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Party Details.

A few of my fave detail shots from my birthday party!
1. The tassel garland was a total DIY by my sister and I- despite being so time consuming and elaborate, it turned out so pretty!
The keep calm signage was a total complement to the garland!
2. These adorable photo props were made by my sister and bf! They’re so crafty!
3. My older sister put together this beautiful floral arrangement (plus a few others) as decor for the pastry/food table!
4. We had my fave!- Macaroons from none other than Bottega Louie.
5. Closer shot of the tassel garland that I’m excited to hang in my room now.
A huge, special thank you to my sister and brother-in-law for hosting such a pretty party for me and  for their hard work and time, as well as my older sister and her husband for being a big help in contributing with the food/decorations and their time and last but not least, my lovely bf, for helping in anything that we needed and making the cute photo props! Thank you guys, meant the world! Love you all to pieces.


Diggin’ This:

photos via confetti system 
Love the work of Confetti System, came across their work a few months back and now I’ve become
such a big fan of their creations. I recently saw it on the JCrew window displays!
Its soooo beautiful and it looks like a piece of art all on its own. As a visual/fashion stylist, I always
try to find things that can inspire me and can spark an idea for my work. This is definitely one of those
things that can influence me/my work in so many endless ways.
Would love to have this on a special occasion, like my wedding one day!


Pleat-ty Please!

Denim jacket: Vintage Levi’s // Sparkly tank: Silent + Noise // Pleated skirt: F21 // Boots: gifted 80%20 // Clutch: Vintage
earrings + studded belt: F21 // Sheer socks: DIY
A pleated skirt was something I always had on my wish list but was always unsuccessful in
finding one. Browsing through f21 the other day, I accidently came across one and knew it was
meant to be. It’s just one of those classic pieces you just need in your wardrobe. I decided
to dress it in a more edgier way because this kind of skirt can look kinda grandma-ish…
so I had to freshen it up!
My hair is up!! I’m going to try having it up more often, its easy and it adds a twist to
my overall outfit which i love,
what do you guys think?
*On my previous Dots post, a lot of people were asking about the sweater! Yes! Its F21!
It’s from their Love21 Contemporary line, tried looking for it online a couple days ago for you guys
but I guess they didn’t have it up yet?
Thank you guys for the get well wishes! I’m almost there!