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Algarve, Portugal Diary / Day 2


Day 2 completed! We started off our trip here in Algarve, Portugal rather thrilling the first day with our lovely host, Conrad Algarve hotel, setting up a fun safari tour the first day. For our second day, they planned a couple of other exciting things: golfing lessons and a wine tasting class. We had a lot of free time on day 2 to take advantage of the luxurious hotel, spa, pools and town after our activities which we loved.

I love sports; I’m a big fan of all kinds of sports, but my heart truly belongs to basketball, if I had to pick one. However, I’m always willing to try new things and was excited to finally try golf. I’ve never played golf or even bothered to watch it, but once I learned that golf in Portugal is huge, they have some of the world’s greatest golf courses and Algarve alone has over 30 golfing courses…that’s quite impressive, I knew that I had to try it out for myself! Conrad Algarve were sweet enough to treat us to some golfing lessons. After about an hour, I felt like a pro. I really did enjoy playing golf, although quite frankly, I still don’t know if I understand the sport, so confusing, I did like swinging the golf stick!

After a couple of hours at playing golf, we headed back to the hotel to rest, eat and work a little.. we then had a wine tasting class at 2pm at the hotel’s signature restaurant, Gusto by Heinz beck, where our charming sommelier, Antonio, taught us everything from the kind of grapes they use in wines, the different regions in Portugal where they make wine, the smell, taste, different types of glasses, etc. Definitely a fun experience!

As day 2 wrapped up with a fine dinner at Gusto, we got ready for day 3 which includes, clam picking and a cooking class! Stay tuned for Diary of Day 3. Follow @Conradhotels + @ConradAlgarve and myself for live photos of my day! #conrad555


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Algarve, Portugal Diary / Day 1



Olá from beautiful Portugal!  I’m currently located in the Algarve region (excuse me if I said it was a city in my last post!) and we just completed Day 1 of our stay in this gorgeous little getaway yesterday. We were super excited when Conrad Algarve Hotels & Resorts invited us to stay and experience their 5-star luxury hotel as well as explore all that Algarve has to offer! We couldn’t pass up on this unique trip so we gladly accepted.

They’ve been so sweet to host us and offer us an experience to remember, not only with the hotel itself, but with Algarve. Ricardo, our lovely hotel contact, has been beyond welcoming and really sweet in helping plan our itinerary. The itinerary they’ve planned for each day that we are here is definitely thrilling! The first day was packed with fun activities starting with a savory buffet breakfast followed by a safari tour of the Algarve inlands! We rode through the hills and valleys with a super cool Land Rover- it was a bumpy road but that was definitely the fun part. We stopped every time our tour guides, Marco and Monika, wanted to share something about what they saw on the fields: plants like thyme, rosemary, mint or fruits like medronho (wild strawberries) or oranges as well as carob- a powder extracted from a carob bean to substitute chocolate- and how they are useful. We learned that cork is a key material that is produced in Portugal and distributed worldwide; we saw some trees that were extracted from their cork and would be marked by the year they were extracted. It was very interesting to hear, see and learn!

We then visited a little store in Quinta do Freixo to learn about jam’s and fig firewater. We sampled some jams; my favorites were definitely the orange and strawberry jams! So yummy. We drove off to visit the near by village; Alte. It was definitely the most prettiest little village I’ve seen with pebbled roads, all white houses and narrow streets. After a few minutes of walking around the village we were then guided to head to Fonte Grande in Alte where a picnic was arranged for us by our lovely host, Conrad Algarve. A picnic setting with a table full of delicious looking plates awaited us. Food, wine, dessert, I mean, they really went all out for us. I thought it was the perfect detail to an already amazing day! To wrap things up, we headed back to the hotel to rest for a few mins while they arranged car service to pick us up so we can check out the beach as the sunset was about to go down. We raced down and caught the most breathtaking sunset full of pastel colored shades. Definitely couldn’t have asked for a better first day! Looking forward to checking out the rest of Algarve as well as doing the rest of our activities which include: golfing lessons, wine class, and clam picking with cooking lessons! Fun!

Below are some of my favorite photos captured of Day 1 in Algarve with Conrad Algarve! Make sure to follow along my trip by checking out our hashtag for the trip: #conrad555

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