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Algarve, Portugal Diary / Day 3


As our days got closer to the end, we were excited to do the last activity of the our trip thanks to our lovely host, Conrad Algarve. They had planned an early boat trip with the executive chef, Andrew, from the hotel’s restaurant, Louro, so we can go clam picking! This was exciting for me as I’d never done anything like it. Typically, I’m a little skeptical when it comes down to doing things like that, but for some reason I was really looking forward to doing this activity!

The morning started off a little gloomy with some light rain, but it didn’t stop us from heading to our destination! Once we arrived, we put on our gear and grabbed our buckets and shovels. The local fisherman that we brought along taught us a little bit of how the process they go through is and showed us first how to go about looking for clams, razor clams and oysters. When it was finally time for us to give it a try, I was a little weirded out but went ahead and tried anyway… it was probably one of the coolest things I’ve done in while. It’s very time consuming so it made me appreciate seafood a lot more. It was fun to experience something new for me in a new country with new people!

Afterwards, we headed back to the hotel with our buckets of clams, oysters and razor clams and rested for a couple of hours before heading to a cooking class with the chefs of the Louro restaurant. They gave us a tour of the back kitchen and how the kitchen runs; very cool stuff. It was great to really see it personally because I wanted to grow up to be a chef, now that I saw how it really goes down, I don’t think it would have been good fit for me! Whew! Anyway, we finally got into the cooking part and before you knew it, we had a whole 5-star dish right before our eyes! The experience of doing the clam picking ourselves to later cook it for dinner was definitely a first one that I won’t ever forget.

The rest of the day was pretty mellow as we were free to do whatever, so we laid out by the pool, took a quick drive around the town, did a little shopping and hung out at the hotel. We were sad to close out our trip in Algarve but were super thankful to have had the experience to enjoy the beautiful 5-star Conrad hotel, the village, inland, beach, and the many activities they had planned for us. The people of Algarve/Portugal were the most nicest and welcoming people we’ve met overseas; it was a breath of fresh air. It is a region full of blooming opportunities with so much to offer that I’m definitely looking forward to visiting again, only this time during the summer!

Big special thank you to everyone that made this trip possible; HL Group and Conrad Algarve. It was the sweetest trip! Thank you Ricardo for being the most welcoming host; you were awesome. Antonio, you were so fun and we loved your energy! Andrew and the whole kitchen, thank you for allowing us to come into  your space and showing us around, we loved every minute of it. Everyone else, thank you thank you thank you. This trip was perfect!

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