

Finally, an outfit post! I must admit, I’m pretty bad at this…always plan on posting more outfits, but then
always forget to take the pictures when I’m out, will try and work on that! This is the polka dot vintage
dress I mentioned in an earlier post! It’s ‘divine‘ (Danielle + Lauren, that word is for you! ha), I loved it
even more because it happens to be my favorite color! I also scored these clog looking heels the other day- i diiieee.
They’re mad dope! The heel is perfect and they’re extremely easy/comfortable to walk in + light.
Don’t you just love it when you find great buys?