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Bonjour! Here’s a little glimpse of a few photos from my beautiful trip to Paris! I still have to sort through all my photos I took, that’s why it’s taking me forever to update the blog with the photos from Paris, plus we’ve been busy with the new orders from our new S/S collection making it really hard to update daily.

Anyway, enjoy these 4×4 photos via my instagram. Seriously, every little corner in Paris is instagram worthy. It’s just so perfect.

We were able to experience an incredible time because our close friends/family, Betty and Mathieu, who were the most amazing hosts and tour guides! We LOVE you betty and Mathieu!!!! Huge thank you to both of them for taking care of us during this trip!

Stay tuned for my looks from Paris + photos to come!

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SF Diary.

Photos from the weekend in SF.
Beautiful weather, delicious food, amazing places and the perfect company.

*Happy News: While in SF, I was featured in MyFashionDataBase blog, it was such a
sweeeeet write up, so flattered to be called “the epitome of California coolness…” !!!
Thank you everyone at MyFDB!
Have a big announcement to make soon! stay tuned!


photobook, #1

(photos taken by me, my girl rosie and *asubtleapproach)
Hii loves.
so i’ve been sick + without my blackberry, ummm….it kinda sucks not having your phone, I guess 
you just become emotionally attached to it, which explains why I haven’t blogged, weird? I know. I just 
felt uninspired. We
all go through that, right? 

anyway, here are some shots that we took that made me smile.
I feel a lot better now btw.
Big X